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Help Mark and the guys at Awesome GTI
on April 23, 2016, 07:43:48 AM
Guys show your support and share this as much as possible for our friends at Awesome

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Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: GTI8v in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:36:22 AM
painted the grill stripe red (some tool painted it baby blue ) and painted the brakes


Re: R5GTT's Golf tfsi with new mods and more to come
Last Poster: jay26r in Members Rides on Today at 11:35:37 AM
yer seems like a job i would only want to do once  :happy2:

Re: Car not starting all info inside please help?
Last Poster: Scoobykiller in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:27:20 AM
Anybody else any ideaa

Re: How to fit G65 sensor?
Last Poster: lukemk5gti in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:25:50 AM
Ordered my crows foot spanners today, they'll be in at 3pm!

O-Ring will be in VW on Wednesday

Sensor arrived this morning.

Gas system on Thursday.

Best polish and wax for black ?
Last Poster: Johnny_tro in Detailing on Today at 11:01:23 AM
What do you guys think, once detailed what do you recommend for a good polish (pre wax) and a wax to seal? Metallic black

Re: Help needed please
Last Poster: AJP in New Member Intro's on Today at 10:39:53 AM
Had it a couple of times before and it can produce a range of noises, from irritating  to apocalyptic.

Try sticking it in reverse and see if it dislodges anything.

Re: Sabine
Last Poster: r5gtt in Random Chat on Today at 10:34:06 AM
Bust her wide open  :party:

Re: Clutch Problems
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:32:43 AM
We are talking vw  :doh:  :signLOL:

I've found that using a pressure bleeder does the job quickly. Just keep topping up the fluid :wink:

Let us know how it goes once you've taken it all out and replaced.
Good luck

Re: StuF presents Candy White 3 Door GTI - New Boots!
Last Poster: jay26r in Members Rides on Today at 10:09:24 AM
such a nice car , love the mods you have done . and that interior looks amaizing

Re: Shaun's GT TDI
Last Poster: shaunnorris7 in Members Rides on Today at 10:02:56 AM
On the plus side I do really like how it looks now. Although I will get a proper ED30 splitter and R32 rear to go on together at some point before its wrapped  :drinking:

Re: Mark O’T Reflex Silver MK5 GTI (Bits of Carbon)
Last Poster: Martk19871 in Members Rides on Today at 09:20:18 AM
Looks great, nice touches  :happy2:

Been thinking about the carbon mirror caps for mine too.


Cheers Chris. If you decide you want some I can source them for £80 delivered.

Re: Bert's GT Sport Twincharged - New front brakes :)
Last Poster: bluebert92 in Members Rides on Today at 09:10:21 AM
Just purchased some MFSW buttons for a non dsg car - what a pain that is by the way...

I got them incredibly cheap so bare with me...

[img width=442 height=786]

Re: My Mk6 Golf R!
Last Poster: ReDBull in MK6 Members Rides on Today at 08:54:14 AM
Lovely looking car and a great mod list as well  :happy2:

Re: would this be a waste of time (catch can method )
Last Poster: flashp in Performance Modifications on Today at 08:32:29 AM
A compression test may be worth doing as an indicator.

Re: Applying Wax
Last Poster: 4ndy in Detailing on Today at 08:21:47 AM
No pads,cloth etc  Bare fingers will detect imperfections or raised areas better than anything else.

Re: DAB aerial advice
Last Poster: K1NGY14 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:08:34 AM
I don't notice it whilst driving to be honest. I'll take a picture tomorrow so you can see what it looks like.

Yes that would be great mate

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Re: Adam0604 Graphite Blue MK5 GTI
Last Poster: Adam0604 in Members Rides on Today at 01:25:28 AM
I just had to cut part of it to connect the new 3" pipe to it

Re: Yet another job interview closer to home tomorrow
Last Poster: r5gtt in Random Chat on Today at 12:32:39 AM
No monies atm and easier to repair the existing one.
No headache pulling out wiring looms and replacing everything.  :signLOL:

That's true. I hate pulling wiring looms from tailgates it's su

Re: Start up noise
Last Poster: r5gtt in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 12:30:30 AM
Upload video to PBucket and copy and paste url: video or picture URL onto here.


