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Help Mark and the guys at Awesome GTI
on April 23, 2016, 07:43:48 AM
Guys show your support and share this as much as possible for our friends at Awesome


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Re: Best diverter valve
Last Poster: rich83 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:14:52 AM
I do have a question regarding these and their publicised effect on compressor surge when fitted to a KO4 equipped car. Does it address the issue at all?

Re: Pedro's 05 GTI, Black Magic Pearl
Last Poster: oisinc in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:48:52 PM
whar dealer in NI??
Those prices are cheap! :)

Re: The EU vote,
Last Poster: Juliand in Random Chat on Yesterday at 11:31:23 PM
Oh, what a surprise - not!

Over 24 hours on......... and not a bean of any substance from anyone.

Soundbites; off the cuff remarks; stuff repeated that's been overheard from mates in the pub etc, all posted previously, but absolutely no hard evidence brought forward, or anything to back up the causal, cheap shot, uninformed remarks.

Ok, so having

Re: Roof Rack noise
Last Poster: FJ1000 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:12:58 PM
Stupid question perhaps, but have you got them on the right way round?

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Re: Forge Twintake, possibly for sale
Last Poster: xs2man in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:03:35 PM
Depends how much your wanting for it, lol.

Last Poster: r5gtt in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:57:14 PM
Are they the switches from china advertised on the Bay? If so, I have had a look at them, but they list a few different part numbers and I'm not sure which I need. I have a 5 door with auto lights, but without power folding mirrors. Can you advise what part numbers are needed please? Do they do a fu

VW Part No's, PCV and Camshaft Follower
Last Poster: peter_booker2003 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:53:53 PM
Looking to get these bits sorted for the GTI when i have my cambelt and water pump done.

Diverter Valve will be done too but have found that.

Looking for VW Part No.s for VW MK5 GTI 197bhp 05 plate. Pressure control Valve and Camshaft Follower if anyone has them that would be fantastic?


Re: Urgent advice needed
Last Poster: CosmicGTI in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:52:34 PM
Hi. The rattle your hearing could be dual mass/clutch release bearing, or as in my case which I've just had repaired, the laith shaft has eaten into the gearbox casing destroying the clutch and dual mass in the process!

Re: Falling out of love with the GTI
Last Poster: AJP in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:26:21 PM
I wouldn't say it feels slow. It's not a sense of speed it's lacking, just a bit of refinement to go with it. In fact it's at its best when it's being driven hard.

I would like it to look a bit more purposeful, which is why I'm considering coilovers. It's on H&R springs at the minute, which do a good job of getting rid of the arch gap, but it doesn't quite have that kin

Re: Canbus error free side lights?
Last Poster: slix in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:42:59 PM
Look at this on eBay  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222011101079

Had these in for 2 months now and no issues.

Re: Lag/stutter/wheel spin in 2nd gear in the rain
Last Poster: ghuk in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:37:12 PM
I've had that a few times recently - the yellow snakes appearing on the dash! I do try to moderate my driving style for wet/cold conditions but e

Re: New member mid purchase!
Last Poster: james_kav in New Member Intro's on Yesterday at 09:18:32 PM
Hello again, decided to walk away from that one as just didn't feel right... Had a look at another car in Huddersfield but again was looking OK but then on full lock got a knocking sound from the near side. Checked under the wing and noticed overspray on the spring! Again, decided to walk away.

Anyway, one popped up down the road from me on Gumtree in Hexham so decided

Re: Mark O’T Reflex Silver MK5 GTI (Cam follwer and Intake fitted)
Last Poster: Martk19871 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 08:37:01 PM
Also, I've got an issue with the "check coolant" light coming on. It's happening intermittently, usually when I start up after leaving it a while. Coolant is well where it should be and hasn’t really gone down much. C

Re: R32 - For Sale Ireland WATCH OUT!!!
Last Poster: ducman77 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:16:00 PM
Sorry, only seeing your reply on this now Luke.....

 Jaysus, it's mad the sh*t they come up with isn't it. The AutoKey guy told me a whole yarn about how the owner was known to him personally and his family were big in the Crane business and went bust in the recession hence his emigration and the car lying up...... Etc, etc, etc....

And then the DeerPark guy g

Re: Ram Air Induction Kit
Last Poster: ducman77 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:56:56 PM
No, I took it off for the horrible noise reason and I'm looking to replace in the future with something better sounding. I just want a bit of subtle induction noise with a nice bit of chatter when you let off the gas. The ram air did neither.

