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Re: Check list before stage1 remap
Last Poster: AJP in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:24:15 PM
Thank you for the explanation AJP. Much appreaciated  :notworthy:

I do want to tune my car too but my intake is playing up. I think I will save some money to do a carbon clean up and at the same time the RFD so I can eliminate the flaps and all problems associated with this as I think th

Re: Cam timing
Last Poster: rich83 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:47:00 PM
Looks ok to me.

Re: 245s.... anyone done it?
Last Poster: rich83 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:43:51 PM
You need fwd then in that case.

You mean AWD, right? :confused:

I'd recommend the AD08R or Pilot Cup 2 during the dry season. It would help a lot. They're also not that noisy.

Re: Pistonheads adverts?
Last Poster: david25 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:32:35 PM
I've purchased two private cars from PH, having found the owners are a bit more interested in their cars compared to autotrader and ebay,

Re: Dazza's Maintenance Thread
Last Poster: dazza in Members Rides on Today at 03:30:11 PM
Two years on slapped some carpet in the boot as i may have to put her up for sale.

Headliner has completely failed the kids got a face full of foam  :signLOL: when we to

Re: Headliner Material
Last Poster: dazza in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:21:36 PM
Opening up an old thread. Surly someone knows a good replacement material for the headliner?

If not may get the charcoal or black from here not sure which?


Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Mk5 General Area on Today at 02:21:44 PM
I had my mechanic to fit both subframes deadset kits. He told me the rear was more off centre than the front. I bought them as a precaution since the car is used on track days too.

Later I fitted the front deadset kit on my GT Sport with a friend in a pit. It's not an easy job indeed if you don't want to unbolt the subframe too much. :laugh:

Good job [url=http

Re: Not clued up on exhausts and needing help
Last Poster: Rigsby in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:21:25 PM
If your cobra joins to standard down pipe, and the decat downpipe is designed to fit to oem cat back then it should fit fine mate

Re: Wanted KO4 conversion kit!!!!
Last Poster: Dannyboi#722 in Wanted on Today at 01:04:50 PM
Bump is there anybody? It doesn't have to be the full kit, I'm looking for a low mileage ko4 turbo!! Cash waiting thanks guys.

Re: Smokey ed30,
Last Poster: martinEd30 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:52:35 AM
Ok, well il find out which one is the new one, but as i say 3 were refurbed with new seals etc. And its always had a slight rich smell to the exhaust anyway? N i can always look at gettin new injectors too.
 Also try and find a place to get a leak test done too. Every worthwhile specialist isnt local too me unfortunatly :(
N heres me dreaming of a cheap fix haha,

Re: How to change Fuel Pump Cam Follower on 2.0 TFSi
Last Poster: oliyaz0510 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 11:11:52 AM
I did mine yesterday (with banjo bolt) and a little help from a mate. No signs of it ever having been done but it didnt look too bad.

Relatively straight forward to do though even with the banjo bolt.

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Re: Andy's mk5 GTI
Last Poster: Rigsby in Members Rides on Today at 10:13:10 AM
Next on the list is a 3" downpipe and a bfi trans mount and diy poly engine mount
Already have power flex dogbone insert but not enough.

Re: Polo GTI Steering Wheel
Last Poster: willni in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Today at 09:28:48 AM
Did you ever get an answer for this?

Re: Shuddering under breaking
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:13:38 AM
Yup replace your tyres as this will cause the steering to go crazy under braking!!!

Re: Edition 30 Drivers seat bolster repair?
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:12:17 AM
No probs  :happy2:

Re: Original Battery
Last Poster: jason_rmh in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:51:29 PM
Yep, that looks like the original!

Re: Parts becoming available
Last Poster: flashp in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:35:54 PM
May want the brakes BUT Price dependant so this thread is a tad pointless at mo.
Apologies for causing frustration to anyone, it wasn't my intention at all. What I was trying to achieve was to gauge interest and hopefully collect a few names in order of enquiry whom I could contact o

Help with a pioneer HU
Last Poster: MeatHelmet1981 in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 08:18:33 PM
Hi guys,

I've been reading various threads about the Pioneer SPH-DA120. And I'm confused about what I would need to make it work in the GTi.

I already have the HU from my previous Civic Type R, so I would really appreciate links to facias, adaptors etc.