Black Mk5 Golf GTi DSG
Location: Ramsgate, Kent.
Collection Only

I’m advertising my GTI for sale as I’m doing too many miles now so will be getting a diesel.

2006, black, 5 door hatchback
Mileage: 78,812 (will still rise slightly)
MOT: 7th April 2017
DSG Gearbox
Xenon headlights
18” Monza alloys (5k miles old Nexen tyres all round)
Front centre armrest
Highline computer
Full heated leather interior with electric lumbar support
Multi-function steering wheel
RCD300 with aux input
Rear ski-hatch and armrest
Dual zone climate control
Foot-well lights

Factory extras:
Winter Pack:
- Heated door mirrors
- Low washer fluid warning
- Heated headlight washers
Luxury Pack 2:
- Electric folding door mirrors
- Door mirror puddle lights
- Coming home / leaving home lights

Full service history in the owner’s manual as well as a bundle of receipts.

7,226 miles - 07/03/2007
13,895 miles - 27/02/2008
20,103 miles - 21/02/2009
26,758 miles - 25/02/2010
31,123 miles - 19/02/2011
42,717 miles - 16/01/2013
43,163 miles - 01/03/2013
53,260 miles - 04/04/2014
69,908 miles - 29/08/2015

Cambelt, water pump and cam follower replaced at 70,409 miles.
DSG service at VW main dealer at 71,100 miles.
Got a stone chip on the windscreen a couple of months ago so it’s now got a brand new genuine VW windscreen.
New high level brake light fitted at 73k miles.

Washed and detailed regularly throughout my ownership.
Comes with 2 keys.

Scanned using VCDS regularly to check for error codes. I have enabled some extras, including:
- Auto-lock doors over 10mph
- Auto-unlock doors on key out of ignition
- Comfort windows via key

The alloys all need a refurb, I just haven’t got round to doing it.
Only marks on the paintwork are two car park dings I have been kindly gifted, it turns out you cannot park too far away from the shop door!

I’ve owned the Golf since July 2015, I’m only selling as I’m now doing far too many miles for work. It took me a long search to find one so highly spec’d.

I will be giving the car a good clean and taking some decent photos later in the week, only temporary photos at the moment.

Any questions please get in contact with me.
Thanks for looking.
Mk5 Golf GTI Highline Clusters
Location: Walthamstow, London
Collection Only

Have for sale 4 mk5 golf gti highline clusters US Spec. Part number ending in 972. Can fit and code for 04-06 GTI's in Walthamstow.

£150 each with free fitting and coding on 04-06 GTI's.

Climate Control Panel 1K0 907 044 DA
Location: Essex
Postage: £5.00
Delivery or Collection

Climate Control Panel with A/C and Dual function and heated seats. Believe this is for cars with the air quality function which is one of the reasons it never got fitted (iirc mainly R32's had this function)
VW Golf Owners Manual
Location: Essex
Postage: £5.00

VW Golf Owners Manuals in folder. Few creases as shown in pics and a tiny dent to rear of folder as shown in pics. The only book missing is the service book (the one that gets stamped).
Genuine Throttle Body Rev "Q", brand new
Location: Cork City, Ireland
Postage: £10.00
Delivery or Collection

Brand new genuine throttle body, never fitted 06F133062Q
H&R 10mm Hubcentric spacers
Location: Cork City, Ireland
Postage: £5.00

Genuine H&R 10mm (per axle) spacers, 5x112 57.1 CB.

Good condition - no extended bolts, can be got easily from ebay etc
R32/Ed30 inner lights - work in progress
Location: Cork City, Ireland
Postage: £5.00
Delivery Only

Genuine R32/ED30 inner rear lights. Had started the "skyline" mod about a year and half ago, got as far as you can see in the pics and got side tracked. Offering it up as is. Was using Mateyguv's method, think there are some how to's on youtube....

Includes LED rings and dimmer switch

One of the lights has a small chip - pictured, like that when i bought them from a member on here.

MAP sensor & Fuel pressure sensor (G247)
Location: Cork City, Ireland
Postage: £2.50
Delivery or Collection

Spare sensors for someone, taken from my BWA engine when swapped out for a CDL. These are standard for AXX/BWA etc

Had done approx 60K, in good working order when removed.

