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Random Chat / Re: ideal world drills of all drills
« Last post by rich83 on Today at 11:09:13 AM Started by Andy  »
Shopping channel sh*t was sh*t..... no way  :signLOL:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Rcd300 aux
« Last post by Rossmk5gti on Today at 10:59:43 AM Started by Rossmk5gti  »

These also show track and artist info while playing the radio and I'm sure you can add a cd changer too !
I'd need to buy the wire still though for the aux?

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Rcd300 aux
« Last post by Rossmk5gti on Today at 10:58:52 AM Started by Rossmk5gti  »
Don't think it will plug into the rdc300 ?
Get a mk6 radio ... cheap on eBay, better looking and has the aux input that will take the item you posted ... I bought one and works
Does it just plug in or do you need an adapter and did it drain your battery?

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Members Rides / Re: My New MK5 GTI
« Last post by Vader on Today at 10:54:04 AM Started by Vader  »
Love the CK's! Are they a little wider or did you go for spacers on the front too? Sits well  :happy2: Also, hows the cat back compared to standard?

Thanks! They are a little wider. 8j. The non res cat back sounded good at the top end but 2-3k just a bit too boomy and loud for me. With the resonator in there its similar to stock, a little louder and a deeper tone. Hopefully with have the cash for fuel pump and downpipe in a few months and go for stage 2+.
Other For Sale Links / Pitbike 125CC - Genuine DemonX DXR125
« Last post by Manny_ED30 on Today at 10:50:26 AM Started by Manny_ED30  »
Hi all

If anyone is after a well looked after pit bike for its age (2012 model) then please click on the link below..

Great bike, just don't have the time for it anymore and with future plans career wise (and the eddy) It's time to let go of this little rocket that made up my late teens!

Any questions please let me know

Mk5 General Area / Re: Limp Mode Activated
« Last post by The Red Warrior on Today at 10:47:56 AM Started by Scottymon  »

The one I used went from M10 stripped, drilled out to 12.8mm and then tapped to M14 x 1.25. The insert screws in by hand until flush and then use a pin punch and hammer to hammer down the pins. This prevents it from turning.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Eddy 30, the standard trim vs normal GTI
« Last post by Greigzy on Today at 10:43:22 AM Started by Ganan53  »
I believe the washers came with the winter pack. That was heated seats, headlight washers and low washer fluid indication from memory.

So if you car has washers and no xenons it could be because of that.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Limp Mode Activated
« Last post by The Red Warrior on Today at 10:34:05 AM Started by Scottymon  »
Yep, well done Scottymon. Just saw this thread and read through it all thinking it can be fixed.
I bent and cracked my one when closing the bonnet one night in the dark and didn't realise the mechanics hadn't put the engine cover on properly (just placed it on top). I used high strength Araldite glue and let it set held overnight in a vice and it's been fine for over a year.

@r5gtt Have you got your stripped threads sorted out yet?
There is a special recoil insert for soft metals. There's enough metal around to put them in and afterwards it will actually be stronger than original. They aren't helicoils. I'll see if I can find a photo.
Wanted / Re: High Pressure Fuel Pump MK5 GTI
« Last post by bigmig95 on Today at 10:32:00 AM Started by Scottymon  »
Got a 06F 127 025 B lying around.  Can send a pic across to you if you like.  Working fine when replaced for a new one with autotech internals.


Mk5 General Area / Re: The MK5/6 Wheel thread!
« Last post by Manny_ED30 on Today at 10:18:13 AM Started by Greeners  »
Put the summer boots on today, crap iPhone pic. VW Votex motorsport 19 x 8" Et 41

This :drool:. The only set of wheels I'd swap my Pescaras for. Obsessed sat here just admiring :signLOL: :stupid:
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