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Forge engine caps
on May 20, 2018, 04:46:40 PM
Anyone know where I can get these caps in chrome? I saw them a few years back before I got my Edition 30 but I've spent weeks looking for some and can only find ones for the mk7 GTI.

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Just fitted a new style cluster into a 2007 Golf GT
Last Poster: ballcrusher in Technical Workshop on Today at 02:35:42 AM
Hi Eddie-NL is there a price for me to come to you to do all the changes over clocks coding and so on.....thanks

Re: Raj's United Grey GTi 2.0 DSG - Build Thread
Last Poster: Caspersmith in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:14:16 PM
Nice one man, certainly been through the mill, but you've stuck with it & it seems to be coming out better than what it was!

Bet it's taken a serious amount of organising.

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Re: Sunset Red 1.4 TSI(TFSI) GT Sport - daily drive & track car
Last Poster: rex in Members Rides on Yesterday at 07:50:42 PM
Just got the car back from the dealer where it received a full respray (everything was repainted except the boot lid because I wanted to make sure I get the same color :) ). I also changed the windscreen, on headlight and a fog light. The reason I did all this was because the car was affected by a lot of stone chips and other small scratches.
Not it is scratch free and it look

Re: Which stereo?
Last Poster: Ads22 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:17:26 PM
OUt of interest what is the sound quality like on these OEM upgraded units verses the original head unit. The RNS 330G plus looks attractive at the moment and interested to hear if the theres a difference.

Re: MFSW and New stereo unit query
Last Poster: Ads22 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 06:59:34 PM
I have been looking into as to whether the MFSW controls are really worth the effort. Seems i will likely need a new wheel and control module. Mine is a Manual so theres no space under the blanking plates. Its also a mid line dash display and have discovered that some have issues with being unable to change tracks and radio station with mid line. Is this true as it seems a lot of h

Re: Interior Fan Control Problem
Last Poster: jamie in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 06:01:32 PM
That fixed it - thanks all.

Re: ed30 Engine BYD or CDL
Last Poster: sm17hy in Wanted on Yesterday at 01:34:29 PM

I've got a CDL engine with some mods:

 2.0T FSI for stage 4





Re: Matt's graphite blue 5dr K04 GTi DSG
Last Poster: M77MWW in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:57:12 AM
Had my milltek fitted today, so happy with how it sounds.

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Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Chesto18 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:10:12 AM

Pipe with MAP in. See circled area which looks as if the two parts of the pipe are coming apart...

Re: NQS BBK A Not Quite So Big Brake Kit..NQS Rear mods now.....
Last Poster: Christiank in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 06:57:26 AM
No, I run Porsche 986 front and VW Caddy calipers on the rear. Same size as the GTI caliper just with a larger piston in it.

Why run R32 splash guards when it'll fit with normal GTI 312 front / 288 rear guards?

Re: Gti Pioneer Head unit
Last Poster: Trav Turbo in Mk5 General Area on June 23, 2018, 11:14:36 PM
No canbus just plug and play with mine, only had to change facia to fit it. I'll look into it but haven't heard of people using canbus to fit aftermarket stereos, I didn't use one on my previous Pioneer stereo in my car which I had for few years.

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Re: Power loss
Last Poster: willni in Mk5 General Area on June 23, 2018, 09:57:29 PM
I hate the diaphragm DV's...would use a piston type if wasn't already using a nearly indestructible Porsche type DV on vacuum for ten years now without issue.

Re: Rear spring replacement
Last Poster: DavGTI in Mk5 General Area on June 23, 2018, 08:24:49 PM
Hi all, I discovered last night that my rear spring has broken. So I picked up two new ones today from ECP. I will be replacing them myself however I was wondering if the bolt that needs to come out to drop the sprin

Re: Anybody used Volksmaster in Oldham?
Last Poster: AJP in Mk5 General Area on June 23, 2018, 06:14:41 PM
Where is this awesome garage located?

