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on January 29, 2015, 01:49:39 PM
Sorry, be we are having a few difficulties with our paypal account at the moment.

If you have ordered stickers and they have not come then please forward me your PayPal receipt to rich at mk5golfgti.co.uk and I shall get them out ASAP


Re: How long did you search for?
Last Poster: Mrstridey in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:27:14 PM
Took me about a year or so! spent the whole time looking too!

Saw plenty of sheds and a few nice but pricey ones, glad I waited, particularly reading some of the horror stories on here  :sick:

Re: Pirelli Edition Wheels
Last Poster: wigit in Wanted on Today at 04:25:35 PM
Might be worth asking Wigit on here if he still has his spare set!  :innocent:

Sold the spare set which had been referred and had new centre caps with the car, i would only ever have sold them to a Pirelli owner

Re: Making it more difficult to join - to stop spammers
Last Poster: rich83 in Testing and Forum Suggestion Box on Today at 04:24:30 PM
Is it possible to make their first posts by approval only?

Yes it is.

Is it possible to modify an ESP switch as an On/Off Button?
Last Poster: usmangti in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:06:06 PM
As above, reason being fancy having the ability to switch off an amplifier for a subwoofer when I have the kids in the car. Currently modifying the switch blank but also thought if I could use the ESP flipped around on the right it would illuminate also. Trying to keep it all oem looking rather than just use a rocker switch. I know you can buy custom switches of a site but they are

Bad Luck With My iPhone 5s & Meteor Network
Last Poster: lukemk5gti in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:50:03 PM
I've had my iPhone 5s for 6months now and only about 2 months in the lock button broke, then the battery went to crap, then one speaker failed and finally the touch button started to go.

I got onto meteor and they told me I was completely covered under warranty.

That Friday, I got out of the car and dropped the phone and it took a tiny dent to one corner.

Re: Shaun's GT TDI
Last Poster: shaunnorris7 in Members Rides on Today at 03:43:00 PM

Eibachs fitted over the weekend with new top mounts and drop links.

Also had a cv boot replaced and applied some settings via VCDS like lock and unlock of doors, length of time coming home lights stay on for etc and boot pop (for when I get struts).

Re: My Cupra K1 replacement-Golf R mk6
Last Poster: toosmiles in Members Rides on Today at 03:35:20 PM
Well guys ive got the CTS copy pipes i ordered from china 100 posted and no import tax and came pretty quickly


Re: Think my daughter has a talent
Last Poster: Quadrophenia in Random Chat on Today at 03:29:31 PM
That's an excellent drawing.

Re: Unphased 15 - 24th May 15
Last Poster: KieranED30 in Shows, Events and Meets on Today at 03:03:35 PM
Can't wait for it Josh  :jumping:

Re: Windscreen Replacement - Where is the thread?
Last Poster: xjay1337 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:03:15 PM
There's nothing wrong with "non oem" glass.
Aside from being 60% of the price of an OEM glass.
My Golf had a replacement non-OEM correctly tinted windscreen and you wouldn't have known the difference  :happy2:

Audi TTRS lower control arms
Last Poster: flashp in Wanted on Today at 02:39:37 PM
I'm looking to get hold of both lower control arms with ball joints etc.
Ideally I'd need these parts within 2 weeks.


Re: "GOLFZILLA" .... 600+BHP Project... TSR Performance ....
Last Poster: Pikey Motorsports in Members Rides on Today at 02:36:13 PM
I'm sure you will get on with it mate

And I would prefer to try and shift the pod with all 3 gauges atm but I'll put you down for the gauge and see what happens

Re: Battery Light On Dash
Last Poster: s31teg in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 02:29:57 PM
update, changed the alternator (twice as the first one was faulty)

no fault generated in vag com but the light is still there and heated seats and heated window still are disabled.

any other suggestions?

New Bumper
Last Poster: lewisako in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Today at 01:47:40 PM
Just got my hands on a GT bumper that i will be putting on my car, just wondered what kind of splitter you guys would recommend. Im thinking cupra splitter possibly.

Any other suggestions or images would be great.

