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on August 21, 2015, 11:39:31 PM
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I will start this off.

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Re: My new Black GTi
Last Poster: The Duke in Members Rides on Today at 08:41:48 AM
Forge high flow valve:


Re: Ramair induction kit
Last Poster: PhilNUK in Performance Modifications on Today at 08:20:47 AM
Grrrrr I would go for that if it was a K04.

I made a best offer on smaller one for £150 and it was accepted but then thought I would prefer the 90mm after reading here and have made an offer so will see what they say.

Re: MFD2 Video in/Bluetooth?reversing cam capability
Last Poster: JoeDarKa in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Today at 12:57:46 AM
Sell it and buy an RCD-510

Re: Hi all! new!
Last Poster: Moe in New Member Intro's on Today at 12:27:58 AM
Looks a lot like mine

Re: OZ Ultraleggera
Last Poster: chrisr763 in Wanted on Yesterday at 11:51:19 PM

Took some very quick pics earlier, wheels are filthy so prob not the best. First two wheels are fine, third & fourth have kerb rash (not done by me lol!) They are 19", 8.5J width, these are the better HLT version Ultraleggeras. :smiley:


Re: Shaun's GT TDI
Last Poster: shaunnorris7 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:13:13 PM
Stopped to fill up at the Shell garage in Buckden on the way home. Just as I finished and was walking in to pay a Skyline of some description pulled up (really not my cup of tea but I know they have a large following).

Re: Finally got a Gti!
Last Poster: FJ1000 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:50:57 PM
Thanks again for the compliments guys!

So, I dropped the car in to Volks Autos in Sutton yesterday for a DSG service. Thought I may as well get a couple more things done while it was in, so they also did an oil change service, cam follower change, DV change (revision G) and had a look over the mechanicals. There was one split CV gaitor they swapped over for me, otherwise

Re: eBay gti depo lights
Last Poster: Vwgtiking in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Yesterday at 10:19:14 PM
That's right. My oem ones are just gti halogens. But one light is cloudy with condensation and the other was replaced with a chrome light. So I need to replace them, but wondering if these are a good oem replacement?

Re: Std gti ride height
Last Poster: Vwgtiking in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Yesterday at 10:17:28 PM
Took a pic of mine

Re: Fuzzy rear bumper
Last Poster: Vwgtiking in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Yesterday at 10:15:49 PM
It's had a smart repair.

Re: Knocking sound from Engine/Dash Area
Last Poster: irish_ram in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:02:43 PM
I have had the exact same thing happen...  I never put a video up though but some replies mentioned the fuel line tapping away...  It really does sound like it's within reach when driving.  I am sure I read somewhere it could be the motor for the air con or something.... 

Oddly it has stop

Rear bumper wanted
Last Poster: GTIdanman in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:47:23 PM
Hi all, so today I had the pleasure of finding out somebody had kindly driven into my car a left me a nice big dent in the upper and lower parts of my rear bumper...  :confused:
Think a new bumper is going to be needed as the damage my not be repairable.

Just wandered if anybody might have one kicking around in the back of a garage or have one for sale. Or if anyb

Re: Need a bit louder
Last Poster: PhilNUK in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 09:22:09 PM
Cool will have a look.  I know the pipe I got with it was a straight pipe.

Re: Edition 30 Prices remain steady
Last Poster: clubsport in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:03:00 PM
It seems a strange market to me, some cars have been for sale for nearly a year at dealers.
The consequence of this is some private sellers offer at the same price and assume it will sell due to rarity?

I have been on the look out for a car to keep, but many cars are nowhere near as good as the seller thinks and so many cars seem to need cambelt, waterpump, dv and

Re: Ram Air Induction Kit
Last Poster: irish_ram in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:01:50 PM
So decide to spray the CAI to try and go with the red theme. I think it looks good but that's just me  :evilgrin:

Was also spraying the Engine Cover which I have decided to go with the main bit as red also and then the strip with the wording and VW badge all black. The black spray came out a bit lumpy on the strip and ran out of red spray for the main part so could not f

Re: What induction kit? KO3
Last Poster: PhilNUK in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 07:22:11 PM
If Marky doesn't want it then I might be interested.  Will that go on an 08 ed30?

Re: Interior LED bulbs
Last Poster: Ozzy82 in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Yesterday at 07:19:50 PM

Look at what bulbs you have an order them yourself. Did all of mine for under a tenner to my door from eBay. For my Leon I needed 3 501 bulbs and half a dozen festoon ones.

Not a bad idea at all

Re: Maps won't update on RNS 510
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 06:57:56 PM
Never needed a genuine DVD and I have 2 RNS-510 at the moment updated to the latest maps (V12 - 2015). I've had a version A and a version B before and the version B was a bit difficult to update, so I sold it and got a version P that was easier to update. :happy2:

Rear caliper sticking.
Last Poster: lambera in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 06:36:48 PM
So I was told today after my mot that my rear passenger caliper is sticking. This would probably explain the annoying squeaking I have been getting when lightly braking. Is a new caliper required or can a service kit be bought?


60k, 2 owners, 3 Drs, Manual, Nav etc
Single Image
    Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
    Collection Only

    For Sale my 2008 Edition30

    In my opinion the ideal factory spec: Candy, 3 Door + Manual

    Owned since 2010, I am the 2nd owner. Current mileage: approx 61k 

    Full main dealer service history. Cambelt, waterpump and flywheel/clutch all done.

