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Performance Modifications / Re: Best sounding intake
« Last post by DaveMsport on Yesterday at 11:44:44 PM Started by rcrisp11  »
Ram-air hands down. There was one already fitted to mine and was worried my other half wouldn't be keen on the whooshes and hisses as its her everyday car but she loves it.

My other car is an E46 M3 with CSL airbox and supersprint exhaust so get the best of both worlds between not many other NA cars sounding better than the M3 and then all the hisses and pops form the GTI for the boost side of things :)
Mk5 General Area / Re: Worth Repairing my GTI?
« Last post by Chris_R on Yesterday at 11:13:10 PM Started by waqasr  »
Yep its been written off, they've offered 2800 and buy back for 2400. Its low due to the mileage they said. Im thinking buy it back and get another one, swap over all the good stuff like coilovers, induction, bi xenons etc.

Edit: Buy back for £400 not 2400.

Also think that seems low and its a first offer so push for another if you are unable to buy similar - saying that looking at Mk5's they are not exactly dear to buy today...
I got more for my high miler 07 plate motorbike which was written off last year - £400 buy back, £3600 offer - so I bought it back and did the repairs myself out of the 3200 quid change, only needed a new front shock and a front fender.
Problem is that they price the repairs on bikes at the main dealers and want to repair every single scratch caused (there was a single scuff on the passenger footpeg - that equalled a complete rear subframe in their eyes as its part of the frame) - the parts alone from BMW before labour rendered it a write off.
The whole claim cost them considerably more though, they "lost" my claim somehow and I ended up with a hire bike at £170 a day for 3 solid months over the summer while they sorted out the cheque - think that cost them over £10k in hire charges, the hired MT10 I had would have only cost them about that to buy for me instead LOL.

Mk5 General Area / Re: Nighteye leds
« Last post by RetroRaz on Yesterday at 09:40:18 PM Started by Ant b  »
Has anyone put the nighteye's in as full beams in Xenons if that makes a difference?

I did. They were pretty bright.

Are they straight forward to fit into full beams?

Yeah same way as fitting into dipped.

My headlights were off the car at the time of fitting them so not sure about hand clearance when the headlights are on the car.
Cars For Sale / Seat Leon FR 2008. 67k miles. Stage 2. Helix Clutch.
« Last post by mart. on Yesterday at 09:23:00 PM Started by mart.  »
Stage 2. FSH. Sensible mods.
Single Image
    Location: Nottingham
    Collection Only

    2008 (08) Seat Leon FR TFSI (Stage 2, Helix Clutch)

    For more pics:

    I’ve owned the car since April-18, and it’s been a fantastic car in that time. The only reason this is for sale is due to the fact that I am going from 2 cars to 1 car for personal reasons. The car has spent the past few years being looked after by AKS Tuning, so has been in good hands during that time, and you will see from the extensive full history, receipts & clean MOT history that the car has been looked after.

    • Red
    • HPI Clear
    • Full Service History. The car has been serviced with a stamp every single year since new. (Car is booked in at Nottingham independent Lindleys on 22/9/18 for an interim service)
    • 4 previous Keepers
    • 67,000 Miles (6k miles per year. Previous owner since 25,000 miles)
    • Spare key
    • MOT until 4/6/19 (Take a look at the MOT History to show this car has been looked after. Only 1 MOT in 2013 with advisories due to covers obscuring, and slight tyre wear).
    • 3 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Tyres / 1 Dunlop Sport Maxx all with 5mm+ tread, not Budgets.
    • Golf R Suspension from a 2012 car fitted by previous owner, so newer.
    • Wheels were powdercoated at a cost of £312 back in 2014
    • Cruise Control (great on the motorway)
    • Folding wing mirrors
    • Rare Armrest. Catches inside are broken but these are £100 second hand, doesn’t detract at all from the use of it.
    • Climate control is ice cold
    • Cambelt & Waterpump changed 29/5/15 @ 35,515 miles
    • Cam follower replaced in 25/4/16
    • Diverter Valve Replaced with GFB DV+
    • EVAP Control Valve – 4/1/16 @ 42k - £80.14
    • Revision “R” PCV Valve fitted 1/1/17 - £39.99
    • Genuine Fuel filter fitted 1/1/17 - £27.35
    • Drop links changed – 06/18
    • Rear right caliper replaced 2018 - £138.30
    • Brake Fluid Replaced with Brembo 5.1 DOT 3/2/18
    • All discs and pads still have plenty of life on them.
    • Recall at Seat completed back in Aug-17 for the replacement ABS/ESP Control Unit.