That's exactly what I'm looking for

Re: Reversing Camera Fault
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 07:39:24 PM
I've had my old camera loom repaired and will be putting it for sale soon. :smiley:

Re: Diverter Valve shot?
Last Poster: Norfolk Ollie in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 06:47:11 PM
Yes Niki will have the PCV and DV checked over. I took my GTI to them for a smoke test and they found it was the Forge DV causing a boost leak. They replaced it with a Rev G (which they seem to keep in stock) for £50.

This is from their website:

"R-Tech can supply and insta

Re: New Brakes - Completely Standard Car
Last Poster: Nodz in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 06:30:43 PM
Just put some pagids all round on mine from ECP. Discs didn't need doing. Got them in the 30% flash sale they keep having so got front and rears for £45.

Buying guide for Mk5 Gti
Last Poster: Texaroo in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 05:31:45 PM
Looking for a guide to help me find a Mk5 gti, I have owned a Mk2 for 20 years but know nothing about mk5s . Any advice what to look for would be much appreciated. I am a bit confused do they have cam chains or belts ? I have heard they use quite a bit of oil is this true and how much roughly per 1000 miles. Corrosion on wheel arches, surely not on a VW ?
More advice t

Re: Spark plug gaps
Last Poster: AJP in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 05:17:05 PM
Keep checking for a persistent misfire in the fault codes.  Injector 3 went on mine.  Naturally no amount of plugs and coils thrown at it solved the problem!

I caught mine early though and was just a hiccup going into boost, not a full on stutter like yours does/did.  I replaced all 4 as


Breaking whole car
Single Image
    Location: Bishop Auckland
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery Only

    Breaking full car so please message me for prices etc and il upload pictures of item on here or you can text me on 07500048869.

    Sunroof switch
    Front vw badge
    Outer air vents x2
    Dashboard side panels x2
    Fuel flap
    All 3 Aluminium pedals
    Front center roof switches/light panel
    Both front footwell lights
    Boot light
    Ash tray 12v socket
    Front centre air vents
    Front struts
    Alloys x4
    Steering wheel
    Rear driver side outta taillight
    Front driver side fog light
    Front grill
    Lower centre grill
    gear knob
    ESP and tyre pressure buttons
    Locking wheel bolts + locking key
    Coil packs
    Front + rear seats
    Door cards/trims x4
    Black grab handles x4
    Black sun visors x2
    Black A pillar trim x2
    Black C pillar trim x2
    Driver side b piller trim
    Driver side window motor
    Front wiper motor and linkages
    Heater blower motor
    Gearbox mount
    Front passenager side hub
    Space saver wheel
    Glove box
    PowerFlex Lower Engine Mount Insert (PFF85-504)
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    Postage: £5.00
    Delivery Only

    PowerFlex Lower Engine Mount Insert (PFF85-504) that came with my BCS Powervalve TBE system. It has around 300 miles of use. Upgraded to Vibratechnics when I had my Ed. 30 at my mechanics garage, as you can check in my build topic.

    For mk5 Golfs up to middle of 2008 or for A3, S3, Leons, Octavias of the same generation.

    Condition: Used. Almost like new.

    Shipping: 5 £.

    Payment: Bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays taxes or pays as gift).
    PowerFlex Front Wishbone Rear Bush with consoles included (PFF85-502)
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    Postage: £10.00

    PowerFlex Front Wishbone Rear Bush with consoles included (PFF85-502) that came with my Ed. 30 when I bought it with 37k miles. They look like new and they have Lifetime warranty from PowerFlex. Upgraded to SuperPro Anti-Lift kit when I had my Ed. 30 at my mechanics garage, as you can check in my build topic.

    For mk5 Golfs, A3, S3, Leons, Octavias of the same generation. Really easy to install since there's no need to remove and replace the OEM rubber bush with these stronger PU bushes.

    Condition: Used. Almost like new.

    Shipping: 10 £.

    Payment: Bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays taxes or pays as gift).
    VW Golf GTI Keyring
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    Postage: undefined
    Delivery Only

    This new keyfob is for those looking to accent their key rings with a little GTI flair. The sport seat pattern gives others an idea of what you get to enjoy each and every day.

    Condition: Used. Almost like new.

    Payment: Bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays taxes or pays as gift).

