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Forge engine caps
on May 20, 2018, 04:46:40 PM
Anyone know where I can get these caps in chrome? I saw them a few years back before I got my Edition 30 but I've spent weeks looking for some and can only find ones for the mk7 GTI.

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Photobucket is working again!
Last Poster: rich83 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:44:21 AM
They are a bunch of wankers. Please try and avoid using them, they deserve to go into administration

Wiltshire meet??
Last Poster: SpudGTI in Shows, Events and Meets on Yesterday at 10:16:51 PM
Hi im a recent GTI owner and know of other lads that may be intressted in a meet here but theres about 5 mk5 and 1 mk6 1 mk7 GTI modifyed and standard also work mate has a scirocco R all could have a big meet up somwhere in wiltshire (junction 17 on M4 Chippenham) or Swindon have a big vw meet and social event? Could go to cribbs cawsway on M5 in bristol if alot is intressted just

Last Poster: SpudGTI in Members Rides on Yesterday at 09:37:42 PM
Hey up all

Thought i would post my pride and joy for you all to see,

All thats been done is mostly manical bits and bobs taking all my money away BUT apart from fixing and servicing ive had


Rear silencer delete (small baffle and straight through end can)

Head lights with projector lights only bad thing is the bulbs ar

Mfd hybrid dash
Last Poster: SpudGTI in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:19:19 PM
Hi all just wondering if anyone has any quote or know anyone who does the conversion on the mk5 dash to the blue needles and colour display? All it is my red dash in middle is starting to go where the milliage is shown and been watching some you tube videos about the hybrid dash?

Looks the muts nuts and guessing expensive conversion but defo looks a thing to do

Re: Bit of help please all
Last Poster: SpudGTI in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:08:11 PM
What a plank they were, you have to be careful putting the sump back on with how much sealant you  use for that exact reason.

Glad its sorted :jumpmove:
Yeah haha atleast my garage is into vw's owner has a modifyed T4 and his son has a mk6 gti highly modifyed but his son has

Re: RamAir Fitted Idle Issues
Last Poster: GitFlog in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 08:53:47 PM
Well i had the car in for a smoke test to check for a boost leak. Thankfully there is no boost leak but the N80 valve was stuck open so that has caused the issues i think. Going to replace it tomorrow.

good stuff hopefully thats the last of it for you bud

Re: looking for a few items for my mkv gti
Last Poster: Wooosh in Wanted on Yesterday at 08:53:15 PM
PM sent bud. :drinking:

Re: New car: R32
Last Poster: Andy in Members Rides on Yesterday at 08:18:03 PM

Re: S3 Intercooler and someone to fit it
Last Poster: patpong_pete in Wanted on Yesterday at 08:15:30 PM
Plastic end tank one is better than the older all alloy one, but scenesters won't have it.  You pay £400+VAT from Audi for the alloy one, or £260 for the revised 6R/2009 on S3 plastic one, brand new dealer prices.  £150-160 second hand for a plastic one is a very reasonable price, or pay £250+ scene

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: Joshy in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:11:35 PM
Finally transferred my new reg onto the car! :happy2:

Re: Joshy's Ed30 Build Thread
Last Poster: Joshy in Members Rides on Yesterday at 08:10:20 PM
Rushed home after work to get the new reg transferred and onto the car :grin:

Re: Passenger door lock module
Last Poster: doylebros in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:57:02 PM
Did anyone ever actually succeed with drilling and greasing their door lock module?

I tried it using GT85 and it's worked for over twelve months to date on MKIV golf, but failed totally on the MKV I tried it on.

leather wingback seats
Last Poster: Butler in Wanted on Yesterday at 07:46:04 PM
Want leather wingbacks in anthracite colour must be mint condition

Re: Is a sport cat legal?
Last Poster: rcrisp11 in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 06:22:27 PM
Precat is for German emissions testing which has a cold start requirement.

So yes?! Haha

Re: DSG Service - time interval or just mileage?
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:42:18 PM
Mileage for DSG as far as I know and it’s what I’ve followed...

Re: VWR Intake disappointing
Last Poster: Pudding in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 03:24:38 PM
Too much money to be made developing and testing new kits for the newest cars on the market, rather than 'wasting' it redesigning a product for a warranty fix aimed at a market that is pretty much dead....

