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Posting pictures in for sale ads
on November 03, 2017, 07:50:48 AM
How can I post pictures in for sale ads?

Neither links from photobucket or Flickr work.
Re: P000A code
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:04:01 PM
Was that from cold?  It does allsorts of weird sh*t when cold to heat the cats up.

It does use ignition timing as well as the throttle plate to maintain idle speed though, but it uses timing first as a 'fine tune' before adjusting the throttle angle.   It shouldn't be jumping up and down wildly when hot though.

Re: Never seen or heard fan running.
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:59:26 PM
Put the A/C on.  You will see the fans working then, if they are working that is!

You can also test them from VCDS.  It starts them at the slowest speed and gradually works them up to full Concorde mode.

Re: Calipers - S3 8v Will they fit?
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:56:56 PM

Anything DOT4 or DOT5.1 with a decent boiling point will do.

I recommend brake assembly lube with sliding caliper brakes as well.  The proper ceramic stuff, not copper grease.

Re: Rough idle (again)
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:51:17 PM
Lol, I notice you've snuck a smiley in there now  :grin:  It wasn't so easy to tell it was a joke before!

Well obviously VW don't make cars for the good of their health, but I think you'd be surprised by how little they make on each car.  Regardless of costs and rationale, the EA113's PCV system is the best I've seen on a 4 cylinder turbo car to date for a road car.

Re: Thinking of Taking a Mk7 GTi on Lease - Some Questions
Last Poster: coolhandluke in Mk7 General Area on Today at 03:38:25 PM
Nope , still driving a 2006 MK5 , 104,000 and still going strong touch wood .
But like to keep abreast of what's currently on offer.

Re: Mk2 Golf 3.2 VR6 Kamei Edition + GTI 8v Mini Resto
Last Poster: th3_f15t in Other VAG on Today at 02:08:55 PM
Subconscious you know you're going for 1.8T.  :P
Nice work!  :happy2:

Honestly, I would if I can get my hands on a full setup (engine, turbo, loom etc). I don't mind not having an ECU as I'd rather use an Emerald K6 one with their plug-and-play adaptor for the AGU eng

Re: Raj's United Grey GTi 2.0 DSG - Build Thread
Last Poster: Raj2212 in Members Rides on Today at 01:55:18 PM
Switches have come. From ebay £32.00

Only thing is they've sent the wrong headlight switch so having to return that, but overall not bad, price wise cheap too and a UK Seller. :smiley: Going to be putting these on soon

Re: IC Pipe Oil leak
Last Poster: rich83 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:21:21 PM
Looks normal to me.... they do tend to weep oil over time.

Re: My little MK5 2.0TDI R-line build thread
Last Poster: Orama_19 in Members Rides on Today at 11:03:02 AM
Perfect work! Nice and clean! ;) ;)

Re: Candy White Golf GTI Ed. 30 - 5th track day at Estoril
Last Poster: Pudding in Members Rides on Today at 10:55:31 AM
Lol, you kept that quiet Joaquim  :grin:  You beat me to it!!  :drinking:

How does the throttle response / low end performance feel compared to the KO4?  I am expecting it to feel a bit laggier?

Re: White "Lion" Cupra - DSG converted track car
Last Poster: teo_parvu in Members Rides on Today at 10:29:46 AM
Front splitter and bonnet vents installed, only the rear wing and the new wheel hub remains. Here's a picture with the new splitter and the time attack trophy:

Re: Ohlins Road & Track DFV Coilovers
Last Poster: Bodyboarder81 in Product Reviews on Today at 10:20:28 AM
Thinking for the golf! Nearly had enough of trying to spend 25-30k on tatty , misrepresented cars !

Re: Boost Freaking out and high fuel pressure target is just 110 bar
Last Poster: Pudding in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 10:02:14 AM
I was also wondering why the WG, DV and LPFP were changed for aftermarket ones, for what is essentially just a K04 spec engine, no offense.

I think the issue here is over complication.   Neither the WG,

Re: VWR Intake disappointing
Last Poster: Pudding in Performance Modifications on Today at 09:24:54 AM
Not sure.  Definitely since August last year as that's when I got mine, and it's the older style.

It only takes about 30 mins to fit.  The weather is supposed to improve this week  :happy2:

Re: Popping noise when pulling away in first
Last Poster: Roczen in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:15:26 AM
I test drove one recently and it made that noise under load, when accelerating through 2nd to 3rd gear. The seller said it was an engine mount, specifically the rear engine mount (also known as dogbone mount).

Re: RCD330 with apple car play
Last Poster: Db4193 in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 11:05:49 PM
Only question really is does the below really get the 8 button MFSW working as it should?

Think the only way to get mfsw control is mk6 upgrade

Re: R32 road tax dates
Last Poster: Gazza747 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:45:28 PM
I think the cut off is March 21st 2006 so a few 06 plates are cheaper on the tax but all 55 plates are. When I looked I only found one or two 06 plates registered between March 1st and March 21st. There's always the mk4 R32 of course.

Re: Custom spoiler
Last Poster: Mk5. EWC in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:40:18 PM
Thought so. Anyone had any personal experience?

Issues with RNS510 and Kufatec Fiscon
Last Poster: Dave_M in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 07:34:08 PM

I bought my Ed30 about 4 months ago and am loving it.  However because I’m doing over 100 miles a day and spending minimum 2.5 hours a day in the car, there’s a couple of issues with the stereo system I really need to sort out.

It came with a retrofit RNS510 and Kufatec Fiscon adaptor (an early version I think) but:

1) when I use the phone (via B

Re: K04
Last Poster: _Dejan_ in Wanted on Yesterday at 07:15:33 PM
I have some parts :)

- Used HPFP with Autotech internals 240GBP



For sale
Single Image
    Location: Magherafelt
    Postage: £3.50
    Delivery or Collection

    Have for sale a vacuum pump. These are common to leak, this one works perfect and removed from a low mile car. Cheap to clear

    I’m me or call 07745645595
    For sale
    Single Image
      Location: Magherafelt
      Postage: £2.00
      Delivery or Collection

      Brand New, Genuine OEM VW, Audi Xenon Ballast Control Unit 
      Part Number: 8k0 941 597 e

      Pm me or call 07745645595

      Have quite a few bits and pieces laying about let me know if u need anything
      BBS VZ 18” Wheels mint
      Single Image
        Location: Southampton
        Collection Only

        For sale are my mint condition BBS VZ 18” by 8” et 44 .

        Perfect fitment for the mk5

        Bought new around 4-5 months ago from Rimstyle.

        As new condition, come with center caps, bbs valve covers , new bolts and locking nut set

        For sale
        Single Image
          Location: Magherafelt
          Postage: £2.00
          Delivery or Collection

          Have for sale a pair of LED number plate lights or can sell 3 of required but add is for a pair. Cheap to get rid.

          Part number of LEDS - 1k8 943 021 c

          Any questions just pm or call me on 07745645595

          Thanks for looking. Few more parts available just look at my other posts or message me. Have a few steering wheels etc available also
          For sale
          Single Image
            Location: Magherafelt
            Postage: £2.50
            Delivery or Collection

            Have for sale the stalk and steering wheel control module to upgrade to cruise control. Cheap to get rid, price includes postage

            Part number of stalk - 1k0 953 513 A
            Part number of module - 1k0 953 549 F

            Any questions just pm or call me on 07745645595

            Thanks for looking. Few more parts available look at my posts