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Help Mark and the guys at Awesome GTI
on April 23, 2016, 07:43:48 AM
Guys show your support and share this as much as possible for our friends at Awesome


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Bright Brake Light Bulbs?
Last Poster: jaylufc17 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:45:58 PM
anyone recommend any bright led brake light bulbs?

Re: Dubvrs 2008 GTI restoration and upgrade
Last Poster: raz469 in Members Rides on Today at 12:56:25 PM
Great work man. Mad props.
Wish i had the balls and patience to do this on my drive. Before hour 2 someone from inside would probably come running out asking why i crashed the car.

Congrats dude

Re: VCDS help for visual parking aid
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:56:04 PM
I do t think the factory fitted sensors on a MK5 golf can do what you want them to. I think you'd need to get the optical sensor kit and retro for it  :happy2:
That's right. I did that to my Ed. 30 that came with parking sensors and a RNS-510 fitted from factory.

Last Poster: Dorin in Technical Workshop on Today at 12:51:27 PM
I wanna buy a pair roofrack for my 3 door GTI.
is the 5 door roofrack fit the 3 door model? I found only one OEM model 1K0071126.

Re: Ed30 #1521
Last Poster: r5gtt in Members Rides on Today at 12:34:20 PM
Yeah it's going to be a headache as Id need to source a pump then fit it with all the extras I need too. :doh:

Re: My Cupra K1 replacement-Golf R mk6
Last Poster: Shoduchi in MK6 Members Rides on Today at 12:09:27 PM
Nice new bucket seats! :driver:

Re: opinion on buying this ed30
Last Poster: maxitrol in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:43:54 AM
If it's been looked after the miles shouldn't be too much of an issue but I'd be replacing all the usual things as soon as possible. Wheels are not original and there is no armrest. I thought all the ED's had the arm rest?
yeah noticed the arm rest not there and also thought they

Re: MFD programming with boost to my golf
Last Poster: MateyGuv in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:37:24 AM

Last Poster: nkp in Performance Modifications on Today at 11:15:34 AM
Thanks, thats added another £97 to my next order lol

ED30 Interior 3 Door
Last Poster: nkp in Wanted on Today at 11:10:37 AM
I'm after a Edition 30 Interior must be 3 door version. Need them to be lowest mileage possible (less than 74k) and mint/excellent condition if possible (fag burns a no no). Must be heated (not sure if they all were) I know these interiors are rare and i'm annoyed i missed a set that had been on the forum for a bit.

I currently have a grey leather with blue stitching in

Re: Lowered silver Mk5, M6 northbound nr Blackpool fri night
Last Poster: nkp in Spotted on Today at 11:03:18 AM
I'm based in Blackpool and have seen this one. On a side note is your Black RS4 the one that was for sale in Brimelows a few months back as i kept looking at that  :smiley:

Re: Superchips Bluefin
Last Poster: nkp in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:00:49 AM
I was tempted to go for the bluefin as it does appeal being able to take the map off and on when/if needed. But i've realised that when the time comes for me to remap i'll have added an exhaust/induction kit and perhaps the extras for stage 2, so for me REVO can do their thing and i'm sure the drive home will be worth it.

Re: Next performance mod for my ed30
Last Poster: AJP in Performance Modifications on Today at 11:00:15 AM
Downpipe wants to be 3" and if you're going for a sport cat rather than decat make sure it's from a decent brand. Powervalve, Milltek etc. If you're just doing a decat then some of the more affordable brands seem o

Re: My new Black GTi
Last Poster: The Duke in Members Rides on Today at 10:54:34 AM
I used muck off and a sponge, then I gave it a quick light rinse.

I will also say - hardlines for the brakes, what a difference!!!

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Re: The EU vote,
Last Poster: Bozz in Random Chat on Today at 09:02:00 AM
Right, here's a challenge for those posters who say it's 'sour grapes'  from the 'remain' voters.....

I would like each of y

Re: Edition 30 - Register
Last Poster: SurreyED30 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:08:50 AM
I now own #440

Re: Finally found one, Now the proud owner of Edition 30 1799
Last Poster: Dan648v in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:02:39 AM
Looks like a nice list of things to start off with! It's obviously in good hands!  :happy2:

Take some pics on your travels and start a build thread up  :smiley:

Re: Danboy's ed30 rep R-tech tuned - W44XED !
Last Poster: DANBOY66 in Members Rides on Today at 06:46:48 AM
cheers lads

red is definitely a love or hate colour it does grow on the haters though

yeah always waxxed  :ashamed:


Re: Wings & Wheels Show - Topgear Track 28-29th Aug
Last Poster: FJ1000 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:22:49 AM
Shame there was no interest from this forum, would've been good to get some VW representation down there. We had fords, jags, audis, mitsubishis, teslas, minis, mazdas, etc etc Does the forum ever get involved in shows?

Think about it for next year?

It was a great day out; from all the cars on display, to planes and helicopters, army vehicles, cars on track, a


Cheap VW RNS510 LED SatNav
Single Image
    Location: Leeds
    Postage: £15.00
    Delivery Only

    As I upgraded to DAB version, selling my own RNS510 LED C version. Selling cheap as it has mint skoda front fitted. The difference is only main buttons font is skoda one and it has speaker button instead star. Ilumination is red and all logos are VW. Has proper firmware installed, latest maps with speed cameras, VIM activated etc. Comes with code card and GPS arial.
    250 collected or 265 delivered, no offers. If paying via Paypal + fees.
    4 off Michelin Pilot Alpin 235/35/19 91W XL Winter Tyres
    Location: Ripley, Derbyshire
    Postage: £20.00
    Delivery Only

    4 off Michelin Pilot Alpin 235/35/19 91W XL Winter Tyres - £250 collected, £270 delivered


    I've got for sale 4 off Michelin Pilot Alpin 235/35/19 91W XL Winter Tyres for sale all of which feature between 9 to 10mm of tread.

    The tyres haven't been damaged, cut or repaired and they should see you through the next 2 to 3 winters without any cause for concern.

    The only reason I'm selling them is that they simply won't fit on my next vehicle.

    Collection from Ripley, Derbyshire
    R32 Rear lights
    Location: Leicestershire
    Postage: £10.00
    Delivery or Collection

    A set of R32 rear lights which are in average condition.

    After looking around for ages I found this set and I was sold these as a perfect condition set (not off of here so i've learnt my lesson) and when I received them they weren't as described and the seller refused to take them back.

    The right outer light is a brand new Magneti Marelli and the left outer is a VW one but has some dried water marks on the inside, the 2 inners are VW ones, one of which has a slight light mark on it but this is barely noticeable.

    The inners do not come with bulbs and i'm not sure if the outers have bulbs.

    Tbh i'm gutted at what I paid for these and I'm selling these for quite a loss.

    Any questions please ask, I will get back to you asap.

    Brembo 18z 6 pot brake calipers.
    Location: Exeter
    Postage: £10.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Brembo 18z 6 pot brake calipers. Removed from a Audi Q7 and in great condition. Just need a clean up and paint.

    Collection from Exeter, Devon or happy to arrange a courier.

    Any questions please feel free to ask and ill be happy to help.

    R32 bucket seats
    Location: Amersham
    Postage: 0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    R32 front bucket seats on excellent condition minor wear to bolsters please check the pictures also minor scratches to the black rest trims looking at
    £1800.00 no exchange required please come to see these if your unsure we all know what these fetch call text 07772480088 thanks