I highly doubt it'll happen

It's far from a redesign, just

Re: Hryszko's #2 Mk5 GTi
Last Poster: Hxrry96 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 02:14:42 PM
The cars looking good, it's great when something starts to come together  :jumping:

Re: After market window regulator
Last Poster: mjmallia in Technical Workshop on Yesterday at 01:26:30 PM
I had this when I fitted one from ECP to the wifes Mk5.

The rubber stop/bracket was a lot higher in the aftermarket one, so I removed it and fitted the lower one off the original which sat a lot closer to the bottom of the runner and all was fine again.

4 wheel alignment/ESP intervention (no warning lights)
Last Poster: Evans1978 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 12:25:45 PM
Hi all, this is my first post and hoping for some guidance as to an issue with my car. It's a 2008 "58" plate Mk5 Golf Gti which is completely standard.

I had 2 new rear tyres a couple of weeks ago and 4 wheel alignment due to the common issue of the inside of the rear tyres wearing down far faster than the rest of the tyre. During the alignment procedure I had a lower

Re: Warranty on warranty
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on May 20, 2018, 07:40:47 PM
IIRC VW UK give a 2 year warranty on their paintwork. Not sure if you had the work done through them or elsewhere however it sounds like a poor job which needs to be redone. If you paid by credit card then you should have a bit more leverage.


Mk5 VW Golf 2.0 (TFSI Turbo) GTI DSG Tornado red – 112,800 miles – Stage 2 remap (including DSG remap)
Single Image
    Location: Bristol
    Collection Only

    Sorry for some reason I am having troubles posting images here (not accepting my image hosting site URL??!) so until tomorrow - check it here - https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volkswagen/golf-gti-mk5-mk6/volkswagen-golf-mk5-gti-------------------2005/8699754

    Or check the album of all images, with the good, bad and ugly in there in gnarly detail - https://ibb.co/album/hAsxaa

    FOR SALE - £5,250 ono
    Mk5 VW Golf 2.0 (TFSI Turbo) GTI DSG Tornado red – 112,800 miles – Stage 2 remap (including DSG remap)

    A much-loved car with all modification work done by local mapping legends Streetwise. No expense spared. Has been a faithful family car as well as a roaring nutjob when I have had the chance, but I haven’t had much chance since my son was born and I am getting a company car and need the dosh so it’s sadly time to say goodbye. Has some minor signs of age physically (see photos and full description for details) but is a really good-looking car still – I love the look of these. VW really did get it right with the mk5.
    And this is a (tameable) beast underneath. The mods have been done properly, no mad stuff, just the right amount and in the right areas. Steering feedback, switchable power (with SPS Switch included in sale), full heated seats in leather, multi-function wheel, full highline dash, a lovely lowered look with bigger, modern wheels (but original wheels with winter tyres available too!), VCDS for diagnostics, and upgraded nav DAB system, and the right amount of noise from the exhaust and air intake. No expense spared – if something needed doing, I did it. Full Service History. Annual oil and filter service. MOT October

    The mods (all professionally installed by Streetwise of Bristol)
    STAGE 2 Revo Remap – 270 PS & 297 lbft torque– with DSG remap and Revo Technik SPS Switch (so you can switch the map off and on or tweak)
    Revo air intake
    Lowered 20mm on Eibach coilovers
    18” mk7 style alloy wheels w/ nearly new Pirelli P Zero tyres
    (also have the original 17” Monzas with excellent Yokohama winter tyres with full tread for an extra £300)
    Recent Brembo brake discs all round (less than 20,000 miles ago)
    Full Milltek performance exhaust with sports cat resonator (fully legal)
    DNX525 Sat Nav / DAB Radio / Bluetooth / SD Card / CD / Telephone w/ reversing camera
    Multi-function steering wheel with flappy paddles
    Gen3 steering rack in October 2015
    Full highline dash and updated ECU to accommodate
    Full Ross-tech VCDS – do your own diagnostics! (cost £300+ new!)    
    Powered boot pop (not working brilliantly at the moment – probably time for a couple of new struts)

