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Mk5 General Area / Re: Rear brakes DIY - any tips?
« Last post by GitFlog on Today at 04:31:57 PM Started by shail  »
When i did my rears before late years mot with a friend his impact helped us out with that god awful bolt took a good bit to get it out even with his air snapon impact.

At the end of the day give it a go if you cant get it off put it back together and take it to a garage.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Rear brakes DIY - any tips?
« Last post by absolute on Today at 04:16:41 PM Started by shail  »
Couldn't get the clearance safely with a big bar, so opted to take it to a garage rather than risk it crushing me when I have one leg up in the air trying to get the bolt off.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Rear brakes DIY - any tips?
« Last post by d0mokun on Today at 03:48:47 PM Started by shail  »
Mine's had a slightly unloved past and is a 55 plate car, just for reference. I doubt anybody ever took penetrant near any part of the car before I got it. Although if you read anywhere the consensus is that the bolts are buggers, so it may be just luck of the draw if they aren't.

I guess you could crack them but two things come to mind.. you've got very limited clearance anyway so probably even less with the wheels on, plus you'd then be driving around with 2/4 carrier bolts loosened. Good idea/ bad idea?

Car Parts / Re: Kenwood dnx516dabs- as new
« Last post by Bodyboarder81 on Today at 03:47:44 PM Started by Bodyboarder81  »
Does it show your parking sensors and heat controls on the screen?

Not on my car ..... not sure any of the units do on the mk5’s .... this also fits the mk6’s and from my research should display heater controls / parking sensors ect 
Performance Modifications / Re: RamAir Fitted Idle Issues
« Last post by DMackie on Today at 03:16:30 PM Started by DMackie  »
Well i fitted the N80 valve last night and the car is idling perfectly.

Now to figure out why my parrot system isnt working. Hopefully i just accidentally pulled the plug out when fitting the GPS aerial.

So it wasnt the ram air intake which caused the issue just the fact fitting it made the issue easier to spot.

Now do i get a 2nd hand s3 intercooler then remap or just a remap??
Mk5 General Area / Re: Rear brakes DIY - any tips?
« Last post by shail on Today at 01:13:29 PM Started by shail  »
Two very different replies!

Im guessing I'll just have to have a go.

One question - I may have access to a vehicle lift at work, but wont be able to do the whole job on the lift, as I'll only get about 5 mins on it.  Is it possible to 'crack' the bolts and re-tighten them with the wheels on, and the car up in the air?  This might make the job easier when I do it at home on the drive.
How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Coolant Temp
« Last post by Ben2901 on Today at 01:05:05 PM Started by Ben2901  »
Hi All,

Was having issues with low coolant temp in my ed30. Monitoring via the hidden menu on the dual climate, I was getting 72 degrees whilst on the motorway but dropping away to 67 degrees when coming off throttle /going down hill. I've now had the main thermostat changed and the temp now sits at 85 degrees on the motorway and drops to 83 when pushing on in the car - rises to 90 when sat in traffic.

Is 85 degrees still a little low or is normal? The car gets up to heat much quicker with the new stat and the temp stays far more stable? But I can't help but feel it's still a little on the cold side? Booked in with R-tech on Tuesday for S2+ so I don't want to encounter any issues with the car holding back because of the coolant temp.


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Performance Modifications / Re: Is a sport cat legal?
« Last post by Pudding on Today at 12:41:17 PM Started by rcrisp11  »
Probably more for California emissions than Europe but a cat right next to the turbo, plus a second cat, is very common on most turbo cars.   First cat heats up way faster that way and the amount of fuel these engines burn, it needs 2 cats anyway to meet the very tough cal' emissions.

I noticed bugger all deleting the first cat.  It trims EGTs down a bit at the top end but in day-day driving there was nothing appreciable on the butt dyno.
Members Rides / Re: Akispap's black GTI build thread
« Last post by akispap on Today at 12:13:11 PM Started by akispap  »
I also did the cam follower. I was hesitating in the beginning but saw some DIYs and decided to give it a go. All good :)
P.S That banjo bolt is a real PITA..

It wasn't as bad as I was afraid it would be..

And I installed an induction kit, went for the ramair as I read good reviews and many people use them. I think I accidentally ordered the oversized but I didn't bothered changing it, might need it for later ;)
That sound is crazy now! So much noise, and that DV!

Hi man, firstly the car looks awesome! Really good project you have going on. I have a couple of questions!

What oil do I need for a DSG service? / how much did it all cost (& is it easy to do it yourself?)

Secondly, i've literally just installed a ram-air filter myself and it looks like we've put the silicone pipes in different places.. (see picture)

I'm trying to figure out who's put the silicone pipe in the wrong place haha, I thought the one that had a bigger top and thinner bottom went onto the turbo inlet pipe?

Hey, thanks!
About Dsg oil I would use either the OEM or the ones I used. I guess there are other brands as well but I wouldn’t go for them as I like Liqui Moly. The cost was slightly less than changing them in VW which was about 190£. I paid 12£ for filter, 92£ For 6 bottles but I only needed 5, 24£ for the filling hose, and around 20-25£ for some tools I was missing. It’s fairly easy I’d say. Make sure to do the basics settings through VCDS after you change the oil.

About the induction if you look closely, we have different ones, mine is the oversized one, we both installed them properly don’t worry! :)
Mk5 General Area / Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
« Last post by Shoduchi on Today at 11:59:47 AM Started by ROH ECHT  »
New front brakes.  :jumping:

Those are beauties...but not familiar with them or seen them before. Are those this set?

I preferred to source the calipers and the pads myself because I could get them for a much cheaper price. I just bought the kit that comes with the discs, the custom caliper brackets and the braided oil lines. :smiley:

The discs are really light compared with my old ones (13 kg vs 8,6 kg). :grin:
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