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Mk5 General Area / Re: Edition 30 - Register
« Last post by jp_lcr on Today at 06:24:04 PM Started by E30Dom  »
2191 and happy to back in a Mk5 after a few years
Mk5 General Area / Re: Crank without start
« Last post by mjmallia on Today at 03:45:22 PM Started by exodus_ste  »
Pull the fuel pump fuse
Members Rides / Re: My 07 BMP GTI
« Last post by Pissat4motion on Today at 02:35:17 PM Started by Pissat4motion  »
Pics of my current and previous mk5 GTI. Previous was an 08 GTI base with votex. This car had the same engine mods and some of the interior bits. Did an R rear bumper conversion. Totaled after slight frame damage in an accident (not my fault). Pic from SOWO cabin in Helen Ga. Ran Cadillac wheels for a bit. That failed attempt at mk6 climatronic lol. The obligatory had station pic..

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Wanted / 18 in BBS pescaras
« Last post by eb198 on Today at 02:28:41 PM Started by eb198  »
Full set wanted, preferabely genuine and not copies. Grey preferred not too bothered about tires.

PM if you have or know anyone with a set coming up for sale.

Mk5 General Area / Crank without start
« Last post by exodus_ste on Today at 02:22:25 PM Started by exodus_ste  »
So i've been doing a fair few jobs on my ed30 over a couple of months. Coming to completion now and i would like to spin the engine over a bit before i actually go to start it. What is the best way of doing this? Pulling some fuse maybe?
Members Rides / My 07 BMP GTI
« Last post by Pissat4motion on Today at 02:17:34 PM Started by Pissat4motion  »
This is my 07 GTI, in past and present guise. Car is fully spec'd (US) four door with votex kit. I'm the second owner and car currently has 108k miles.
Car is currently k04 with DM K04+ tune.. 3 bar map, JHM hpfp internals. Custom catch can. Billet aluminum oil filter housing. 034 aluminum insert. APR catted dp. R8 coils (of course lol). BMP CAI. Lowered on Raceland Primos over mk7 Austins. 17z BBK...15f/20r mm spacers. LED tails.

Interior wise? Eonon HU. P3 vent gauge. BFI heavy shift knob. Dash tray. R32 aluminum ashtray. Black hazard button. Drivers side underseat drawer. LED lighting. Tried the mk6 climatronic retrofit but could never get the a/c to work. Canbus gateway newer revision remains.

Immediate future plans? MFSW retrofit as soon as the CH revision module arrives. Cruise stalk revision G. Clutch upgrade (clutchmasters that's been collecting dust). Custom shift boot made with mk7 GTI cloth. Badgeless grille. Also have aluminum LCAs and a golf R IC boxed at my local shop.

I'm also on vwvortex and golfmkv forums under the same username. A lot of info here that I haven't really seen on those sites. Has me interested in a future cluster/clock retrofit.. and maybe giving the climatronic retrofit another shot.

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Mk5 General Area / Re: front wings rusty
« Last post by jgalla89 on Today at 01:57:30 PM Started by GTI 500  »
Its 10 years plus 2 years goodwill (even though the manual says 12). Thats what they told me earlier this year. I tried and failed to get mine repaired under warranty.

They came up with every excuse why the couldn't do it and contradicted themselves many times. Wasn't worth the hassle in the end as they basically said take it to the ombudsman if your not happy.

You may get lucky though so worth a shot. Also they won't consider any warranty repairs usually if the wings have had paint on in the past...

My front drivers side has a slight bit of bubbling and hasn't got any worse since March, so next spring/summer I'm looking at buying some genuine wings and replacing/painting.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Coming back to VW
« Last post by teo_parvu on Today at 12:31:42 PM Started by bbewekim  »
Right, I only see one problem with BCS, they are too good to easily find a used system.
Members Rides / Re: Tom's MK5 GTI OEM+ Build - Forged engine and BBT Hybrid
« Last post by teo_parvu on Today at 12:29:17 PM Started by tommygti  »
Hey man, any updates with this project?
Mk5 General Area / Re: Wingback seats
« Last post by Shoduchi on Today at 12:15:14 PM Started by Rob1  »
You can easily fit airbag delete cables that you can find on ebay, for example.
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