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mk5 GTI Pirelli
on November 13, 2018, 08:35:44 AM
Hiya chaps, hope this is alright here, I will be putting my beloved pirelli up on autotrader this weekend,  will be purchasing a caddy/transporter so I'm keeping it VW
Re: Climate Control upgrade
Last Poster: bobby_fodge in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:42:18 PM
Tons of info on this swap  if you use the search feature

Re: Help upgrading headunit
Last Poster: goku4ever in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:44:12 PM
Have a look at the audio section under modifications. Plenty of info on these headunits.

They are made for VW in China and Russia. A lot of people buy them for the CarPlay feature and of course the price.

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Re: Recommended gearbox oil 02Q
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:25:25 PM
Stick with oem as it gives the smoothest shifts. I did try Millers NT gear oil however the change was slower and graunchy into second gear.

Re: MK5 Rear air vents/cupholder centre console
Last Poster: eb198 in Wanted on Today at 03:04:25 PM
Still looking if anyone has one separate from the centre console for sale

Re: ED30 Advice
Last Poster: absolute in Mk5 General Area on Today at 02:04:41 PM
Price wise I have no real idea, but I've seen them mint start at £8,000 and upwards to £11,000.

Yours has a great specification with very low miles, so I would expect it to sell on an open market quite well.

Personally I wouldn't paint anything, as soon as you do it's completely noticeable.

Re: Japanese Gen 5 on eBay - a newbie looking for advice
Last Poster: Mk5gt1 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:53:48 PM
It did not meet reserve, got to £4700, guy is looking for 6K I think. I am not after every last ounce of performance and from what I have read a std gen 5 will give enough so the ED30 is not a this stage anyway convincing me.
Any thoughts on real market value for this car?

Re: DSG oil cooler
Last Poster: Dave Y in Wanted on Today at 01:08:57 PM
Oil cooler sorted and fitted

Re: Broken rear springs.... what to do.
Last Poster: andyiseddy02 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:46:38 AM
If it is JUST the spring then fair enough, depends if anything else needs doing when you are under there.
On our passat it needed rear springs, eccentric toe adjustment bushes and I did the outer bushes while I was there.
What a PITA job it was, good job I knew how to remove the old bushes and get the new ones in.

Re: 9 and 1/2 year mk5 owner 63k full service history
Last Poster: tommy22 in Mk7 General Area on Today at 01:53:12 AM
How do you add photos?

Re: AWD / Quattrro Conversion
Last Poster: ProffB in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 11:38:41 PM
Hi guys,

Can someone please tell me how to wire up the 3 wires from the additional (2nd) fuel sender (suction-jet pump) to the car. I have recently installed a AWD drive tank on my FWD Golf MK6 and need to wire up the 2nd pump to the car but have no idea where each wire is supposed to connect to. Please help me :confused:

Re: Search not working?
Last Poster: dazza in Testing and Forum Suggestion Box on Yesterday at 10:40:20 PM
Sorry guys the sever was moved and i've not had chance to get the search working yet.

Re: My 07 BMP GTI
Last Poster: Pissat4motion in Members Rides on Yesterday at 07:57:53 PM

Clutch Master clutch installed and 500 mile break in is completed. Rear main seal was also replaced.
Will be doing a "rebuild" on my vacuum pump to did a nice sized oil leak..

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Re: Edition 30 3Dr, DSG, Xenons
Last Poster: peter_booker2003 in Wanted on Yesterday at 07:42:36 PM
Thanks for the offer but I picked up a lovely ED35 yesterday. Shall be a build thread at some point.

Re: Intake Hose Clip - HELP!!
Last Poster: chigmuss in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 05:41:48 PM
Can you get the front of your car in the air, ramps or even parked over a high kerb should give you adequate access to the under tray. A couple of hours tops (for a first time attempt) with a torx bit and like suggested above, you'll very likely find the clamp sitting in the tray.

Re: Ed30 brake upgrade
Last Poster: OllieAKS in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 04:04:32 PM
I've gone for the 8V S3 set up with standard pads and HEL lines. My ED30 is stock though but they were upgraded with future plans for stage 2. They don't cost a fortune, probs around the same price as a R32 setup o

Re: Front wing replacement
Last Poster: DBXdarkangel in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:41:54 PM
Yeah I'm well pleased with the results. An to think the garage was gonna charge me £587 to repair it.

ED30 Dampers/Springs
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:05:01 PM
Looking to do the same and thinking the same thing. Carparts4less, their sister site, may be cheaper.

Want to get rid of my H&R ultralow coilovers
Will be up for sale if anyone is interested by the way

Re: Replacement trim screws?
Last Poster: chigmuss in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 01:29:17 PM
I cant link this in but type into Ebay  'VW self tapper self tapping torx screw', they list coarse and fine, bags of ten about £9.
Also, 'audi vw seat skoda spire clip speed nut u clamp' you'll see what the rusty items on your car are meant to look like, £3.25 for ten.
Also, 'plastic screw grommet insert expanding nut 7mm x 7mm' again, these tend to look worse for wear

Re: G269 fault code
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 12:37:07 AM
Happened on mine, it’s the rack


Mk5 xenon headlights after market
Single Image
    Location: North Yorkshire
    Collection Only

    The lights are made by magnetic Marelli and they are a perfect fit..the sale is for lights only and doesn't include ballets or ignitors

    Price is £250 but you would have to arrange a courier service to collect them
    Connects2 Aux adaptor
    Location: Shetland
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Connects2 Aux adaptor kit. (CTVVGX004)

    Brand new, never been opened.

    Will post anywhere in the UK for free.

    Looking for £25. Usually around £30+ online.

    Will accept payment via paypal.


    Genuine R32 bumper in Deep Blue
    Location: Amersham
    Postage: £40.00
    Delivery Only

    Genuine r32 rear bumper in Deep blue comes complete with reflecters and diffuser no toe eye cover this has had a light repair no big splits etc been put in primer will need paint to finish fits perfect will make a good bumper once painted fits perfect happy to post it out cost around £40

    i dont get great reception for internet so drop me a text/call 07772480088 thanks
    Mk5 VW Multifuntional DSG Steering Wheel and Airbag
    Location: Bradford
    Collection Only

    Mk5 Golf Gti flat bottom steering wheel with multifunctional buttons and dsg paddles. 
    Come off my 55 GTI.

    Also have the original control module from the car and a spare G Cruise control stalk.