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Massive Mods Catalog
on October 20, 2014, 09:56:24 PM
After much work and a couple of thousand lines of code the mods catalog is now active.

Will be posting more info and how 2 soon. For now add some mods.

Once mod is added users who have this mod can review add links etc. Plus you can add the mod to your profile.

Thanks to @rich83 for sorting the categories/images.

Last Poster: Ma22789 in Wanted on Today at 06:04:01 AM
I have a set of heated 5 door Gti leathers in pretty good condition just a very little bit or wear on the drivets seat of your intersted

hi...yeah I am interested...do you have any pictures?

Re: 2008 GT Sport TDI 170 DSG
Last Poster: Golf_GT_TDI in Members Rides on Today at 04:58:25 AM
Just under £8  :happy2: I see there are some on ebay but they are cheaper to buy from VW/TPS

Re: Aaron's US Spec (LHD) 07 MKV GTI - Pic Heavy!
Last Poster: KAN1NE in Members Rides on Today at 04:37:51 AM
Awesome looking car all round mate! On the engine bay plastics did you wrap them? If so do they peel at all?

Nope none of the engine bay pieces are wrapped, all hand-layed carbon.  No discoloring at all, 79k miles and the pieces look new.  

Doing an engine rebuild

Re: A/c issue..
Last Poster: howie1987 in Technical Workshop on Today at 01:25:06 AM
Yeah the econ button on is actually turning the aircon off. Tells you in the manual.

Re: Wrapping
Last Poster: howie1987 in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Today at 01:22:40 AM
Hi mate. I got plastidip done. It cost me £450.

If you check my posts one of the last few should be my build thread with pics of it.

Re: SONAX Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer
Last Poster: Little_Dave in Detailing on Today at 01:09:59 AM
Tried this out and can agree its great stuff  :happy2:

Beads water like mad and lasts a lot longer than others I've tried

Applied it all over my car and to my front screen and it didn't smear or streak but makes the wipers jump and skip as the water goes and effectively you're dry wiping


Re: Massive Mods Catalog
Last Poster: dazza in Announcements on Today at 12:53:43 AM
WTF 90 mods!!!!

A big thank you to all that have added some great mods.
For someone like myself who is just getting started it will be a great resource.

Re: Cam Chain, Tensioner & Adjuster DIY Attempt
Last Poster: dazza in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 12:27:30 AM
Bet that's a relief, well done

Re mod, not that I know of.  :happy2:
Thanks mate. Knowing my luck lately the adjuster will fall off tomorrow.

Re: Golf Gti 2005 owners
Last Poster: P3T3R in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:16:42 AM
I'm no.7 on a 2005 but got loads of paperwork and stuff which has only been building since I've has the car.

Best Bulbs for that Nice White Look :D
Last Poster: Georrge in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Today at 12:13:28 AM
Hi all,

I fancy upgrading my head light bulbs so bulbs that give off a nice white light, none of this yellow tint that comes as standard. My question is, will a pair of £5 LED side light bulbs off eBay do the trick, along with some random white eBay bulbs do the job?

Or do I need to get something from here instead?

Re: Matt123t - Does he still sell LED Packs?
Last Poster: anduhchunkymonkey in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Yesterday at 11:08:19 PM
bought a set last week off of him! Still £20 for the full set which includes number plate lights so a lot cheaper than anywhere else!

Valeo mod
Last Poster: D3hnt in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:58:02 PM
I preformed the inner led mod about a year ago with individual LEDs and resitors etc.

A quarter of one of the lights has decided to give up. Gutted, now I have the hassle of taking them apart again.

I would like to repair them with smd led rings, can anyone recommend where to buy them from? As I have been searching the web and can't seem to find any that fit p

Last Poster: Tejinder in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:55:26 PM
Very nice indeed,Is Gaz Jones doing the build!

You guessed it! Heard so many good things about his work so seemed

Re: Strange sound
Last Poster: doylebros in Technical Workshop on Yesterday at 10:27:35 PM
Worth searching on this site for that issue. :happy2:

Re: PIRELLI Rear badge
Last Poster: wigit in Wanted on Yesterday at 10:18:52 PM
These have always been scarce not having one on the rear is a great way of devaluing your car

Re: Clutch
Last Poster: Markweir12 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:12:33 PM
I found an OEM luk item with dmf on cp4l for £400 which is a fair shout.

Labour i'll do myself at work so thats no issue

Re: What is this.......
Last Poster: J12spk in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:11:35 PM
That's fab! Cheers Freddie

Re: Booked in for Stage 1
Last Poster: akbarirfan in R-Tech Zone on Yesterday at 10:07:41 PM
Ah just seen this, so you'll be there a 10 days before me!

Where are you driving from?

