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Re: cleaning inlet valves
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:54:37 AM
Media blasting does produce very clean results. Yes, all direct injection motors are prone to intake valve build-up. Until now...the MK7 GTI(and perhaps others). They are putting 8 injectors in them...leaving 4 at the cylinders, but adding 4 in the intake mani. The 4 intake mani injectors will operate during idle and at low revs in order to increase mpg(VW says) and for intake valv

Re: Pirelli GTI Update
Last Poster: Fal_r32 in Members Rides on Today at 12:38:53 AM
Very nice, I bet these will become a classic, and will be worth silly money in the future.

Re: 2008 GT Sport TDI 170 DSG
Last Poster: Fal_r32 in Members Rides on Today at 12:36:41 AM
Lovely car you have there and some nice options there.

Re: Project 'Retrofit' Raz TDI DSG Shadow Blue *Update page 3*
Last Poster: Fal_r32 in Members Rides on Today at 12:33:59 AM
Awesome work raz.

Re: R32 clocks to go in my gti...
Last Poster: MJGib in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:02:43 AM
I'm not fussed if I don't win them I just want a set of high lines  :popcornsoda:

Re: Mk6 climacontrol panel and surround?
Last Poster: jason_rmh in Wanted on Yesterday at 11:53:34 PM
There was a group buy being arranged in another thread.

Re: Lowering springs-advice required
Last Poster: edd30 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:29:35 PM
NVH - noise, vibration, harshness
Front lower arm rear bushes - are the control arm bushes I believe.
I'd get the TT ones. You can just buy the bushes to push in, AKS sells them.

Re: How To: Mk5 Heated Seats Retrofit
Last Poster: jason_rmh in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 11:21:23 PM
Yes, I can't wait.
I have already fitted all the door cards and installed the back seats.
I have a the seat heater switch already, it's just the harness to order now.

Obviously I haven't seen the harnesses but I'm guessing that you just have to lengthen the cable on the drivers plug so

Re: Induction kit for Edition 30
Last Poster: ED30GTI in Wanted on Yesterday at 11:00:42 PM
I've got an itg for sale in the for sale section, not the cheapest but a good bit of kit   :happy2:

Re: Team dynamics 1.2's and Federal 959RSR's
Last Poster: dansmith180 in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 10:43:21 PM
^^ No probs mate  :happy2:

Like any R rubber just be mindful of standing water, the 595s are very impressive in damp conditions I've found but things can get a bit emotional if you hit standing water at speed  :grin:

Haha I bet they can, I'll use the Goodyear's most o

Re: Edition 30 brakes on a T5
Last Poster: dansmith180 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 10:26:42 PM
Ok cheers mate didn't realise they were 5x120. It's for some cayenne brembos I had on my edition 30 to fit the T5.

Cheers for your reply ;)

Ahh makes sense, yeh for some reason the T5 and Amarok are 5x120, no idea why VW did that tbh.

Re: Some legal advice please
Last Poster: phil1975 in Random Chat on Yesterday at 10:20:30 PM
As previously stated I think these things follow a set procedure and there is no option other than it has to go to court, even if it gets thrown out. If your father inlaw attends court keep things clear and precise and hopefully all will be well, I had to attend magistrates court last year and at the end of the day the magistrates are as human as you and I and they appreciate that

Re: DSG Highline Cluster in manual
Last Poster: cross in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:06:48 PM
It makes no odds, you tell the cluster in the coding whether it is auto or manual, no issues at all.

Great thanks...So glad to hear that :happy2:

Re: HID Kit Way Too Bright- Is Brightness Reducing Possible!
Last Poster: MPS in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 10:05:57 PM
Instant MOT failure and illegal for road use which means your insurance is probably void.

Service Time
Last Poster: andyp in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:05:37 PM
Cars needing a service (bit overdue) but unsure of what I actually need this time,  looking back over the service schedule, it had a oil change, filter change etc.   cars just done 94k now so would it be oil,plugs, and also fuel filter etc?


VW 2010 - Rust at passnger side front fender bottom
Last Poster: vwcrazy in New Member Intro's on Yesterday at 09:41:40 PM
I have a Golf 2010. There is rust between the front fender bottom and front door pillar. VW Canada has refused to cover it under corrosion warranty. Does anyone have the same issue?

