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How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: Stop engine
« Last post by ballcrusher on Today at 11:22:38 PM Started by Ant b  »
Same thing happened to me and took a couple of hrs to do on ya drive if you got a half decent tool set..check the link out
How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: Wash/wipe...why one last wipe?
« Last post by MPS on Today at 11:09:24 PM Started by probedb  »
Helpful on the rear screen, worse than useless on the front.
FAQ's / Part Number for rear brake light (Drivers side)
« Last post by MIJ_JAGGER on Today at 10:57:21 PM Started by ghuk  »
They're the same as the normal mk5 golfs matey
Except ed30 and r32, they're darker in colour
FAQ's / Part Number for rear brake light (Drivers side)
« Last post by ghuk on Today at 10:19:01 PM Started by ghuk  »
Hi chaps

Does anyone know the part number of the brake light (drivers side) for a 2005 Golf GTI (5 door)? As you can see from the pic below, moisture has formed inside.

 I'm trying to locate a replacement off Ebay but I'm not sure if the part is common throughout the whole MK5 Golf range or if its unique to the GTI.

Any info would be much appreciated

Mk5 General Area / Re: Sluggish Cold Starts
« Last post by antonis42 on Today at 10:07:29 PM Started by f00glee  »
mine did this for a while, deteriorated to cranking twice for startup.
turns out it was the fuel filter - has a valve in it -it was not sealing properly,
so would let fuel seap back to the fuel tank and hence no proper pressure for startup. made the lpfp work overtime.
hope this helps
Mk5 General Area / Re: Potential fault - GFB DV+
« Last post by jhook661 on Today at 09:06:22 PM Started by Pudding  »
I had a gfb+ fitted prior to mapping with the tte420.....and it got taken off straight away due to issues ( not by me either) and refitted with a rev g valve and fixed my boosting issues so the people raving about them must be the lucky ones which have one what actually works
I'm not convinced by these I've had 3 now and they've made the car feel different....
Mk5 General Area / Re: Potential fault - GFB DV+
« Last post by AJP on Today at 08:57:21 PM Started by Pudding  »
Cheers for bringing this to the forum's attention Kev.

I don't have any experience of the GFB valve myself - it's one of those things nearer the bottom of the never ending list for me. Probably because I've had no problems running a rev G at decent boost levels for a while now. I've never found it lacking in terms of boost response, so it's probably a case of 'if it ain't broken...' in my case.

That said, there are loads on here running the GFB. And undoubtedly loads thinking it is that fit and forget part we're led to believe. Hopefully if there is a design flaw that's affected all the valves it's something that can be acknowledged and resolved by GFB.

Keep us updated mate.
R-Tech Zone / Re: RTech - Disappointed that my enquiry was not answered
« Last post by Gtcpaul1971 on Today at 08:46:44 PM Started by Gtcpaul1971  »
Thanks will do. 👍
One of my questions was "is it safe to remap a car with 114k miles on it?
Mk5 General Area / Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
« Last post by Stig_gti on Today at 08:46:14 PM Started by ROH ECHT  »
Try some mitre mate or evo stick type stuff glue with the spray as the reactor. Very strong stuff.
Even tho you shouldn’t have to.
How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: Steering wobble
« Last post by coolhandluke on Today at 07:58:12 PM Started by coolhandluke  »
I wouldn't have thought a loose CV boot would be heavy enough to cause an imbalance but yeah, hopefully it is that simple!  Hope the CV joint isn't buggered either from running dry!

Yip me to , time will tell .
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