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Forge engine caps
on May 20, 2018, 04:46:40 PM
Anyone know where I can get these caps in chrome? I saw them a few years back before I got my Edition 30 but I've spent weeks looking for some and can only find ones for the mk7 GTI.

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Parking light defective
Last Poster: GitFlog in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:16:37 AM
i have a half decent one and it has saved me 10x what i paid for it, so handy for checking for parasitic battery drain and finding ignition live empty fuse slots for hard wireing  stuff in and a whole load of other stuff.

Plenty of how2s on youtube for just about everything electrical in your car.

How much is my gti worth
Last Poster: Mickymurf in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:25:29 PM
Hi guys putting my golf gti up for sale once I get a few issues sorted and was wondering how much I should ask as checking eBay and the likes the price seems to vary massively I know they are some rough ones out there and some absolute minters I’d say mine in good to very good but not a minter

it’s a 2006 with 99k, dsg totally standard
5 door, black in colour and th

Re: Brake fluid for everyday fastroad use?
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:18:40 PM
Standard DOT4 whatever VW use for mine  :smiley:

Change it every 2 years regardless of what make of fluid you use.

WillNi's Red 5dr Edition 30
Last Poster: willni in Members Rides on Yesterday at 07:42:54 PM
Just some follow up pictures, cam follower comparison, the engine bay clean and my drivers seat after the use of the colour match seat polish lil bit shiny for my liking so used it sparingly.

Also finally got my rear light brightness back to normal after a lot of fettling with VCDs and the daytime running lights section.

[img width=588 height=786]https://uplo

Last Poster: Dogma in MK6 General Area on Yesterday at 07:26:00 PM
If it sounds too good to be true it usually is :sad1:

What he said.

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Re: 335i - N54 or N55
Last Poster: Pudding in Random Chat on Yesterday at 06:40:35 PM
My mate's got a 335d X drive Touring remapped to 480lbft or something daft like that.  Feels fast as fook as a passenger, but weirdly my ED30 keeps up with it no trouble on the move, but from a standstill it utterly destroys my car  :grin:

Anyway, I can't answer your question but maybe this can - https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&u

Re: Curious (Daft) Expressions That People Use.....
Last Poster: Pudding in Random Chat on Yesterday at 06:35:13 PM
"it's close today"  :grin:   My girlfriend said that yesterday in the car  :doh:  I think it's a Suffolk thing?  I replied "What? What's close? You mean it's humid?"  :grin:

More carrot crunching parsnip shoving Suffolk expressions I've heard over the years:

"I don't wonder at it" = I'm not surprised.
"That'll learn ya"  = Serves you right.
"Can you

Re: New GTI Model the "TCR"
Last Poster: Pudding in Random Chat on Yesterday at 06:14:16 PM
315hp from 1 bar!!  Seriously?  Stock ED30 boost is only 0.9 bar for 230hp  :surprised:

Mine in Revo 'stock' mode feels easily 270 - 280hp for some weird reason. It keeps up with MK7 Golf Rs easily.  I don't understand why but it sure as hell cannot be running stock boost  :grin:   I have the stock downpipe with both cats and stock intake, so maybe the S3 intercooler is

Re: White "Lion" Cupra - DSG converted track car
Last Poster: teo_parvu in Members Rides on Yesterday at 06:11:24 PM
I'll be on the racing wheels again next Saturday, and then on 12th June at Hungaroring. I hope to get some more pictures.  :happy2:

Re: Candy White Golf GTI Ed. 30 - 6th track day at Estoril
Last Poster: Pudding in Members Rides on Yesterday at 06:04:47 PM
That is a weird one.  Hope you sort it mate.   I don't really understand why the Passat spindles cause problems when everything lines up perfectly with the standard brakes and the 340mm MK7 brake setup etc.  Strange!!

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 04:00:12 PM
Perfect day for a spot of painting in the garden. No one likes faded grey plastics. 

I did initially try the £30 ebay chinese grille which is shinyish plastic but I wasn't happy with the quality, so decided to paint the originals instead.

