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Help Mark and the guys at Awesome GTI
on April 23, 2016, 07:43:48 AM
Guys show your support and share this as much as possible for our friends at Awesome


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What winter wheels are / will you be running?
Last Poster: btfree in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:54:12 PM
Thinking of picking up a used set of 17''s for winter & get my ch reps referred over winter.

What wheels & tyres are people running?

(ps if anyones got anything suitable for sale let me know!)


Re: best headlight upgrade route/build thread
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:51:21 PM
Nothing imho compares to oem xenons as even the depo ones aren't really as bright as ut if your pockets don't stretch that deep then second best like I did  :doh:

Re: Bonelorrys Alloy Wheel Thread
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:47:50 PM
Those oem look the nuts on black or am o beimg biased as i have a black golf  :signLOL:

keep um I say  :happy2:

Last Poster: Sulley91 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:17:12 PM
I had a full set of Michelin PS4's fitted in January.

Highly recommend, have done a 2K round trip to France over the summer and they performed well in the cooler/wet months of this year.
+1 from me too

Re: Black LCR-- Nurburgring trip September 2016--
Last Poster: Johnsy in Members Rides on Today at 09:33:48 PM
[COLOR="Red"]Nurburgring trip 2016[/COLOR]

1722.5 miles
246.44 liters of V-power
40 hrs driving
3 laps of Nordsleiffe
5 laps Nurburgring GP

Wow what a place! So green so very very green.its hard to imagine you turn off the autobahn into this beautiful green cauldron of mountains & valleys, driving down through the tunnel

Re: Bonelorry's Diamond Black Edition 30
Last Poster: ducman77 in Members Rides on Today at 09:09:28 PM
Loving this car!! I think you've really approached it the right way. Getting everything sorted at the outset and then enjoying the car. Good plan :happy2:

I recieved my red coils and DV+ from the wife today and will be flinging them on at the weekend :happy2:

Only wish my paintwork was half as decent as yours :ashamed:

Re: Danboy's ed30 rep R-tech tuned - W44XED - New Shoes!!
Last Poster: DANBOY66 in Members Rides on Today at 08:42:32 PM
fitted the toyosport intercooler and the 225/35/19 tyres and lowered the car more and its starting to look the part now

sadly no pictures

the THS intercooler will be up for sale soon  :wink:

Re: engine swap axx to bwa
Last Poster: leebes in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:13:09 PM
AXX and BWA are essentially the same I believe, with the BWA having a slightly lower static compression to apparently make it more reliable. BWA being the later model, but both fitted to the Mk5

Re: power folding mirror modules part number
Last Poster: dan930 in MK6 General Area on Today at 08:00:13 PM
right sorted got one order I don't suppose you no how to code them to car and they fold in when lock car do you got vcds mate

If your near Great Yarmouth eddie NL can help you out

Re: Suspension
Last Poster: dan930 in MK6 General Area on Today at 07:53:29 PM
@dan930 u still got the R pal??

Hi mate,yeah,I still got the 6R
Most probably be stripping next year to sell as the misses is 3months
Pregnant :scared1:
Really don't know what to buy

Re: ESP Light Fault
Last Poster: leebes in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:51:39 PM
Additional bit of info for you...

If it turns out to be the ABS ring on the bearing you can't just change the ring itself, you have to replace the whole bearing as VW kindly made the ring part of the bearing...thanks VW  :happy2:

I picked one up off ebay for a decent price if I remember correctly

Re: what do you find irritating?
Last Poster: r5gtt in Random Chat on Today at 07:43:35 PM
People that pull out from behind vans and causing me to collide with them and now having to deal with insurance claims stress and loss/damage of a perfectly good condition car :doh:

Re: Newish owner from the West Midlands
Last Poster: prp74 in New Member Intro's on Today at 07:42:41 PM
Welcome. I actually think the alloys suit the colour of the car. Are they black or dark grey?

Re: Stage one
Last Poster: grey golfster in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:15:04 PM
Do it right.

the increase in premium for my remap really wasn't much at all. Worth just factoring it in to the cost of tuning like you say, for peace of mind.  +1

and as some seem to forget - the insurance guys read these forums too!

Re: DV Purchasing
Last Poster: leebes in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:46:30 PM
Does the DV+ make a more 'dump valve' sound?

Been thinking of upgrading myself, but don't really want to sound like a boy racer coming down the road!  :laugh:

No, They are a Re-Ci

Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:42:52 PM
Thanks mate, I seriously cannot wait for all this to blow over and I get what's rightfully deserved as right this minute I'm constantly thinking of what will happen and what the damaged costs will be and whether I'll get a decent payout as you'll soon find out when I'm bit***** on here about it  :doh:

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: AJP in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:39:41 PM
Split a bloody CV boot by the look of things...

Re: Volkswagen VW Media MDI Full kit
Last Poster: Gooky in Wanted on Today at 06:18:51 PM
Go for the glove box one Out of sight less dust  easy install

It's nice to read all the comments wish have now got me thinkin

Re: Recently lowered. Tok tok tok noise when turning.
Last Poster: Sulley91 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:52:49 PM
I reckon it just needs settling down when I had all my suspension changed over and and s3 hubs and super pro wishbones mine made weird noises and a few weeks then suddenly just stopped hope this helps skilgannon


Used RNS510
Location: Ashford, Kent
Postage: £0.00
Delivery or Collection

Revision H RNS510 with 2015 maps in mint condition.
Comes with GPS antenna, aerial adapter (for older models) and pin number.
Used Genuine Open Front Fog Grilles
Single Image
    Location: Ashford, Kent
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Genuine open fog grilles in good condition with all tabs in place. 
    Black Hazard Cover
    Single Image
      Location: Ashford, Kent
      Postage: £0.00
      Delivery or Collection