The car is a 2008 GTi with the RCD300 HU, parrot Bluetooth, it has a highline MFD and a MFSW whi

Re: New Grille - What should it look like?
Last Poster: matt74 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:42:15 PM
…an update

After receiving the gloss version of the grille I ordered a second set of bits that looked more OEM with a satin finish on the badge surround and honeycomb grille.

Bought these:


Re: Am I being unrealistic??
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:06:12 PM
The EP3 is easier to hustle along quickly as it has a vastly superior gearshift, much shorter gearing and stiffer suspension.  They are quick cars  :smiley:

The GTI is the much nicer daily car though  :happy2:


Audi R8 Coilpacks
Single Image
    Location: London
    Postage: £3.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Hi guys,

    I purchased these coilpacks from AKS about 3 months ago when I was having a misfire issue (Documented on my build thread) - it turned out to be a faulty injector instead. But unfortunately my car has been written off so I've removed these and have put them up for sale. 

    Location: Rugeley
    Collection Only

    56 plate mk5 golf gti (registered in uk in 2008)
    Rare Candy White Colour
    Japan Import so comes with few extras uk spec doesn't have as standard
    83K miles
    Always ran on high octane fuel only
    Full service history
    MOT until october
    All minor things needed on last mot advisorys etc i had the lot done.
    Running R-tech Stage 1 , 257bhp print out
    Carbonio intake
    Pre cat removed from exhaust
    Lowered on Eibach Sportline Springs
    All known weaknesses on these engines as been done, new cam follower done at last service
    new PCV valve and latest Rev G diverter fitted.
    MB Quart 6 speakers fitted upfront powered by small amp under passenger seat , 10 speaker system in total sounds awesome.
    Android kitkat 4.4 headunit fitted.
    Auto headlights
    Auto window wipers
    Auto anti glare rear view mirror
    Heated side mirrors
    led puddle lights
    leds fitted all round, boot, reg plate, interior , footwell all bright pure white led not cheap chinese ones
    Colour coded rear bumper and side skirts
    Edition 30 front splitter
    New underside engine cover fitted that attaches with eddy splitter
    Had new dsg gearbox fitted by VMTP auto gearbox specialist at a cost of £2599
    New arm bushes , ARB drop link, rubber gear gaiter inner and outer , new door lock module as passenger door would occasionally not unlock so had it fixed before it stopped working completely , new low pressure fuel pump , new can gateway and software updated to latest version to solve problem of the random battery drain it would have from head unit, please see photo of all this work thats been carried out in past 12months costing around £1300

    Also the small patch of paint missing which can be seen in some of the photos on the front bumper near the headlight i have now had repainted , please see picture 6. haven't had chance to retake all the pics again since i had it done unfortunately .

    Have all paper work to show work done all carried out by VW or Midland VW , loads bits done i probably missed out.

    No expense has been spaired on this car at all .

    Im in no rush to sell so just putting it out there to see what i get for it.

    Bad Points

    Air bag light has just come on after i hoovered out the car in preparation for sale so i think i must of knocked a wire or something under the seat perhaps , probably easy cheap fix but haven't had the time to get it sorted .

    Alloy wheels could probably do with a refurb/re-laquering as where they have stone chips on the lacquer that is over the diamond cut face can see where moisture has got underneath close up can see but from a distance they look perfectly fine .

    Few small spots of rust on the arch , hardly noticeable unless look for it but best i be as honest as i can be

    Contact 07792902945

    **Cash sale only please no more part exchange offers as i already have purchased a new car so this is cash sale only**
    2009 GTI Pirelli, 3 door, 56k miles. £12k in parts and labour to modify. All invoices present from new.
    Location: Havant, Portsmouth
    Collection Only

    Available to view at http://www.beachbuggin.co.uk/ this coming Sunday, 6th August. JKM will have this car on their stand and will be available to answer questions on the work carried out. I will also be available for some of the day.

    Howmanyleft records 194 Mk5 Pirelli's as licensed in the UK at Q1 2017. Of these 71 are DSG.

    In summary:
    Excellent condition, garaged stored, not a daily drive. Stamped service book, serviced annually. All invoices present; a comprehensive file from new will be supplied to the new owner. Maintained by JKM of Portsmouth with genuine parts.