Paints used - Plasti-kote 'Satin Super' for the grilles from B&Q (multi-surface compatible so doesn't need plastic primer)

Re: SWAP My Heated Leather for your Heated Cloth?
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:52:31 PM
So it does  :grin:

GTI International 2-3 June 2018
Last Poster: Panthera in Shows, Events and Meets on Yesterday at 12:24:21 PM
Any one going on here?
 I have not been before to either Rockingham or GTI Inters,  but as it is on my doorstep and I have a GTi I thought I would.

Re: Joshy's Ed30 Build Thread
Last Poster: Joshy in Members Rides on Yesterday at 10:49:45 AM
The front grille was on my to do list. Didn't realise it was in that bad a mess underneath.

Front bumper was off last april when the peron was fitted, but i didn't see it. Really hope that mess wasn't created then as id think twice about using the garage that did.

Anyway gre

Re: Air filter heatsheild
Last Poster: SpudGTI in Wanted on Yesterday at 08:24:30 AM
Cheers bud will give them a message now will see what they say

Re: Tailgate gas strut - force rating
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 05:57:37 AM
My pn; 6Y0-827-550-C-01S is a Febi-Bilstein item no; 31652

All replacements for the above pn:, not limited to Febi, I found so far are 600N...but I will keep looking.

Specs are:
length: 440mm
stroke: 170mm
tube: 19mm
rod: 8mm

I found one for an Audi A6 pn: 4F9-827-552-D, having 650N but was 490mm length and stroke is 184mm. I wil

Re: Anyone having a drink this bank holiday? Or what you all up to??
Last Poster: SpudGTI in Random Chat on May 26, 2018, 11:05:36 PM
Grisedale  Pike for me n me friend
  Stay safe everyone :happy2:
Have a good one you two

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Re: Polar fis has f***ed my car (more faults now)
Last Poster: Dannyboi#722 in Mk5 General Area on May 26, 2018, 10:06:01 PM
Hi everybody known this is an topic, but I've also experienced this problem which turned out that the polar fis had activated transport mode......which a vcds is needed to de-activate transport mode. So anybody experiencing this problem here your answer

Passenger airbag swap
Last Poster: mrxbox360 in Mk5 General Area on May 26, 2018, 09:34:26 PM
My 2008 has developed the dreaded N131 fault & ive been told the only way to sort it is replace the airbag, i have a tested used replacment airbag on the way,if any one has done this before id be greatfull of any tips. Im hoping its just drop the glove box & remove the bolts swap over & clear the fault with my vcds.


Mk5 GTI 2005 5dr
Single Image
    Location: Burnham on Sea
    Collection Only

    Reluctantly I am selling my Golf GTI, I had planned to keep this as our family car for the next few years but a change of job, which included a company car means it’s hardly used (1200 miles since last MOT).


    The car has the normal GTI features including highline clocks with computer (Miles remaining in tank, MPG, Distance.....) , digital climate control, automatic lights and wipers, cruise control, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors, electric windows front and rear and rear isofix points,  The stereo has been upgraded to a genuine VW RCD 330 Plus (canbus has been changed to prevent battery drain) so has full iPhone/iPod control over bluetooth, handsfree phone with built in microphone and usb/sd card reader.


    Since owning the car I have carried out preventative work for the common issues that affect these including - The cam follower, diverter valve (Type G fitted), coil packs and spark plugs (red Audi items R8 fitted) and door lock actuators. The engine and gearbox mounts have been changed for Revo items and the dog-bone mount replaced with a power flex bush added. The air conditioning has been re-gassed, two Continental Sport Contact 5’s fitted to the front, new discs and pads front and rear and a complete service also all within the last year.