      Black hazard cover... Has never been fitted.
      Genuine Chrome Mirror Switch
      Single Image
        Location: Ashford, Kent
        Postage: £0.00
        Delivery or Collection

        Genuine VW Chrome MK6/Passat switches... Can be sold separately.
        Door handle trim SOLD.
        Auto headlight switch SOLD
        Mirror Switch with folding mirror facility £17.
        Passenger and drivers window switches SOLD.
        Petrol flap switch SOLD
        Top Dash Vent
        Single Image
          Location: Ashford, Kent
          Postage: £0.00
          Delivery or Collection

          In mint condition.
          Vent cover SOLD.
          Genuine R32 Rear Bumper in Diamond Black Pearl LC9Z
          Single Image
            Location: Ashford, Kent
            Postage: £0.00
            Delivery or Collection

            In good condition... few light surface scratches on upper bumper but no cracks.
            Can be sold separately.
            Lower valance £200
            Upper bumper £75
            Genuine Vortex Front Splitter in Diamond Black Pearl LC9Z
            Location: Ashford, Kent
            Postage: £0.00
            Delivery or Collection

            As most splitters... a few scuffs and stone chips but no cracks.
            R32 Highline Dash Clock
            Single Image
              Location: Ashford, Kent
              Postage: £0.00
              Delivery or Collection

              In mint condition.
              Milltek Downpipe With Connecting Pipe
              Location: Ashford, Kent
              Postage: £0.00
              Delivery or Collection

              In good condition... Part number is shown in picture.
              Connecting pipe has been fabricated to fit a standard GTI back box.
              Modified Engine Cover
              Location: Cork City, Ireland
              Postage: £0.00
              Delivery or Collection

              Modified engine cover to fit with an aftermarket intake. I had this fitted with a Forge twintake and more recently with a Revo intake. In excellent condition, no cracks or broken mounting points, has 4 new rubber bungs also.

              Cut in such a way that all four mounting points are intact and holds solid.

              Price includes delivery from Ireland
              Forge Boost Gauge Fitting Kit
              Location: Cork City, Ireland
              Postage: £0.00

              New condition, used for approx 25km, i fitted the manifold tap part of the kit only and ran it for 3 days before going back to my catch can set up. Hoses, nozzles, ties etc all brand new never used.

              Price includes delivery from Ireland


              Selling the family wagon
              Single Image
                Location: Denny
                Collection Only

                I am returning to Golf ownership and selling my Octavia VRS estate. It's the 2.0T petrol engine which I'm sure most of you know will know is basically a Mk7 Golf GTI but with the bonus of a massive boot. It's a 13 plate with 31500 miles, I've included the link to my auto trader advert, any questions just ask

                Breaking whole car
                Single Image
                  Location: Bishop Auckland
                  Postage: £0.00
                  Delivery Only

                  Breaking full car so please message me for prices etc and il upload pictures of item on here or you can text me on 07500048869.

                  Sunroof switch
                  Front vw badge
                  Outer air vents x2
                  Dashboard side panels x2
                  Fuel flap
                  All 3 Aluminium pedals
                  Front center roof switches/light panel
                  Both front footwell lights
                  Boot light
                  Ash tray 12v socket
                  Front centre air vents
                  Front struts
                  Alloys x4
                  Steering wheel
                  Rear driver side outta taillight
                  Front driver side fog light
                  Front grill
                  Lower centre grill
                  gear knob
                  ESP and tyre pressure buttons
                  Locking wheel bolts + locking key
                  Coil packs
                  Front + rear seats
                  Door cards/trims x4
                  Black grab handles x4
                  Black sun visors x2
                  Black A pillar trim x2
                  Black C pillar trim x2
                  Driver side b piller trim
                  Driver side window motor
                  Front wiper motor and linkages
                  Heater blower motor
                  Gearbox mount
                  Front passenager side hub
                  Space saver wheel
                  Maf sensor
                  Air bag crash lateral accelation sensors x2
                  Fuel tank
                  Rear bumper
                  Headlight switch panel/trim
                  Steering squib
                  Fuel pump relay
                  Bonnet pull handle and cable
                  Fuse relay box
                  Inner rear light clusters x2
                  Engine mount
                  Front driver side seat belt
                  Centre front roof trim/sunglasses holder
                  Instrument clusters/clocks
                  Black sunvisor lights x2
                  Rear brake carriers x2
                  PRICE DROP !!!! 2007 Golf GTI DSG ** Cambelt/ Water Pump and DSG Service just done, New Tyres all round***
                  Location: Milton Keynes
                  Collection Only

                  Golf GTI DSG ,GTI Tartan Cloth and Heated Seats !!

                  When I bought this Golf I searched high and low for a car with the rare combination of Cloth Interior and Heated seats, this looks and wears so much better than the usual leather. This Golf is very well speced and includes:

                  Sat Nav
                  Multi Function steering wheel
                  Adjustable Centre Arm Rest
                  CD Multiplayer
                  Mint refurbished  18” Monza wheels
                  Brand new Pirelli P Zero Tyres all round!
                  Highline Display
                  Auto Lights
                  Auto Wipers
                  Cruise Control
                  Aux Lead
                  Climate Control
                  VW Bluetooth Phone Control

                  91000 miles

                  Full VW Main Dealer and Independant Service History, Fully stamped book and invoices,
                  DSG Service last year
                  MOT due April 2017

                  Cambelt with Water Pump replaced last week !

                  Hpi clear, no accidents etc, lovely condition !!

                  2 keys


                  Ring Gary on 07843052460

                  Car can be viewed most Evenings and Weekends in Milton Keynes MK19