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Re: Rear trailing arm bushes
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:23:32 PM
Cheaper to buy new arms than buying bushes and having them pressed in!!
Also new bolts

Re: Tailgate automatic opening from fob (boot pop mod)
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:19:10 PM
Yeah me thinks  :thinking:

Thanks to Chris for the info  :smiley:

Re: Super pro adjustable ball joints
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:16:37 PM
Maybe try the Powerflex adjustable camber front bushes instead of bjs as they give upto 1/2degree more without these brake clearance issues.
I am using super pro ALK mate, I'm looking for clearance for the bj's.

Up to 06 heated seats wiring
Last Poster: RetroRaz in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:45:51 PM
Hey everyone.

Having bit if an issue with wiring up 06 plate heated seats.

Got the module under both seats, and the loom came with the seats.

Grounded 2 circle connectors
Wired cecm wire
2 permanent live wires
1 ignition wire
3 cables going to heater panel and then I have another cable near the heater panel.

On the car

MK7 clubsport steering wheel in MK5?
Last Poster: ello in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Today at 03:20:40 PM
So I have the module that allows me to fit and control MK7 MFSW in older cars - in my case my mk5 57 plate gti.

Now I'm the hunt for a clubsport dsg steering wheel, do I need to get a particular one, or would any one be fine to fully operate in my mk5.

I've seen this one: https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-GOLF-7-GTI-CLUBSPORT-ALCANTARA-STEERING-WHEEL-LENKRAD-ROTEN-N

Rear pcv help
Last Poster: Rigsby in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:14:00 PM
I’ve been leaking oil from the rear pcv , so got rid of the oem clips and replaced with jubilee clips.
Whilst doing this i noticed that there’s no check valve in the pcv pipe?
Shouldn’t there be one? I know there’s different revisions for the this pipe but thought they all had a valve in?

Cam chain tools
Last Poster: Ant b in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:10:28 PM
Hello just wondering has any one on here got the cam chain timing tools(preferably genuine) that I could borrow for a fee.
Ive got everything to change my cam chain but the tools,and there not cheap.
Thanks Ant

Re: Drivers side Xenon headlight
Last Poster: Dave J in Wanted on Today at 03:09:16 PM
Thanks guys - I've a brand new LHD drivers xenon that I bought up for spares, so I will have a look and see if I can get swap out the motor. Looks a bit fiddly mind...!

Re: Cam chain timing tools
Last Poster: Ant b in Technical Workshop on Today at 03:07:51 PM

Re: Mk2 Golf 3.2 VR6 Kamei Edition + GTI 8v Mini Resto
Last Poster: th3_f15t in Other VAG on Today at 12:36:36 PM
Cheers very much dude. I'm sure the tensioner is self adjusting on these engines so it'll sort itself out. Got vacuum lines to plumb in, brakes to rebuild, exhaust to fit, redo anti roll bar bushing Vs, rear wheel bearings, new windscreen and potentially all new brake lines then it's ready for MOT inspection.

Dsg control unit refund cost
Last Poster: harveym3 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:10:45 PM
Hi all I've got a mk5 gti dsg with a jerky take off dose it need a refurb or can it be reset ??

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: willni in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:10:13 PM
@Pudding Finished my spare wheel well carpet tonight, not hard at all could be tidied up in places mainly the only visible seem but I

Re: Front wing rust warranty success!!
Last Poster: CBC21 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:29:44 AM
Has anybody managed to get the rear arch and door still repaired under warranty? Drivers side on a 3dr.

Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk

2.0 tdi bkd cut out
Last Poster: danny19901 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:13:56 AM
hi everyone, i have a mk5 golf 2.0 tdi bkd engine and i really need help i only bought it a few weeks ago and it has cut out on me three times, it cuts out when im doing high speeds down the motorway and the revs are about 3500rpm, i shift the car to netural then it cuts out, when it does cut out the engine will crank over but wont fire back up again the only way it will start is o

Re: Anti roll bar bushes
Last Poster: Dan_FR in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:50:54 AM
It can definitely be done, as I have done it, but the ARB needs removing from the car to do so. Once off the car, separate the clamp that holds the bush by drilling the underside of the captive nut, or some cutting, its quite easy and obvious once off the car.... Once done, fit new bush around ARB, refit clamp around the bush, then refit to car. It can be a bit fiddly but if you pr

Re: Mk5 parcel shelf
Last Poster: DANBOY66 in Wanted on Today at 02:49:44 AM
i have one
can post one out to you if need be


Re: Canbus Gateway - RNS510
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in Wanted on Today at 01:48:01 AM
My Q I bought, waiting for it to come through post, will be for sale. Turns out my K is fine. Be happy to let it go for £20+pp (what I paid for it)
Anyone interested drop me a pm

Black edition 30 - Maidstone.
Last Poster: Lenham in Spotted on Yesterday at 10:52:47 PM
Saw a nice black edition 30 going down blue bell hill around 9:15 thismorning,  just wondering if it's anyone on here?

