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MK7 Area Added
on May 04, 2015, 10:27:54 PM

You have probably noticed that we have just added a MK7 area. Its sparse at the moment, but if it gathers momentum we will add more sub-catergories to match the MK5 area.


Re: Headlamp washers please
Last Poster: Washout in Wanted on Today at 09:19:26 PM

Re: Radio randomly turning up
Last Poster: Paulo P in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:04:22 PM
I wondered what the gala setting was, my satnav voice was very low on mine so I fiddled with everything and now I have noticed that the volume of my stereo increases with speed but I didn't know which setting had caused it  :grin: I really should read the owners manual

Re: 2008 GT Sport TDI 170 DSG
Last Poster: boungle1 in Members Rides on Today at 09:02:25 PM
hi trying to get in contact for rear bumper you have got on here but having trouble hope this works
intrested in it i live in welshpool give me a call on 07415 677725 cheers neil

Re: My candy white golf gti edition 30
Last Poster: fuzzy232 in Members Rides on Today at 09:01:28 PM
Found this in the boot, was never fitted. I was just wondering were it exactly fits in the car

Might pop it down to my local vw to be

Re: Shaun's GT TDI
Last Poster: shaunnorris7 in Members Rides on Today at 08:53:17 PM
Very small update. Had a full service last Saturday at Audi Peterborough and today as I was bored I thought I'd lamin-X the front fogs. The passenger side lens is cracked but you can't really tell. I have more than enough left to do another when I replace it. Over all, pleased with the outcome and should offer them a bit of protection.


Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Adam0604 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:38:11 PM
Went to fit LED number plate lights.
Realised bought wrong lights.

Good. One.

Re: Brake fluid change?
Last Poster: PT82 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:27:53 PM
VW have a promotion on.. not sure if nationwide? but my local dealer (Inchcape VW in Shrewsbury) quoted me £30 instead of £59 for brake fluid change  :happy2:

Good to know, mine needs doing also. Will call them next week.

Re: adjustable drop links
Last Poster: K9 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 08:27:07 PM
I bought new TA-Technix  links, just to be sure if i ever need to adjust them. Coilovers are KW V1

Re: Sleepers...they're out there
Last Poster: dansmith180 in Random Chat on Today at 07:34:43 PM
Anyone know how much an engine build like that would cost? I'm guessing between 25 - 30k

Water pump
Last Poster: GTI Dave 30 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:33:52 PM
Hi my wife's vw golf mk5 gt sport 1.4 needs new timing chain is the water pump behind it like when you change your belt on a gti or do I not need to worry about that as is costing enough any advice appreciate thanks .

Re: New Guy, Ben From Wolverhampton
Last Poster: olsen-72 in New Member Intro's on Today at 07:14:47 PM
Welcome mate

Re: New member from South Bucks
Last Poster: Paulo P in New Member Intro's on Today at 06:52:41 PM
This is my mark 3

and my mark 5


Re: Find me some alloys!
Last Poster: D_Philli_82 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:47:49 PM


Although not quite what ur asking for...they're decent

Genuine ABC TYPE 4 locking nut key
Last Poster: Stamanatic in Wanted on Today at 06:14:26 PM
Hello, looking for an abc type 4 key, have bought the ones on ebay before but quality is beyond a joke, have had 1 break in half, and completely round off. So looking for a genuine one if anyone has one? Thanks.

Re: EGR valve/ Glo-plugs
Last Poster: maxitrol in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 05:58:44 PM
You can leave the cooler in place and map the egr out as mine was like that for a while

Re: Just sold my gti, what next?
Last Poster: Matthewsimone in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:28:13 PM
4 wheel drive with 300+ bhp will get off the lights quicker but an ed30 or Pirelli with an LSD once moving will be just as effective and probably more exciting. If fast launches are your thing then S3. If you want to drive quick once moving buy an ed30 or similar, sort the suspension and brakes and fit

Re: StuF presents Candy White 3 Door GTI - Dash Cam Footage
Last Poster: Tfsi_Mike in Members Rides on Today at 05:15:11 PM

Great ready and a great Gti, credit to you Stu :)

Re: My Edition 30 - No. 1871
Last Poster: Morgen in Members Rides on Today at 05:09:08 PM

Car's on 79k now & this is how the cam follower looked on replacement!

