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Mk5 General Area / Re: Warning lights on dash
« Last post by c.grex on Today at 04:14:25 AM Started by Ria73  »
could be a abs sensor fault. won't matter if the light / s have gone out. A scan with VCDS will still show a issue, and which one it is. usually a rear abs sensor issue points to a wheel bearing on its way out. sensors can be had a few a quid if you want to try that first. But have a scan done before that
PM'd on monday. Is your inbox full?
He seems to have gone AWOL from this site I'm afraid.
No i am not, just was on holidays ;)

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Ah okay, not seen you post in ages, cheers for the update. ;)

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Scouting for a MK 5, things to look out for!
« Last post by Eves on Yesterday at 11:10:54 PM Started by Liam_95  »
Mk5 General Area / Re: part number
« Last post by Andy on Yesterday at 10:28:06 PM Started by Andy  »
this is true
Mk5 General Area / Re: Warning lights on dash
« Last post by Golfman16 on Yesterday at 10:10:30 PM Started by Ria73  »
From memory i think this is wheel bearing related fella , someone  may correct me on this  :thinking: :thinking:
Wanted / Looking for an Edition 30
« Last post by jamie on Yesterday at 10:08:57 PM Started by jamie  »
Hi all, looking for another Mk5 Golf Gti or Edition 30.

Must be manual, silver, grey or red, under 100k miles, 5 door.  A standard car is preferred.

Location: Suffolk, East Anglia.

Anyone out there selling one? Thanks. :happy2:
Technical Workshop / Re: Golf mk5 gti wont start
« Last post by Golfman16 on Yesterday at 10:04:08 PM Started by Shanedixon  »
Drop the sump off see  whats what ,engine should be that difficult to pick up plenty of mk5s & audis (same engine Bwa ) chopped up now.
Members Rides / Re: My 2007 Laser Blue GTI
« Last post by Eves on Yesterday at 09:55:05 PM Started by Eves  »
Love the car mate but that front grille is maga faded thought mine was bad

Its not quite as bad as it looks in the pics. Any decent products out there to bring it back to life ?
Mk5 General Area / Re: part number
« Last post by dervdave on Yesterday at 09:44:34 PM Started by Andy  »
pm sent
does look like that one in the link

Thats the part no. Andy, get it bought you can always send it back if its wrong eh ?  :signLOL:
How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: Rear Engine (Dogbone) mount symptoms
« Last post by Bodyboarder81 on Yesterday at 09:43:08 PM Started by shaunK  »
Hi , thought I'd post here instead of a new thread as it's related .

My car has the revo engine mounts ( 2 at the top and the dog bone one along with the revo 'arm'

Which of these causes the most noise in the cabin? Not a massive fan of the noise they make but dont want to change them for fear of getting all the bad wheel hop / bad gear changes I've read about .

Is there a half way between ? As in , leave the dog bone but put the top ( left and right ) engine ones back to standard ?

Appreciate any feedback :)

Hi mate, I have the revo transmission and engine mounts and the noise does settles down after a while.

These have been on the car for around 10k miles I think though .... i get a diesel like noise at around 2k .... do you get the same ?

It's a new car to me you see , with these being installed by the previous owner
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