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Help Mark and the guys at Awesome GTI
on April 23, 2016, 07:43:48 AM
Guys show your support and share this as much as possible for our friends at Awesome

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Re: maxitrols build thread 8/3/2016
Last Poster: maxitrol in Members Rides on Today at 01:00:26 PM

Re: Air ride to track car!
Last Poster: rich83 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:45:53 PM
Bilstein PSS10.... or Ohlins if you can afford them.

Re: Induction kits and prices
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:45:01 PM
Yes very interesting noises that's for sure  :grin:

My car's feeling mega amazing with lots of torque and super quick response after replacing that dv with the GFB dv + and I can honestly say it was well worth the £65 I think I paid for it  :smiley:

Re: Canbus Version for Mk5 Headunit Swap
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Today at 12:32:50 PM
It depends on the RNS version as the newer ones can solve the battery drain issue with software tweaks.   I have the original CAN gateway in my ED30 and an RNS510 'Q' and I don't have battery drain problems.   Well, I left the car at Gatwick for 2 weeks and it fired right up when I got back  :smiley

Re: R5GTT's Golf tfsi with new mods and more to come
Last Poster: r5gtt in Members Rides on Today at 12:29:00 PM
It's not about having a job tbh, it's about being appreciated and treated with a little respect ffs I'm a human not an animal  :fighting2: to the cow.

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: numec in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:53:14 AM
Hit 67k miles today. Can't believe she is going to be 10 years old end of this year

Engine swap guide needed
Last Poster: Markis236 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 11:34:07 AM
Any one got a guide on how to do and angina change / swap in the mk5 golf gti ? Doing one Saturday and need my baby up and running by Monday so would be handy to have a guide to go by

Re: Bonnet stuck closed
Last Poster: r5gtt in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 11:32:33 AM
I had the same problem with mine not closing. a dollop of grease and grease in the latch spring will do the job as it's water ingres and rusted seized but can be released with grease.

Re: Cambelt kit & Waterpump?
Last Poster: Pudding in Technical Workshop on Today at 10:33:15 AM
Connect VCDS to the engine, go to the Engine module, then go to Measuring blocks, then type in the relevant numbers.   If you click "Advanced Measuring blocks", it will give you a big table of all of the ones relevant to your engine code.

Re: Looking at a couple of mods
Last Poster: Gooky in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:27:55 AM
iv seen a set on ebay from demontweeks a sport spring set superb ride quality apparently so its always best to check with some1 how has fitted a set an as you say not much change apart from the height so ill go for that sounds like just what im looking for thanks mate been a great help  :happy2: Oh an your car is looking good, 

Re: App that activates horn remotely?
Last Poster: xjay1337 in Random Chat on Today at 10:21:23 AM
No mate I'm afraid.
I suspect a fancy (problematic) aftermarket alarm would offer what you want.

Re: Online Car Insurance Quote with Prestige Renewed! Modified and Standard Cars!
Last Poster: Tim@Prestige in Prestige Keep Moving Insurance on Today at 10:10:24 AM
Car insurance due? Prestige Keep Moving Car Club Insurance Scheme!
Please get a quote either ONLINE by clicking the link in my post above or by PHONE - 0800 3308057 or 0333 4001580.
Please let me know how you get on.
Prestige Keep Moving Insurance Scheme

Re: Helix clutch
Last Poster: AJP in Mk5 General Area on Today at 10:08:00 AM
Speak to @vRSAlex

He'll sort it.

Re: Edition 30 & S3 Fuel Pump
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:35:52 AM
Yeah it's the same.   It's no guarantee it will provide the necessary minerals in the midrange though.  My ED30 needed a Loba for Stage 1, let alone 2!

Re: Audi A3 8L 1.8T Quattro Stage 3 Revo
Last Poster: bigeyd in Members Rides on Today at 09:25:30 AM

Re: Independent GTI Specialist Near Bournemouth ?
Last Poster: Craig Stanley in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:12:11 AM
I put mine into Terry and Ben at Mastertec in Poole. Good guys. Seem to know their stuff.

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Re: MFSW Skip track/change station not working
Last Poster: tlnds in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 08:46:00 AM
Check coding on the Steering Control Module, when I retrofitted my MFSW, I recoded it and it wouldn't skip on the audio menu like yours..the only way I could get it to work was to change the coding for having the wiper stalk buttons. Take a note of what number the stalk option has and change it, I turned the stalk OFF.

It then gave me an error code about the Control Modu

Re: Neuspeed p flow - Heatshield
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:43:04 AM
@gunnellgti yes is was mega mega loud. sold it ages ago as car was behaving badly changing gears late revving high knocking the pints down kind of thing and I wasn't impressed. now after nearly 7 months I find that the dv was split badly and the guy's on here did say it could have been a split dv but neve


55mm hubs available if required
Single Image
    Location: Newbury
    Postage: £15.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Hi, I'm selling my standard 312mm brakes. Good condition, standard red paint comes up well. Discs and pads have plenty of life left in them. I also have 55mm hubs to go with them if required for non GTI 50mm models for a bit extra. Postage will be around £15 if required but I will get a quote. Slightly more  if hubs required.

    Collection preferred.
    Kenwood dnx520vbt in mint condition all cables and wiring harness
    Location: Skegness
    Postage: £15.00
    Delivery Only

    Kenwood vw head unit in perfect working order and condition all cables and harness just not boxed still currently in car
    2007 Candy White MK5 Golf GTI 5 door DSG ED30 Replica
    Location: Leicester
    Collection Only


    Have decided to move to a mk6 GTI or maybe a 7R so have decided to take the plunge and put my golf up for sale.

