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Forum T-Shirts & Hoodies
on August 21, 2015, 11:39:31 PM
We are doing a batch of Forum T-Shirts and Hoodies.
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dazza - T-Shirt - White - M - Paid
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Re: R-Tech Roller Height - Will i get on the rollers with a -30mm drop?
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:14:11 PM
With Eibach Pro-Kit springs you won't have -30 mm lowering, you'll have at best -10 mm compared with a GTI stock suspension which is lowered -20 mm from factory.

This is my GT Sport with Eibach Pro-Kit springs:

[img width=786 height=589]

Re: Coolant temp scary low
Last Poster: dazza in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:59:03 AM
Right. Cheers dazza. I seem to remember you replacing your thermostat, any top tips?

These really helped

I followed this

Last Poster: RedRobin in Photography Section on Today at 10:47:06 AM
Just waiting for a copy of the full res uncropped pic from @vRSAlexs mate

....Thanks Mike but please remind @vRSAlex it

Re: Dans grey MK5 GTI, hybrid K03 under way.
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Members Rides on Today at 10:38:53 AM
I know the feeling...  :sad1: Hope you have it back soon. :smiley:

Re: Decent Price Insurance For A MK5 GTI?
Last Poster: Dan_FR in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:11:54 AM
Slightly different frock, but same car underneath.....

28, 8 NCB, all mods declared - Revo 2+, all supporting mods including WMI, like for like cover and including a named driver who has only held a licence for 3 years, £515

Would have been a lot cheaper without the named driver, but still a pretty good price

Re: Trip & dash clock keeps resetting when I turn can on & off...
Last Poster: rowl3y in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 10:10:38 AM

Could the relay be broke you think. Is that where the dash relay is then ?

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Re: RNS 510 Rookie Questions
Last Poster: skard in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Today at 08:45:34 AM
I had an A, went to 3810 to repartition the hard drive from two to three sectors (you will lose everything but it needs done), then 4020 is the latest safe firmware for this unit, I had it for over two years.
These versions you can update POI via SD etc.

To use v11 or onward maps, you need a modified firmware to allocate more space to maps, otherwise they do not fit

Re: BCS powervalve turbo back exhaust
Last Poster: Bigjimknickers in Product Reviews on Today at 07:58:50 AM
So are you allowed to disclose the total cost for the exhaust & fitting?

Re: BCS group buy
Last Poster: Bigjimknickers in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:47:40 AM
I'd deffinatly be interested..

Re: Which Pagid brake pads?
Last Poster: neiller in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:28:33 AM
You can match up what brake discs you have by looking at the option codes on the sticker on your owners.manual then you will be able to tell which oads are for your car

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Re: New owner, Engine light, less boost at low revs. Please help :(
Last Poster: neiller in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:21:54 AM
You need to get you var scanned with vcds check.the register for people near you with a copy you'll be able to.get it scanned for a few £££ it something simple

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Re: Ps4 v xbox1
Last Poster: howie1987 in Random Chat on Today at 03:40:26 AM
I've had an xbox 360 then went ps3 then ps4.

Its the ps4 for me.

My mates are kinda split between xbox and ps4. Ive always been ps4 since it came out and find it great.

From what jayha11 said about the controllers. Am the opposite i prefer the ps4 controllers lol. I don't have big hands but ps4 controller fits perfect. Xbox controller just didn't

Re: Does anyone know where to get replacement T Screw from cabin filter insulation?
Last Poster: lmannin8 in Random Chat on Yesterday at 11:15:23 PM
That's awesome, thank you for the help!

Re: Recent Purchases Picture Thread!!
Last Poster: AndrewWillis in Random Chat on Yesterday at 11:07:18 PM
So here is my latest purchase....

She is an ultra lightweight, full carbon fibre aero TT bike, with drop bars...weighing in at a mere 6.9KG
Obviously had t

Re: Golf GTI Edition 30 ..Stage 2+ journey has began
Last Poster: BigA91 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:01:33 PM
Guys I've ran into a problem with the exhaust. I've re read the listing and it's saying something about a sleeve required? Basically my downpipe goes from 3" to small on the end which I'm presuming fits the standard exhaust system. The problem is, my exhaust system is 2.75 through. What do I do now ? arghh. Is it something really small and not worth worrying about as I've been down

Re: RNS-315, what's needed?
Last Poster: Pashka in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 10:51:34 PM
Looking into an rns 315 for my golf, it currently has no bluetooth, no gps, no mic.
So my question is, the 315 has i

Re: RNS510 - latest firmware and maps
Last Poster: Pashka in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 10:49:14 PM
Hi Gents.
I have a RNS510 DAB - 1T0035686C which is running 5218 firmware and map version 7918.
What firmware and map version should I upgrade to......and what benefits will the upgrade bring? (Or is it best to leave well alone?!)
I upgrades my old RNS 510 years ago and gained fu

Re: Traceys Grey Bagged MK5 - 18/03/15
Last Poster: D_Philli_82 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:43:17 PM
Nice...if you're only looking to make cosmetic changes then all good....look forward to seeing the new wheels

Re: Android 4.4 Head Unit Review
Last Poster: Bigjimknickers in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 10:39:43 PM
Think I've nailed it down to either the Zenec or the erisin now. Just gotta wait for payday now...

Re: Deako's Edition 30 - #1493
Last Poster: phatedition30 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:35:09 PM
Quick question where did you get the steering wheel and gear knob from?


Jetta sport TDi
Single Image
    Location: Wilmslow,Cheshire
    Collection Only

    My Jetta is up for sale as I'm now getting a new mk7R
    It's decent motor, I've had no issues with it. I'll throw in 5L of engine oil, oil filter, cruise control Stalk and a later type rcd300 MP3 headunit if a forum member buys it.

    Think I've covered most bits in the add but feel free to ask away. Cheers

    eBay link:
    1 of 5 Forge alloy coolant bottle
    Location: Maidenhead berkshire
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery Only

    Very rare only 5 ever made, Forge alloy coolant tank for mk5,mk6,s3,a3,cupra etc...

    In very good condition only a few normal marks but would be hardly visible when fitted.
    Midline Clocks ending 960D - GTI
    Location: Ipswich
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    All in working condition and tab in tact etc.
    VW RNS 310 Touchscreen Navigation
    Location: Leeds
    Postage: £15.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Used, in good condition, has security code. Supports SD card, CD/MP3, has AUX input. Comes with V4 UK/IRL maps on CD ( can be written to SD card), GPS antenna. 

    Can be fitted and coded in Leeds for extra cost, a newer can gateway can be supplied aswell.
    Highline CECM 3C0 937 049AJ 30Byte
    Location: Leeds
    Postage: £5.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Highline CECM unit for sale. Part number: 3C0 937 049AJ, 30 bit, supports Bixenons, fog lights, can be enabled cornering fog lights function etc. 50 collected or 55 delivered. If paying by PayPal + fees or a gift.