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Re: Xennon focus
Last Poster: dave mc in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:53:22 PM
No factory fitted ones

Re: Need a boot lid!
Last Poster: Scottymon in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:48:10 PM
Black is a lot easier to match... I had my back window smashed some years back, and got a complete bootlid with internals and electrics for £50 delivered, easy to fit, but may take two people to position. I did it on my own but two people is preferable.

Ebay has some great bargains; if it's just rust then I'd camp out on there to you find one, good luck mate :)

Re: How common is it???
Last Poster: amanda in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:30:56 PM
Well I froze on the way home and that was at 17c
Picked her up and put key in and turned on and ekkk engine light was on!!! Returned into dealers who instantly took car back into garage .....40 mins later car was back with a new valve to accompany the new oil pressure switch at no extra cost  :booty:

Re: EGR Value issue P0401
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:23:56 PM
So they replaced both the EGR-N18 and Potentiometer-G212(not sure if they come together or not)...but have they looked at the withdrawal tube, pn:03C131521T, to inspect whether or not it is stuck closed?
The code states under...Possible Causes

    Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Flow restricted/clogged
    Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve stuck closed/lea

Re: Faulty Brake Servo
Last Poster: mkmg76 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:56:14 PM
One thing I forgot to mention about the brake servo situation is it's a punishment for being British.  Left hand drive Golfs don't ha

Re: New Mk5 Owner - Cam Follower Nightmare
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:55:08 PM
Anyway......I'm thinking this gentleman may be better off buying a new cylinder head from VW because it comes with cams, VVT adjuster, rocker cover, PCV gasket, chain, chain cover & the VVT solenoid thing.  By the time he's added up all the individual parts, it may be more a more cost effective path

Re: New Forum - Bugs And Issues Thread
Last Poster: rich83 in Testing and Forum Suggestion Box on Today at 04:18:46 PM
Is it possible to set up a custom image so that any photobucket photos that result in the "PB error image" actualy shows a custom image saying "Photobucket are a bunch of dickheads"


Re: Hello! M135 to Mk5 GTI
Last Poster: Pudding in New Member Intro's on Today at 04:10:55 PM
Stage 3 and you definitely won't miss your M135i anymore  :happy2:

Stage 3 parts cost more than a whole M135i  :grin:

Re: GOT7
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in Random Chat on Today at 02:56:51 PM
"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention"

Best scene still for me was "The Red Wedding" in the season 3, the brilliance of 'setting' the mood for what was to come

Re: Insurance Rant.....
Last Poster: Pudding in Random Chat on Today at 02:35:20 PM
Hmmmm, I hate the entire stinking corrupt system. 

I don't know how they get away with tacking on seemingly unsanctioned methods to extract more cash from you.  "Oh you've done a SAC? That's a 10% loading, thanks". "Oh, you had fish fingers for tea last Thursday? That'll be another 5% please". "Insert some other random excuse for theft here...." etc etc.  I say unsancti

Re: Photobucket
Last Poster: fab5freddy in Random Chat on Today at 01:58:26 PM
 :laugh: Nice one, works a treat  :happy2:

Photobucket, hope your watching   :angry015:

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:37:37 PM
Left the eddie in for a service and hopefully get rid of the old map that was on it from a good few yrs back. Hope to god it isnt locked so the new one can be tweaked to go with the engine and exhaust mods ive already done

Most tuners have the ability to over-write maps. 

Re: Which thermostat to replace?
Last Poster: Dave_d in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:26:04 PM
ID be more inclined to say the inline thermostat needs replacing, as it does eventually reach temperature. Once it's there it stays there. Just takes yonks to get there

Re: Suspension thud when rear wheel drops into pot hole
Last Poster: wrlcs in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:47:58 AM
I don't find the ride too bad but still wish I had just had new standard shock absorbers.  Those were £900 so I took the chance.  This is all after eibach coilovers that I didn't really get on with either.   Lots of lessons learned.


Re: NEW Öhlins coilovers
Last Poster: Pudding in Track Day Technical on Today at 09:46:10 AM
Thanks for that, very useful and helpful info  :happy2:

I'm a lot more convinced now than I was a couple of weeks ago!

Re: Fitting rns510 radio mk5 gti
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:21:16 AM
It also depends on the revision of RNS510.  The later ones can have the battery drain fix done internally with a software tweak.  Mine is a version 'Q' with the tweak, and no draining issues.  Left it in Gatwick for 2 weeks and it fired right up  :happy2:

Re: HOW TO: Replace Faulty Door Lock Module
Last Poster: RobC in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 09:20:14 AM
Long short I'm sure but does anyone have the pictures for this job please?
Thanks to photo buckets recent changes I can't find any and my passenger door lock has decided to start playing up.


I dont know if this works for everyone but Ive found a workar

Re: MDI + 7p6 Loom
Last Poster: SI-R32 in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Today at 09:10:23 AM
What stereo is it going into.

Most vw stereos have different inputs for Bluetooth and MDI, I take it when you've added BT you've piggybacked another loom in via quad lock to quad lock?