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Manchester. Google Awesome GTI.

Re: High brake light
Last Poster: 4ndy in Mk5 General Area on June 23, 2018, 05:36:50 PM
And also hid kits fitted to halogen headlights is now a fail
:drinking: :congrats: At last.  Cant beat the real thing or a pair of nightbreakers

3dr tartan cloth seats
Last Poster: DanBoy in Wanted on June 23, 2018, 02:00:06 PM
Has anyone got any decent condition 3-door tartan cloth GTI seats, either a set or just the fronts will be fine, what do people have??

Loose radiator pack?
Last Poster: revolver566 in Mk5 General Area on June 23, 2018, 11:21:46 AM
Noticed today my entire radiator pack is loose at the top (fans leaning against the engine) I can reposition it back to where it looks like it should sit but it won’t stay
Anyone know how these are normally secured at the top?

White block in pic seems to locate rad pack
[img width=589 height=786]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180623/11958c9834ff94e859b834

Re: Both fans spinning .... and aircon problem
Last Poster: andyiseddy02 in Mk5 General Area on June 23, 2018, 11:17:06 AM
We still use them.

I think it was just a problem of a new receptionist operating her mouth before putting her brain in gear.

They are based in Irlam , Manchester.

Re: Advice needed: Few questions on remaps, spacers, intakes and clutches...
Last Poster: colesey in Performance Modifications on June 23, 2018, 06:44:26 AM
Morning Jacob. I would recommend making the trip to Rtec to get the intake / injector carbon clean and remap - get everything nicely overhauled for much the same overall cost as Revo / APR remaps. His stage 1 should comfortably give you around 300 bhp/lbft, possibly a little more, without killing your clutch. Panel filter is fine.

Suggest you save the money from the exha

Re: Tackled my headlights today
Last Poster: akispap in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on June 23, 2018, 01:30:53 AM
Mine came out really nice actually! Glad the DA did some good work! I have pictures in my thread if anyone wants to see!


As New Kenwood dnx516dabs - £500
Single Image
    Location: Southampton
    Collection Only

    As New Kenwood dnx516dabs

    Not a mark on it , 6 months old . Bought new for £950 ... think you can get them now for £920

    So still a very good saving !

    Does absolutely everything and is designed exactly for the mk5 , comes with all leads and I’ve bought a new dab Ariel as well

    Reduced £500!!
    Engine / gearbox mounts
    Single Image
      Location: Southampton
      Collection Only

      Covered 40k miles , very good order with no splits / leaks ect . Off a 2009 gti
      Edition 30 DSG
      Location: London
      Collection Only

      2007 57 reg Edition 30 DSG Deep Pearl Black
      85500 miles
      Full VW service history

       VW service history as follows:8/4/08 – 5924mls – Oil change (VW St. Albans)25/4/09 – 10096mls – Oil change and Interval Service (VW St. Albans)19/4/10  - 17561mls – Service (VW St. Albans)31/5/11 – 23587mls – Major Service and Brake Fluid change (VW St. Albans)16/3/12 – 29533mls Cambelt and Waterpump replaced (VW Watford)18/7/12 – 33789 mls - Major service and Brake fluid change (VW Warners, Herts)15/2/13 – 41224mls – DSG Gearbox Service (VW Loughton)15/4/13 – 43391mls – Major Service (VW Loughton)5/9/13 – 47641mls – Steering rack and loom replaced under warranty (VW Loughton)17/3/14 – 52915mls – Minor Service and Brake Fluid Service 7/5/15 – 64966mls – Cambelt, Waterpump replaced (VW Loughton)10/2/15 – 62496mls – Minor Service (VW Loughton)16/12/15 – 72412mls – Major Service (VW Loughton) 80000 independent service oil change and NGK spark plugs
      85000 independent oil change

