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Posting pictures in for sale ads
on November 03, 2017, 07:50:48 AM
How can I post pictures in for sale ads?

Neither links from photobucket or Flickr work.
Re: Rear Sping Snappy McBrokenface
Last Poster: neilw in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:39:07 PM
Yup. Its probably easy to take the calipers off and take the whole hub out, and attach the shock off the car.

Re: Thermostat packing in
Last Poster: DavGTI in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:36:02 AM
Bit of an update on this. Took the car out yesterday and on a long downhill run on the motorway from glengormly to Belfast I let the car free wheel In gear again to see if it would start to drop and to my surprise nothing. Car has stayed at a full solid 90 degrees. So decided to put this to the test drove up some back roads and to where I know a longer downhill run and let the car

Re: Golf mk5 gti 2005 engine code AXX Low oil pressure light cam on last night !
Last Poster: Dan_FR in Mk5 General Area on Today at 08:40:53 AM
What map? Map could well be the cause - wouldn't be the first time. Whoever told you it could be the vanes needs shooting - Thats a diesel thing!!!

Low oil pressure again is not good though since you've cl

Re: Boost rpm
Last Poster: Dan_FR in Performance Modifications on Today at 08:38:07 AM
There are plenty worse problems to have! I think we all have that issue when its this cold and damp out!

Nice one for updating us, glad its sorted

Need Advice: MK5 GTI (3-dr) speaker Upgrade
Last Poster: GTi-Tecnix in Mk5 General Area on Today at 04:19:45 AM
Hi all. I’ve been wanting to upgrade the 3-way speaker system in my car as the factory ones are can deteriorate after time. Yes they are decent speakers but they are lacking a decent bass delivery in the sound management 3-way.  I want to increase bass and clarity without a subwoofer in the boot as I’m now considering upgrading these speakers in my car. I notice that my front speak

Re: Possible RCS330+ help
Last Poster: PatchySan in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 03:41:38 AM
Thanks @PatchySan I don’t have a mfsw to that’s ok, I got it free from work so just need a new coded canbus. Where can I get one?

Try the sales page here


Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: shoaybmakda in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:27:57 AM
minor service at parkway VW leicester..didnt even wash my car!!  :sad1:

Re: Stop engine
Last Poster: Ant b in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 08:32:31 PM
Yeah I’ve done the pickup pipes on all my vw Audi’s,shame really as the gti had a full service 2k ago,but now this light has made me paranoid its the pickup,so I done it today all genuine,quantum oil genuine filter and sump plug,plus found I had a boost leek were the clip had come dislodged on my bottom intercooler pipes,goes better than ever now.
I’m quite confident I’ve sort

Re: Mk2 Golf 3.2 VR6 Kamei Edition + GTI 8v Mini Resto
Last Poster: doylebros in Other VAG on Yesterday at 07:59:21 PM
If you want to really enjoy the fruits of your hard labour and financial commitment, then keep to your own thoughts "I’m giving up making promises to myself at this stage, just being careful and checking over everything twice to ensure I’ve not missed something small but important".

This takes blind obedience but the result will be memories worth cherishing, it's not rac

Re: RTech - Disappointed that my enquiry was not answered
Last Poster: Gtcpaul1971 in R-Tech Zone on Yesterday at 06:46:10 PM
Yep.  Mine was just recently stage 2+ flashed at 118K miles.  It's not the mileage that's important, but the physical condition and making sure all the sensors and ancillaries are healthy, and obviously the turbo.

If in doubt, run a compression test before spending money on a map, and get

The best Speaker system upgrade for a 3-dr MK5 GTI
Last Poster: GTi-Tecnix in MK6 General Area on Yesterday at 05:38:17 PM
Hi all. I’ve been wanting to upgrade the 3-way speaker system in my car as the factory ones are can deteriorate after time. Yes they are decent speakers but they are lacking a decent bass delivery in the sound management 3-way.  I want to increase bass and clarity without a subwoofer in the boot as I’m now considering upgrading these speakers in my car. I notice that my front speak

GOLF MK5 TDI - BlueEdition
Last Poster: Orama_19 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 03:38:34 PM

Today I come to present my project in this forum and I hope you enjoy it. :)

Year.: 2004/05
Version.: TrendLine
Motor.: BKC 1896 cm 3; 105cv
Box.: Manual; 5v

Standard Equipment:

On-board computer;
Columns on 3-way front doors;


Re: Sluggish Cold Starts
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:33:24 PM
Mine started immediately this morning, and then cut out straight away. Fired up and stayed running the second time. 