Was the MDI already in the car when you got it?

Re: ABS & ESP Lights
Last Poster: djpettsey in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:58:26 AM
Hi All, new here but thought i'd take the time to add to this post as i had this issue and solved it last night with the help of this post.

I had removed the clocks in my car with the intention of replacing them, unaware of the issues that came up after, i also had disconnected the battery with hoping this would reset some stuff, but turned out to put more warning lights

Re: Single knock from front
Last Poster: ady-uk in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:09:11 AM
Sounds to be more like broken spring.
They break at the top, so can't easily see right up the top of the 'tube' shape


2007 Volkswagen Golf Gti edition 30 - low mileage 55k 3 door Manual
Single Image
    Location: West sussex
    Collection Only


    I have for sale my edition 30 no: 440

    I have a build thread on a very good enthusiast’s forum if you want to see the progress and work with the car. http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,108301.0.html

    Only selling due to house refurbishment has cost quite a bit more than we expected and I also never use the car. I have now started working in my home town so i now walk to work as its 1 mile away so this really is a genuine weekend car that doesn't really get driven, I have covered 5,000 miles in 12 months!

    My private registration was removed in June, MV07AHG is the correct registration for this car.


    HPI clear
    55,xxx miles
    3 owners family owned since 2012
    3 door hatchback
    6 speed manual gearbox
    Tornado red
    Heated seats
    Lumbar adjustable
    Auto lights
    Auto wipers
    Heated mirrors
    Dimmed rear view
    MOT July 2017
    Full service history
    PIAA xtreme vision bulbs, very good light output!
    Eibach sport line lowering springs
    US spec rear bumper
    Gloss black wheel refurb
    4 matching Goodyear Eagle F1 assy 2 tyres 225/40/18 6mm tread all round
    Option Bluefin software which claims 300BHP

    Recent work
    Cambelt w/ tensioner
    Water pump
    Aux belt
    Coolant flush
    Millers nanodrive engine oil
    Millers Transmission fluid
    NGK heat grade 7 spark plugs
    Audi R8 coilpacks
    Latest revision cam follower
    Latest revision PCV
    Revision G diverter valve
    Vagcom scan shows no fault codes
    Rust free easy to work on car
    James @ VDS performance, Redhill Surrey can vouch for this car
    Car drives faultlessly and is a clean low mileage example

    Bad points:
    •   Front lip has slight damage which I will be repairing soon but if the car sells first I will knock the £100 I’ve been quoted for the repair and respray. This can be seen on page 9 of my thread, the detail post, picture no. 40 then zoom in on the lip.
    •   Us spec bumper has some stone chips where the rear wheels flick stone at its inner part
    •   Probably 10 small stone chips on the car, hardly noticeable unless there pointed out.
    •   Intake snorkel has a damaged tab but doesn’t affect the running of the car, I’m just trying to find the “bad points” with the car

    I have the oem springs, a spare front grill, rocker cover without filler neck and some consumable parts

    Test drives will be done by me due to a family member situation that happened in the past, sorry for the inconvenience

    £9,000 bank transfer only, no cash or PayPal. if you cash we will go to the bank together to deposit the funds.

    Located Lingfield Surrey or Crawley west Sussex for viewings
    BBS VZ wheels
    Location: Norwich
    Collection Only

    BBS VZ with Vredestein Ultrac-Sessanta tyres.

    8J x 18


    Tyres all down to 3mm, with slightly more wear on the inside edges.

    One wheel has 4mm of light curbing. Another wheel has 40mm of light curbing and a lightly scratched spoke. Small amount of brake dust in the paint but they still clean up very well. Everything I've mentioned is pictured.
    H+R springs
    Single Image
      Location: Norwich
      Postage: £10.00
      Delivery or Collection

      H+R springs, 29176.

      They've lost a small amount of paint but good condition overall.
      H+R springs
      Single Image
        Location: Norwich
        Postage: £10.00
        Delivery or Collection

        H+R springs, 29261.

        Slight surface rust but good condition overall. As you can see they are still on the shocks but I will seperate them for the sale unless someone is also interested in shocks etc.
        GTI Highline Clusters
        Location: Walthamstow
        Postage: £10.00
        Delivery or Collection

        Have a set of 972 GTI highline clusters.

        Very good condition, no scratches or broken lugs.

        £150 with free fitting on 04-06 GTI's in Walthamstow,  London.

        Im also in Nottingham once a month and Brighton.
        Location: Leeds
        Postage: 0
        Delivery Only

        Vw rns 310  sat nav

        Removed from 2010 Scirocco R

        Comes with Disk and code

        Looks like new,

        Based in Leeds
        Genuine 18" Monza Alloys - Freshly Refurbed
        Location: Solihull, UK
        Collection Only

        These are off my MK5 Golf GTI.

        They were refurbed days before I bought the car and more or less went straight into storage a few hundred miles later as I got some new wheels.

        They are a metallic anthracite grey and have no damage as seen in the photos.

        Tyres are budget and near the end of their life so would recommend replacing. They can be and were driven on but I would replace.

        Thanks :)