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Cars For Sale / Re: 2006 Reflex Silver Golf GTI
« Last post by JamieKirk95 on Today at 12:24:44 AM Started by JamieKirk95  »
Mk5 General Area / Re: P0441 EVAP Emission Control Sys: Incorrect Flow
« Last post by JTI on Yesterday at 11:19:38 PM Started by Norbreck21a  »
Might look at replacing the valve first. Is the correct part no. for the N80 valve 06E-906-517-A? Thanks.
Wanted / Gt tdi body shell
« Last post by S88SUV on Yesterday at 08:11:16 PM Started by S88SUV  »
Wanted tdi 3door body shell with v5. North east but will travel
Mk5 General Area / Re: P0441 code and other stuff
« Last post by Pudding on Yesterday at 07:54:32 PM Started by steevo134  »
Check the plastic hose that comes off the vacuum pump (the metal housing in front of the mechanical fuel pump) as it likes to split.   If the brakes are solid, i.e. no servo assistance, then it does sound like a huge air leak to me, hence the crap running.

As for the dash lights, you gotta be careful pulling the battery on these cars.  They don't like it.  Pull it again, but leave it disconnected for 30-60 minutes this time.  I had a situation recently where pulling the battery for 5 mins took out the driver's side door module when reconnected.  No petrol flap, no central locking, no pump priming, no electric windows, no dash board door open warnings....nothing.

Thinking a wire in the door loom had coincidentally snapped, I dug around in there for ages.  Checked fuses etc, all good.  Pulled the battery again and left it off for an hour and bingo, everything back to normal.   Stupid cars  :grin:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Fuel pump issue
« Last post by Pudding on Yesterday at 07:48:20 PM Started by Tuffy  »
Yep.  I suspect it is worn out / lazy and needs a full current kick to bring it to life.   As above, the PWM controller does not give the pump full current unless commanded so by the ECU.  I think a new pump will sort you out  :happy2:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Fuel pump issue
« Last post by Tuffy on Yesterday at 07:38:16 PM Started by Tuffy  » are you saying the pump could well be goosed although it powers fine with a direct feed 🤔🤔??
Product Reviews / Re: RacingLine TFSI intake kit for K03/K04
« Last post by Pudding on Yesterday at 07:29:49 PM Started by Pudding  »
Cheers buddy.  It's taken me a good few hours to upload that due to the connection drop out issues  :smiley:

It is so frustrating.  It is easily the best intake on the market in terms of refinement and power increases.  I would love to give it the full Pudding endorsement, but it requires too much hacking and pissing about to earn my full approval.  If it was a cheap £200 intake, fair enough, but this is the Rolls Royce of intakes in the current market place, with Rolls Royce pricing......but is sadly way off Rolls Royce quality.

I give it a 4 out of 10.  Good MAF trims, noticeable gains and it's quiet.

I give the Revo intake 6 out of 10.  Revo actually designed it to fit the car, and it does fit the car - perfectly.  It loses 4 points for being too noisy, killing off boost throttle response and having poor MAF trims. 

I give the stock intake 6 out of 10 too.  Perfect refinement, perfect MAF trims, perfect fit - obviously - but in remapped cars it does restrict the top end somewhat.  If people only want mild improvements at a Stage 1 level, I would not deviate from the stock intake personally.  Save your money.

VWR's crime was to simply take an existing generic-ish product, made no effort to customise it to fit MK5 Golfs properly and sold it as job done.  A true 'that'll do' approach if ever I saw one.  And boy do they big up their intake on their posh, flashy website.  Haha, well the proof is in the 'pudding' VWR, and you've failed on this occasion.

Mk5 General Area / P0441 code and other stuff
« Last post by steevo134 on Yesterday at 07:12:04 PM Started by steevo134  »
Hi there been have a few issues with the golf firstly had to replace the pcv valve as the diaphragm was burst
Then got the p0441 evap code have just replaced the n80 valve and canister today still running lumpy as f@ck and the brakes have went solid to the point where it won’t brake at all  disconnected the battery now all the dash lights are on and don’t go off after a few hundred yards as normal also the car has no fault codes showing now but really rough idle car is starting to piss me off as I have spent a small fortune since December fixing one issue after another it just doesn’t seem to end
Is there anyone out there that could enlighten me or maybe has vagcom to check it out i would be ever so grateful I am in the east Ayrshire area of Scotland

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Forum servers busted?
« Last post by Rigsby on Yesterday at 07:08:15 PM Started by Pudding  »
Yep, happened to me
Random Chat / Re: Parking Paranoia - Irrational Moi ?
« Last post by Juliand on Yesterday at 07:00:09 PM Started by Juliand  »
Seeing as everyone loves stupid SUVs and crossovers these days, if you can't beat them, join them. 

The ultimate cheap heap.  A jacked up big wheeled Jeep Cherokee 4.0.  Towering way above all the crappy Range Rover Evoques, Qashqais, Jukes and other sh*tty little boxes pretending to be REAL 4x4 cars, you will be king of the road.  Wide berths given, and no one will park next to a beast like this....

Ha ha... :signLOL:, yeah and if anyone does block your door by parking stupidly close, you can just stand on their roof and get in through the window, making sure yer boots ave studs on, to leave a nice pattern on their bonnet and roof. Don't fancy the fuel bill though.....
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