Re: Stage 1 Booked 25/11/14
Last Poster: akbarirfan in R-Tech Zone on Yesterday at 10:06:27 PM
Yeah I am considering it, just want to have a chat with NG in terms of benefits.

Ideally what I am after is:
- D = eco mode, so remap stock map to increase efficiencies, i.e. increase MPG
- S = sport/race mode, give it some Gower Power for when I'm feeling the need for speed

Not yet used the paddles in my car  :scared:

Is this sort of thin

poor running at cruise speed
Last Poster: therebelmc in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 09:51:25 PM
Hi , Any of you guy's have experience of rough running at cruise speed . I am getting a kangaroo effect at part throttle . Plenty of power from take off and no other symptom.  No codes logged , MIL not showing..  Had coil pack recall 2 years ago. Have replaced plugs with OEM ,  no difference  Cheers  therebelmc

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Image of

New Member @nicsabers 8P sportback

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Eibach/Bilstein B12 Sportline Kit
Location: Glasgow
Delivery or Collection

For sale I have my Eibach/Bilstein B12 Sportline Kit from my MK5 GTi.

This kit has seen slight use ~5,000 to 7,500 miles I have since moved on to a MK6 R with VWR coilovers so no longer need these.

This kit is excellent on both your daily driver and occasional track toy!

Bilstein B8 shocks paired with the Eibach Sportline springs (the low ones) makes this B12 kit.

If you need any more images of have any questions please ask away.

Copied and pasted from Awesome Gti where this kit was bought to the tune of £800+

The shock absorber experts from BILSTEIN have joined together with the spring professionals from EIBACH – and the result is the best the two technology leaders have to offer: a gas pressure suspension system that promises incredible driving pleasure and performance while not forgetting about comfort.

Are you looking for excellent driving dynamics and precise response to the millimeter? Is a sport-performance style important to you? And does it go without saying that you are expecting more safety from a suspension system? Then you should find out about the B12-Sportline.

Professional Cornering System Sport PCSS

Direct response, good driving performance and sporty look

Lowering up to 50 mm

EIBACH Sportline performance sport spring with progressive characteristic

Spring and shock absorber road-tested and fine-tuned to complement one other perfectly

BILSTEIN gas pressure technology

BILSTEIN mono-tube/Upside-Down technology

German TÜV certificate

Made in Germany
KONI FSD 2100-4090
Single Image
    Location: Havant, Hampshire
    Collection Only

    KONI FSD 2100-4090.

    I had these fitted by JKM in November 2011. The family still thought the ride was firmer than they liked so I changed to softer shocks in November 2013. They have been in my garage since then.

    £280, collection only please.
    Detailing items
    Location: Harwich, essex
    Collection Only

    Here I have all my detailing items for sale, a lot of the stuff is new and unopened. Bits that are opened are still at least 3 quarters full. (Bar the 105 and 205 which hasn't got much left in them)

    Nothing has been used more then twice and the das 6 pro is practically brand new and comes with all attachments. Any questions feel free to ask.

    Items located in harwich essex but I'm willing to travel 30 miles at buyers expense.

    I will not split any items as I wnat it sold as a lot. Everything needed for a good detail.
    Revo SPS Box
    Single Image
      Location: Newbury
      Delivery or Collection

      Revo SPS box.
      Comes in Revo Box with cable required to plug into your PC with the freely downloadable software
      £60 posted next day.
      R32 Rear Lights
      Location: Newbury
      Delivery or Collection

      Lot 2

      Genuine R32/ED30 rear lights.
      VGC condition
      No condensation
      Have been customised by replacing the normal red lense (for fog lights) on the offside with a clear matching inner lens (using factory lens)
      These have been wired up on my to provide 2 reverse lights as well as keep the fog light
      On your car without the wiring then only the fog light would function (obviously).

      I offer a fitting service on these lights if you come down to Detail My Car (Newbury in Berkshire) on an evening then the lights can be fitted and the wiring done professionally for £40 additionally. This causes no issue with the OBD bulb warning and the lights all function perfectly. Have not seen another Mk5 with this mod done.

      £180 posted next day or £220 fitted and wired up.
      Powerflex Lower Engine Mount (race spec)
      Single Image
        Location: Newbury
        Delivery or Collection

        Lot 3

        Was bought to fit on my GTI however as you know I now have a Scirocco and this does not fit as the Scirocco has a later type bush. Powerflex Lower engine mount track sped Part number PFF85-504P
        Everything included, new and unfitted. To fit vehicles up to Mid 2008 / early 2009.

        Track spec lower engine mount. Having had the regular road spec and noticing little difference I bought this as an upgrade based on good feedback and reviews but as the car is being sold there is no point fitting.
        Takes 5 minutes on a ramp to fit and reduces movements within the lower engine (pendulum) mount leading to a better driving experience.

