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Posting pictures in for sale ads
on November 03, 2017, 07:50:48 AM
How can I post pictures in for sale ads?

Neither links from photobucket or Flickr work.
Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: willk86 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:59:49 PM
Been working through the engine, refreshing a lot of tired sensors........but last week I changed the MAP sensor being one of the last original sensors on the 2005 car.........no error reported, apart from lowish mpg for town driving and a continuously sooty exhaust that I have to clean every week.<

Re: Passenger door lock module
Last Poster: doylebros in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:57:02 PM
Did anyone ever actually succeed with drilling and greasing their door lock module?

I tried it using GT85 and it's worked for over twelve months to date on MKIV golf, but failed totally on the MKV I tried it on.

leather wingback seats
Last Poster: Butler in Wanted on Today at 07:46:04 PM
Want leather wingbacks in anthracite colour must be mint condition

Re: RamAir Fitted Idle Issues
Last Poster: DMackie in Performance Modifications on Today at 07:16:51 PM
Well i had the car in for a smoke test to check for a boost leak. Thankfully there is no boost leak but the N80 valve was stuck open so that has caused the issues i think. Going to replace it tomorrow.

Re: Is a sport cat legal?
Last Poster: rcrisp11 in Performance Modifications on Today at 06:22:27 PM
Precat is for German emissions testing which has a cold start requirement.

So yes?! Haha

Re: DSG Service - time interval or just mileage?
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in Mk5 General Area on Today at 03:42:18 PM
Mileage for DSG as far as I know and it’s what I’ve followed...

Re: VWR Intake disappointing
Last Poster: Pudding in Performance Modifications on Today at 03:24:38 PM
Too much money to be made developing and testing new kits for the newest cars on the market, rather than 'wasting' it redesigning a product for a warranty fix aimed at a market that is pretty much dead....

I highly doubt it'll happen

It's far from a redesign, just

Re: Hryszko's #2 Mk5 GTi
Last Poster: Hxrry96 in Members Rides on Today at 02:14:42 PM
The cars looking good, it's great when something starts to come together  :jumping:

Re: After market window regulator
Last Poster: mjmallia in Technical Workshop on Today at 01:26:30 PM
I had this when I fitted one from ECP to the wifes Mk5.

The rubber stop/bracket was a lot higher in the aftermarket one, so I removed it and fitted the lower one off the original which sat a lot closer to the bottom of the runner and all was fine again.

Re: Warranty on warranty
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:40:47 PM
IIRC VW UK give a 2 year warranty on their paintwork. Not sure if you had the work done through them or elsewhere however it sounds like a poor job which needs to be redone. If you paid by credit card then you should have a bit more leverage.

Re: Red ED30 M3 going to Eastleigh
Last Poster: neilw in Spotted on Yesterday at 02:11:52 PM
Yeh that was me.

Re: WTD: Golf Gti Edition 30 / Pirelli 5 Dr DSG
Last Poster: kam760 in Wanted on Yesterday at 01:13:31 PM
Yep, kamalsharif@gmail.com


Re: Candy White Golf GTI Ed. 30 - 6th track day at Estoril
Last Poster: teo_parvu in Members Rides on Yesterday at 06:39:08 AM
Good to see you back on track.  :grin:

The car looks superb and I've just realized that I've choose the wrong color for my TD wheels. The up-sprung weight saving is always good and it will be felt, but there is also rotational mass reduction.  :happy2:

I've also used Carbotech XP20 and they are generating tremendous amount of heat despite my brake ducts. In th

Re: Opinions on Revo
Last Poster: rcrisp11 in Revo Zone on May 19, 2018, 10:41:38 PM
Wow dude! That was really helpful and informative, thank you!

Re: Corrosion warranty advice
Last Poster: GitFlog in Mk5 General Area on May 19, 2018, 09:56:36 PM
I rang VW UK the Headquarters in Milton Keynes the other day and spoke to a guy about the warranty. It is a 12year warranty not 10 and 2 good will that's rubbish. If you are having problems with getting your local dealer to stick by the legal terms of the 12 year warranty you need to get in touch with VW UK Hq and talk to them.

Re: Joshy's Ed30 Build Thread
Last Poster: Joshy in Members Rides on May 19, 2018, 07:54:27 PM
Covered up the mess on the bumper beneath the grille today.
Had a delivery of some screws that were missing off the bumper/grille too.

Also managed to glue the magnet to my numberplate as well as get it wrapped in fabric.
Hopefully will get the other magnets glued to the underside of my smooth grille tomorrow :happy2:


Re: 60,000 mile service
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on May 19, 2018, 07:15:13 PM
Here's a Cam Follower DIY for those with the Banjo bolt on the low pressure hookup;

Re: New GTI Model the "TCR"
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Random Chat on May 19, 2018, 04:22:46 PM
Yeah that's a good point, must be 'absolute' pressure.....but that also means 290hp from 1.2 bar 'gauge' pressure is not possible!  :smiley:    That is stock 8P S3 boost pressure which makes 265hp, so I reckon the EA888 Gen 3 is in the 1.5 bar region to get 300hp.....as a guesstimate  :smiley:[/quot

Re: Bit of help please all
Last Poster: GitFlog in Mk5 General Area on May 19, 2018, 11:54:07 AM
What a plank they were, you have to be careful putting the sump back on with how much sealant you  use for that exact reason.