    Recent work
    New gearbox mount, driveshaft and lower arms and ball joints (wheels balanced)
    Replaced cam follower and DV and installed PCV Delete prior to remap
    Brand new Yuasa battery - £130 worth
    MOT until October 2018
    Oil and filter service carried out in October 2017 – full service 11,000 miles ago (approx. 9,000 miles to go) – I change oil and filters every 12 months
    New steering sensor – 6 months ago
    All required work done as and when needed

    The good
    Black Vienna leather heated seats
    Original VW bottle opener
    Front centre armrest, vents & cup holders
    Rear armrest
    Hold button on key to open and close all windows remotely
    The amazing whoosh from the air intake! (especially on launch control!!)
    Automatic lights / rain sensor
    Cruise control
    Free set of fully fitted car shades from Palm Automotive (like Sunniboy)
    Red LEDs in footwells – gives a nice GTI glow! (white LEDs elsewhere so it’s not too eeevil!!)
    Full set of VW Golf official rubber mats front and rear, great condition
    6-disc CD changer but isn’t connected anymore – easily done if you wanted to but I mostly listen to Spotify

    The bad (all documented in the pictures for close-up, gnarly detail)
    Alloys could do with a refurb – nothing drastic – depends how fussy you are
    Headlights are cloudy – I paid £52.00 18 months ago to have them done so not a big job
    Damage, swirling and some scratching (from previous owner loading boot like a clod) and some sun damage on rear bumper - £150 for a new bumper but honestly it looks a lot worse in the pictures
    Buckle rash tear on driver’s side seat bolster (easily repairable and when you are getting in and out of the car you don’t see it – again, looks a lot worse in the pictures)
    2-3 small stone chips in paintwork
    O/S mirror glass has chip out of it – doesn’t cause any visibility problems whatsoever but you might want to replace – see pictures
    N/S wing mirror casing has small black scuff – cheap and easy to replace
    The gearshift cover is scraped but I can throw in a can of Plastidip to sort this – will take any numpty less than an hour but I am not that numpty)
    One of the blades on the rear passenger air vents is twisted – can probably be replaced but I’m never in the back!!
    Only one key

    The ugly
    Kenwood Bluetooth not working as smoothly as it had been post iOS 11… is a software issue. I am in touch with Kenwood to get an update, but if I don’t fix this before sale, you can still plug in to the USB in the glovebox and then you get perfect telephone calls / play music etc. Everything else works a treat and it is an amazing system. If I can’t get a fix before sale I will take £150 off the price so you can pay a radio tech to take a look
    N/S Headlight is slightly out of line – I am sure this is an easy fix for someone and is from when Halfrauds replaced a bulb (I was being lazy!) – I just haven’t bothered because normally it’s not noticeable – price reflects this probably needs someone to look at it – maybe 2 hours’ labour?

    I’ve been as honest as possible about all the bad stuff because I don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t know what they’re looking at, but don’t get the wrong idea - the good outweighs the bad with this bad (good) boy. If you are looking for a well-looked-after, sorted, modified mk5 GTI that you can have some fun with but also potter round the shops without looking like a complete hoonigan, this is the one. What else can you get for £5k that is this much fun and this practical?

    Central Bristol - no tyrekickers – serious enquiries only – call me on my mobile – I am away from Friday 25th at midday and back the following Friday, but we will be going to Derbyshire so if you are in that area and fancy a look, give me a shout and I’ll try to organise around my family holiday! 😊

    FK Silverline Coilovers
    Location: Kent
    Collection Only

    Hi all, Sold my edition 30 the other month to move to something a little bit more practical whilst buying our first home. Off the back of that and sorting through storage I've found a few bits I've collected over the years. Give me a shout if you've got questions about anything! All listed for collection in the Kent area (Ashford/Maidstone) although I can make arrangements for the items to be in Whitstable/Herne bay if needed. I'm happy to courier all items but this will need to be organised by the buyer, the smaller items I can post but these charges will also be covered by the buyer. I can provide quotes based on location.

    Purchased in 2014 but was not fitted to car until 2015. Was on my edition 30 for 2 years, covering roughly 16,000 miles. All working perfectly just needing a quick wipe over.

    RRP £450 from Vemon Motorsport when purchased.