    I’m offering this car in a choice of specification at different prices. Spec ‘A’ will be in its current fully modified condition and is as below.
    Spec A1 offers the car fully modified but none of the OE parts supplied.
    Spec ‘B’ deletes the Revo intake, OZ wheels, APR fuel pump, AP Racing big brake kit and has JKM set the map up for the new hardware configuration. If this is required a non-returnable deposit of £400 will be required to cover the cost of JKM carrying out this work.

    SPEC A @ £12950
    SPEC A1 @ £11550 (none of the OE parts supplied but fully modified)

    General info:
    •   Major service and MOT March this year incl. cambelt kit, brake fluid at 55913 miles.
    •   330bhp & 330lb/ft torque.
    •   Current mileage is 56,155
    •   3 previous keepers
    •   No advisories on MOT.
    •   4 new tyres December 2016, Michelin Pilot Sport 4.
    •   New Yuasa battery this month.
    •   DAB head unit.
    •   Heated seats.
    •   Cruise control.
    •   Headlight washers.

    Modifications in summary for spec A are as follows:
    •   Over £10,000 in parts alone, professionally fitted.
    •   Revo stage 2 engine tune, SPS switch included.
    •   S3 intercooler .
    •   Revo Camcoat intake.
    •   APR fuel pump.
    •   Milltek turbo back exhaust.
    •   Wavetrac LSD.
    •   Bilstein B12 suspension kit.
    •   Eibach F & R anti-roll bars.
    •   Audi S3 rear brakes.
    •   AP Racing 6 piston brake kit CP5575M1011.
    •   OZ Allegerita wheels, 18"; no spacers required for front caliper clearance.
    •   Revo DSG map, stage 1.
    •   S2T black anodized aluminium gear paddles.
    •   Polar FIS – gives engine info in OE dash display.
    •   Audi TTRS lower arms for camber adjustment - brand new VAG parts.
    •   Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit.
    •   Full set of Revo engine mounts.

    Original parts retained and included with sale for spec A are as follows:
    •   Freshly refurbished Pirelli alloys. Now in anthracite.
    •   OE intake system.
    •   Audi S3 front calipers and VAG discs with Ferodo DS2500 pads.
    •   OE Intercooler.
    •   OE fuel pump.
    •   OE engine mounts.

    SPEC B @ £10950
    General info:
    •   Bhp and torque would need to be confirmed once parts are removed and the car is re-set up and put on a Dyno. Estimated 300bhp conservatively.
    •   All other details for general info are as per spec A.

    Modifications in summary for spec B are as follows:
    •   Revo stage 2 engine tune, SPS switch included.
    •   S3 intercooler .
    •   Milltek turbo back exhaust.
    •   Wavetrac LSD.
    •   Bilstein B12 suspension kit.
    •   Eibach F & R anti-roll bars.
    •   Audi S3 front & rear brakes.
    •   Revo DSG map, stage 1.
    •   S2T black anodized aluminium gear paddles.
    •   Polar FIS – gives engine info in OE dash display.
    •   Audi TTRS lower arms for camber adjustment - brand new VAG parts.
    •   Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit.
    •   Full set of Revo engine mounts.

    Original parts retained and included with sale for spec B are as follows:
    •   OE Intercooler.
    •   OE engine mounts.

    Full details:
    JKM, the garage that look after this car, are a reputable specialist in Hampshire who enjoy an enviable reputation across many forums for VAG group vehicles and are well respected in these communities. The changes made to this car were made exclusively by them and with their advice and recommendations. To this end, over £10,000 has been invested in parts alone and are either genuine VAG parts or best quality third party items. Absolutely no corners have been cut and the build of this car is supported by a thick history file with all invoices from new.

    All the modifications carried out are functional rather than cosmetic not withstanding a change in wheel colour when I had the Pirelli wheels refurbished. There are no other cosmetic modifications on this car either internally or externally.

    Barring the wheels and front brakes the car is standard in appearance. The OZ wheels were chosen because of their light weight and high strength and that they gave correct running clearance to the front calipers without the need for spacers. These currently retail for around £1495

    The AP Racing 6 piston calipers were chosen in a dark colour so as to be a little more discreet, but they do have yellow lettering in keeping with the Pirelli scheme which was a happy coincidence. The brake rotors (which are floating) and bells are all AP Racing parts as supplied in their kit. This kit, coupled with the lighter wheels, dramatically reduces un-sprung weight and rotational mass thereby improving suspension and steering responsiveness. The brake kit cost £2400.