Interior Scuff Marks
Last Poster: floydsolo in Detailing on Today at 04:58:38 PM
I've got an ED30 & i have scuff marks on the bottom of the door from getting in & out. I've just tried the Magic sponge but to no avail! Is there any product out there that would remove or cover up the marks?


Edition 30 Interior
Location: Birmingham
Collection Only

Mint condition edition 30 interior removed from a 3 door edition 30. Seats are in mint condition with no rips, tears, burns etc... Door cards are also included although not pictured which are also in good condition.
Edition 30 Steering Wheel
Location: Birmingham
Postage: £15.00

Edition 30 steering wheel with the red stitching. This is a manual/non-dsg non-mfsw.
Edition 30 Floor mats
Single Image
    Location: Birmingham
    Postage: £10.00

    Edition 30 floor mats with GTI badging and red stiching with the round holders. In good condition but with slight wear to the driver's foot mat.
    Edition 30 Gearknob
    Location: Birmingham
    Postage: £7.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Edition 30 gear knob with gaiter in good condition, slight wear to the top of the gearknob but not all that noticeable - as seen in the second picture.
    Genuine R32/Edition 30 Side Skirts
    Location: Birmingham
    Postage: undefined

    Genuine edition 30 side skirts painted in steel grey. Could do with a respray, there's also a crack a small crack near the front of one of the side skirts. One tab on each side skirt is broken but the side skirt will go on and won't be showing when fitted.
    Genuine edition 30 rear bumper including valance
    Single Image
      Location: Birmingham
      Postage: undefined

      Genuine edition 30 rear bumper including valance, has a few scuffs in places so could do with a respray.
      Audi S3 gearbox
      Single Image
        Location: Birmingham
        Postage: undefined

        Audi S3 8P gearbox, ideal for 4WD conversion or replacement box for S3. Removed from '07 S3. No transfer box.
        Edition 30 complete BYD engine
        Location: Birmingham
        Collection Only

        Complete edition 30 BYD engine including K04 turbo kit, alternator, etc. ECU is also included. Removed from edition 30 no. 420, covered around 70k.
        Genuine Edition 30 rear valance, new tow eye cover inc
        Location: Powys, Wales
        Postage: £26.50
        Delivery or Collection

        White, has been plastic welded (there was crack in numberplate area) now sorted and consider permanent repair, needs finishing with filler, paint etc you could maybe do a localized repaint of the area concerned depending on your preference of how good you want it to be or paint whole valance.

        Included is a brand new tow eye cover which cost me £17 odd

        I bought it off here with crack to numberplate area as mentioned but since repairing I am now selling due to locating one the same colour of my car.

        Delivery can be arranged through Paisley Freight for £26.50, or collection welcome anytime from Mid Wales.
        cloth armrest with AUX kit
        Location: teignmouth, Devon
        Postage: £0.00
        Delivery Only

        Cloth armrest with brand new AUX kit. The AUX has been configured for use with the standard RCD300/500 and MFD2.

        £140 delivered
        Milltek Resonated Cat-back
        Location: Coventry
        Postage: £25.00
        Delivery or Collection

        Millteck Cat-back exhaust.

        Good condition - all welds look fine. Recently been removed from my Pirelli edition; will also fit standard or ED30 GTI's.
        I have given it a bit of a spruce up but there are a few minor scuffs and scrapes as to be expected.

        Includes reducer to connect to standard Cat. New clamps might be a good idea but will supply the ones I had fitted.

        Collection prefered but will look to post if needed.
        I live in West Coventry and work in Gaydon, and don't mind dropping it off on route.
        MK6 OEM number plate lights
        Single Image
          Location: teignmouth, Devon
          Postage: £0.00
          Delivery Only

          As per the title new MK6 OEM number plate lights (obviously fit the MK5) these are £60 from the dealer

          £30 delivered

          10 sets