      Winter Pack
      Heated Seats
      Power fold mirrors with Paddle lights
      Multi-function steering wheel
      Highline display
      Android XTRON unit with CANBUS so it shows you litres till empty, washer level, and other car information
      Usual ED30 extras incl. half leather, gti mats.
      Alloys been refurbed 2mths ago

      I listed this before on a quick sale, but removed due to going away, I am still abroad but car is still for sale. Listed at £7500 or very near offer. I am not in a rush. I'll be listing on autotrader soon, if anyone has access to the ED30 owners group facebook please send the link over.
      Mk7 - Mk5 heater Control Conversion
      Single Image
        Location: Northern Ireland
        Postage: £10.00
        Delivery or Collection

        For sale is my custom Mk7 - Mk5 heater Control Conversion of which there's only about 3 I know of made. Selling as I'm too fussy and don't want to spend anymore on the project of making them, what you get is a 2015 Passat CC Heater Control w/ Heated Seats (£100+) shows the individual climacontrol on RNS 315 like the mk6 dials do on the rcd/rns510, The mk5 golf /2015-on Scirocco Radio heater facia (£60) and modified radio cage/skeleton.

        Recommendations from me are either to get the facia professionally painted or to wrap it.

        More Pictures Below;
        2007 MK5 Golf GTI Edition 50 3dr manual black 1 owner 116k miles
        Location: Warrington
        Collection Only

        Edition 35 is now bought and my daily driver, so the Edition 30 must now go .....


        Mk5 Golf GTI edition 30 3dr manual
        of the 2300 (approx) cars in the uk this is plaque number: 1369
        116,500 miles
        1 owner (me) owned from new supplied by Manchester VW
        Black magic metallic paint (LC9Z)
        Numbered plaque 1369 is fitted and present in the car
        2 keys will be supplied


        Usual ed30 spec (which is awesome) with the following additional options :

        Metallic paint black £310
        Xenons £638 ( a must have, and change the way the mk5 looks)
        Multi function steering wheel inc High line (the large central display) £314
        Parking sensors £268
        Rcd500 inc soundpack £591
        Winterpack (heated washer jets,  low level indicator) £191
        Central Armrest £?
        Cruise control (retrofitted)

        Service history
        19/10/2007   delivery inspection Gilbert Lawton Manchester VW
        03/07/2008   9577 miles Gilbert Lawton Manchester VW
        26/03/2009 19605 miles Gilbert Lawton Manchester VW
        03/11/2009 29883 miles Gilbert Lawton Manchester VW
        17/06/2010 39485 miles Gilbert Lawton Manchester VW
        26/04/2011 49166 miles Gilbert Lawton Manchester VW
        17/02/2012 59202 miles WarringtonVW
        05/11/2013 72158 miles Votex Congleton
        31/10/2014 80088 miles Ashcroft Autocentre Warrington
        24/10/2015 88509 miles Ashcroft Autocentre Warrington
        28/10/2016 99935 miles Ashcroft Autocentre Warrington
        06/09/2017 110,000 miles Ashcroft Autocentre Warrington Cam belt and water pump and fit replacement OE s/h exhaust cat back
        25/10/2017 110,565 miles Ashcroft Autocentre Warrington full inc fuel air cabin and spark plugs

        Car is due a service and mot Nov 2018
        Car has had 2 cam belt inc water pump changes at 40k and 110k miles.
        At least 2 fuel pump cam followers

        I have a folder full of receipts from new including

        Original bill of sale
        lots of documentation (servicing, mot,tyres, parts etc)
        Original mk5 edition 30 vw brochure
        Original vw options and pricelist
        Original vw bottle opener

        The full history of the car and me is listed on my blog
        and as the user
        on the incredible mk5 forum (here)
        just check out my post history

        I'm (was) one of the few original forum members left who haven't moved into another car til now

        I would consider the car OEM+ with the following enhancements :