Re: NightBreakers or M-Tec or Philips H7 headlight Bulbs or ???
Last Poster: vw55raz in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:34:44 PM
another vote here for nightbreakers. I had the MTEC's before but the light output wasnt really good. It was just a bit bluey thats all.

Re: Non genuine wing mirror issue - power folding
Last Poster: Gazza747 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:08:35 PM
The power fold now works  :smiley:
The puddle light doesn't come on when I unlock the door but the main thing is the power fold works

Re: Map Sensor Wiring Order
Last Poster: leebob in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 01:03:25 PM
Cheers mate that would be very helpful!

Cam chain tensioner
Last Poster: jakex181 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:46:25 PM
My car went in for a new cambelt and the mechanic mentioned the cam chain tensioner seemed quite loud and may need changing soon in the future. I am just wondering if it is easy to DIY check the tensioner? Also how will i know when to replace it and can i do this myself easily?


Re: Front pads and discs universal on all Ed 30's and GTi's?
Last Poster: xjay1337 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 12:39:37 PM
I think there are 2 pad availabe.
I can't remember which one... one has hooks.

Just get PAGID ones unless you are driving hard or tuned.

Re: Upgrade to RNS - what is required?
Last Poster: StuF in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Today at 12:39:19 PM
Was an aerial adaptor required?
Where did you place the GPS aerial?
Think my wife may have sorted me a RNS510 LED SSD Version R as a present although not sure as she is keeping the cards close to her chest!!  :signLOL:


TSR MK5 GTI 520+bhp
Single Image
    Location: Bristol
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    most will know the spec of this car so doesn't need much introduction..

    The car has been modified with the best parts out there and always run on the best fuel and fluids

    the car is stored in winter which it is atm.. im not worried about selling so it wont be going for peanuts but don't be afraid to throw me an offer

    here is the spec.. there is probaly stuff missing from the list


    Revo one-off map
    Milltek exhaust non resonated with decat  £900
    Integrated engineering girdle kit
    Ferrera valve lifters shims £300
    Infinity custom side exit decat-back £400
    Clutchmasters fx725 race clutch twin disc £1200
    Supertech valvetrain titaniums valves 9,000rpm capable £1000
    Braided clutch line
    ITG intake £380
    Forge u.s spec catch tank/ Integrated engineering pcv/ Aeroquip push on fittings £250
    TSR turbo kit/tubualar manifold/tial 44mm wastegate/gtx3071r turbo etc £4,000
    Forge coolant hoses £180
    Forge hoses through out
    S3 intercooler £400
    Forge twintercooler £650
    Dei gold heatwrap £130
    Forge short shifter £100
    Forge supersize recirc valve £150
    Forge recirc hose £50
    42draft design shifter bushings £35
    Wotbox launch control/flatfoot shifting £200
    RS4 injectors £350
    RS4 fuel return valve £35
    RS3 low pressure fuel pump £240
    Autotech high pressure fuel pump £300
    Je pistons 10.5.1 0.5mm oversize £750
    Integrated engineering con rods £430
    Arp 2000 rod bolts
    Arp head bolt £210
    Arp main bolts £175
    Calico coated race rod bearings
    Greddy profec boost controller £300
    Yellow valve cover £30
    R8 coilpack £90
    R8 Oil Cap £50
    NGK iridium spark plugs £30
    Revo throttle pipe £150
    BSH left side engine mount/ Revo transmission mount/ Revo lower mount £400
    New cylinder head £800


    New comline fuel filter with 6.6bar relief valveNew oem cam follower
    New oem various gaskets
    New cambelt/waterpump
    New main bearings
    Charcoal canister relocated

    Weight reduction

    Pro race wheels 20kg lighter
    Ap brakes 10kg lighter
    Wheel well removed with flat floor
    Lexan rear window
    All unneeded metal/brackets removed
    No soundproofing
    Carbon bonnet
    Carbon boot
    Aircon removed
    Charcoal emissions canister removed
    Wiring loom has been stripped of unecessary wires
    Lightweight seats
    Lightweight steering wheel
    No rear interior
    Radio removed but wires and front speakers in place


