Author Topic: Seat Leon FR K04 converted  (Read 2333 times)

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Re: Seat Leon FR K04 converted
« Reply #30 on: July 18, 2017, 10:25:42 AM »
Glad its finally up and running and driving properly.... Lambda previously hit over 1 under full load.... silly stuff....

Worth it in the end though
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Re: Seat Leon FR K04 converted
« Reply #31 on: July 25, 2017, 12:03:19 AM »
As the current map on the ECU didnt seem to account for the turbo that had been put on to it, it ran lean - k03 injectors, sensors etc. So having bought all the fuelling hardware plus a few extras for the k04 it was time to send the ECU to R-tech to load a k04 base map on to it. To unplug the ECU from the connectors you need to remove the bracket which is held by four anti-tamper bolts (2 smaller and 2 larger). To remove them you need to cut a slit in the head of the AT bolts to get a screwdriver into.

Whilst the ECU was away, the k04 injectors, rs4 valve, 200bar fuel rail pressure sensor and 3 bar MAP sensor had to be installed, so that when the ECU returned it would run correctly. I had already rebuilt the HPFP with VIS stage 1 internals which are required for running 130bar. As the manifold had to come off to install the hardware I might as well clean the valves as well as installing a runner flap delete kit from AKS. Manifold off:

These were my valves at 62k. Probably be the same again in 15-20k! Perhaps a proper PCV delete and meth might help prevent build-up  :evilgrin:

Half way through cleaning, time consuming process. I used nylon brushes with a drill attachment, petrol and carbon cleaner. I used lakeland stove cleaner which is really strong stuff. You cant leave it in there for too long!

Inlet manifold with RS4 valve, 200bar fuel pressure sensor, runner flap delete with new inlet manifold and throttle body gaskets.

K04 injectors installed back in the cylinder head. I bought new injectors so the teflon seals, washer and the blue o-ring that sits in the fuel rail were present but I had to get the locator clips from AKS which come in an injector build kit.

After putting it back together, I primed the fuel pump a number of times and turned the key a bit nervously! It all fired up ok and after a short drive appeared to be behaving well. After putting my foot down it all seemed great - big smile! And this is just the base map!! After logging I was pleased to see the engine is no longer running anywhere near as lean as it was on the previous map, with lambda now at 0.79 opposed to 0.9. Fuel pressure up to 130bar so the HPFP and injectors seem to be doing their jobs!
youve been busy lol glad you've nearly got it to run properly and hopefully get it to run fully 100% even quicker  :happy2:

I got a hammer and chisel to the mk6 golf ECU snap bolts a few days ago and it worked a treat  :grin: