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Other For Sale Links / Vented bonnet on ebay
« Last post by harveym3 on Yesterday at 11:34:49 PM Started by harveym3  »
Ebay 292532637034
Mk5 General Area / Re: Do we get a forum discount for mail order at AKS?
« Last post by MIJ_JAGGER on Yesterday at 11:16:57 PM Started by Lewo  »
Looking to order the front deadset would be brill
Mk5 General Area / Do we get a forum discount for mail order at AKS?
« Last post by Lewo on Yesterday at 10:10:17 PM Started by Lewo  »
Just wondered like...  :rolleye:
Members Rides / Re: Raj's United Grey GTi 2.0 DSG - Build Thread
« Last post by prp74 on Yesterday at 09:51:41 PM Started by Raj2212  »
Looking good Raj  :happy2:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Oil pressure warning light - some advice please
« Last post by Tazocin on Yesterday at 09:31:35 PM Started by Tazocin  »
So the engine flush was done by Awesome, I have no idea what they used. It was approximately 1000 miles ago now, perhaps a little less.

I'm running Millers 5w40. I change oil before and after trackday (proving pricey even before this mishap). Hopefully it is heat or starvation as suggested. It was towards the end of the day, I had been doing 15 minute sessions and this one when it occurred was my longest, perhaps upto 20 minutes. I had also been getting faster as the day went on, pushing a little more and was just thinking I needed to come in and cooldown when I got my warning. I've also changed my thermostat since then - the car on the day was running coolant at only 80-85 degrees, now it sits steady at 93 ish even on gentle commutes, is this going to exacerbate the problem?

Since then I've done 500 miles of commute without any problems. How do I fix this problem if its oil temperature? Mount an oil cooler? Just do short stints with a good long cooldown in between? I'm a novice to trackdays so very happy to take it gently in short bursts anyway!
Members Rides / Re: Raj's United Grey GTi 2.0 DSG - Build Thread
« Last post by Raj2212 on Yesterday at 09:30:44 PM Started by Raj2212  »
Wrapped my window trims in brushed steel to match the side trims.  Turned out ok but still undecided on getting new trims or to leave it like this.

Looking like death before

Door card off.

3x T20 screws to get the handle off.

Added the new Mk6 window switch to the passenger side. Just need a fuel button one now.


Sat Nav and Car Audio / Re: Radio --Status : Cannot be reached!!!!!!
« Last post by ballcrusher on Yesterday at 07:44:59 PM Started by ninjaGTI  »
If its after market then it won't show up but to save running extra wire from somewhere else isn't  the best way to install as you can't get an harness that gives you the the yellow power feed you need
Sat Nav and Car Audio / Re: RNS510 Fault
« Last post by Mark_DF05 on Yesterday at 05:09:53 PM Started by Mark_DF05  »
Ah right, thanks for the info. I’ve got an rcd510 in the golf so will try swap them round sometime and see what happens.
Members Rides / Re: White "Lion" Cupra - DSG converted track car
« Last post by teo_parvu on Yesterday at 05:08:06 PM Started by teo_parvu  »
I'll first try with a new OE pump, my mechanic has one for which i will pay only if the problem is solved.  :happy2:
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