Author Topic: Seat Leon Cupra K1 APR Stage 2+ 360bhp  (Read 197 times)

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Seat Leon Cupra K1 APR Stage 2+ 360bhp
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:15:30 PM »
Seat Leon Cupra K1 APR Stage 2+ 360bhp FSH NAV Cruise MINT
Single Image
    Location: Corby
    Collection Only

    ** please message me for more photos I have lots.**

    It's time to sell my pride and joy for the last nearly 7 years. I have looked after this regardless of price, whatever it's needed it's had. To be honest the car has been so good to me and has never needed me to "fix" anything, short of tyres, a new battery and a couple bits here and there it's been so solid.

    The car, a genuine confirmed Seat Cupra k1 from the dealer. It has just over 53000 on the clock. I purchased it at 15800 and it did 2 years of decent millage and then since then it's been my second car so only really used once or twice every two weeks. 53k is great millage for its age and has been serviced every year regardless of millage. The lowest it did in one year was 2000 miles and still had a full service for that year. The car has only been run on v power, only fuel its ever had in it.

    MOT was done on 9th May 2017 and pass with zero advisories.

    2 brand new Pirelli p zero MO rear tyres fitted less than 150 miles
    2 new front wiper blades

    Car was registered at Seat Oswestry on the 1st April 2008. I am registered as the second owner so 1 previous owner. "Declared new at first registration"

    It's first service was done at Seat garage it was purchased from and then from its second service was when I owned the car, all work has been carried out by Midlands VW in Cannock, a specialist VW Vag group company who have always made sure the car is maintained. If it's written in the book what's been done extra Iv listed below, some stuff I have forgotten but it's always been looked after.


    7290 11/05/09
    15799 03/02/11
    25541 27/10/11
    34821 20/07/12 + brake fluid change
    38172 18/01/13 + time belt and water pump
    40025 22/07/13
    43033 9/10/14
    45550 12/08/15 + brake fluid change
    45550 + abs unit replaced under g201 fault
    47958 22/03/16
    51376 05/06/17

    As you can see it's a pretty full service history. Spark plugs were replaced around the same time as timing belt change.


    I purchase the car fully standard and then modified it over a couple of years and always making sure everything was done properly. I do not have a rolling road print out for the figure, but a test drive and you will know it live upto that number.

    APR stage 2+ ecu mapping done on rolling road
    APR high pressure fuel pump 
    Full milltek turbo back with sports cat
    S3 alloy intercooler
    ITG G60 air induction kit
    Whiteline Anti lift kit
    Eibach sport line springs
    DV+ with silicone return pipe
    Triple R components front splitter

    On the rolling road done at awesome gti who fitted the stage 2+ it made 360bhp and i believe 415ftlb of torque. It's very fast and pulls so well through the gears.  At the same time as the stage2+ I had an uprated Sachs clutch fitted to the car to hold the power and it's never slipped or missed a beat since then.

    Cosmetic stuff:

    Car has installed a RNS310 satnav unit with latest maps 2016/17 on a SD car which will be sold with the car. Bluetooth Equipped as standard. 55w 6000k HID kit fitted and bright LED sidelights. I have modified the engine cover to fit the air filter piping in. I had the usual Issue where the water drips down the bonnet liner and onto cyl4 and had to have new plug and coil pack fitted so fitted engine cover back on to stop any future issues.. looks better too.


    The interior is nothing short of mint. No rips or stains on any seat and has been well looked after inside and always cleaned to a high standard. There is a slight mark on the top of the gear stick but other than that, you won't find a fault.


    Again it's pretty much spot on. Always been looked after well and cleaned the right way. No scratches .. no scuffs .. no paint peel.. no rust.. no dents. The only down side is the alloys need a refurb. It's not from curbing, some paint feeling in corners but you can not see it unless you face to face with alloys. It's cheap job its only paint. Might be able to see in photo but I change caliper clips to golf R ones, painter black and applied cupra sticker, nice little touch to the car.

    If anyone buys this car they are buying a great example and A very well maintained car. It will come spotless inside and out. This has been my pride since I had it but it's time to let someone enjoy it as I don't use it enough. I'm looking for cash sale, I will listen to respectful offers.

    Any questions please ask and I am open to conversation about the car.
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    Re: Seat Leon Cupra K1 APR Stage 2+ 360bhp
    « Reply #1 on: November 14, 2017, 10:37:27 AM »
    "It's time to sell my pride and joy for the last nearly 7 years. I have looked after this regardless of price, whatever it's needed it's had"...

    Timing Belt is overdue, Should be every 4 Years. It should have been done in Apr 2012 and again Apr 2016. Its only had One replacement.
    Brake Fluid is every 2 Years so that is overdue.
    Spark Plugs ideally need doing every couple of Years Max on a Stage 2+ Car, Yours where last done in 2013.
    Pirelli MO Tyres are designed for Mercedes Vehicles, Same as the N1/N2 etc are for Porsche etc. Not the best choice.
    No Rolling Road printout... :thinking:

    Not wanting to point out the obvious but when you post a Car For Sale on an enthusiast site and make comments like the above be prepared to be challenged.