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Massive Mods Catalog
on October 20, 2014, 09:56:24 PM
After much work and a couple of thousand lines of code the mods catalog is now active.

Will be posting more info and how 2 soon. For now add some mods.

Once mod is added users who have this mod can review add links etc. Plus you can add the mod to your profile.

Thanks to @rich83 for sorting the categories/images.

Re: Massive Mods Catalog
Last Poster: dazza in Announcements on Today at 11:44:19 PM
Q & A done bit of testing please. Do we need to show unanswered questions on the category pages??


coilover fitment?
Last Poster: sherwood989 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 11:42:54 PM
Hi everyone, maybe someone who has done this before can help, I have a mk5 GT 2007 140BHP  - looking for coilovers but not sure whether the strut fitment is 50mm or 55mm before I order them. Also what would people recommend? looking at around the £700-800 price range.

Many thanks in advance!

Last Poster: Matto in Random Chat on Today at 11:35:49 PM
Looks good. Can't imagine the missus will be interested somehow... :laugh:

I have the same issue! Think I may need to find someone who wants to see it  :signLOL:

Same he

Re: Mk6 climate control panel into a mk5?
Last Poster: Matto in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Today at 11:32:33 PM
Climatronic (push buttons with the displays) is fully automatic climate control using different motors to open and close flaps to where is needs the air where as Climatic (with the twisty knobs) isn't automatic and is regulated by the driver. That is my understanding of it  :signLOL:

Also if you are looking for a MK6 panel, you need one of the earlier ones. Look for one

Re: Interesting features on the MKV Golf
Last Poster: Matto in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:25:24 PM
Prob a feature on most cars but if I keep my finger on the lock button all the windows and sunroof close.

They can also be coded so that when you press and hold the lock button, as soon as they start to shut you can let go of the button and they'll carry on closing  :happy2:

Re: Thanks Eddie-NL and demon666
Last Poster: maxitrol in Member Recommendations and Useful Links on Today at 10:46:32 PM
But what mods have you had fitted☺

Re: Front wing rust warranty success!!
Last Poster: homesqueeze in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:45:32 PM
Nothing wrong with our boot, Just the wings, The drivers one had rotted through and the passengers side one was just going so they done the 2.
Just a poor match on the paint, If it was a near good match I wouldn't of noticed and therefore would of been happy. I understand that there is going to

Re: De-Cat Exhaust mod on GTi Edition 30
Last Poster: GrayMK5GTI in Performance Modifications on Today at 10:34:01 PM
I don't know where the restriction is TBH. The twin exit Cupras are worse though  :sad1:

Re: Need Some Info on Snowfoam
Last Poster: Tortaruga in Detailing on Today at 10:28:14 PM
Cheapest on ebay is from directhoses, was just over twenty quid. I'm using Bilt Hamber auto-foam, but it's not very foamy. Seems effective though.

Re: mk6 golf ed 35 front vw emblem, how do i remove ?
Last Poster: Woody.Guern in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 10:12:29 PM
remove the grille and then from the back prize the tags out with a screwdriver blade, but carefully!


Re: How much oil use?
Last Poster: Tortaruga in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:50:07 PM
Mine uses a good bit too. Just one of those things...

Silver interior door and dash metal strips
Last Poster: TomGTI in Wanted on Today at 09:48:04 PM
Need to be mint no dents or scratches


Re: PIRELLI Rear badge
Last Poster: TomGTI in Wanted on Today at 09:35:17 PM
Here it is Golf_GT_TDI
PART NUMBER for pirelli badge:
1K0 853 675 AN


Re: How to complete xenon set?
Last Poster: DaveB1970 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:25:26 PM
They won't work with manual adjuster, fill tank with petrol, put two mates in back seats and aim them then should work ok

Steel grey with differanat colour front, buckingham
Last Poster: pd9264 in Spotted on Today at 09:25:14 PM
Steel grey mk5 gti in buckingham. Had a differant colour front like it was in the primer stage. I may be wrong. Looked nice though. What rims where u running if u see this.

Re: Bsh engine mounts
Last Poster: pd9264 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:07:42 PM
The engine mounts have bedded in nicely now and im loving them. Little bit of vibration when first started but thats it. The growl is :laugh:

Re: Resolving issues
Last Poster: eos in Testing and Forum Suggestion Box on Today at 09:07:38 PM
It is indeed fixed  :congrats:


Re: Mk5 front wing warranty semi successful need opinions please.
Last Poster: leeandstaz in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:05:13 PM
VW told me they definitely don't cover blending under a warranty or goodwill repair/replacement.
I had 2 new red wings that luckily didn't need any blending at all.

 Yeah pretty much what they told us. But surely there has to be some level of customer satisfaction in th

Re: My Black ED30 APR tuned
Last Poster: KieranED30 in Members Rides on Today at 08:55:15 PM
Nice work man  :happy2:

Re: Strange sound
Last Poster: eos in Technical Workshop on Today at 08:40:04 PM
I think I've got to the bottom of the sound now, I picked up some alloys last night with much better tyres on and the noise was much worse.

Also the noise was worse when turning away from the source and is now behaving exactly like bearings failing  :evilgrin:

Going to pop into the local "I think honest" garage on Monday and see what they can do.

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Image of

New Member @nicsabers 8P sportback

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Bits and bobs
Single Image
    Location: Falkirk
    Delivery or Collection

    All parts brand new and unused apart from mdf2 nav

    Brand new S3 Jacking points full kit suitable for mk5 golf £33 delivered

    Oem MDF2 nav unit blue screen coating has been cleaned off, also has scratch on the screen which I accidentally  done today - comes with old style ipod dock and gps antennae £ 70 delivered  or £ 50 collection

    Brand new mk5 golf black badge ! This is one of the good ones that don't fade in the sun after a year £12 delivered

    Brand new seat inlays gti £9 delivered

    Brand new SALK £ 140.00 delivered

    Brand new HPFP £180.00 delivered

    Brand new belt tensioner and belt £ 70.00 delivered
    360mm B5 RS4 Brakes to Fit Mk5 £295
    Location: Preston
    Delivery or Collection

    B5 RS4 Brakes. Rare now.

    Very Powerful, these discs and pads are recent (see thickness), will fit and fill a Pescara nicely with no spacer

    Cheap and at 360mm powerful enough to stop a 1800KG 400HP RS4

    Lots of pad choice, OEM pads included look very new and chunky
    Price includes new braided lines and all small adaption parts to get it all to fit on your Mk5
    Sold as is, these came off probably the lowest mileage most pampered B5 RS4 I've EVER seen only changed to 8 pots for a wedding.....no you read that right.
    Price is money back so no offers please, well over £2000 right there from TPS

    I have some new pad springs which together with some TLC/Paint if that floats your boat would make a fantastic dynamic and visual OEM++ upgrade for a Stage 2/2+ GTI

    Collect Preston preffered. Bank Transfer or paypal with fees covered please.....

    Edit....most B5 owners bring those centre alloy sections to the discs to a very high polish which gives a great technical look, in addition these were the last OEM brakes from an RS anything to get directional discs for better cooling, even a new R8V10 gets two left sided discs nowadays
    H&R Coilovers
    Location: Brackley
    Delivery or Collection

    I have my H&R coilovers for sale they have covered just under 19k and still feel brilliant as you would expect from a quality brand like H&R.

    The dampers come with top mounts, bearings, dust covers and bump rubbers all of which are genuine VW parts bought when i fitted the coil overs.

    The threads on the platforms have a high quality Castol grease on them to prevent seizing.

    Only selling these as I'm returning my car to standard.

    These where fitted to a MK5 GTI ED30. the label on the side suggests they will also fit: -
    -Audi A3 8P
    -Seat Altea/Toledo 5P
    -Seat Leon 1P
    -MK6 GTI/R

    Any questions welcome.

    Auto tech 25mm front and rear ARBs
    Location: Durham
    Collection Only

    Front brand new never fitted, rear used but still in great condition and comes with used super pro uprated bushes n brackets. Bit of paint has come away were it's bolted to the drop links.
    Great ARBs and super light.

    These ARBs will make a massive improvement on handling, they reduce body roll and keep the car planted round corners. Just using the rear is great but teaming up the front and rear will put a big smile on your face when driving.
    R32 lower rear bumper section complete. Lc9z
    Single Image
      Location: Durham
      Collection Only

      Comes with Reflectors, heat shield, lower plastic section with tow eye. The bumper had a crack in it when I bought it so I had it plastic welded/repaired then re painted Lc9z.

      Collection only as I've had things damaged in the past n lost out so sorry if your miles away.

      If your car is a different colour I can also have this professionally painted for u before collection. ( at extra cost ) if you lived locally and u were interested in the exhaust and bumper I can have this painted ( if needed) and fitted.
      Milltek R32 style cat back non res.
      Location: Durham
      Delivery Only

      Great condition as u can see from the pictures, few little marks as u would expect as its been on the bottom of my car. Non res pipe not in the picture but is there.

      I thought about Res/non res when buying this exhaust and so glad I went non res as they sound perfect not to loud.
      New south boost gauge,  OEM style vent pod and Forge boost tap fitting kit.
      Single Image
        Location: Durham
        Collection Only

        As title like new condition, lights up the same colour as the oem clocks. Comes with everything just needs fitting.

        Ideal bit of kit to keep an eye on your boost and cars performance and looks great to.

        Gauge was about £60 new
        Pods was about £60 new
        Forge boost taps are around £50

        Il do this for £120 posted.
        4 x BBS callito with Tyres
        Location: Bolton
        Collection Only

        X 4 BBS Callito powdercoated with blue centres and silver barrels

        I split these down, powdercoated them and then re-built. I bought brand new bolts and also siliconed them when torqued up.

        The tyres are in good condition - Falken FK452s 225/40 with approx 7mm of tread.
        18 inch Compomotive MO6s x4
        Location: Bolton

        X 4 Compomotive MO6s 5x110

        Bought these a while ago off here but decided not to fit them!

        They were refurbed in black by the previous owner and are fitted with nankang ultra sport ns-2 215/35 with about 5mm tread.

        In really good condition, only one stone chip from what i can see! Marks in the pics are just finger marks from moving them around

        They will include wobblebolts and spigot rings also.
        R32 brakes
        Location: Bolton

        Bought these a while ago too but not going to fit them

        In usable condition but if you are picky, you will want to get them refurbed

        They will come with discs that were skimmed from when i originally bought them.

        Wheel bags - official VW bags upto 18s
        Single Image
          Location: Bolton
          Delivery or Collection

          Used wheel bags

          Wheels always cleaned before going in so in good condition!