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Wanted / Всем привет
« Last post by Walthonzef on Yesterday at 11:07:49 PM Started by Walthonzef  »
Prom Electric Ремонт A16B-1110-0020 ID:UekqJ6NTLJucWwKBgFTIAbq5wNuw8Y6fGdkM9BK3W2wA0d9b5THztBofY0R3JplfF
Mk5 General Area / Re: Recaro wingbacks weight
« Last post by andyR43 on Yesterday at 07:08:20 PM Started by Chris92  »
Agreed. When I fitted mine I couldn't feel any difference in weight between the Recaro's and the standard set. I would say definitely not 10kg difference.  :smiley:
Mk5 General Area / Re: RNS 510 firmware help
« Last post by Andy on Yesterday at 06:39:50 PM Started by micaerin  »
My original rns510 wouldn't read duel discs for the map update so had to take the header unit out and do it on the bench
Wanted / TTRS Master Cylinder
« Last post by scopes on Yesterday at 02:11:46 PM Started by scopes  »

Does anyone have a TTRS master cylinder for sale?

Thanks  :happy2:
Mk5 General Area / RNS 510 firmware help
« Last post by micaerin on Yesterday at 01:01:47 PM Started by micaerin  »
Hi my daughters golf had an RNS510 fitted from factory so has never been updated with firmware or maps,Can anyone tell me what firmware I can install and where to obtain it? I got a friend to have a look with Vagcom and it shows H11 1120.i take it thats the firmware on it.
Thanks in advance
Mk5 General Area / VW OEM parking sensors
« Last post by Mackenzie2576 on Yesterday at 12:02:47 PM Started by Mackenzie2576  »
Hi all,
I am after some advice really because I'm lost and confused. I recently replaced my back bumper and this had parking sensors. My car didn't come with parking sensors at all. So I've purchased the loom and and the controller box (bosch 1k0 919 283 A) everything is connected up and the only thing missing is the part that goes into the middle of the controller for this to work. looking online the middle part is supposed to connect to the body module? I'm not sure and I'm hoping someone must've done what I've done before. My car is a VW golf 1.9 TDI match.
All help is appreciated.
Performance Modifications / Re: VWR Intake disappointing
« Last post by JamesED30 on Yesterday at 11:54:10 AM Started by 99hagued  »
Still nothing new yet?
This is quite poor really.
The rubber strap on mine broke within two weeks of VRS fitting it.
For the asking price you’d expect a really high quality product. 😩
Mk5 General Area / Re: Dsg in sport advice
« Last post by Jacko86 on Yesterday at 11:20:38 AM Started by Jacko86  »
That’s good to know I thought it might be a problem cheers for the reply  :happy2:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Dsg in sport advice
« Last post by MIJ_JAGGER on Yesterday at 09:48:28 AM Started by Jacko86  »
Yes normal. Rev matching
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