    Have enjoyed owning and driving this car for the past two years. Still drives strong and pulls well.

    As you can see from the pictures, the car has had a few upgrades. Performance wise is completely standard but I've made 'OEM' changes where I've felt made the car look better. List of changes and options below:

    Genuine Edition 30 pescara alloys with continental tyres all round (No kerbing)
    Genuine Edition 30 rear valance
    Colour coded side skirts
    Replica front splitter
    Smoothed US spec front grill
    Genuine xenon headlights with washers
    Genuine Edition 30 rear lights
    Heated electric folding mirrors
    Electric sunroof
    Genuine VW Polo stubby arial
    Mk6 golf rear bootlid handle
    Front Fog lights
    Rear parking sensors

    Drivers electric front seat
    Cruise control
    RNS510 head unit with latest maps installed with video in motion
    MDI dock in the armrest with iPod connector
    Auto dimming rear view mirror
    Multi function steering wheel
    Genuine GTI embossed floor mats
    Passenger seat handle with GTI plate
    Cherry red hazard switch
    Tartan cloth interior
    Highline cluster
    Front footwell lights
    Auto lights
    Front and rear armrest

    The car has full Volkswagen service history and I am the second owner on the car. Prior to me it was an elderly gentleman who used the car on the motorway to commute between Leicester and Cornwall for his business. As it stands it has done 123k miles (which may creep up as its my daily drive) the previous owner did all his work with Parkway Leicester VW and I continued the service history with them. It has has had the cam belt and water pump and DSG oil changed in my ownership and has also had a major service and more recently a minor service carried out by them.

    I have also changed the PCV valve, Diverter valve (rev D) cam follower and one of the injectors changed while I've had it. Please see service history listed below:

    21/1/2008 - internal service 21,000 miles
    17/11/2008 - oil change service including dust and poll on filter 33,000 miles
    Date and mileage not included - DSG Oil change with spark and air filter
    17/09/2010 - oil change service 62,000 miles
    30/11/2011 - oil change service with long life oil uses 75,000 miles
    14/02/2013 - major service 85,000 miles
    07/03/2014 - air con and oil change service 101,000 miles
    19/12/2014 - DSG oil changed 111,000 miles
    24/2/2015 - major service including oil change service with spark plugs and filters 113,000 miles
    02/09/2015 - cam belt and water pump changed 118,000 miles
    20/02/2016 - minor service and oil change

    The car has also has had the rear boot lid and front arches and sills replaced by VW under their 12 year paintwork warranty.

    MOT runs out in May but I will arrange to have a full 12 month MOT put on the car.

    Also to note, the car is a 2007 registered but does come with an AXX engine.

    Negative points are that the car with the miles does have a couple of stone chips which I have had touched in with the VW Touch up pen. The passenger side mirror does have a crack in it from when it was knocked over but cosmetic and can be fixed. The centre console around the DSG gear selector has some scratches which again is purely cosmetic.

    My build thread will have more details on my journey the car and more pictures available on there if required. Car is HPI clear and has no finance or anything outstanding on it and has always been run on Shell V power in my ownership.,96108.0.html

    I'm sure I must have missed something so if there's anymore questions feel free to ask.
    breaking mk5 golf gti
    Location: Hoddesdon
    Postage: £1.00
    Delivery or Collection

    breaking mk5 golf gti with folding mirrors

    2006 06 plate with 65k on the car

    engine has sold and the car has had a hard front

    everything is for sale

    3 door interior is dirty £250
    steering wheel is showing a little wear £130

    COLLECTION PREFERRED but anything can be posted at cost
    paypal fees must also be covered

    07931763364 Dan
    Newsouth Mk5 Indigo Boost Gauge, Air Vent Gauge Pod Mk5 Golf & Newsouth NoBuzz T-Fitting Kit.
    Single Image
      Location: London
      Postage: £5.00
      Delivery or Collection

      Bought this 2 months ago from Awesome GTI at the cost of £158.04. 1 of the slats is broken on the air vent gauge pod top left corner, which hasn't bothered me but this part can be replaced from Awesome GTI for £35 link below.
      Genuine Golf GTI MK5 Grill.
      Location: London
      Collection Only

      Had this fitted with a US spec plate plinth, I've now changed this due to having a small hairline crack so have fitted my original grill & have no use for this. Ideal for spares or anyone wanting to have it smoothed like the US spec grills.
      Genuine Golf GTI MK5 Window Motor Passenger Side.
      Single Image
        Location: London
        Postage: £5.00
        Delivery or Collection

        When replacing my drivers side window motor I got the pair instead but I have no use for this.
        Genuine Golf GTI MK5 Throttle Body BYD.
        Single Image
          Location: London
          Postage: £5.00
          Delivery or Collection

          Removed from an Edition 30 with 52k on the clock.
          Genuine Golf GTI MK5 Intake Manifold Flap Actuator.
          Single Image
            Location: London
            Postage: £5.00
            Delivery or Collection

            Removed from an Edition 30 with 52k on the clock.

            Also have GTI Midline clocks, dashboard complete with airbag & chilled glovebox, Edition 30 spoiler in Steel Grey with brake light, Edition 30 handbrake unit & various modules/parts. Pictures to follow... Any questions feel free to PM me.