    Located in Ashford, willing to travel to maidstone, can also arrange to be in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne bay.

    Buyer to arrange courier - I can wrap items but will not be responsible for damages.
    Blueflame Suitcase Delete *Price Reduced - Make me an offer*
    Location: Kent
    Postage: undefined

    Fitted for a year before being replaced with a turbo back exhaust. Loads of clips of the sound online which does the car a treat if wanting to stick with the stock cat. Diameter of pipe is slightly larger than stock so will need to be fitted with a step down, I have lost this piece.

    RRP - £250

    Located in Ashford, willing to travel to Maidstone, can also arrange to be in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne bay.

    Buyer to arrange courier - I can wrap items but will not be responsible for damages.
    R32 - Front Calipers & Carriers. *Price Reduced - Make me an offer*
    Location: Kent
    Postage: undefined

    Front two calipers in stock red colour. Pistons moving freely and come with stock lines attached. Removed as I fitted a full set which I had reconditioned before purchase of the car. Removed at 65-70K miles, unsure of when fitted. Also have some pads which will be included in sale. Give me a shout if you have any questions.

    Located in Ashford, willing to travel to Maidstone, can also arrange to be in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne bay.

    Buyer to arrange courier - I can wrap items but will not be responsible for damages.

    (Pictured with GTI rears, not included in this item, see above)
    GTI Calipers Front & Rear *Price Reduced - Make me an offer*
    Location: Kent
    Collection Only

    Same as above, all in working condition, fronts removed before I purchased the car, rears removed at 65-70K miles; unsure of when fronts where removed. Will come with everything I have in storage, I believe there are some used pads but no discs. Rears will need new lines.

    Ideal upgrade for any non GTI.

    Located in Ashford, willing to travel to Maidstone, can also arrange to be in Canterbury, Whitstable or Herne bay.

    Buyer to arrange courier - I can wrap items but will not be responsible for damages.

    (Pictured with r32 fronts, not included in this item)
    GTI Lower Grills
    Single Image
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      As title, lower grills for fog light surround, in good condition with no scrapes or cracks.

      Unsure of shipping costs will have to quote on location.
      Various Service Items
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      All parts for GTI // Edition 30 and are brand new. I am willing to split but not sure if it will be worth it for the postage.

      Bosch Oil Filter
      Crossland Pollen Filter
      Mahle Fuel Filter
      Golf Boot Badge/Handle
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      From an 05 model so logo is flat not raised. Little bit of white worm as can be seen in the images. 
      Front Passenger window regulator (5 door) *Price Reduced - Make me an offer*
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      Built unit for straight swap into a 5 door, bought for a 3 door but the pulleys are too short. No motor included.

      Standard non cruise indicator stalk.
      Location: Kent
      Collection Only

      As above, part no can be seen in images. Removed from an 05 golf in 2013.
      3dr Car mats
      Single Image
        Location: Kent
        Collection Only

        Non genuine mats, brand new and never fitted. Bought two pairs to use in winter driving but never got around to using these. Perfect fit for Oval holders.
        Genuine Edition 30 Badge Brand New
        Single Image
          Location: Ashford
          Postage: £0.00
          Delivery Only

          Does what it say on the tin. Price is with 1st class postage included to anywhere in the UK. Give me a shout if you have any questions!
          4 x Genuine VW alloy centre caps Brand New
          Single Image
            Location: Ashford
            Postage: £0.00
            Delivery Only

            Price includes 1st class delivery to anywhere in the UK. Give me a shout if you have any questions!
            FOR SALE - Red 2005 MK5 GTI ED30 look-a-like. "Fully Loaded"
            Location: Cambridge
            Collection Only

            Members of this forum will probably be familiar with the car already and there is a long thread with everything I've done to it here:

            During my ownership I had the front wings replaced under warranty and at the same time I paid for the bonnet and bumper to be repainted to freshen the car up and get rid of the stone chips. If your in the market for a Golf MK5 make sure this has been done as most would be out of warranty now.

            This is ideal for someone who would want to buy a standard car and fit all these parts anyway. You can see below how much it has all cost so doing it this way would save you a considerable amount!

            Spec and price as new.