    Service Record:

    1/8/09 – 7,214 – SEAT Hobin of Bury
    29/7/10 – 10,377 - SEAT Hobin of Bury
    26/8/11 – 14,135 - SEAT Hobin of Bury
    15/8/12 – 18,804 – The General Motor Co Ltd (VAG Specialist) - £228.63
    01/8/13 – 22,772 – The General Motor Co Ltd (VAG Specialist) - £179.85
    05/6/14 – 25,472 – Research Garage Group Ltd
    29/5/15 – 35,515 – Blackridge (VAG Specialist) - £753.79
    25/4/16 – 44,999 – AKS Tuning - £1,385.50
    09/5/17 – 54,352 – AKS Tuning - £211.96
    2/9/18 – Lindleys Nottingham - £135


    • Stage 2 REVO Remap (Estimated 270BHP) - £549
    • SPS Controller - £99
    • Helix Organic Clutch with DMF fitted at AKS Tuning with receipt for £1,000. This now handles the power, and don’t have to worry about your clutch as you would on most others.
    • Pipercross Panel Filter (I haven’t used a proper filter with this as don’t like the noise), so standard airbox - £30
    • Full Milltek Turbo Back Exhaust with Sports cat (Flew through the MOT with this on) - £600
    • Golf R Intercooler - £100
    • Golf R in tank Fuel Pump
    • RS4 Fuel Valve - £47
    • Uprated Diverter Valve (GFB DV+) - £97.80
    • H&R Front Anti-Roll Bar - £160
    • SuperPro Anti Lift Kit - £166.80
    • Uprated Osram side lights and Phillips racing vision lights (09/10/16) - £31.56
    • HEKO wind deflectors all round
    • Wing mirrors and Bottom lip on front bumper plastidipped black to align with the facelift models.
    • Front and rear calipers painted black with Hammerite to tidy up appearance.

    The body work for an 11 year old car is generally in great condition. The front end does have stone chips due to the soft paint on these. The main mark of notice is on the Passenger front wing, there is a slight dent on the swag line, which you can only catch in certain light, but wanted to mention. It has never bothered me.
    The Alloys were powdercoated at a cost of £350, but front left wheel, does have kerb marks on it, so if being picky could do with refurbishing. But it has never bothered me.

    I have a folder full of paperwork with the car, including the service book, and lots of receipts for work carried out.

    Due to the mods, and having had the money spent on a decent Clutch, to support the power, I believe the car is fairly priced. Looking for a quick sale.

    £4,299 ovno. Please do not message me asking what my best price as you won’t get a response. Feel free to pick up the phone or arrange a viewing.

    Located in Nottingham
    Other VAG / Re: Porsche Cayman 981 Black Edition
    « Last post by rex on Yesterday at 09:22:20 PM Started by rex  »
    Got the car back from the repair shop on Friday (with the new bumper) and could't help myself: bought and installed the GTS Taillights and the GTS Lower Spoiler.
    The installation was not quite easy but I can't say it was difficult... I chose to take the whole bumper of and that made things much easier. It was a 3 hour job for me but I think a mechanic can do it in an hour, maybe an hour and a half.

    So, the 2 taillights side by side:

    And the left side with the new lights and the right side with the old one:

    This was the state of the car at 2 AM last night:

    The stock lower spoiler:

    The GTS lower spoiler:

    And the end result:

    Really glad I can once more enjoy the car!
    Performance Modifications / Re: Best sounding intake
    « Last post by AJP on Yesterday at 07:38:17 PM Started by rcrisp11  »
    I will just add though, the Ramair sounds glorious with enough boost!
    Performance Modifications / Re: Best sounding intake
    « Last post by AJP on Yesterday at 07:32:35 PM Started by rcrisp11  »
    If you can live with the weird 'out of tune flute' resonance noises that come with a k03 car running a bit of boost and an intake, the Ramair kit is ok. Lots of spooly dumpy noises.

    Problem is - harmless harmonics aside - for the slight power gain in shifting the peak torque up the revs you also get questionable fitment against coolant hoses etc. And that's not just Ramair. No aftermarket intake is perfect in that respect.

    If you're intent on fitting one, spend some time adjusting things, and keep an eye on where things are shifting about (and potentially fouling).
    MK6 General Area / Re: Golf 7 R engine in Golf 6 R chassis
    « Last post by AJP on Yesterday at 07:22:51 PM Started by spb  »
    Definitely not without a mammoth job with wiring if you even got it right mechanically. Between the mk5 & mk6 you're essentially dealing with the same car. The MQB mk7 however... is a different car altogether.
    Car Parts / Re: for sale Revo blanking plate
    « Last post by SpudGTI on Yesterday at 02:52:09 PM Started by Sessions  »
    40 posted?

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    Mk5 General Area / Re: Worth Repairing my GTI?
    « Last post by waqasr on Yesterday at 01:58:55 PM Started by waqasr  »
    Sorry folks thats a typo, buy back for £400, not 2400 lol. So yea just on the hunt for one now, will 2400 in my pocket im still going to be out of pocket when it comes to  buying one.
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