Re: upgrade from iPhone 6 to 7, or to 8??
Last Poster: shaunK in Random Chat on Yesterday at 10:17:41 PM
I've just jumped from a 7 to an 8 simply because I but mine outright, I dropped my 7 and got a refurb one on insurance so could sell it for top money.

The 8 is great, maybe slightly quicker but not really that you'd ever notice. The wireless charging I've used once lol. The huge downside to the 8 I find is as the rear is made of glass it slides off of everything!!!

Re: Which canbus for upgrade?
Last Poster: Christiank in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 10:07:18 PM
7N0 will allow you to do more retrofits since it's from a newer car.

I'm using 7N0 "AS" .. This gives you EXT.can, 5F and much much more :)


Genuine BBS CK011 18" Pick up only Ayrshire
Location: Ayrshire
Collection Only

Set of Genuine BBS CK011 18" x 8" ET 44 5x112 complete with BBS carbon inserts (couple of minor surface scratches on these).  I am selling these as "requiring a refurb".  The tyres are 225/40/18 Pirelli Nero Zero and are legal with approximately 3mm however, they are needing replacing.  Given the tyre life and condition of the wheels, I have priced these accordingly.

All have some kerbing, varying from minor to one having kerbing and a chip about the size of 5p.  There are no big gouges, cracks, buckles or welds in these wheels and from 5m they looked mint before a run in with a kerb.  I ran these on my 2010 S3 but they will fit other VAG cars. Please check fitment before buying.

I'm not willing to post these, pick up only - they fit inside S3 with back seats down/parcel shelf out so will easily fit inside a Golf.  Located in Ayrshire.

I have only given these a quick clean, given they are being sold as requiring a refub.
Standard Steering Wheel (Can be converted to MFSW)
Location: Walthamstow, London
Postage: £10.00
Delivery or Collection

Standard 3 spoke steering wheel, has spots for the buttons behind the blanks so can be converted to a multi function steering wheel
For sale 1500
Location: North wales
Collection Only



Engine management light on the fault is showing inconsistent signal between crank and cam sensors idling lumpy but drives fine. Had 000's spent on her including crank and cam sensor timing belt timing chain 3 tyres with approx 2000 miles or less on them, new rear discs pads calipers, new rear springs. Ram air oversized induction kit (still have original airbox) Red gti matts.
I really dont want to part with the car its my pride and joy but unfortunately I've run out of money to throw at her, the mot is running out on the 17th of october and will not pass another due to the emissions caused by the fault.
Any further questions please drop me a message on here or email Rclewis2412@gmail.com
Many thanks
Skoda Fabia vRS Special Edition ***REDUCED***
Location: Wigan, North West UK
Collection Only

Skoda Fabia vRS Special Edition 2007 Number: 729/1000

126,500miles verified mileage

MOT 19/04/2018

1.9 TDI

6 Speed Manual

2 Keys

Lady Owner

4 Previous Owners

Serviced and maintained by Awesome Gti due in April 2018

Cambelt and waterpump replaced at 101,731 miles (2nd time) in 2015

Very rare Race Blue with red brake calipers

Cruise Control, electric windows, electric mirrors, remote central locking, air conditioning

Factory tinted rear windows

Comes with private plate J4VMO

Car is in very good condition with age related stone chips to the bonnet, it comes with a wrapped black grill other than this the car is standard.  The car has recently had the headlights professionally cleaned. The car has a few minor marks around the car.

The car benefits from a professional Revo remap which was done from the dealership when the car was nearly new, approximately 160+bhp this is not an aggressive map easily returns 55+mpg.  The engine is standard apart from this.  It has had a new intercooler and the lower intercooler pipe replaced at Awesome Gti recently and a new battery installed with receipt a few months ago.  It has had a new clutch master cylinder.  Gearbox is smooth with no issues, engine pulls superbly, clutch is fine.

Excellent condition, original blue piped full leather seats front and back with matching special edition numbers, uprated Pioneer headunit, original will headunit will be sold with the car.

Wheels and tyres
Wheels are original and in very good condition but showing some a little bit of wear in places but do come up nice with no corrosion and little kerbing.  Tyres all have at least 4mm of thread.
The car runs fantastic and has never missed a beat the mileage is average for its age.

Not so good bits
The car has a leaking seal in the rear door which, during a heavy rain storm can let a little bit of weather in, it would require a new door seal. The passenger door unlocking can be a bit temperamental and fail to unlock.

Only reason for sale is my job requires even more mileage and have offered a lease car so the Fabia will just be sat unused.
Grab yourself a bargain on this future classic
Contact Niki 07701055122
Location: Wigan, North West UK
PRICE DROP!x2 Quad Milltek Sport Exhaust with matching sprayed ABT Valance
Location: Manchester, UK
Collection Only


Hi guys,

Unique one here. Sold my 2.0TSFI Mk5 Golf GTI now, so stripped the exhaust and valance for sale.

This is a Milltek exhaust, bought from by AwesomeGTI.com with a matching ABT rear valance which has been sprayed in the same factory colour black as my mk5 Golf GTI.

Pictures were pretty hard to take, especially the one with my forum user name on but hopefully they do it justice. The look and sound is beyond awesome without being over the top!