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MK7 Area Added
on May 04, 2015, 10:27:54 PM

You have probably noticed that we have just added a MK7 area. Its sparse at the moment, but if it gathers momentum we will add more sub-catergories to match the MK5 area.


Re: Oem pcv or delete?
Last Poster: fuzzy232 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:52:43 PM
so im best buying the most recent pcv from vw currently ? cheers for the info.

Re: My candy white golf gti edition 30
Last Poster: shoaybmakda in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:45:55 PM
I was contemplating on getting my splitter painted red but decided to stick with all white for my gti.never saw one some red before

Re: I need your opinion
Last Poster: rdfcpete in Random Chat on Yesterday at 11:43:55 PM
I meant mostly wanting to slap them, and deservedly too  :wink: :laugh: :grin: @GrayMK5GTI

Virtual warriors unite.
Must be a nightmare to patrol...  :fighting:

Re: Adam0604 Graphite Blue MK5 GTI
Last Poster: shoaybmakda in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:43:24 PM
Just picked some of these myself but only needed the passengers side as my drivers side is electric  :signLOL:

Re: Ed30 or Full leather
Last Poster: MateyGuv in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:43:04 PM
I'm not keen on marmite, but I like my ED30 flavour wingbacks  :smiley:

Re: Black smoke............turbo help
Last Poster: Johnny_tro in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:25:54 PM
Thank you, the car is definitely drinking the fuel, imperiously drinking it  :scared:

Boost leak - turbo/pipes yea?

Is the turbo easy to pop off from under the car?

Re: Smoothed Grill
Last Poster: samiul11 in Wanted on Yesterday at 11:23:05 PM
I have one lying about. The smooth part has light scratches, it may well polish out or you can paint or wrap it if you're OCD. The magnet mod has also been done.


Re: Mk5 golf gti turbo problems
Last Poster: ollyabbs11 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 11:18:29 PM
Where would I source either of them ? And Is the forge the same as a standard one anything else need upgrading.. For some reason I'm habit doubts he's has a thorough look ! If diverter valve was split would it definitely bring light on? And is there any sensors which would stop boost also

Re: Anyone fancy swapping 18in monzas for my near new bbs ch reps new budget tyres
Last Poster: Vwgticrazy in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:12:43 PM
I have genuine 18" Monzas! You have pics of your CH's?

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New Guy, Ben From Wolverhampton
Last Poster: bpbenprice in New Member Intro's on Yesterday at 11:09:14 PM
hey people so basically been on the forum awhile now just browsing, own a GOLF MK5 FSI, i know its not the most powerful but all about the sleek MK5 look for me, recently purchased the lamb reps of dansmith10 and going for the stealth look, will be starting a build thread very soon and see where we go from there! thanks guys

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Rossimac in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:05:25 PM
Bought some Pescaras!  :drinking:

Re: Air leak issue POSSIBLY FIXED
Last Poster: jakex181 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:44:15 PM
So I still have a problem, parked up this evening, pressed the clutch in and the revs stuck at around 1500rpm before dropping down, it also seems that during normal driving the revs return to idle much slower that they used to. I've done a quick bit of research and seen people mention rev hang can be caused by the clutch switch, could this be my issue?

The main time it

Re: ED35 Wheels on a Mk5?
Last Poster: Redemption in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:36:08 PM
Whats the name of these?

'Watkins Glen'

Re: Diesel sounding GTI FSI-T Mk5 :(
Last Poster: Peskyjones in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 10:35:49 PM
I kind of have the same problem with my engine. I still don't know whether my cam chain and tensioner is ok or not tbh! I've just kind of ignored it for a while. It's not really loud in the cabin, you can definitely hear it chugging away but I'm.Not sure if it's the chain. When you lift the bonnet, there's a definitely a tick but it's high pitched, Im pretty sure that's the injecto

Re: New Guy from Harlow, Essex
Last Poster: Peskyjones in New Member Intro's on Yesterday at 10:29:53 PM
Definitely not up for sitting in MacDonalds car park. Nice job with your car btw

Re: Top Gear the Lost Files
Last Poster: rdfcpete in Random Chat on Yesterday at 10:19:32 PM
Didn't it usually used to return in late October anyway?

Will they show the remainders between now and then, or do like a 'final' series just before Xmas?

Re: Coolant ratio
Last Poster: dazza in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:19:30 PM
Mine took nearly the full 5L to fill it. 3 litres and 2 litres water should be fine. I think its supposed to be 1:1. Hopefully someone who knows better will chime in if i'm wrong.

Re: (update) Standard GTI on 17s , (update) Harsh crashy ride with knocks creaking.
Last Poster: raven8472 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 10:10:48 PM
Well having my Front Shocks, Top mounts Replaced along with  drop links the ride is much better. The bad news is the knocking sound from the drivers side is still present and having put the car on a low loader to inspect how the car is sitting with its weight mechanic has stripped the steering rack partly and diagnosed the noise as the actual rack.

A Mount or bush insid

Re: Rossimac's Steel Grey GTI
Last Poster: Rossimac in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:03:00 PM
Small update but something I've been looking forward to since I first got the car - Pescaras.

Guy from a local car forum here in Northern Ireland was buying an Ed30 from England and brought the car back only to instantly upgrade to a set of 19"s. As I had been chatting to him he offered me the Pescaras, which I instantly said yes to!

Picked these up with tyres

Re: Monza alloy air valve
Last Poster: Frodo-anni in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:50:13 PM
I replaced the valves on my winter monza's the hollow type, valves were approx £9 each i think, may have even been more.


Genuine VW LED Valeo tail lights
Location: Enfield
Collection Only

Genuine VW LED Valeo tail lights.
This is for a MK5 Golf NOT Golf Plus.
The tail lights were on the car for around 6 months.
They are in very good condition no dents or cracks.
The tail lights have been modified to UK standard. They were originally for EU where the reverse and fog lense were on the opposite side.
These are a straight fit no modifications required.

Cash on collection only sorry don't trust couriers with lights

18" O.Z. formula HLT's
Location: Maidenhead berkshire
Collection Only

18" O.Z formula HLT'S 8th etc with 4x 225/40/18 Michelin pilot super sports. They are 1 month old and are near perfect with only 1000 or so miles (including 1 track day) which is the reason for the wear on the tyres which are  5.5mm 6mm and 2 about 6.5-7mm. I have all original boxes, paperwork, bolts (never used because I had spacers) metal spigot rings and centre caps which have an extra set of stickers as they only come with 4 stickers for 8 centre caps. They are £1320 + delivery new and £45ish  for tyres plus fitting. They weigh 19.5kg per corner so much lighter than most wheels and made  noticeable difference but I just don't think they look good on my car. Also these wheels have been coated with Gtechniq C5 since new.

Because of the value I don't want to ship and need cash or bank transfer. I am happy to drive a couple of hours to deliver/ meet someone but I'm not willing to ship.
forge 11mm spacers
Location: Maidenhead berkshire
Postage: £0.00
Delivery or Collection

Brand new Forge 11mm hubcentric 57.1 5x100 5x112 spacers, as the reciept shows I paid £75 about a week ago and asking £65 delivered.
20x 50mm wheel bolts
Location: Maidenhead Berkshire
Postage: £0.00
Delivery or Collection

20x 50mm VW fitment wheel bolts. 10 are 1 month old and 10 are brand new. Will sell the used ones for £12 delivered and the new for £16.
MK7 GTI style side badges
Location: Maidenhead berkshire
Postage: £0.00
Delivery or Collection

As above these are new MK7 GTI style side badges. Bought and test fitted but decided against them.
CLARION VX404e full setup for sale with DVD in motion, bluetooth etc
Location: stafford
Postage: £10.00
Delivery or Collection

up for sale is a clarion v4404e setup.

the unit is only a month old. (cost 189)
included is a twin fakra adapter, facia adapter and harness adapter (cost 38)
it will slot straight in, all you will need to do is supply it a switched live and illumination wire from the back of the ciggy lighter.

still got the box and warranty card.

CD Player
RDS Radio (shows song names)
it can mirror your phone (hdmi cable is there but youll need a adapter box depending on your phone model)
it can play dvds on the move (I set this up with a relay on the harness - plug and play now)
Bluetooth phone (built in mic)
Bluetooth audio streaming
USB audio/video
Ive added a nice VW splash screen to it

Only selling due to change of plans.
Standard rear bumper with mudflaps
Single Image
    Location: st helens
    Collection Only

    Removed from a 07 reg car, in great condition with no marks and all clips in tact.
    Standard gti cat back exhaust
    Location: st helens
    Postage: undefined

    In good condition, could do with the tips cleaning up, comes with one bracket.
    Standard headlights
    Single Image
      Location: st helens
      Postage: undefined

      In good condition, all lugs in tact, comes with bulb holders
      Standard tdi springs
      Single Image
        Location: st Helens
        Collection Only

        Removed from car after lowering, hopefully of use to someone.
        gt sport interior
        Location: st helens
        Collection Only

        Full interior off a VW golf gt sport. Rare striped one complete with door car cards.

        Came out of a 2007 car with 65k on them, all in great condition with very little wear on, few marks from storage but will easily clean up.

        Came from a pet free non smoker car.