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Mk5 General Area / Re: IC Pipe Oil leak
« Last post by neilw on Today at 05:32:58 PM Started by neilw  »
Wanted / Re: MK5 GTI DSG 5dr
« Last post by jaynemc on Today at 05:09:40 PM Started by jaynemc  »
Not sorted yet ....... still looking ........  :driver:
Mk5 General Area / Re: IC Pipe Oil leak
« Last post by Shoduchi on Today at 05:09:18 PM Started by neilw  »
I'd start with new seals. They perish over time. :\
Mk5 General Area / IC Pipe Oil leak
« Last post by neilw on Today at 05:02:53 PM Started by neilw  »
Did my oil change today and found a fair amount of oil around my Turbo to IC (rubber) pipe. One end its oily and the other has gunk around the connection. So I'm not sure if that's faulty or just unclean.

Does anyone know what I need to sort it? new seals, or new pipe?

Members Rides / Re: Josh’s Pirelli edition
« Last post by Dave J on Today at 04:19:55 PM Started by Bodyboarder81  »
Glad to hear you're happy with the coilovers mate they are really good for the money. Sorry to see you're sell though hope it goes to a good home  :smiley:

Molesy  :happy2:

Thanks dude   :happy2:

It might well be staying with me ...... surely it shouldn’t be hard to spend 25-30k right ? ‘Mint ‘ cars turning out to be dogs , dealers not getting back to you .. it’s a joke to be honest ! Now I’ve swopped the Wheels back , raised the ride height a bit I’ve sort of fallen a bit for the humble golf again !

Keep it! You have a very well treated Golf right there. One of the very best Mk5's I've ever seen online. At some point these Pirelli's will take off in price...
Mk5 General Area / Re: Part Number Help....
« Last post by SI-R32 on Today at 04:18:35 PM Started by Eighteen88  »
Recently had my car in getting the winter wheels changed and I can’t find the locking key for the wheel nut, does anyone know the part number so I can buy a replacement.
If its a proper vw Key you need, count number of splines to fit your bolt, pop onto eBay and type in vw locking key abc, about 9 quid for a new one.
Car Parts / VW RNS510, LED version C
« Last post by golfather on Today at 04:06:16 PM Started by golfather  »
RNS510, LED version C
Single Image
    Location: Slough
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Version 680 C, with LED screen and star button
    Great condition - all working.
    Video in motion Unlocked
    Updated to work with old CAN gateways so not to cause battery drain.
    Random Chat / Re: Anyone Want to Take Over the Forum?
    « Last post by Dave J on Today at 03:59:49 PM Started by vRSAlex  »
    This is exceptionally sad to hear. Apart from the monetary cost, what does running the forum involve?
    Car Parts / Dension DAB receiver - RNS510, MDI
    « Last post by golfather on Today at 03:50:59 PM Started by golfather  »
    Dension DAB receiver - RNS510, MDI
    Single Image
      Location: Slough
      Postage: £0.00
      Delivery or Collection

      Dension DAB USB Receiver
      Ideal solution for any car with a USB input through MDI, AMI or MMI.
      Useful for RNS510 via USB through the MDI. Works just as OEM.

      Aerial not included - can be purchased for £10 from ebay.

      £110 delivered.
      Mk5 General Area / Re: New Windscreen required - Good result so far
      « Last post by mjmallia on Today at 03:19:32 PM Started by GTI8v  »
      What windscreen company and insurance did you use
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