        REVO Stage 1 remap from Oct 2010 to now (settings reduced to protect clutch)
        SPS Revo obd port unit (TO SET boost timing fuel values) will be supplied with car
        S3 front calipers with 340mm j hook discs  and ferrodo ds2500 front pads replaced end 2016 supplied by vagbremtechnic
        OE  rear discs and pads replaced end 2016
        THS Engine mounts and Lower engine mount 'dogbone' insert
        Whiteline AntiLift Kit (WALK)
        Bilstein b12 suspension kit Nov 2013 71k miles :   inc top mounts. Looks incredible, handles brilliantly and surprisingly not a problem around speedbumps etc
        DEFI Blue racer 52mm boost guage inc OSIR vent pod : http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,2073.0.html

        I have been very selective in  the mods, and have often left comprehensives reviews on the forum, go take a look

        The car pulls hard in every gear and for a stg 1 Revo car has run faultessly for over 8 years.

        The good

        This is a genuine from new one owner car with it's entire life recorded/discussed on my blog or on the forum.

        Over 10 yrs I have always commuted from Warrington to Manchester 40 mile round trip so it has always been on the motorway and got fully warm no short journeys.

        We have another car for the family so the passengers seat and rear seats have barely been used.

        Looked after properly mechanically by VW then by a local VW specialist with regular oil changes.
        Always fed on Shell VPower/Optimax 98 only.
         I have just fitted a new pcv and charcoal cannister. The car returns average 32mpg at the moment

        Car has all round matching Michelin pilot sport 4 tyres varying levels of tread but still legal.  (tyres tell a lot about the owners mindset)

        Wheels are in the original finish, look ok  but could do with a refurb.

        Burns very little oil (some TFSI do, some dont, this one doesnt) (top up once a year if reqd).

        I followed a proper enthusiastic run in schedule straight out of the dealership which I feel has contributed to it's longevity.

        The car had been an absolute joy to own and always puts a smile on my face.
        This is without doubt the best looking and driver focused special edition golf (with some tweaks).

        This is a rare opportunity to buy a car where you can be the 2nd owner.

        The bad

        Drivers seat has 2 areas that are damaged ( i used to be a little heavier lol) and need repairing. The heated seats still work fine.
        Passengers door parking damage on upper half
        Rear quarter commuter parking 3 dents
        Petrol cap damage scratch
        Various small dents across the Car
        front splitter has lots of chips.
        Screen chip under 1cm not mot fail as yet.
        Inner boot plastic edge has a small hole (closing boot with large tree trunk broke it!)

        see album link below that shows all damage listed above.

        Clutch can slip (if you give it low rpm high boost in 6th) but with settings turned down ive been driving it this way for years. It will need a new one eventually! A remapped car getting to 116k on the original clutch is virtually unheard of.  Budget 600 (new oe clutch and flywheel) or >1k for Sachs to do it properly if you indeed to go Stage 2+

        Air con no longer functions. It might just need a re-gas (£), pressure switch (£) or its the compressor (£££).

        Engine is noisier than normal (even more than a normal TFSI) when warm, due to a worn cam chain (not the belt), this has been this way for over a year. It hasn't worn enough to effect running yet, but this would be first on my list to resolve (quoted £350 to fix)


        I'm probably being over honest in the points above, but that's just my style, at least you know exactly what you are coming to view.

        Despite what I've mentioned above the car looks and goes great.

        Some pictures taken yesterday, showing the outside, wheels,damage and interior (04/06/18) can be seen in this album https://photos.app.goo.gl/8sno3GiGNVpxa87z1

        Its an incredible car that Id love to see going to another enthusiast to cherish, the price is reduced to reflect points above and give some leeway to spend the difference how you like (or spend nothing and run as is for now).

        any questions feel free to PM me via the forum or john.oldfield.uk@gmail.com

        Car is currently ONLY advertised on this forum to gauge interest for a short time before it goes on ebay

        thanks for looking

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