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MK7 Area Added
on May 04, 2015, 10:27:54 PM

You have probably noticed that we have just added a MK7 area. Its sparse at the moment, but if it gathers momentum we will add more sub-catergories to match the MK5 area.


Re: Black pillar touchup
Last Poster: Vwgtiking in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:38:32 AM

Michelin super sports?
Last Poster: Matthewsimone in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:34:37 AM
Just a quick one!
Do the supersports look same as the pilot sport 3's on the sidewalls etc?

Reason I ask is currently have ps3 all round rears like new and fronts need changing soon
A want to try the supersports on front but have a pet hate of odd tyres on my cars unless they look virtually identical from sides il probably try them!
Bit Ocd in

Re: Why a Mk5 GTI
Last Poster: Matthewsimone in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:31:27 AM
Some cracking replies there chaps  :jumpmove:

One thing a forgot to mention was how well the mk5 Gti has aged
Even 11 years on a tidy decent specced mk5 still looks spot on amongst the cars of today on the road
To the untrained eye with a private plate fitted it could certainly be mistaken for a much newer car

Where as i now thing the mk2 focus ST l

Re: Full rear brake setup for r32 or audi s3
Last Poster: GTi-Andy in Wanted on Today at 07:28:48 AM
I've recently bought this brake kit for 575 €/407 £, including ATE discs, Ferodo DS2500 pads and shipping cost. My mechanic painted the calipers red with Foliatec paint.

Just search on ebay for the TRW R32 reference parts. They're cheaper than the S3 parts. :happy2:

Re: New to the MK5 GTi scene
Last Poster: teo_parvu in Members Rides on Today at 07:22:34 AM
It has some sort of aftermarket brakes on but think there's just drilled and  Groved... Having trouble finding out what parts and makes of parts are on this is the first modified car iv brought normally I buy standard and mod :-)

It sounds like EBC Turbo Groove discs. Take a c

Re: DSG Ed30 GTI has died... any idea why?
Last Poster: PhilNUK in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:55:47 AM
My rack is knocking like a bad 'un at the minute and no warning lights or anything....  Does that warning only pop up when a certain part of it dies?

I had my alternator pulley pack up on my old mk4 and that threw up all sorts of warnings until the pulley itself snapped off...  It all looked in tact  at a glance but the belt was slipping on the pulley which wasn't obvio

Re: Leather Bottle Pub meet - postponed!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Poster: simonp in Shows, Events and Meets on Today at 01:14:06 AM
I'm out of action until the 10th October, but dont let that stop you guys.  :happy2:

Ditto. Maybe longer...

Re: Divert Valve...... I think
Last Poster: N44LED in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:28:21 PM
When you change your dv look in to the dv+ from gfb go faster bits. Little bit dear but big improvement on my car

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Re: Tims Tornado !
Last Poster: Tim144 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:11:40 PM
This happened

A few noises from suspension but is pretty low!! Need to pull plugs and coil packs !

Need ful

Re: Oem + steely
Last Poster: Washout in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:06:44 PM
Glad your enjoying it dude. I try and use just original parts It's hard trying to stick to your principals though because they just cost so much, bought some bits today from tps and it worked out eye blisteringly expensive. They always ask if your in the trade first and I swear I can hear a cha Chi

Re: Shadow Blue 07 GTI
Last Poster: Martk19871 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:01:20 PM
Lovely, thanks, I will look into it. Like the threat btw

Re: New GTI owner from South Oxfordshire
Last Poster: Liam0205 in New Member Intro's on Yesterday at 11:00:01 PM
Welcome mate, nice looking car you've got there  :happy2:

Re: The MK5/6 Wheel thread!
Last Poster: Martk19871 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:57:04 PM
A better photo from a car wash earlier. BBS CH 18" 8J ET50 225/40/18

Wanted: 5 door carpet boot liner
Last Poster: Black66 in Wanted on Yesterday at 10:37:44 PM
Clean and tidy anthracite carpet boot liner / spare wheel cover.

1K6 863 463 F


Re: Dan648v's Edition 30
Last Poster: Dan648v in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:03:27 PM
Nah I get that @Mitch H

If I do a few shows I try make them different ie vwfestival, TOTB, trax, time attack. Totally different cars and disciplines!
I'll be at vwfestival on the clubstand, always love that show, awesome atmosphere and cars! Good to meet some members, Lots of old cars as

Re: Best drives in the UK
Last Poster: jonvr6 in Random Chat on Yesterday at 10:02:49 PM
Cat and fiddle and the snake pass definitely. The woodhead pass can be good fun too if you get a clean run with no traffic.

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Re: New Battery
Last Poster: Liam0205 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:53:38 PM
A Varta from Tayna was what I went for

Delivered within 2 days and you'll probably find a discount code of a few quid off somewhere

Re: A few VCDS codes
Last Poster: Liam0205 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:50:10 PM
Might not be much help but have you looked the codes up on the Ross Tech website for a few reasons as to what the issue could be?

Re: Just a quick Question - Tyre Speed rating
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:18:49 PM
Y is better than W... No problem with that, I'm sure. :laugh:


Brand new MK5 cruise control stalk
Location: Surrey
Delivery or Collection

Delivery by courier for £6.50 or collection from Surrey.

Or combine shipping with any of my other items for sale.
Black monzas 18"
Location: Ipswich
Delivery or Collection

Without tyres.
Orange silicone hose kit
Location: Gloucestershire
Delivery Only

I'm selling the full silicone hose kit I got custom made from forge Motorsport, kit includes,
Lower coolant hoses kit
Heater matrix kit
Throttle body hose
Main coolant kit
And carbon canister kit
All the kits together cost in excess of £350
There all in excellent condition only used for around 5000 miles!
I'll also throw in the intake hoses aswel as they will be no use to me( so if you have a forge intake kit you can swap them also,
All hoses will come complete with stainless hose clips! Feel free to text or ring nick on 07792122968
Driver Side Depo Projector Headlight
Location: Hemel Hempstead
Delivery or Collection

Hi guys,

For sale I have a brand new DRIVER SIDE Depo Projector Headlight.
It is brand new and in full working condition, comes in original box with rear covers etc.

There is a slight fault to the seal at the top which is shown in one of the photos. However this is not seen when the bonnet is closed, and is still sealed well enough for use.

Collection is preferred due to size of item, but will also send via a courier at your expense (should be around a tenner).

Any questions please feel free to ask!
MK5 Golf R32 Cloth seats (grey)
Location: stoke on trent
Collection Only

R32 seats (Grey) with lumbar support, in great condition a little wear to the drivers side bolster but nothing to bad comes from a smoking free car.
*Not heated
*will fit both 3-4 door
*full cloth (not leather)