            Basic car OTR, 3dr DSG GTi - £20,982
            18" Monza 2 alloys - £445 (no longer on the car and sold. now running 19" BBS)
            Cruise Control - £270
            DVD Nav system inc highline dash / arm rest / 6cd changer - £1845 (nav removed and sold, 6cd arm rest in place but not connected. now running RCD510DAB)
            Bi-Xenon lights - £725
            Full Leather seats inc heated seats - £1645 (now swapped for ED30 heated seats)
            Electric folding and auto dimming mirrors - £180
            Rear Parking Sensors - £295
            Multifunction Steering Wheel - £375 (now swapped for MK6 GTi Multifunction wheel)
            Electric Glass Sunroof - £495
            Winter Pack - £200

            The car also has Lux Pack and Light Pack which I was never able to find details of the price but the Light Pack is excellent with extra footwell lights and puddle lights under the mirrors which light up when you unlock the car.

            Total - £27,457

            Extras added since new and how the car currently sits

            ED30 Look

            ED30 front splitter / side skirts / rear lower bumper / red stitched hand brake / red stitched golf ball dsg gear shifter - £unknown price, added by previous owner
            ED30 3dr Interior - £500
            ED30 Dark Rear lights with white fog lens mod - £135
            MK6 GTI DSG Multifunction red stitched steering wheel - £300
            MK6 'CH' steering controller - £115
            Genuine BBS CH 19x8j - £500 plus refurb in satin black with silver lip £400
            New genuine BBS centre caps in carbon finish - £60
            Michelin Pilot Super Sports 225/35/19 88Y XL - £650
            Respray bonnet and bumper and wings (wings replaced under warranty)- £650

            The badge / boot handle has been colour coded and the small front splitter and rear diffuser section painted in contrasting metallic black compared to a standard car which has this part in the body colour. Have a look at other cars and hopefully you will agree with me that this small modification makes a big difference.

            Power and Handling

            Milltek cat back non res exhaust - £300
            R-Tech Stage 1 remap - £290
            H&R lowering Springs - £300 fitted
            H&R rear 24mm Solid ARB - £200 fitted
            Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit - £120

            The slightly lowered suspension is not crashy or harsh and again, it out drives a lot of more modern cars.

            The power increase makes this car more powerful than a standard Edition30 which had 230bhp. The Whittline Anti-Lift mod is well known in the MK5 GTI world and almost completely eliminates torque steer. The first time I drove the car after this suspension mod it almost felt 4wd such was the added traction and stability when accelerating around a corner.

            The rear brakes (discs and pads) were replaced in 2015 at the same time as the front brake upgrade was carried out. The front brakes are from the Mk7 Golf R. Lots of people upgrade to the 345mm brakes from the MK6 Golf R / Audi S3. These MK7 Golf R brakes I chose are 340mm so are slightly lighter and the piston in the MK7R caliper is larger so the overall braking force compared to the MK6R upgrade is better making it a more effective upgrade.


            RCD510DAB headunit - £230
            Latest CANBUS - £75
            AUX 3.5mm input - £25
            Hertz HSK163 speakers - £360
            Misc ICE wiring and sound deadening - £100
            VW 7P6 J revision Bluetooth handsfree / audio streaming - £140

            With the interior updates to the newer style headunit with bluetooth that plays from iPhones etc and displays the track names, the newer style heating controls and speedo with the white text info panel like the Golf MK6, it feels like a much more modern car.. part of the reason I've kept it for so long as it simply wasn't worth upgrading to the MK6 GTI.


            All interior and exterior bulbs changed to LED with no bulb errors - £30
            Mk6 red halo highline clocks - £240
            Mk6 Climate controls - £140
            OEM LED Number Plate lights - £25
            340mm MK7 Golf R brakes - £500
            HEL Braided lines all round - £80

            Plus all the usual servicing and maintenance costs which have all been done on time.