    Edition30 spec: ie 230bhp, leather bolsters, heated seats etc

    Standard apart from the following modifications/upgrades:

    Speedline 18” lightweight forged wheels
    H&R -30mm springs
    Mk6 Steering wheel & Gearknob
    Cruise control
    Hella headlight upgrade
    OEM S3 intercooler (original plastic ed30 version was leaking)
    Later RNS510 nav and polo aerial (original CD/Radio provided)
    Rear wiper removed (mech provided)
    Bluetooth handsfree


    I have owned for the past 5 years, purchasing in early 2010 from the insurance company’s outlet. The car was classed as a cat D. The car had been broken into through the night (damaging the door outer skin) and stripped of its wheels, seats, trim, steering wheel, lights and bumpers. Basically every part unique to Edition30! The cost of repairing was un-economical at dealer prices+labour. Via the V5 I managed to talk to the original owner who confirmed the car had not been stolen or crashed. I have adjusted the price to account for this.

    The car was put back together using new OEM parts including seats, also taking the opportunity to upgrade the wheels etc. At the time the cost me 17k to buy and get back on the road (they were selling for 20K+ in 2010). I have never regretted purchasing and have only had to spend money other than the annual service, having had 100% confidence in her.
    Service History:

    08/05/09 Inchape VW 7,109
    11/08/10 Benfield VW 19,849
    17/05/11 Benfield VW 31.564
    28/04/12 Benfield VW 41,799
    09/05/13 Benfield VW 51,560
    24/04/14 Benfield VW 54,436
    29/04/15 Benfield VW 59,740

    Generally excellent condition, well looked after and maintained. Wear and tear consistent with age and mileage. Normal stone chips to the front of the car. The Mrs also drives the car i.e The front bumper/splitter and the wheels are marked/damaged from parking and curbs. The car has never been crashed.  
    Faults: inconsistent ambeint temp gauge and air conditioning (presumably related).
    The later Nav and MK6 parts give the interior a modern feel. The engine isn’t mapped, 230bhp is more than enough in my opinion

    I am not in a rush to sell, she will be available from September once my company GTD arrives. If I can not find the right buyer I plan on selling to my local we buy your car place. They offered a better than expected price.

    Cars in this spec, mileage with 2 owners do not come up often..
    Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne,  
    £7999 NO P/X or swaps
    GTi/ Edition 30 Milltek Non-res Cat Back Exhaust
    Location: Norfolk
    Collection Only

    Hi All

    Bought this off another member who had it on his standard GTi about 4 months ago. I have never got around to fitting it, and I am now selling my Edition 30 and will therefore have no use for the exhaust.

    The exhaust itself is Edition 30 issue but will fit normal GTi as well.


    Any questions please PM me.

    I will consider posting but this will be at the risk of the purchaser and will be up to you to organise.


    Edition 30 steel grey good spec (reduced)
    Location: Gloucestershire
    Delivery Only

    I haven't owned this car long, but in the time I have had it I have loved every minute, unfortunately I must buy a house :(!!!!!
    Full service history (inc cam belt and water pump
    11 months mot (no advisories)
    4 brand new Michelin pilot sport 3 tyres
    Heated seats
    Cruise control
    Auto lights and wipers

    List of parts I have bought from new are as follows
    Sachs uprated  clutch and dmf
    Powerflex anti lift kit
    Power flex lower engine mount
    Ap coil overs
    Miltek 3 inch race exhaust (non res)
    Forge front mount twintercooler
    Forge bov
    Forge custom orange full hose kit
    Forge turbo de silencer
    Forge orange braided brake hoses included in sale
    Team heko wind deflectors
    Tinted windows all around ( dark back 3 , medium front 2
    Giac stage 1 remap (300 bhp)
    The car is in near perfect condition
    Bad points
    A few ( hardly any) stone chips
    Door strips have 2 or 3 marks on them (just being fussy)
    1 wheel has a small kurb mark (these were brand new genuine wheels about 5 months ago as the others where a state)
    Any questions please pm or ring/text nick on 07792122968
    Forge intake ( new version)
    Forge oil and water caps

    2 x 225/40/18 Michelin Pilot Sport 3
    Location: Taunton
    Delivery or Collection

    As seen in photo's these are 2 brand new (still in packaging) Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Tyres.

    I'm only selling these as I had to get tyres quicker than the delivery on these and it was too late to cancel my order.

    I've priced them fairly so I don't lose too much money on them.

    Prices are subject to offers
    Porsche Front Calipers w/ Bells and Rotors
    Location: Taunton
    Delivery or Collection

    Porsche Calipers with Bells, Rotors and all fixtures and fittings for fitment to the Mk5 Golf format.

    These were originally fitted to the car by AMD Technik during their ownership of the car and I have to say they are awesome brakes!

    Rotors are genuine Porshce and are 320mm in diameter and have loads of life left in them. The bells were fabricated by AMD Technik and are stamped with their emblem too.

    To be pristine, the calipers could do with a refurb but they are mechanically sound and can be fitted with no hesitation.

    Pads are not included in the sale

    Prices are subject to offers
    Mk5 Golf GTI 6 Speed Manual Gearbox
    Single Image
      Location: North Wales
      Collection Only

      GVT Code
      6 Speed Manual Gearbox from Mk5 Golf GTI
      Spares or Repair
      Cash on collection (North Wales) preferred.