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Mk5 General Area / Re: Advice needed
« Last post by harveym3 on Today at 09:46:40 AM Started by Tomk  »
Hi mate might be the rear gearbox/engine mount has seen better days .
Members Rides / Re: Akispap's black GTI build thread
« Last post by Raj2212 on Today at 08:48:18 AM Started by akispap  »
Looking good. Nice build thread mate

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Members Rides / Re: Chris’s first MK 5 GTI
« Last post by Raj2212 on Today at 08:41:48 AM Started by BaldwinGTI  »
Great news on the repair. Glad it got sorted in the end mate.

Had a similar issue with my rear backing plate rattling constantly. Ended up putting spacers in to get the bolts to stick on to the car as they were all corroded.

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Members Rides / Re: 1st VW - Black Edition 30
« Last post by Raj2212 on Today at 08:19:05 AM Started by Caspersmith  »
Damn. Hope you get it sorted mate

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Sat Nav and Car Audio / Re: RNS 510 - HOST - Fragment File read - Error
« Last post by Stupots on Today at 07:05:01 AM Started by flemche  »
You've probably already seen this post, as I think it's the top hit on Google, but apart from the guide at the top, it has sooo much information in the comments where there have been failures as well as successes.

I replaced my drive with a blank IDE SSD (more for stability, as it doesn't do much for speed) and cant remember anything that didn't go to plan as it was nearly 3 years ago, but this guide still holds up. Often the DVD/CD can be the issue, so if you're using one try a different brand or the SD card method.

Also try "If RNS 510 complains about downgrade error, insert media and reboot unit by pressing Setup + Eject + Info/Mic/whatever the top right button is together"

Good luck

Other VAG / Re: Porsche Cayman 981 Black Edition
« Last post by rex on Yesterday at 10:02:05 PM Started by rex  »
Before continuing with the European road trip, I will post the pictures I just got from the first track day with the car (from the Hungarian Formula 1 track - Hungaroring)  :evilgrin::

Performance Modifications / Re: VWR Intake disappointing
« Last post by Pudding on Yesterday at 09:43:06 PM Started by 99hagued  »
Hi John

Sorry, I’ve been busy recently and forgot to post an update I got from Matt Ellis last week.  It’s definitely still in progress  :happy2:

Quote from: RacingLine
We’re putting a new MAF pipe into production as we speak as we had a few issues with some previous designs that we were not happy with during testing. Our CAD guy is also re-designing the Grill intake so we don’t have to use a different coupling in the middle (doing some testing showed that using a corrugated centre section between the filter and pipe caused excessive filter movement).
Performance Modifications / Re: VWR Intake disappointing
« Last post by john_o on Yesterday at 09:33:21 PM Started by 99hagued  »
@Pudding any recent updates ?
looking for an intake for my Ed35 (which is just en Edition 30 really) , and this intake would be my first choice
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