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Re: New Mk5 Owner - Cam Follower Nightmare
Last Poster: Richie-VRS in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:24:53 AM
A lot of VAG engines have only the inlet cam driven by the belt and a chain driving the exhaust cam. 1.9tdi's were the same.

The cam with the blueing is the inlet cam btw.

Liverpool FC
Last Poster: Mk5 GTian in Random Chat on Today at 04:47:16 AM
Any other Reds on here?

It's been disappointing not to get Kieta and Van Dykk in this window but I'm quite impressed with the three we have signed. Salad has incredible skill and pace, although
His finishing has been off in his first Premiership games.

Solanke looks a great buy for next to nothing and I can see him leap frog the disappointing Origi this y

Re: Leases (PCP) mileage limits and their purpose
Last Poster: Mk5 GTian in Random Chat on Today at 04:31:48 AM
Mileage on PCP is only an issue if you are handing the car back. Part ex or sell and it's not an issue.

PCH mileage limits are different however.
I have my R on a PCP and will be buying it at the end of the term by paying the final payment of £11k. Looking at 4 year old mk7 R

Re: Suggest a car for a mate..!
Last Poster: Mk5 GTian in Random Chat on Today at 04:00:20 AM
I'd go naturally aspirated as he's looking for reliability. 2 very nice cars I've owned that fit the bill have been the mk4 V6 4motion and the E46 BMW 330ci. Both sound lovely are well made and are capable of 30mpg on a long run.
I had the BMW for two years and it was an absolutely beautiful car with one of the strongest engines BMW have made. Quick enough too! I drove from Su

Re: New car: R32
Last Poster: Andy in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:47:22 PM
igl coating doing it's job

Last Poster: bacillus in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:35:51 PM
You could try Shorty who is from the Liverpool area.

Re: New Edition
Last Poster: Cosmos in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:35:51 PM
Hi there,I take it the one you got was at the specialist garage in Edinburgh?
Do you know how much you are selling the kenwood headunit for ?

Re: Pistonheads adverts?
Last Poster: Neil clark in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:19:47 PM
Have done an eBay classified advert.

High pressure fuel pump
Last Poster: Geomac901 in Wanted on Yesterday at 09:26:49 PM
Looking for a high pressure fuel pump with the fuel valve in working condition.

Having fuel related issues with mine and can only think of it being this or the ecu!

Tried over 7 breakers on eBay. Only two got back.

Any help with this would be great.


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Re: Wet centre/near-side back seat after the rain...
Last Poster: slipd in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:23:09 PM
Thanks for the reply! I've had it suggested that it might be the sunroof drains, but no one wants to remove the roof lining!I've parked it all directions and I'm pretty certain the result is the same; wet back seats... you're right though, nose down does seem better.

I'm on a mission now, the seats aren't going back until I've sorted it  :confused:

Re: New Grille - What should it look like?
Last Poster: matt74 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:43:22 PM
Interesting this.  I've been trying to decide for some time whether I should replace the existing grill.  Quite frankly I can't remember what it looked like from new, but it is now a pewter colour, which is the same as the insets in the handle in the tailgate, so it looks "considered".  To that extent

Re: Av condenser
Last Poster: Dude2016 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:36:38 PM
Yup mine is the one from new. I like to think if it's broke fix it as it would twist my melon if it was surposed to work and it did not dudes

Re: Fault Found: 01134 - Alarm Horn (H12) 004 - No Signal/Communication
Last Poster: northernmunkey1 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 08:16:57 PM
£30 brand new off china ebay. I've had them replaced on 2 of my golfs. You its located behind driver wing. You will need to take the wheel arch lining out. The alarm is held in a metal case which is riveted onto the chassis. Drill those rivets out, remove metal case, replace alarm and pop some new

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:52:17 PM
Just picked the car up (2006 GTI) after full service.  Needed new rear brake calipers so had the fronts refurbished at the same time. Original red coloured calipers behind silver 18 inch Monzas, IMO, look really well.  New DV as well.  Wow, what a transformation - the quickness is back!


The nightmare of the cam follower continues!
Last Poster: jacobrownoly in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:48:55 PM
Total nightmare!

So long story short! Couple of weeks ago the cam follower failed in the car after a good 20k miles on the revo Stage 2+. Unfortunately not only did it destroy the auto tech pump and cam but we also had to replace the cam shaft itself as the lobe was worn due to the cam F and pump fail.

We replaced the new cam shaft (big job) and fuel pump asw

Re: recovering deleted files
Last Poster: Andy in Random Chat on Yesterday at 06:23:21 PM
That'll be rescuepro
Cheers --will  give it a go :happy2:

Car revving itself when coming out of gear! Help!
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 05:18:52 PM
When mine was doing this, I found a big air leak on the pcv pipe leading to the inlet manifold ...drove fine with maf disconnected... haven't read the whole thread and maybe you've explored that route...

Edit: didn't have the engine cutting out on me though, just a rough idle and the engine jerking back and forth

Re: CH Control module
Last Poster: mkmg76 in Wanted on Yesterday at 04:37:09 PM
No, sorry, don't have but I replied to you on the other thread about a downpipe.  :happy2:

Re: Front wing rust warranty success!!
Last Poster: loop in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 02:05:16 PM
Anyone managed to get this done on cars over 12 years old?

