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mk5 GTI Pirelli
on Yesterday at 08:35:44 AM
Hiya chaps, hope this is alright here, I will be putting my beloved pirelli up on autotrader this weekend,  will be purchasing a caddy/transporter so I'm keeping it VW
Re: Which Dipped Beam Bulb?
Last Poster: 4ndy in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:31:54 PM
Ive had good results with Ring, Osram and Philips  search Autobulbs and Powerbulbs  As always price check can get them 1/2 price with codes.
Ive also had amazing results with 65W and 100W :grin: :grin:

Re: Golf Mods Advise
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:42:52 PM
Ok well, best choose either a downpipe or an hpfp upgrade as the combination of both will kill your stock clutch. A BCS sports cat downpipe will cost @£400 more than the VIS hpfp internals.

Will Mk6 mirrors fit a Mk5?
Last Poster: heyadamhey in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:49:08 PM
Found 2x Mk6 GTIs stripping for spares and thought the Mk6 mirrors coukd look cool on my Mk5

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Re: Attila Oneal
Last Poster: Andy in New Member Intro's on Today at 02:24:24 AM
welcome along-Plenty of help on here--post up the problem

Re: New member old owner
Last Poster: Andy in New Member Intro's on Today at 02:23:08 AM
welcome Doug

Re: Afternoon!
Last Poster: Andy in New Member Intro's on Today at 02:22:01 AM
welcome to the forum

Re: How to tell if front bumper is genuine or not?
Last Poster: Andy in Mk5 General Area on Today at 02:04:52 AM
it will have a part number printed on it starting 1KO IF GEN ONE

Re: revs climb on gear change cruise control doesnt work
Last Poster: cossielee in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:22:15 PM
checked the wires as far back as I could and all worked, checked them at the stork end just in case and they were find , still couldn't figure it out so was at a loss as it had been like this for 3 or 4 weeks, doubled checked the fuses and 1 was blown , new 1 in and bam , car was fixed
I hate cars

Re: Cordless Leaf Blower - any Recommendations Pls?
Last Poster: chigmuss in Random Chat on Yesterday at 08:56:46 PM
What's your budget? Can't go wrong with Stihl stuff. Their cheapest model is a shade under £200, they start first time every time, even after being left in the shed for months. No experience of battery ones I'm afraid.

Re: Anything else to add with new uprated dampers ?
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:51:32 PM
At 33k, the various bushes could still be in good condition. If you are doing the work yourself, then labour cost isn’t a consideration and maybe consider the B6 Passat alloy hubs / arms which will save @3.5kg each side at the front for not much cost. Passat balljoints will help correct the roll centres given you have lower springs.

Please help me value my GTI
Last Poster: Craigh1983 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:42:58 PM
Hi guys,

Had my Mk5 GTI Golf serviced at the weekend and the garage found a few things that need sorting and as im buying a house I can't afford to spend the money unfortunately so I am wanting to sell but have no idea what my car is worth. Im wondering if you guys could help me...

So it's a Tornado Red 2005 GTI Golf Mk5 with 147000 miles on the clock.

Re: Amp wiring for Subwoofer RNS510
Last Poster: Jarre in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 08:26:44 PM

I’ve got a Visual ICE stealth enclosure, it’s brilliant. I’ve also put my amp under the passenger seat. I’ve used a high level converter at the speaker lines just at the back of the stereo, so I have both left and right.

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Re: I'm back with another....
Last Poster: peter_booker2003 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 08:12:47 PM
Good to see you back Peter

Thanks Andy. I'm glad to be back.

Another update is I've just ordered a performance panel filter for it. Had one in my previous car, and just gave a little extra noise when pushing on which is what i want. I don't particularly like the noi

Temperature Sensor
Last Poster: aaronk.juju in Technical Workshop on Yesterday at 07:28:25 PM
So the fact that there is no oil temperature indication has always bugged me about my car. My Mk6 had one on the mfd, however this doesn't. When I have used VCDS I have been able to get a reading, so I'm assuming there is a sensor somewhere. On the mk6 its part of the oil level/temp sender unit at the bottom of the sump. But, when I use apps like torque pro etc, there is no reading

Re: RCD330 with apple car play
Last Poster: v4rley in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 06:32:15 PM
Yes I have. Using canbus emulator

Have you got highline clocks or midline?

Re: Mark 5 GTI battery drain issue, not the stereo.
Last Poster: Paulo P in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 04:49:04 PM
I've just got around to removing that fuse to see what stops working and it's the remote locking. With fuse F3 removed, the remote locking doesn't work and neither does the central locking via the drivers door lock. The central locking still works via the button inside the car though.

Has anyone got any ideas what part that could point at?