Re: My mk5 tdi (money pit) now with accuair e-level... NOW FOR SALE!!
Last Poster: chrisr763 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 09:39:44 PM
It doesn't actually mean anything! He didn't know how to post a photo!
He can update you!

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Re: 2 x standard footwell lights
Last Poster: toms85 in Wanted on Yesterday at 09:25:21 PM
I've got a pair pm if interested.

Re: V power Nitro is a rip off!
Last Poster: Frodo-anni in Random Chat on Yesterday at 09:11:44 PM
V-power or tesco 99 for me, although after a solid 8 months on tesco 99, im now using v-power only, as i want some Lego  :signLOL:


Bilstein B14 Coilover Suspension
Location: Milton Keynes
Delivery or Collection

Bilstein b14's in very good condition.... they are 18 months old and have covered approximately 8000 miles. These came off of my 2007 Edition 30 - manual - 55mm strut.
Milltek Turbo back exhaust (R32 style)
Location: Durham
Collection Only

I've now had my down pipe removed so up for sale is a full R32 style milltek with a 3" large bore de cat down pipe and non res cat back.

£1000 new Only purchased earlier this year so still in great condition, few little marks to be expected as its been on the bottom of my car. Awsome bit of kit and sounds very nice.

Collection only as its quite heavy.

Thanks for looking
**SOLD ** R32 Zolder Alloys Wheels with Tyres
Location: Preston, Lancashire
Collection Only

Genuine Mk5 R32 Zolder Alloys
1K0 601 025 AD
7.5J x 18
Offset ET 51

Fitted with Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta Tyres
2 Tyres have 2/3mm remaining and should be replaced.
2 Tyres have 4mm remaining.

I had these wheels refurbished 2 years ago and they are still in excellent condition.
Zero curbing
Centre caps were replaced a year ago.
There are a couple of light scratches / stone chips only visible when very close up.

Picture shows them fitted to my own car before I removed them.

Collection only from preston, lancashire. I could meet somewhere if need be, check with me first though :)
Karcher Under Car Washer
Single Image
    Location: Darlington
    Delivery or Collection

    Brand new unused, not even been taken out the box or opened.

    Bought this along with my Karcher pressure washer and never used it so maybe someone on here who likes to keep there cars clean can get the use and enjoyment out of it.
    I paid £90 for it new so I'm offering it up for a very fair price.
    Radio Surround / Fascia
    Single Image
      Location: Darlington
      Delivery or Collection

      It's scratched and the OEM satin / rubber finish has came off so might be handy for someone looking to wrap or custom paint and refit to their car.
      Centre Console Top Section
      Location: Darlington
      Delivery or Collection

      Marked but again, perfect for someone looking to customise their centre console. I do have some of the vent slats that make up the vents but not all so they will be included.
      Location: Darlington
      Delivery or Collection

      Immaculate condition,
      in fully working order except i don't have a code for it but to anyone interested in buying, you can get a code from ebay for around £10 i believe or go to the dealers.

      I also have one in not so good condition due to the buttons have started peeling off here and there.
      No pictures as of yet but can supply if anyone shows any interest.
      This one does have a code but will be cheaper than the one pictured above due to condition.
      VW 6CD Changer
      Location: Darlington
      Delivery or Collection

      In fully working order, removed from my car due to me installing MDI dock so have no need for this anymore.
      I have pictured a slight mark on the Eject button but is only noticeable when looking at a particular angle under lighting.
      Currently going for £40 - £60 online so I think I've priced this fairly.
      Genuine Golf R Grille & Black Badge
      Location: Stratford-upon-Avon
      Delivery or Collection

      Genuine Golf R Grille with black badge, only fitted to the car for a very short time so is in immaculate condition. Collection preferred given the fragile nature of the grille. Delivery cost £15.00
      Genuine VW Golf R Carpet Mats
      Single Image
        Location: Stratford-upon-Avon
        Delivery or Collection

        Genuine Golf R Carpet Mat set, never been out of the plastic bag. Delivery £10.00 due to the weight.
        Genuine VW LED Numberplate Light Units
        Single Image
          Location: Stratford-upon-Avon
          Delivery or Collection

          Genuine VW LED Rear Numberplate Light Units, these are plug and play but may cause a bulb out warning light on your dashboard. Delivery would be £3.00