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Detailing Catalogue
on October 27, 2014, 10:28:30 PM
As some of you have already realised the Detailing Catalogue is now active.
Very similar to the mods catalogue reviews, where to buy add to your profile etc.
Should be a great resource once we get it populated with your favourite detailing products.

If we missed some categories etc please let us know.

Re: Dave J's Edition 30 - no. 1387 - 2 year anniversary...
Last Poster: th3_f15t in Members Rides on Today at 11:04:06 PM
Happy anniversary. Real shame about that beautiful looking mk4 you had. You ED30 looks great though, and has been treated to a lot of presents. :happy2:

Re: help , vibration/tremmor in 4th gear through gear stick ??
Last Poster: GrayMK5GTI in Technical Workshop on Today at 10:50:37 PM
I get a bit of vibration in 6th if I let off at 70mph.

Unless it gets really bad, I wouldn't worry  :smiley:

do you get it through the gear stick?

Yup. Don't

Re: Who shall I choose to remap my GTI?
Last Poster: dan930 in Performance Modifications on Today at 10:28:34 PM
I've heard lots of great things about R-Tech and was planning on going there for my stage 2+ next year but now I've read Puddings comments my eyes have been opened.  :jumping:

As soon as you become successful people always want to try and talk sh*t, maybe there's lots of good reviews bec

Re: Best console trade in prices and sites!
Last Poster: Scottymon in Random Chat on Today at 10:20:46 PM
CEX / Cash Converters..?

What's the going rate for an Original Piano Black PS3?  Quite fancy a PS4 to muck about on for Xmas...

Re: Booked in for Stage 1 - now stage 2!!
Last Poster: GrayMK5GTI in R-Tech Zone on Today at 10:07:35 PM
Fingers crossed - my money is on 315bhp  :signLOL:

Re: My Golf GTI Edition 30 - No. 424
Last Poster: Dave J in Members Rides on Today at 10:01:27 PM
Lovely ED30 Kieran - have you still got the mk1 too?!

I've no experience of coilovers on the mk5, but in terms of ride height, I wanted a minimal drop on mine. 20mm was just right IMHO - I used VWR springs.
Have always heard good things about Bilsteins - had a set on my old mkiv - very good dampers I thought...

Re: New GTi owner from Herts
Last Poster: prp74 in New Member Intro's on Today at 09:39:08 PM
Welcome  :happy2:

Re: Storing music on a SD Card
Last Poster: DamoP in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Today at 09:20:16 PM
Good stuff.  :happy2:


you mail box is full, trying to pm you

Re: Switchable maps
Last Poster: TomGTI in R-Tech Zone on Today at 09:19:21 PM
The switch option is available for all stage2+ setups, We have developed all the new maps around the mk6 r software and implanted high speed logging capabilities which allows the owner to log extra data and uncapped data with vcds.  ie load caps out at 191.7% with vcds with the logger patch its unlimi

Re: Just fitted a new style cluster into a 2007 Golf GT
Last Poster: v4rley in Technical Workshop on Today at 08:42:23 PM
 :notworthy: great to see you keeping up the mods for us MK5 people!  :happy2:

Re: Pirelli Edition - Register
Last Poster: gtipirelli in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:36:00 PM
Nope not me sorry

I have only seen one other in a small village just north of me

Re: Searching for my old mk2
Last Poster: th3_f15t in Random Chat on Today at 08:19:19 PM
https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-tax - Enter the reg here and it'll tell you. :happy2:

It also displays when both the current tax and MOT expire, handy to keep tabs of your own dates if, like me, you move about a lot and don't have your documents to hand all the time.