    Free shipping.
    (New) Forge Motorsport Boost Tap (FMBGFK2) without zip ties and vacuum hose
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    Postage: £5.00
    Delivery Only

    This Forge Boost tap is suitable for 2.0 TFSI and TSI engines (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda). It came with my Forge Motorsport oil catch can kit but it wasn't needed since I already had one of these fitted when the BCS Powervalve TBE was fitted, so it's brand new. The oil catch can kit didn't include zip ties or the vacuum hose, so I don't have those available.

    Condition: Brand new. Partial kit.

    Shipping: 5 £.

    Payment: Bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays taxes or pays as gift).
    DSG surround trim for LHD cars
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    Postage: £12.00
    Delivery Only

    DSG surround trim taken from my Ed. 30.

    Condition: Used. Minor scratches.

    Shipping: 12 £.

    Payment: Bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays taxes or pays as gift).
    VW rear camera
    Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    Postage: £5.00
    Delivery Only

    Rear camera taken from the rear badge of my GT Sport recently due to broken wires. The loom was repaired and was strengthened. It's perfect to use with the Scirocco's rear bumper mount that you can order from here: Link. It can also replace a damaged rear badge camera if you like.

    Condition: Used. Loom Repaired.

    Shipping: 5 £.

    Payment: Bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays taxes or pays as gift).
    2008 '58 plate' Edition 30 for sale
    Location: Reading
    Collection Only

    New car on the way means it’s time to sell my much loved Edition 30 DSG (shown here on VMR701’s which will be for sale separately).  I am the second owner of the car having purchased it with 22,000 on the clock in February 2010 from VW Cheltenham.
    MY2008 on a 58 plate, Deep Black Pearl , 5 door with the usual Edition 30 heated half leather interior which is excellent condition. The bodywork is in good condition for age and mileage with some stone chips to the front.
    The car has a full VW service history with the exception of the last service which was carried out by a trusted local garage.  DSG services at both 40 and 80k carried out by VW service centres. Cambelt and water pump changed at 60k
    The mileage has just turned 94,500, the vast majority of the mileage has been clocked up on the M4 on my commute to work in Bristol.  MOT is due September 2016 and it will be tested before sale so that it can be sold with a full years MOT.
    Build Plaque No.2239 included
    Serviced every 10,000 miles
    Factory fitted RNS510
    Highline DIS
    Cruise Control
    Winter Pack including heated seats, headlight washer jets
    Centre Arm rest
    Metal GTI seat inserts
    ED30 carpet matts
    Genuine BBS Pescara Alloy wheels shod with Michelin PS3 allround circa 6mm tread depth

    Upgrades include
    Revo Stage1 (circa 300bhp)
    ITG Intake with ceramic coating
    DV piston type
    Superpro ALK
    S3 Brakes fitted to front and rear
    H&R springs
    Polar FSI Advance  http://www.auto-polar.com/products/polarfis-advanced/
    A set of Monza 2 reps 18” with Winter tyres  (4-5mm tread) will also be included within the sale.
    Car will be sold with original air box, original brakes and springs should the new owner wish to put the car back to standard.
    Price £7995 ono
    Single Image
      Location: Watford
      Collection Only

      I'm reluctantly selling this car i have had for years and years, loved every moment of it. Its an amazing motor!
      Low miles. Not been on track days either! Driven responsibly.
      Just had MOT (passed without any issues) and Serviced.


      Thousands worth of upgrades.
      Not many of these left on the road!
      Rare Plaque number included
      Serviced every year
      Reflect Silver
      Highline Comp
      Center arm rest
      Ed30 Carpets
      Metal GTI seat inserts
      Metal GTI foot rest
      DEFI Boost Gauge
      Recardo Seats bucket seats (foldable) (Heated)
      Revo Stage2+ (LT) (approx 360bhp)
      Evoms Intake with heat reflective tape
      K&N Filter
      DV piston type
      Fuel pump upgrade
      VWR Limited Slip Diff
      VWR Road Race Clutch
      Milltek R32 Turbo Back Exhaust
      R32 rear bumper
      VWR Engine Mounts
      VWR dog bone part (not just rubber insert)
      VWR Big Brake conversion front
      S3 Rear Brakes
      VWR Springs
      VWR Short shift
      SuperPro Bushes
      Genuine BBS Alloys (Bigger offset for bigger brakes. some curbing)
      Rear wheel spacers.
      No swirls in paint! Polished every year (smallish scuff on font pass bumper)
      A+ Leather condition!
      No track days
      Also 2 spare part worn tyres free.

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