    The cambelt was last changed in 2017 by the previous owner and the service book is stamped at the following dates/miles


    15,797 – 28/04/06

    30,749 – 20/03/07

    51,557 – 21/05/09

    59,764 – 13/04/10

    65,841 – 10/08/11

    74,947 – No Date

    81,803 – 28/10/15 (plus Cambelt and Water Pump Changed)

    85,465 – 16/11/16

    87,185 – 19/05/17 (plus Cambelt and Crank Shaft Seal)

    90,000 – Serviced by myself


    The car also benefits from having a Revo stage 1 remap carried out by TSR Performance in Somerset which I have the invoice for. It also has a Ramair filter fitted but I will include the standard airbox with the car for the new owner.


    Very reluctant sale but unfortunately we just do not have the need for two cars so the Golf has to go.
    As New Kenwood dnx516dabs - £550!!
    Single Image
      Location: Southampton
      Collection Only

      As New Kenwood dnx516dabs

      Not a mark on it , 6 months old . Bought new for £950 ... think you can get them now for £920

      So still a very good saving !

      Does absolutely everything and is designed exactly for the mk5 , comes with all leads and I’ve bought a new dab Ariel as well

      Reduced £550 ....
      Vw golf r mk7 front calipers.
      Single Image
        Location: Dumbarton
        Postage: £20.00
        Delivery Only

        Came off my golf r mk7. I believe there the same as the older s3s and r32s and fit on the mk5.

        The passenger side caliper was sticking a little. I had already bought new 4 pots so i didn't look into it so it could just be a quick fix.

        Car has just hit 40k miles. Can also send the brake pads aswell which were only on for 2 month.

        GMP Italia Atom Alloy Wheels Set Of 4, size 19 8.5 et45.
        Location: Dumbarton
        Postage: £50.00
        Delivery or Collection

        GMP Italia Atom Alloy Wheels Set Of 4, size 19 8.5 et45.

        3 are buckled and will cost about £50 each to fix, Can't be seen but they are slightly buckled. 4th wheel is straight but has little kerbing shown in the pictures. They have all been coated with ceramic kube bond coating 2 month ago.

         These were bought brandnew in jan 2018 from demon-tweeks for £799

        I set my heart on oz superturismo's and found out the atom's were buckled. Not that bad tbf and i can't be botherd with hassle of fixing them. But i did get them checked and can be fixed as no sign of buckled by looking at them so not that bad.

        LED reverse light bulb  (MK5)
        Location: Isle of wight
        Postage: undefined
        Delivery or Collection

        15 led 6000k canbus error-free reverse bulb

        Ideal replacement for the standard dull halogen bulb
        Jetta V/VI
        Golf V
        Polo 6R
        Passat B6/ R36

        Also fit other cars with 1156 bulb fitment, even fitted one in my sister ka

        Same bulb as being sold here by bold-sport

        Will be sent 1st class, have a few available and will do discounted price for additional bulbs

        LED rear fog light bulb (MK5)
        Single Image
          Location: Isle of Wight
          Postage: undefined

          Also have some red led for the rear fog haven't had time to try / take photo of these installed yet but will do in the next few days.

          P.s do anyone know how to get a good photo of the bulbs at night? As they don't photo well being bright. Only have iphone or compact camera.

          LED reverse light bulb  (MK6)
          Single Image
            Location: Isle of wight
            Postage: undefined
            Delivery Only

            15 led 6000k canbus error-free reverse bulb

            Ideal replacement for the standard dull halogen bulb
            Golf VI R LED Taillight
            Scirocco MK3
            Passat B7

            Also fit other cars with T15 bulb fitment

            Same bulb as being sold here by bold-sport

            Will be sent 1st class, have a few available and will do discounted price for additional bulbs

            If paying buy goods please add an extra 50p
            LED brake / tail lights error free
            Single Image
              Location: IOW
              Postage: undefined
              Delivery or Collection

              After many trials I have got some bulbs for rear brake / tail lights.

              Although not a drastic improvement as the above reverse / fog lights, it's a subtle difference, being a slight deeper red and more equally spread through the cluster. See the photo of LED vs element. (Rear cluster is split in two brake and tail lights)

              Price is for a full set of 4.

              Same bulb as sold by bold-sport here