Always good to have spares :)

MAP part number 038 906 051 D
G247 part number 06H 906 051 A
OEM Golf/Scirocco R Recaro's
Location: Ripley, Derbyshire
Collection Only

These need no real introduction other than a) they’re f**king amazing and b) as rare as hen’s teeth! I picked these up a couple of years ago and they’re still in pristine condition as shown in the below photos with almost no bolster ware!

The seats feature a charcoal alcantara inner with standard VW black/charcoal leather on the outer sections (grey stitching). The seats are heated and they’ll plug straight into the standard heating loom/connectors (under seat).

The seats will be provided with airbag shorting plugs (saves a dashboard warning light) and the fitted seat covers shown below. Make up your own mind, but these don’t come around very often!

Also, I do not require seats in PX, this is an outright purchase!
KW Scirocco DCC coilovers (Scirocco R spring rates) with TT top mounts
Single Image
    Location: Ripley, Derbyshire
    Postage: £30.00
    Delivery or Collection

    If anyone's looking for a plug and play coilover replacement for the factory springs and dampers, look no further. The coilovers have been used for circa 14k miles and other than a general wear and tear (slight rust on the springs), there's absolutely nothing wrong with them - leaks, worn bushes etc.

    The coilovers will be supplied with TT top mounts (I think they're RS mounts, but I'll double check the PN's this evening), which saves a small amount and means that you won't have to strip down your existing dampers.

    I've got to say, these are fantastic product and the level composure/damping control they offer is second to none.
    Superpro Anti-Lift Kit MK5, MK6, Scirocco etc.
    Location: Ripley, Derbyshire
    Postage: £5.00
    Delivery or Collection

    The Anti-Lift Kit has been used for circa 14k miles and other than some slight cosmetic wear to the housings (scuffs from axle stands and general road use), everything looks pretty healthy - no split bushes etc.

    Having tried the Superpro and Whiteline ALK's, I'd certainly recommend the Superpro over the Whiteline purely down to the quality of the bushes. Granted the anodised gold looker baller, buts that’s about it.

    Superpro bush grease also included.
    H&R front (28mm) and rear (24mm) anti-roll bars MK5, MK6, Scirocco etc.
    Location: Ripley, Derbyshire
    Collection Only

    These are widely regarded and the best aftermarket anti-roll bars for the MK5/MK6 FWD platform and suffer from none of the drawbacks of typical aftermarket ARB's (predominantly noisy bushes). These have been used for circa 14k miles and other than general wear and tear to the powder coat, they look fine (bushes as well).

    I'll update with delivery costs once I've measured the box.
    VagBremTechnic 362mm Aston Martin Big Brake Kit Inc. Project Mu H16 pads
    Location: Ripley, Derbyshire
    Collection Only

    These VagBremTechnic Big Brake Kits don't come around very often, so here's an overview of what’s included:

    - AP Racing 362mm x 32mm grooved rotors - 31.2mm disk thickness (averaged per rotor)
    - VagBremTechnic bells - fully floating (axial & radial) set-up
    - VagBremTechnic billet aluminium caliper adaptor brackets
    - Brembo/Aston Martin Monobloc 4 pot calipers including pins and pad shims
    - HGL braided brake lines
    - Project Mu H16-03 compound pads (8mm of usable material left), which are without a doubt incredible! They work from cold and reign you in like a mother f**ker!)

    Apart from the calipers, this kit is pretty much identical to the set-up being used by the VWR cup cars, so that's got to count for something!

    This kit has been used for the past 14k miles and other than a couple of stone chips to the calipers and ware to the rotors and pads (as expected), I haven't been able to fault the set-up!
    OE VW Mk3 Scirocco N/S wing in factory (as far as I can tell) Rising Blue
    Location: Ripley, Derbyshire
    Collection Only

    I brought this as a spare a couple of years ago from a written off Scirocco and as far as I can tell, it's a) a genuine OE part and b) it features factory paint (so there shouldn't be any reason to blend it in, he says...). If you've got a couple of nasty dings or stone chips, it's an ideal replacement.