Glad its sorted :jumpmove:

Re: DSG help please
Last Poster: bobby_fodge in Mk5 General Area on May 19, 2018, 10:41:47 AM
awesome gti near Manchester, VAG tecknik in manchester


FOR SALE - Red 2005 MK5 GTI ED30 look-a-like. "Fully Loaded"
Location: Cambridge
Collection Only

Members of this forum will probably be familiar with the car already and there is a long thread with everything I've done to it here:

During my ownership I had the front wings replaced under warranty and at the same time I paid for the bonnet and bumper to be repainted to freshen the car up and get rid of the stone chips. If your in the market for a Golf MK5 make sure this has been done as most would be out of warranty now.

This is ideal for someone who would want to buy a standard car and fit all these parts anyway. You can see below how much it has all cost so doing it this way would save you a considerable amount!

Spec and price as new.

Basic car OTR, 3dr DSG GTi - £20,982
18" Monza 2 alloys - £445 (no longer on the car and sold. now running 19" BBS)
Cruise Control - £270
DVD Nav system inc highline dash / arm rest / 6cd changer - £1845 (nav removed and sold, 6cd arm rest in place but not connected. now running RCD510DAB)
Bi-Xenon lights - £725
Full Leather seats inc heated seats - £1645 (now swapped for ED30 heated seats)
Electric folding and auto dimming mirrors - £180
Rear Parking Sensors - £295
Multifunction Steering Wheel - £375 (now swapped for MK6 GTi Multifunction wheel)
Electric Glass Sunroof - £495
Winter Pack - £200

The car also has Lux Pack and Light Pack which I was never able to find details of the price but the Light Pack is excellent with extra footwell lights and puddle lights under the mirrors which light up when you unlock the car.

Total - £27,457

Extras added since new and how the car currently sits

ED30 Look

ED30 front splitter / side skirts / rear lower bumper / red stitched hand brake / red stitched golf ball dsg gear shifter - £unknown price, added by previous owner
ED30 3dr Interior - £500
ED30 Dark Rear lights with white fog lens mod - £135
MK6 GTI DSG Multifunction red stitched steering wheel - £300
MK6 'CH' steering controller - £115
Genuine BBS CH 19x8j - £500 plus refurb in satin black with silver lip £400
New genuine BBS centre caps in carbon finish - £60
Michelin Pilot Super Sports 225/35/19 88Y XL - £650
Respray bonnet and bumper and wings (wings replaced under warranty)- £650

The badge / boot handle has been colour coded and the small front splitter and rear diffuser section painted in contrasting metallic black compared to a standard car which has this part in the body colour. Have a look at other cars and hopefully you will agree with me that this small modification makes a big difference.

Power and Handling

Milltek cat back non res exhaust - £300
R-Tech Stage 1 remap - £290
H&R lowering Springs - £300 fitted
H&R rear 24mm Solid ARB - £200 fitted
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit - £120

The slightly lowered suspension is not crashy or harsh and again, it out drives a lot of more modern cars.

The power increase makes this car more powerful than a standard Edition30 which had 230bhp. The Whittline Anti-Lift mod is well known in the MK5 GTI world and almost completely eliminates torque steer. The first time I drove the car after this suspension mod it almost felt 4wd such was the added traction and stability when accelerating around a corner.

The rear brakes (discs and pads) were replaced in 2015 at the same time as the front brake upgrade was carried out. The front brakes are from the Mk7 Golf R. Lots of people upgrade to the 345mm brakes from the MK6 Golf R / Audi S3. These MK7 Golf R brakes I chose are 340mm so are slightly lighter and the piston in the MK7R caliper is larger so the overall braking force compared to the MK6R upgrade is better making it a more effective upgrade.


RCD510DAB headunit - £230
Latest CANBUS - £75
AUX 3.5mm input - £25
Hertz HSK163 speakers - £360
Misc ICE wiring and sound deadening - £100
VW 7P6 J revision Bluetooth handsfree / audio streaming - £140

With the interior updates to the newer style headunit with bluetooth that plays from iPhones etc and displays the track names, the newer style heating controls and speedo with the white text info panel like the Golf MK6, it feels like a much more modern car.. part of the reason I've kept it for so long as it simply wasn't worth upgrading to the MK6 GTI.


All interior and exterior bulbs changed to LED with no bulb errors - £30
Mk6 red halo highline clocks - £240
Mk6 Climate controls - £140
OEM LED Number Plate lights - £25
340mm MK7 Golf R brakes - £500
HEL Braided lines all round - £80

Plus all the usual servicing and maintenance costs which have all been done on time.