    The exhaust used was the Milltek resonated version which deletes the pre-cat (required for European emissions standards, not a UK requirement) and replaces the catalytic converter with a sports cat. Gas flow and thermal performance are also improved, essential for optimal turbo performance. Excess noise is also kept to a minimum, no drone at any speed inside the car. It’s very similar in sound output to the original but with an improved note and better build quality.

    The Revo intake is a well-developed intake with good MAF scaling and good filtration qualities, particularly when maintained as per manufacturer’s instructions. With it the engine can take advantage of improved fuelling throughout the rev range provided by the Revo stage 2 map. Maintaining correct air/fuel ratio is critical to reliability and longevity of the engine and the APR high pressure fuel pump helps maintain this. A standard pump can result in fuel cuts on some cars at certain points in the rev range which results in the ECU pulling settings back to look after the engine. The APR pump is around £800; a pump upgrade is often overlooked since it doesn’t add power per se but helps protect the engine and prevent retarding of settings.

    POLAR FIS displays engine parameters in the OE display between the rev counter and speedometer. The most important here is engine oil temperature since it does not heat up at the same rate as coolant. Engine oil temperature is THE most important consideration when driving any car with any kind of enthusiasm. No engine should be worked too hard before appropriate temperatures are reached. High purity ESTER based engine oil is used in servicing this car.

    The DSG map gives the car improved gear change points when in auto and works well in conjunction with the engine map.

    An LSD is a very expensive and transformative modification. The Wavetrac differential goes about its business very smoothly and unobtrusively and works well with the accompanying suspension changes and geometry. Levels of grip under certain circumstance are dramatically improved and control in the wet is improved. This was around £1700 supplied and fitted. It’s not a common modification due to cost and the fact it’s not economical to remove it and sell it when the vehicle is sold on.

    Revo engine mounts improve the throttle response by better control of engine movement compared to that provided by the overly soft OE mounts. Throttle input results in instant changes in wheel speed, there is no ‘damping’ in the drive train to overcome. The TFSI engine can move around quite dramatically in between gear changes. There are other conditions that manifest in a FWD drive car that could be exacerbated by such a large pendulum moving around in the engine bay, such as wheel hop. This is essentially a loss of and a regaining of traction.

    The fitted anti-lift kit controls the usual change in toe angle under acceleration and braking thus helping to maintain traction and good steering feedback and resp
    2006 Jetta 2.0TFSI Stage 2 map
    Location: Bristol
    Collection Only

    Selling my Jetta due to having to get something under 5 years old for a new job.

    Specs as below:

    2006 2.0 TFSI (BWA engine)
    12 months MOT (no advisories)
    106k miles (will rise as still in use)
    Brand new clutch and DMF (fitted last month)
    MFSW with cruise control
    VW main dealer services @ 14,416 - 25,597 - 29,958 - 42,667 - 52,697 - 64,324
    VW specialist services @ 75,036 - 83,166 - 93,993 - 104,672
    New spark plugs and fuel filter 80,000
    R-Tech Stage 2 map (263bhp with printout)
    Brand new Superpro dog-bone insert
    Sports-cat downpipe and Milltek cat-back exhaust
    Neuspeed intake
    GTI front and rear seats
    GTI smooth front end with magnetic plate
    Front splitter
    Recent tyres all round
    Recent front disks and pads
    Chassis notch (passed 3 MOTs with it)
    0awg power cable to boot (may or may not be removed before sale)

    Bad points:
    Couple of ripples and scrapes on the arches from air ride.
    Rear bumper has recently been resprayed, but the bodyshop have done a poor job with the colour match. Aiming to get this rectified before sale.
    Power delivery from 2-3k RPM has been a bit funny since the map (the car had an undiagnosed throttle-body out of calibration at the time). Pulls hard from 3k up to the redline with no issues. I think it just needs R-Tech to tweak it, but I haven't managed to make the 3+hr trip to them to sort it.

    Contact me on 07787 521626 (text/Whatsapp preferable before calling). Car is located in Bristol.
    Lazer Blue Gti .
    Single Image
      Location: Sussex
      Postage: £0.00
      Delivery Only

      Found a replacement so gonna say 4k with bentley alloys