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PM Limit Upped
on March 24, 2015, 01:04:48 PM

Ive just raised the limit up to 500PMs. Hopefully that should give everyone a bit more head room. The forum seems to be running fine so no reason to cap it as low as 100 now.

Re: jamiep's edition 30 build
Last Poster: jamiep91 in Members Rides on Today at 05:47:21 PM

Ok no worries looking for original BBS rims
Did the previous owner sell on the originals then as i thought all ED30's come with Pescalas
yes original wheels were sold mate I prefer these as they are staggered, even though they are reps. But I'll be looking to get a new set by su

Re: Watermarks on paintwork
Last Poster: KieranED30 in Detailing on Today at 05:45:22 PM
If it's clean quick detailer :) that's all I can suggest really or put it in a garage haha  :signLOL:

Twin Intercooler Pipes
Last Poster: MizGTi in Wanted on Today at 05:39:45 PM
Need some Twin intercooler pipes is anyone has any. Preferably Red but any would do.


Re: New member (ed30) after some advice
Last Poster: KieranED30 in New Member Intro's on Today at 05:39:26 PM
As mentioned Michelin Pilot Super Sports  :smiley:

Re: Drop in MPG
Last Poster: KieranED30 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:37:10 PM
^^^ that, excessive brake dust and squeezing when setting off  :happy2:

Re: Hi Everyone, New to the forum
Last Poster: KieranED30 in New Member Intro's on Today at 05:36:16 PM
Welcome  :happy2:

Re: Going rate for ED30/R32 rear lights?
Last Poster: Alex157_gti in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:27:19 PM
Bite there arm off!!

I got a set last month for £140

Cruise control cable needed pin 13
Last Poster: Kam88 in Wanted on Today at 05:25:28 PM
Does anyone have one of these cable need one ASAP ? Please

Heads up for southern owners...
Last Poster: TaylorGTi in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:06:11 PM
I thought a few Southern owners might want to take note. I emailed VW Murray in Newton abbot in Devon yesterday regarding cambelt + water pump change along with a brake fluid. I asked about the deal that vw were running last year, £349 for cambelt + water pump. They emailed me back this morning saying their usual prices are £499 for cambelt + pump and £59 for brake fluid... They th

Re: HydroDipping / Water Printing
Last Poster: MarkyN in Random Chat on Today at 05:01:44 PM
I always wanted the honeycomb bits on the front of the car doing gloss black but I inagine this would take a long time to prep.

How would it stand up against stone chips?

It's only worth hydro dipping something if the part you want doing has a pattern for it. Eh car

Re: White Mk5 R32 !!
Last Poster: Sug in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:56:13 PM
Get an R mate for that money. Plus there slow  :P

Re: Going rate for a set of 17in Classix alloys
Last Poster: Matto in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:29:20 PM
When I bought mine as a set of winters I paid £220 on ebay. Wasn't too fussed about tyres as long as they were in reasoable condition which they were. Are you looking to buy or sell?

Re: How many miles
Last Poster: xjay1337 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:29:02 PM
I can count only a few occasions that I got LESS than 400 miles out of my GTI.
I would regularly get between 400 and 440. I could usually get well over 450 if it was longer drives.
My usual commute was 2 miles door to door with a few 50 mile round trips to the mrs place in the week.
The lowest I ever got was about 350.

Re: Dumb question - Installing LHD folding mirrors in a RHD MK6 Golf
Last Poster: omeydz in Technical Workshop on Today at 04:28:19 PM
Yep.. Was off the top of my head but colours are right.

Swap and you'll be good to go all being well :happy2:

Re: Finding the 'right' H&R springs - 29176..?
Last Poster: Spankiee in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:14:31 PM
Phone AKS tuning best price I could find

Re: Credit card protection.
Last Poster: s3dubbin in Random Chat on Today at 04:06:13 PM
Definitely a seller mistake. They have admitted that. But won't cover any of the costs or give any good will lol. I even put in the customer comment box at the bottom of the purchase form....please make sure a steel flywheel is sent out with this kit. An alloy one arrived.

Stevie.  :happy2:

Re: Wheel Refurb in North West/Lancs?
Last Poster: KieranED30 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:01:33 PM
F&M powder coating Preston there awesome seen there work on a few cars and reasonable price too :) and my uncle in law has his garage near GNJ right at the top of the industrial estate :)

Re: ABS Pump / Module
Last Poster: boardyuk in FAQ's on Today at 04:00:57 PM
Cheers Adam

I'm pinching a friends obd2 wifi scanner that links to an iPhone app...should at least give me the codes! Then as you say can investigate further.

When you say you have to code the abs, does this require vcds? I plan to buy the parts that I need then get my local indep

MK6 Steering Airbag
Last Poster: vw55raz in Wanted on Today at 03:54:44 PM
Hi All,

I need a mk6 golf airbag for the flat bottomed MFSW.

Anyone have one?

Re: MJGib's mk5 gti
Last Poster: MJGib in Members Rides on Today at 03:49:48 PM
I'm going to fit one in mine, as my customised one makes using the horn almost impossible. Plus I want multi function and cruise control to up the spec of my car.

Yeah they are nice I haven't got it programmed yet, waiting on ch module from China  :signLOL:


Full 3" Miltek TBE - De-cat
Location: Leciester
Postage: £25.00
Delivery or Collection

Full Milltek De-cat Exhaust system from my MK5 Gti.

No longer required.

Couple of minor marks on the underside of the backbox due to the car being low.

Rest is in excellent condition.

Prefer collection from leciester but will post if needs be.

Contact - 07791eightsix8211
Red Forge Twintercooler Hoses
Single Image
    Location: Leciester
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Hoses to Fit twintercooler to S3 intercooler only.

    No longer required.

    Will clean up fine, im just 300 miles away to be able to do it.

    Contact - 077nine1eight68211
    Porsche brakes
    Location: Essex
    Collection Only

    Porsche Boxster s front brakes fit mk5/6 golfs/audi a3/s3
    Could do with a refurb depending on how fussy you are. £30 for some seals off ebay and there sorted!
    330mm discs, brackets, lines and pads to bolt straight on!
    Discs and pads are about 2500 miles old, no lips!


    Collection or you can sort out a carrier
    Any questions pm or text me on 0seven879665688
    Mk5 R/GTI Manual FB MFSW with airbag, loom and controller
    Location: Great Yarmouth
    Postage: £10.00
    Delivery or Collection

    This is a manual MFSW complete with airbag, loom and the steering wheel controller.

    I had this in my car for a while and all works perfectly with no issues at all, feels really good when driving. The buttons all work and illuminate as they should and there are no major marks on the wheel at all. The controller is part number 1K0 953 549BD which has all the functions except DSG.

    I'd like to sell this as a complete package rather than split it at this time.

    Eddie-NL originally sorted this for me along with my cruise stalk and it could be shipped at cost. (I'm pretty sure if you were going to ask Ed to fit this for you as long as funds have cleared he'd be willing to pick it up on your behalf, however would need to check with him on that.)
    Standard Gti Front Brakes
    Location: Leciester
    Postage: £20.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Standard Front brakes, good pads and discs.

    Contact - 07seven918682one1