    Team dynamics pro race 1.2 £650
    AP racing 4pot big brake kit £2100
    Toyo R888 £800
    Bilstein b14 coilovers £820
    H&R anti roll bars £360
    Whiteline anti lift kit £150
    Quaife limited slip differential £700
    Plastics4performance lexan rear screen £200


    Valeo led rear lights £300
    R32 rear bumper with diffuser cutout to help with drag £300
    Seibon carbon bonnet £700
    Seibon carbon bootlid £550
    Rieger front splitter £180
    Bumper cannards £40
    SPA le mans mirrors £150
    Open fog grilles £50
    Badgeless grille £60
    Aerocatch bonnet pins £50


    Sparco club racer 4 point harnesses £310
    Sparco evo 3 seats £1000
    Sparco sidemounts £110
    OMP seatbase £220
    Omp steering wheel £130
    Momo boss kit £70
    Carbon wrapped interior
    .:R footrest £20
    Newsouth tripple gauge pod £50
    WT Motorsport Roll cage £300
    AEM uego wideband afr gauge £180
    AEM boost gauge £180
    AEM oil temp gauge £122
    Lifeline fire extinguisher £90

    the engine build has only done around 5,000miles around 2,000 of which on high boost

    on 2.0bar of boost the car made 520bhp and 470whp.. this was with a milltek exhaust which restricted the car alittle with the new exhaust there should be more, the turbo is good for 550 with a better intank pump and wmi and 2.3bar

    2.0 bar 520bhp with printout
    1.5 bar 460
    1.2 bar 350

    anymore question email me i maybe interested in another big power car but please no junk

    Probaly had 27-30k spent if added everything up excluding spec which has been changed and no labour and excluding price of the car

    Just had the valves cleaned new throttlebody and lambda sensor

    No rush to sell the car and will carrying on enjoying it when I can and modifying it.. But i will sale if the right offer is there

    Mk5 R/GTI Manual FB MFSW with airbag, loom and controller
    Location: Great Yarmouth
    Postage: £10.00
    Delivery or Collection

    This is a manual MFSW complete with airbag, loom and the steering wheel controller.

    I had this in my car for a while and all works perfectly with no issues at all, feels really good when driving. The buttons all work and illuminate as they should and there are no major marks on the wheel at all. The controller is part number 1K0 953 549BD which has all the functions except DSG.

    I'd like to sell this as a complete package rather than split it at this time.

    Eddie-NL originally sorted this for me along with my cruise stalk and it could be shipped at cost. (I'm pretty sure if you were going to ask Ed to fit this for you as long as funds have cleared he'd be willing to pick it up on your behalf, however would need to check with him on that.)
    2008 GTi DSG 5 Door 50k
    Location: Barrow in Furness
    Collection Only

    Mk5 GTi DSG For sale.
    Just over 50k on the clock, lots of extras, and full service history. I have owned the car since Sept 13, and have had two services in that time, including the DSG service, and new front discs and pads. Cambelt has also been changed. Lots of extras in the car; Heated leather seats, 18" Grey Monza's, Heated mirrors, iPod dock.

    Only negative is on the lip of the boot there is a small amount of bubbling, easy fix and am going to try and fix it, but if I don't then price will reflect getting this done (I will try and load a picture of it)

    Odds and sods.......
    Location: Bromsgrove
    Postage: £5.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Cruise stalk - 1k0 953 513 A + diagnostic cable SOLD!!!
    DSG paddles SOLD!!!
    Steering wheel controller - 1k0 953 549 F SOLD!!!
    Standard light switch with auto function - few marks £8 plus £1.50 p&p
    Non multi function steering wheel airbag loom - 1k0 971 584 - £8 plus £1.50 p&p
    Revo SPS2 switch - £15 plus £2 p&p

    Glovebox MDI Kit
    Location: Bradford
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Glove box MDI kit with iPhone 4 lead, bought last summer from @DamoP but doesn't get used as my RCD510 takes 32gb SD cards which is more than enough music.

    £80 delivered.