            The car currently has 97k miles and has hardly been used since a big Service by AKS in Sept 2017 which included the following:

            Oil & Filter
            TFSI Oil Pickup Pipe Service
            Cambelt & Water Pump
            Cam Chain & Tensioner
            DSG Service
            Rocker cover gasket
            Fuel Filter
            Cam Follower

            Total bill £1302.90

            Prior to that the service history is as follows with stamps and invoices:

            2007 - 14395 miles - VW Stockport - Oil / Brake fluid
            2008 - 26140 miles - VW Glasgow - Oil / Sparks
            2009 - 36177 miles - A for Audi, Clydebank - Oil / Sparks / DSG / Timing Belt / Water Pump / Aircon / Brake fluid
            2010 - 45016 miles - VW Glasgow - Oil / Brake discs and pads front and rear
            2011 - 53911 miles - VW Glasgow - Oil / Brake fluid / Sparks / Aircon
            2012 - 63527 miles - M&T Auto, Cambridge - Oil / Fuel Filter
            2013 - 72862 miles - M&T Auto, Cambridge - Oil / Sparks / Cambelt / DSG
            2014 - 81304 miles - M&T Auto, Cambridge - Oil / Aircon Compressor
            2015 - 89495 miles - M&T Auto, Cambridge - Oil / Aircon Compressor (again, faulty unit)
            2016 - 95058 miles - Russell Auto, London - Oil / Sparks / New battery
            2017 - 96596 miles - AKS, Bedford - (see list above)

            The MOT expries Oct 2018. I have the manual, 2 keys, service book and a little file of the most relevant receipts and MOT history.

            The car is HPI clear and passed an in depth AA inspection in 2016 when I last sold it.

            As I have said above, I'm now re selling it for the guy I sold it to as we stayed in touch and became friends. He fully intended to keep the car long term (as you can see by the big service he splashed out on) but he had to move back to Australia short notice and although he looked into shipping it out there, it wasn't financially viable.

            As you can perhaps tell, lots of research went on before any of the upgrades and the result is a very usable, surprisingly fast yet comfortable little car that out performs many modern hatchback for a fraction of the price!

            Viewing is highly recommended which can be done in the Cambridge area by appointment.

            Thanks for looking.

            email nathan@cambridgeautogleam.com
            phone 07710494878
            VW RNS315 Satnav headunit with DAB & BT
            Location: Leeds
            Postage: £15.00
            Delivery or Collection

            In good used condition. Has the code. Has built DAB radio and bluetooth. West EU V9 maps loaded on HDD.
            240 collected from Leeds or 255 delivered. If paying via PayPal + fees or a gift. Cheers
            Mk5 GTI 2005 5dr
            Single Image
              Location: Burnham on Sea
              Collection Only

              Reluctantly I am selling my Golf GTI, I had planned to keep this as our family car for the next few years but a change of job, which included a company car means it’s hardly used (1200 miles since last MOT).


              The car has the normal GTI features including highline clocks with computer (Miles remaining in tank, MPG, Distance.....) , digital climate control, automatic lights and wipers, cruise control, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors, electric windows front and rear and rear isofix points,  The stereo has been upgraded to a genuine VW RCD 330 Plus (canbus has been changed to prevent battery drain) so has full iPhone/iPod control over bluetooth, handsfree phone with built in microphone and usb/sd card reader.


              Since owning the car I have carried out preventative work for the common issues that affect these including - The cam follower, diverter valve (Type G fitted), coil packs and spark plugs (red Audi items R8 fitted) and door lock actuators. The engine and gearbox mounts have been changed for Revo items and the dog-bone mount replaced with a power flex bush added. The air conditioning has been re-gassed, two Continental Sport Contact 5’s fitted to the front, new discs and pads front and rear and a complete service also all within the last year.


              The cambelt was last changed in 2017 by the previous owner and the service book is stamped at the following dates/miles


              15,797 – 28/04/06

              30,749 – 20/03/07

              51,557 – 21/05/09

              59,764 – 13/04/10

              65,841 – 10/08/11

              74,947 – No Date

              81,803 – 28/10/15 (plus Cambelt and Water Pump Changed)

              85,465 – 16/11/16

              87,185 – 19/05/17 (plus Cambelt and Crank Shaft Seal)

              90,000 – Serviced by myself


              The car also benefits from having a Revo stage 1 remap carried out by TSR Performance in Somerset which I have the invoice for. It also has a Ramair filter fitted but I will include the standard airbox with the car for the new owner.


              Very reluctant sale but unfortunately we just do not have the need for two cars so the Golf has to go.
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