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Re: I'M back and trying to find my old GTi.. CE55KVZ
Last Poster: Wooosh in New Member Intro's on Today at 09:18:29 AM
Welcome back & good luck with your search. :happy2:

Re: Rob's Black GTI
Last Poster: white91 in Members Rides on Today at 09:14:57 AM
How much did it cost to tint your windows?

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Re: Hello
Last Poster: Wooosh in New Member Intro's on Today at 09:14:05 AM
Contribute to the forum until your posts go up OR post up your contact details on the Classified page.

Re: Hello Everyone!
Last Poster: Wooosh in New Member Intro's on Today at 09:09:49 AM
Welcome, great low mileage example & look forward to your build. :happy2:

Re: My Tornado Red GTI
Last Poster: Wooosh in New Member Intro's on Today at 09:07:03 AM
Welcome, look forward to your build & great choice with the RNS 510. :happy2:

Re: DSG shifting up really quick
Last Poster: rich83 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 09:04:57 AM
That's normal in D mode. It always runs in the highest gear possible when there is very little load on the engine

Re: Tailgate wiring loom, nearside
Last Poster: GTIEagles in Wanted on Today at 09:02:06 AM
Do you know what the part number is for yours? I think mine should be 1K6 971 147H

Re: Single coil pack
Last Poster: bbfb10 in Wanted on Today at 08:56:12 AM
You after a black one? I have 4 for sale if you want one?

Re: 235 Tyres On 8.5" Wheels
Last Poster: fab5freddy in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:28:01 AM
No worries, I appreciate the input.

If 235 worked it would be my preference just.

I agree completely, 235 would be best for an 8.5j, but rubbings a real possibility once lowered

Re: Resonator delete vs downpipe
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:22:27 AM
I did a Reso-delete and the sound improvement is satisfying. When seeking more performance...do the DP or full TB. A DP with a Reso-delete will sound better.

Re: just a quick question
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:19:09 AM
My K04 catless with a Borla back-box isn't completely annoying...there are more vids on my youtube channel:

Re: 06 Black GTI
Last Poster: GibboVR in Members Rides on Today at 08:15:02 AM
Yeah they are CK's, i was initially mistaken.

Yeah im looking for 19's now, i know someone with a set at a reasonable price but christmas is closing in

Re: VW Emissions Scandal - The Effects
Last Poster: richtung in Random Chat on Today at 08:00:45 AM
Just checked my Passat CC with the online checker - yep, mines got the dodgy software. VW lied, they LIED!! Im distraught!! heyho, at least i get a free vac of the interior when it goes in!


An interesting article well worth a listen - th

Selling Edition 30
Last Poster: gulfstream11 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:14:54 AM
The much loved Edition 30 is danger close to going.Its Revo Stage 1,Stage 2 and DSG software.My question is if I go the trade in route the dealer won't want the mapping.So how do I go about
returning to stock?.
I will be trying the for sale section here first but just wondering on the above.


Re: How to make the alarm 'beep' when locking/unlocking
Last Poster: shail in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:11:19 AM
I bought a cheap £5 Bluetooth OBD dongle from eBay and then an android app called Carista for £15.  This combo allows me to scan for fault codes and also change quite a few settings such as beep on lock/unlock, daytime lights, come home lights, key fob opening options etc....  

For £20 I think it's great. 

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Lyons in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:55:23 AM
Bought some Eibachs- £84 on German eBay!

Last Poster: Vwgticrazy in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:33:12 AM
Had mine done it got rid of a flat spot and mpg went up 3mpg ish

Re: Exhaust help
Last Poster: callumccooper in Performance Modifications on Today at 12:08:43 AM
The furthest I plan on going is stage 2 now can you use the stock down pipe and just have a de cat pipe made to connect to the catback? I've read a few comments of people saying 2.5" is enough unless your looking at 350+bhp? Cheers

Re: The Wifey-Mobile: The GTi She Didn't Want...
Last Poster: FJ1000 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:57:40 PM
One of the things I've been meaning to get to is tinting the front windows....getting done tomorrow. Car was looking good when I dropped it off so grabbed a couple of pics while I was waiting for my uber to arrive:

[img width=786 height=589]http://image

Re: Retrofit electric folding mirrors?
Last Poster: SI-R32 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:21:21 PM
some people are going to jump in here and give me grief but depending on what year the passenger side controller is from (and from VW stock not Seat) the puddle light does go off, just weird programming of the units by VW, i've seen this on various folding mirror VW's depending on year, your just going to have to live with that bit sadly.

have you already cleared them fa


Location: Leeds
Delivery Only

Hi folks, got RCD510 with DAB radio for sale. Used, in good condition, screen is fine, with code, G or H version. 199 delivered or 190 collected from Leeds. Paypal is accepted, but buyer pays fees or pay as a gift. A newer can gateway can be supplied if needed for extra cost to avoid battery drain issue.
RNS315 with DAB and integrated BT
Location: Leeds
Delivery Only

Also, got RNS315 with DAB radio and integrated Bluetooth, don't need any adidtional bluetooth module, just a mic with loom wired to the unit. Has the code. Comes with GPS arial. Has West EU maps loaded on internal memory. Paypal is accepted, but buyer pays fees or pay as a gift. A newer can gateway can be supplied if needed for extra cost to avoid battery drain issue.
Bonelorry's Tornado Red Golf Edition 30 #0337. Sold
Single Image
    Location: Sheffield
    Collection Only

    Car has now sold!
    Genuine 18" BBS CH "Pescara" Alloys & Tyres
    Location: Redditch
    Collection Only

    Could do with refurb to make perfect but perfectly useable. 7.5mm rear Michelin PS 3 and 3mm front tyres Michelin PS MO.
    Genuine BBS pescara wheels 18" anthracite
    Single Image
      Location: glasgow
      Delivery or Collection

      As title says these are genuine and done in anthracite. they are in cracking condition but 2 marks on 1 wheel that i can see but nothing major.

      would prefer collection.

      i would post but only of buyer sorts out a courier and their own risk.i will happily pack them up well.

      Payment by paypal (you pay fees)

      Brand new AP coilovers
      Location: Derby
      Collection Only

      After having these sat in my spare bedroom for months, I've realised I simply am never going to get around to fitting them.

      Get low in time for summer on these brand new AP coilovers for the mk5 GTI ready to go, £350 collection only from DE65 5HB.