The car currently has 97k miles and has hardly been used since a big Service by AKS in Sept 2017 which included the following:

Oil & Filter
TFSI Oil Pickup Pipe Service
Cambelt & Water Pump
Cam Chain & Tensioner
DSG Service
Rocker cover gasket
Fuel Filter
Cam Follower

Total bill £1302.90

Prior to that the service history is as follows with stamps and invoices:

2007 - 14395 miles - VW Stockport - Oil / Brake fluid
2008 - 26140 miles - VW Glasgow - Oil / Sparks
2009 - 36177 miles - A for Audi, Clydebank - Oil / Sparks / DSG / Timing Belt / Water Pump / Aircon / Brake fluid
2010 - 45016 miles - VW Glasgow - Oil / Brake discs and pads front and rear
2011 - 53911 miles - VW Glasgow - Oil / Brake fluid / Sparks / Aircon
2012 - 63527 miles - M&T Auto, Cambridge - Oil / Fuel Filter
2013 - 72862 miles - M&T Auto, Cambridge - Oil / Sparks / Cambelt / DSG
2014 - 81304 miles - M&T Auto, Cambridge - Oil / Aircon Compressor
2015 - 89495 miles - M&T Auto, Cambridge - Oil / Aircon Compressor (again, faulty unit)
2016 - 95058 miles - Russell Auto, London - Oil / Sparks / New battery
2017 - 96596 miles - AKS, Bedford - (see list above)

The MOT expries Oct 2018. I have the manual, 2 keys, service book and a little file of the most relevant receipts and MOT history.

The car is HPI clear and passed an in depth AA inspection in 2016 when I last sold it.

As I have said above, I'm now re selling it for the guy I sold it to as we stayed in touch and became friends. He fully intended to keep the car long term (as you can see by the big service he splashed out on) but he had to move back to Australia short notice and although he looked into shipping it out there, it wasn't financially viable.

As you can perhaps tell, lots of research went on before any of the upgrades and the result is a very usable, surprisingly fast yet comfortable little car that out performs many modern hatchback for a fraction of the price!

Viewing is highly recommended which can be done in the Cambridge area by appointment.

Thanks for looking.

email nathan@cambridgeautogleam.com
phone 07710494878
VW RNS315 Satnav headunit with DAB & BT
Location: Leeds
Postage: £15.00
Delivery or Collection

In good used condition. Has the code. Has built DAB radio and bluetooth. West EU V9 maps loaded on HDD.
240 collected from Leeds or 255 delivered. If paying via PayPal + fees or a gift. Cheers
Mk5 GTI 2005 5dr
Single Image
    Location: Burnham on Sea
    Collection Only

    Reluctantly I am selling my Golf GTI, I had planned to keep this as our family car for the next few years but a change of job, which included a company car means it’s hardly used (1200 miles since last MOT).


    The car has the normal GTI features including highline clocks with computer (Miles remaining in tank, MPG, Distance.....) , digital climate control, automatic lights and wipers, cruise control, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors, electric windows front and rear and rear isofix points,  The stereo has been upgraded to a genuine VW RCD 330 Plus (canbus has been changed to prevent battery drain) so has full iPhone/iPod control over bluetooth, handsfree phone with built in microphone and usb/sd card reader.


    Since owning the car I have carried out preventative work for the common issues that affect these including - The cam follower, diverter valve (Type G fitted), coil packs and spark plugs (red Audi items R8 fitted) and door lock actuators. The engine and gearbox mounts have been changed for Revo items and the dog-bone mount replaced with a power flex bush added. The air conditioning has been re-gassed, two Continental Sport Contact 5’s fitted to the front, new discs and pads front and rear and a complete service also all within the last year.


    The cambelt was last changed in 2017 by the previous owner and the service book is stamped at the following dates/miles


    15,797 – 28/04/06

    30,749 – 20/03/07

    51,557 – 21/05/09

    59,764 – 13/04/10

    65,841 – 10/08/11

    74,947 – No Date

    81,803 – 28/10/15 (plus Cambelt and Water Pump Changed)

    85,465 – 16/11/16

    87,185 – 19/05/17 (plus Cambelt and Crank Shaft Seal)

    90,000 – Serviced by myself


    The car also benefits from having a Revo stage 1 remap carried out by TSR Performance in Somerset which I have the invoice for. It also has a Ramair filter fitted but I will include the standard airbox with the car for the new owner.


    Very reluctant sale but unfortunately we just do not have the need for two cars so the Golf has to go.
    2008 Mk5 GTI Edition 30 5-Door DSG
    Single Image
      Location: Northampton
      Collection Only


      105,000 Tornado Red Edition 30 DSG. Full service history.

      Full stainless turbo back BCS Powerflow exhaust system, Loba fuel pump, Racingline intake and APR remap at 330bhp.

      Well maintained, all the big jobs done (timing chain, DSG oil, air con compressor etc).

      Gunmetal original alloys. Replacement VW OEM head unit with Apple Car Play support and Bluetooth streaming.

      PM me for more details, photos etc.
      castrol edge 5w-30
      Location: Harrow
      Collection Only

      castrol edge 5w-30

      Used to use this in my Mk5 before I changed to Millers.

      4 Litre Bottle - Just over 2 Litres left

      1 Litre Bottle - Brand New

      Collection from Harrow - London

      Any questions please ask.