I will try one of the new 6.6 bar filters as well.  Start with the cheapest bits first  :smiley:

Re: PB's 3rd MK5 GTI...in a row
Last Poster: peter_booker2003 in Members Rides on Yesterday at 03:01:35 PM
Thanks for the kind comments all.

With regards to the wings. I'm not overly bothered about the rust, but plan on trying to get them done under warranty at some point.

Nothing new with the car just yet apart from having to replace all 4 coil-packs recently.

Re: How to retro fit cruise control. Comprehensive guide
Last Poster: Dewboy in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 11:58:17 AM
Thanks for the great write-up.

Steering wheel control module is a git to remove, yes, but with patience and a long hex key, it's simple.
The routing of the wire from the steering control module to the in-line is tricky due to the steering column shaft movement. You need to make sure it won't get trapped or chaffe anywhere.

I've added a pic of the wire rou

Edition 30 splitter
Last Poster: RedGolfDom in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:19:04 AM
I'm selling all parts from my car just wondering how much people are paying for an ed30 splitter nowadays? I'm sure I paid 300 quid for it from awesomegti a while back

Re: Part Number for rear brake light (Drivers side)
Last Poster: ghuk in FAQ's on Yesterday at 10:28:07 AM
Thanks for the info bud really appreciate it  :happy2:

Re: White "Lion" Cupra - DSG conversion in progress
Last Poster: teo_parvu in Members Rides on Yesterday at 06:29:40 AM
No problem, I'm so glad that I don't have to change it.  :happy2:
If you have the possibility to check (maybe the order/invoice) will be great, it will help the guys from Darkside Development to build a database of gearbox codes and parking rings. They are already working on it. Then it will be shared with the producers to help others in the future. :wink:

Re: Potential fault - GFB DV+
Last Poster: r5gtt in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 12:43:48 AM
Would you say the pad was fully stuck on before fitting or did you not check at the time of fitting and only decided to check out of curiosity ?

Re: Wash/wipe...why one last wipe?
Last Poster: MPS in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on December 15, 2017, 11:09:24 PM
Helpful on the rear screen, worse than useless on the front.


R32 inner lights only.
Location: AMERSHAM
Postage: £0.00
Delivery Only

Upfor  for grabs is a set of genuine r32 rear inner lights only these are in excellent used condition no damage, ideal if you wish to split them to carry out the LED mod or a great upgrade price includes delivery.
VW Golf Gti Edition 30 MK5 Highline instrument cluster (Clocks)
Location: Luton
Postage: undefined
Delivery or Collection

As above i have 2 MK5 Golf Gti Edition 30 Highline instrument cluster (Clocks)

Part Number 1K6 920 970E
Part Number: 1K6 920 972

Comes with SKC CODE

In good working order and condition

These are the Early Clusters so is Easier to Code


Open to sensible offers

£200 Ono each

Can fit free of charge if collecting

Any questions please call

07983 222 677

Many thanks
Highline 30 Byte CECM
Location: Walthamstow, London
Postage: £5.00
Delivery or Collection

30 byte cecm for sale

This allows coding of footwell lights to always stay on, emergency braking all lights, xenons, cornering fogs and more.

Part number is 3C8937049E

No relays but you can use the ones from your current CECM

will need coding with vcds

Collection welcome from Walthamstow London or city of London.

Can deliver UK mainland.

PayPal gift or bank transfer welcome.
TTRS/RS3 pagid rs4-2 brake pads
Location: West Sussex
Postage: £6.50
Delivery or Collection

Selling spare set of pagid rs4-2 brake pads for TTRS/RS3 calipers barely used pads brought from aks tuning for £240 I'll be selling my complete ttrs brake set up soon for 8 pots
Any questions just ask
Thanks for looking
GTI Geniune Golf Side Skirts
Location: Bradford
Postage: £20.00
Delivery or Collection

Geniune VW Golf GTI side skirts for sale. Have a few scuffs and marks round the sides. 1,2 clips broken but should not affect once on. No clips (thing that attaches to car)  or bolts included. Will deliver within 15 miles. Over will be £20 charge.

Message me for more photos. 07590983613