        Just want my money back so £23 with next day delivery or would swap for a later style bush that would fit my Scirocco if anyone accidentally purchased the wrong one.
        Newsouth Vent Gauge and Boost Gauge.
        Single Image
          Location: Newbury
          Delivery or Collection

          Newsouth Boost Gauge in Vent Pod.
          Petrol Gauge
          VGC condition
          Fits all Mk5s.
          Fitted for a few months as the steering pod was squeaky and annoying so got this.
          I have changed the wiring to clip connectors on the back of the boost gauge, so meaning should you ever need to remove the boost gauge you can do that without having to worry about the electrical wiring
          Will be removed as fitted (so comes with everything needed to fit, boost tubing etc) and an easy fit to get the lighting working (just run a wire to a metal bolt for the earth and the other to one of the wires behind the headlight switch).

          Retail Parts:

          Retails at over £120 + postage.

          I'm asking for £80 delivered or will do £70 collected

          Just as a note it will be removed & available from this weekend.
          K04 Kit
          Single Image
            Location: AKS Tuning, Bedford
            Delivery or Collection

            Turbo came off an S3 with 65k on the clock. Comes with the following bits...
            K04 Turbo (and manifold obviously!) turbo boost pipe, dv relocate pipe, diverter valve, dv housing.

            Good condition perfectly serviceable.

            The only parts needed to complete setup is S3 injectors, throttle body pipe and tb to dv housing hose, and the odd gasket. Uprated HPFP as well. Oil & coolant lines too but you should replace these anyway or move them from your old turbo.
            Part numbers: 1K0 145 845 A, 1K0 145 770 P, 06F 906 036 F
            Alex at AKS Tuning can supply any of the parts you need.

            Price drop to £450 posted or £440 collected from AKS Tuning.

            I would have fitted it but since I'm selling the car it's sort of pointless.
            Alex has the turbo and shipping or collection can be arranged from Bedford.
            custom & stealth subwoofer enclosure for boot.
            Location: Newbury
            Delivery or Collection

            Completely custom Stealth Subwoofer enclosure made by JW Audio Solutions

            To fit a 10 inch sub....Needs to be a shallow mount due to size  I used a Rockford Fosgate R2 prime.

            It's a fully trimmed (to match stock carpet as you see it matches great to the factory boot carpet on the right (my false floor is slightly different)

            It's a two piece design which was made over the course of about 2 weeks with many trial & error attempts to get it sitting as good as possible. Constructed out of wood with sound deadening inside (we tested and found this gave the best sound given the space) and sealed.

            Doesn't encroach on boot space whatsoever. I think the ones which come into the boot by several inches look awful.
            Sounds good especially with the sub I have (this is not for sale or included in the sale).

            I have not tried it with any other shallow 10 inch mounts so can't speak for any other ones : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Rockford-Fosgate-R2-Ultra-Shallow-10-Inch-2-Ohm-DVC-Subwoofer-/381002893760?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item58b58ac9c0
            Full Air Ride Build - Accuair E-Level, Airlift XL Slam Struts, 2x400cc Viair Compressors.
            Location: Newbury
            Delivery or Collection


            Complete ready to go Air Ride package. Will be removed as fitted so straight ready to be bolted on.
            Professionally as a new kit and been fitted for 15 months and had zero issues, no leaks whatsoever. No marks on any of the bags/lines
            Mk5 Platform Cars (A3/Leon/Octavia/TT/MK5/MK6 Golf/Jetta/Scirocco etc)
            Airlift XL Slam Struts
            Double bellow rear bags (second gen so don't rub/split like the original sleeve bags)
            Full Accuair E-Level Management (ride height based) with E-touchpad
            Powdercoated Skinny Tank (5 Gallon) with pressure switch etc) no dents etc.
            2 viair 400cc compressors
            Water Trap included.
            Full build with False Floor and suspended tank. Professionally constructed and carpetted in OEM Matching Carpet.
            Access Panel and usable storage compartment underneath (I have an amp here and still room for a couple of bags of shopping)
            Retails at £3100 + fitting (usually around £800!!) so nearly £4k fitted.

            I'm asking £2250 delivered anywhere in the UK and can put you in contact with fitting for £300, based in the South of England (half an hour West of London)

            Only being removed as I am splitting my Golf as I've bought a new car with a track/performance theme and sticking with a spring and damper set up.
            Bucket seats px req
            Location: heathrow
            Collection Only


            up for sale is my friends pair of Recaro bucket seats they are in good nick they do have some wear and tear and a few marks on the back as expected these are from an 07 R32,

            3Door leather fronts required in exchange though 

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