Re: 15K After Chain and Tensioner - Warm Rattle Returns!!
Last Poster: muff1991 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 04:37:21 PM
what about the cam chain adjuster... read a post someone had the chain and everything done but the noise was still there.. turned out to be the adjuster. (apologies if my penny is voided as I have read the full post)

Re: GTDI suddenly stopped - No fuel in filter housing (But fuel in tank)
Last Poster: AntzGti in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:41:15 AM

Yes correct.

There is a simple electrical "lift pump" that supplies fuel from your tank up to the HPFP.

If the filter is dry, a simple test would be to energise the lift pump (VAG Com maybe?) and disconnect the input fuel line from the lift pump to your fuel filter and direct that into a bowl. If the lift pump is working then you should get ste

Re: Valuation
Last Poster: Juliand in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:31:48 AM
The online MOT history checker is a good place to confirm mileage and patterns of use as well as possible maintenance issues.


Good link that  :happy2:

mk5 GTI Pirelli
Last Poster: Dan8812 in Announcements on Yesterday at 08:35:44 AM
Hiya chaps, hope this is alright here, I will be putting my beloved pirelli up on autotrader this weekend,  will be purchasing a caddy/transporter so I'm keeping it VW


RNS510 DAB nav headunit
Location: Milton Keynes
Postage: £20.00
Delivery Only

1T0 035 686C

purchased new from Hazzydayz on 24/11/16,never updated,has worked flawlessly in my ed35 for 11k miles, comes with code card and gps aerial, only thing required is a dab aerial.
These are now £1300 + vat from Hazzy

Will include free postage to UK Mainland postcodes if asking price is met.

Thanks for looking
Genuine Bi-Xenons
Single Image
    Location: East London
    Postage: £15.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Come off my written off GTI (rear end, so lights arnt damaged). Great condition, one repaired tab. Including all bulbs and ballasts, igniters etc. Preferably collection due to size.

    20181111_160414 by joe blogggs, on Flickr
    stage 2+ r tech edition 30 dsg 3 door
    Single Image
      Location: doncaster
      Collection Only


      please see facebook link for pics as I habnt advertised on auto trader yet.

      For sale is my 2007 golf gti edition 30.
      R tech stage 2+
      69k miles
      3 door
      2 keys

      No silly offers

      Only reason for sale is looking for a 5 door, will definitely be missed!

      Car is currently in the garage for winter so mileage won't rise.
      One of the best examples you will find considering these cars are over 10 years old now, they are alot of poor examples out there.

      Aswell as all the standard edition 30 spec.
      The car is modified, all carried out by myself, car was completely standard when I bought it, so iknow everything has been done the right way with the best available parts.
      Iknow what the car is worth standard and I know what the upgrades are worth which is why the car is priced as it is.

      Always had a full service (oil,air,fuel) every year since I've owned it (April 2015)
      Cam follower has been changed twice and checked on every service in my ownership
      Timing belt and water pump done earlier this year
      Brand new front discs and pads
      Car comes with original OE VW edition 30 number badge

      13152 Service - August 2008
      25934 Service - January 2010
      32109 Service - September 2010+brake fluid+A/C
      41030 Service - November 2012
      44664 Service - October 2013 + timing belt & water pump
      46749 Service - March 2014
      53338 Service - May 2015
      53475 dsg service+cooler June 2015
      57687 service - February 2016
      62841 service - March 2017
      66082 service - March 2018
      67359 Timing belt + pump - April 2018

      Cherry red hazard switch
      MFSW buttons
      Gti seat inserts
      Rcd 510 with oem usb+aux switch
      Full led conversion

      Smooth us front grill
      Open fog grills
      Powdercoated pescaras anthracite
      R32 rear bumper smoothed tow eye and exhaust valance in KAE (Nissan grey) grey
      OE VW Polo aerial
      Wind deflectors
      Colour coded rear badge baseplate
      Double reverse light lens mod
      Dewiper rear 
      Edition 30 front grill badge

      Evoms intake
      R tech twin plate heat shield
      Decat downpipe
      Bcs sports system (r32 exit)
      R tech stage 2+ remap
      370bhp / 400ftlb
      R tech DSG remap
      Audi r8 coilpacks
      30mm H&R springs fitted with new oe shockers
      15mm spacers
      SuperPro Anti lift kit
      SuperPro Torque bush insert
      R tech full pcv delete
      Custom wellycooler setup
      RS4 fuel pressure valve
      Auto tech hpfp internals

      private plate will be removed before sale

      its been my pride and joy for the last 3 and a half years and loved every minute of ownership would be great to keep it on the forum so iknow it will be looked after!
      Mk5 Golf Gti engine cover. Reduced.
      Location: Le67
      Postage: £10.00
      Delivery or Collection

      £80 + £10 postage
      Engine Cover - SOLD
      Location: warwickshire
      Postage: £10.00
      Delivery or Collection

      Engine cover.  One mounting grommet missing in very good condition.
      Engine Cover
      Location: Warwickshire
      Postage: £10.00
      Delivery or Collection

      Engine cover.  mounting grommets all there.  VW badge missing, could add your own ?