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Mk5 General Area / Re: Can any one help with which door wiring harness i need
« Last post by shaunK on Yesterday at 10:17:28 PM Started by Airz182  »
I can maybe look it up in ETKA if you give me your VIN.

That would be great if you wouldn't mind

Mk5 General Area / Re: Rear Door Not Locking
« Last post by shaunK on Yesterday at 10:16:45 PM Started by zenicman9  »
Make sure it's not a wire broken as it cost someone £150 unit plus fitting and in the end it was the wiring broken in the rubber grommet and I found the problem but the garage had already bought the part and replaced it  :signLOL:

Hi bud, I know my driver door harness is bad can this make some of the door randomly not lock? I have a 5 door sometimes all the doors lock sometimes just the passengers side ones. I'm thinking change the harness before I start changing modules.
Hi, firstly I'd check to see if wiring had snapped before replacing any harnesses as you could have a CCM failing! Have you vagcom it to see if there are any fault codes?.

I've repaired wires in the door harness in the past, they're not in a great state to be honest so highly suspect they're the culprit. Where is the CCM located?
Thanks for your . help, but yes all fuses are ok in the front and they all get power!
Wanted / Re: Boot Pop Kit
« Last post by Octoparrot on Yesterday at 09:26:09 PM Started by peter_booker2003  »
Needs coding with VCDS as well I think.
Wanted / Re: Boot Pop Kit
« Last post by GTI DAZ on Yesterday at 09:24:26 PM Started by peter_booker2003  »
Is that literally all of it @r5gtt ?
Wanted / Re: Boot Pop Kit
« Last post by r5gtt on Yesterday at 09:13:57 PM Started by peter_booker2003  »
Can't get it any easier  :signLOL:

2x Skoda Fabia Gas Struts                   
6Y0 827 550 C

2x Scirocco bump stops         
1K8 827 761 D.   

2x Seat Leon Ball pins                           
1J6 827 439 A     
Wanted / Re: Boot Pop Kit
« Last post by GTI DAZ on Yesterday at 09:01:03 PM Started by peter_booker2003  »
I too would be interested in the kit but not done one before as just got my first ever VW
Mk5 General Area / PCV Part numbers and the Eurojet PCV Fix
« Last post by pandaman on Yesterday at 09:00:08 PM Started by pandaman  »
I want to update my PCV, I have on 05 plate GTI and after a fair bit of searching I think I’ve got the right parts and p/n. Can someone please confirm!

Revision R PCV      06F129101R
Rear breather tube   06F103215B
PCV Gasket      06F103483E
Rear tube Gasket   06F145757F

Also, while I was searching, the Eurojet PCV fix popped up quite a bit, what does it do exactly? But after some googling I can’t find it anywhere anyway, did the company go bust?
Wanted / Re: WANTED: Mk5 GTI
« Last post by GTI DAZ on Yesterday at 08:58:52 PM Started by GTI DAZ  »

Wanted / Re: WANTED: Mk5 GTI
« Last post by GTI DAZ on Yesterday at 08:55:23 PM Started by GTI DAZ  »
Thanks @Manny_ED30  I went for a different one in the end. 2006 3 door in black, 79k and full VW history, inc 2 cambelt one at 39 and other at 58. Needs a good health check and the cam follower and valves doing. Small rust patch on boot and the drivers wing. Pick it up Wednesday.

Can’t upload pics for some reason

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