Re: Painting sideskirts & bumpers, texture or not?
Last Poster: Mandy in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:15:04 PM
It will look so much better sanded flat, I've made that mistake before...


stage 2+ parts golf r mk6
Last Poster: jamie_dunky in Wanted on Today at 08:09:06 PM
hi looking for....
turbo back milltek or even downpipe n decat
itg or revo air intake
loba or apr hpfp
give me a call or text on 07703536373

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: DamoP in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:08:59 PM
RCD510, MDI and bluetooth combi loom oh and no sleep before nights  :signLOL:

Re: Show us your pumpkins! :)
Last Poster: Scottymon in Random Chat on Today at 08:06:28 PM
^awesome mandy & rich :happy2:

Re: Chrome switches
Last Poster: DamoP in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Today at 08:06:03 PM
Contact DamoP, he seems be in contact with some of Bold Sport's suppliers.
thanks dude

i have boldsport kits  :happy2:

Re: Reoccuring 001089 evap emission control fault - PCV?
Last Poster: fab5freddy in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 07:29:18 PM
Have you checked the Ross tech Wiki? Might give you a new angle to look at?


Re: Newbie from Yorkshire mk5 golf silver
Last Poster: My-edition in New Member Intro's on Today at 07:28:53 PM
Thanks m8

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New Member @nicsabers 8P sportback

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Front Splitter US Spec mk5 GTi
Location: King's Lynn
Delivery Only

I have for sale US Spec GTI front Splitter in Reflex silver and you can see by the photos there is some scratches underneath but when fitted is not noticable - also some small stone chips but this is to be expected nothing major. Easily fitted with a jack.

Paypal Payment Only.
Golf GTI mk5 - Gear knob, Gaitor and Surround. 
Location: King's Lynn
Delivery or Collection

I have a mk 5 Golf GTI Gear knob for sale - the gaitor and surrond is in mint condition but there is a slight bit of wear on the gear knob as you can see in on the 3rd photo but isnt hugely noticably once fitted. It will be delivered by Royal mail.

PayPal Payment Only
BBT K04 hybrid turbo
Location: Northants
Delivery Only

Had this converted by BBT but have now decided not to use it.
It has an uprated actuator, larger compressor wheel and unlike nearly all other K04 hybrids it uses a larger clipped exhaust wheel. Also the front of the runners have been opened up slightly.
I believe a reputable tuner has seen in excess of 400bhp from one of these BBT hybrids.
Location: Darlington
Delivery Only

RCD510 in immaculate condition

No Scraches / knocks / bangs / dead pixels. All works as it should.
Only selling due to me getting a DAB version.
Comes with code.

If your upgrading from the bog standard RCD300 you may also need an updated CAN Gateway if your putting this into a 54 - 07 reg, i believe most or all 57 plates already have the CAN Gateway required. You can pick them up off here for around £40 give or take.

Karcher Under Car Washer
Single Image
    Location: Darlington
    Delivery Only

    Brand new unused, not even been taken out the box or opened.

    Bought this along with my Karcher pressure washer and never used it so maybe someone on here who likes to keep there cars clean can get the use and enjoyment out of it.
    I paid £90 for it new so I'm offering it up for a very fair price.
    Location: Darlington
    Delivery Only

    Immaculate condition,
    in fully working order except i don't have a code for it but to anyone interested in buying, you can get a code from ebay for around £10 i believe or go to the dealers.
    VW 6CD Changer
    Location: Darlington
    Delivery Only

    In fully working order, removed from my car due to me installing MDI dock so have no need for this anymore.
    I have pictured a slight mark on the Eject button but is only noticeable when looking at a particular angle under lighting.
    Currently going for £40 - £60 online so I think I've priced this fairly.
    4 x BBS callito with Tyres
    Location: Bolton
    Collection Only

    X 4 BBS Callito powdercoated with blue centres and silver barrels

    I split these down, powdercoated them and then re-built. I bought brand new bolts and also siliconed them when torqued up.

    The tyres are in good condition - Falken FK452s 225/40 with approx 7mm of tread.
    18 inch Compomotive MO6s x4
    Location: Bolton

    X 4 Compomotive MO6s 5x110

    Bought these a while ago off here but decided not to fit them!

    They were refurbed in black by the previous owner and are fitted with nankang ultra sport ns-2 215/35 with about 5mm tread.

    In really good condition, only one stone chip from what i can see! Marks in the pics are just finger marks from moving them around

    They will include wobblebolts and spigot rings also.
    R32 brakes
    Location: Bolton

    Bought these a while ago too but not going to fit them

    In usable condition but if you are picky, you will want to get them refurbed

    They will come with discs that were skimmed from when i originally bought them.