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2007 Volkswagen Golf Gti edition 30 - low mileage 55k 3 door Manual
Single Image
    Location: West sussex
    Collection Only

    2007 Volkswagen Golf Gti edition 30 - low mileage


    I have for sale my edition 30

    HPI clear
    56XXX miles
    Family owned since 2012
    3 door hatchback
    6 speed manual gearbox
    Heated seats
    Lumbar adjustable seats
    Automatic lights
    Automatic wipers
    Heated mirrors
    Dimmed rear view
    MOT July 2018
    Full service history
    PIAA xtreme vision bulbs
    Eibach sport line lowering springs
    US spec rear bumper
    Gloss black oem Pescara wheels
    4 matching Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres 2016
    Bluefin software 300BHP this can be switched back to stock with the device included

    Recent work

    Cambelt w/ tensioner 2016
    Water pump 2016
    Auxilary belt 2016
    Coolant flush 2016
    Millers nanodrive engine oil 2016
    Millers Transmission fluid 2016
    NGK heat grade 7 spark plugs 2016
    Audi R8  coil packs 2016
    Latest revision cam follower 2016
    Latest revision PCV 2016
    Revision G diverter valve 2016
    Full aircon service done the same time as the MOT, July 2017
    Vagcom scan shows no fault codes
    James @ VDS performance, Redhill Surrey can vouch for this car
    Car drives faultlessly and is a clean low mileage example

    Bad points:

    Front lip has slight damage which I will be repairing soon but if the car sells first I will knock the £100 I’ve been quoted for the repair and respray.

    Us spec bumper has some stone chips where the rear wheels are.

    The car is 10 years old so does have some stone chips but not excessive what so ever


    Please see piston heads advert for up to date pictures

    Crawley West Sussex

    Lazer Blue Gti .
    Single Image
      Location: Sussex
      Postage: £0.00
      Delivery Only

      FK Silverline Coilovers
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      Hi all, Sold my edition 30 the other month to move to something a little bit more practical whilst buying our first home. Off the back of that and sorting through storage I've found a few bits I've collected over the years. Give me a shout if you've got questions about anything! All listed for collection in the Kent area (Ashford/Maidstone) although I can make arrangements for the items to be in Whitstable/Herne bay if needed. I'm happy to courier all items but this will need to be organised by the buyer, the smaller items I can post but these charges will also be covered by the buyer. I can provide quotes based on location.

      Purchased in 2014 but was not fitted to car until 2015. Was on my edition 30 for 2 years, covering roughly 16,000 miles. All working perfectly just needing a quick wipe over.

      RRP £450 from Vemon Motorsport when purchased.

      Located in Ashford, willing to travel to maidstone, can also arrange to be in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne bay.

      Buyer to arrange courier - I can wrap items but will not be responsible for damages.
      Blueflame Suitcase Delete
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      Fitted for a year before being replaced with a turbo back exhaust. Loads of clips of the sound online which does the car a treat if wanting to stick with the stock cat. Diameter of pipe is slightly larger than stock so will need to be fitted with a step down, I have lost this piece.

      RRP - £250

      Located in Ashford, willing to travel to Maidstone, can also arrange to be in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne bay.

      Buyer to arrange courier - I can wrap items but will not be responsible for damages.
      R32 - Front Calipers & Carriers.
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      Front two calipers in stock red colour. Pistons moving freely and come with stock lines attached. Removed as I fitted a full set which I had reconditioned before purchase of the car. Removed at 65-70K miles, unsure of when fitted. Also have some pads which will be included in sale. Give me a shout if you have any questions.

      Located in Ashford, willing to travel to Maidstone, can also arrange to be in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne bay.

      Buyer to arrange courier - I can wrap items but will not be responsible for damages.

      (Pictured with GTI rears, not included in this item, see above)
      GTI Calipers Front & Rear
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      Same as above, all in working condition, fronts removed before I purchased the car, rears removed at 65-70K miles; unsure of when fronts where removed. Will come with everything I have in storage, I believe there are some used pads but no discs. Rears will need new lines.

      Ideal upgrade for any non GTI.

      Located in Ashford, willing to travel to Maidstone, can also arrange to be in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne bay.

      Buyer to arrange courier - I can wrap items but will not be responsible for damages.

      (Pictured with r32 fronts, not included in this item)
      GTI Lower Grills
      Single Image
        Location: Kent
        Collection Only

        As title, lower grills for fog light surround, in good condition with no scrapes or cracks.

        Unsure of shipping costs will have to quote on location.
        Various Service Items
        Location: Kent
        Collection Only

        All parts for GTI // Edition 30 and are brand new. I am willing to split but not sure if it will be worth it for the postage.

        Bosch Oil Filter
        Crossland Pollen Filter
        Mahle Fuel Filter
        Golf Boot Badge/Handle
        Location: Kent
        Collection Only

        From an 05 model so logo is flat not raised. Little bit of white worm as can be seen in the images. 
        Front Passenger window regulator (5 door)
        Location: Kent
        Collection Only

        Built unit for straight swap into a 5 door, bought for a 3 door but the pulleys are too short. No motor included.

        Standard non cruise indicator stalk.
        Location: Kent
        Collection Only

        As above, part no can be seen in images. Removed from an 05 golf in 2013.
        3dr Car mats
        Single Image
          Location: Kent
          Collection Only

          Non genuine mats, brand new and never fitted. Bought two pairs to use in winter driving but never got around to using these. Perfect fit for Oval holders.
          Audi R8 Coilpacks
          Single Image
            Location: London
            Postage: £3.00
            Delivery or Collection

            Hi guys,

            I purchased these coilpacks from AKS about 3 months ago when I was having a misfire issue (Documented on my build thread) - it turned out to be a faulty injector instead. But unfortunately my car has been written off so I've removed these and have put them up for sale. 

            Recaro Wingback seats
            Single Image
              Location: Brighton
              Postage: £0.00
              Delivery or Collection

              Recaro wingbacks for sale

              £1250 with part exchange for 2 front leathers or tartan cloth

              £1500 outright

              Gti embossed , heated and leather.

              Happy to include rear bench if tartan cloth part exchanged

              Many photos on request

              Good condition