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Members Rides / Re: Chris’s first MK 5 GTI
« Last post by BaldwinGTI on Today at 07:42:02 PM Started by BaldwinGTI  »
Also had to hack my rear brake dust shield off yesterday. Again used great advice of this forum. Jacked car up and used a set of tin snips. Took me about 30mins or so. I’m no mechanic but what a useless piece of engineering. Especially the fact that you can’t replace them without taking the hub off.. it almost as if they did it on purpose.

Hopefully getting pressed plates delivered next week.

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Members Rides / Re: Chris’s first MK 5 GTI
« Last post by BaldwinGTI on Today at 07:37:39 PM Started by BaldwinGTI  »
Small update with some photos to follow.

Car back from body shop. All the repairs are done and are top notch. Also got a brand new rear tyre out of it, a blinder really as it was on the markers. Getting another put on the near side to match.

Replaced my cam follower. Was easier than I thought. I followed good advice off of this forum and also used the ecs tuning video. I had the dreaded banjo bolt. Which tbh wasn’t as bad as I thought. I used masking tape to put the spline bit into a box spanner.

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Performance Modifications / Re: VWR Intake disappointing
« Last post by csrigo on Today at 07:20:51 PM Started by 99hagued  »
Different dynos make different graphics. Some smooth the lines to make them prettier, I think. :thinking:

Yeah your right I've thght about that...also the differences in scaling. Not concerned with the numbers the car still feels good to me but I am going to check my LTFT tonight and see about profiling the MAF aperture.
Performance Modifications / Re: Rear brakes, worth upgrading?
« Last post by Stupots on Today at 05:35:31 PM Started by colesey  »
Didn't the ATE 200 fluid shorten ABS pump life/cause ESP issues in the long run due to it's viscosity? Fine on a track car but not advisable on a road car? I know I read it somewhere as the general consensus, so much so, that I binned mine and ordered genuine VAG fluid instead before I did my brakes.
Members Rides / Re: Alex's Shadow Blue GTI
« Last post by jakemower94 on Today at 02:39:42 PM Started by pandaman  »
Just come across your thread, I appear to have taken a similar route to yourself! Keep the updates coming, good inspiration!

The more I drive it the more I think it's a turbo issue.

There are no lights on currently, I've noticed though the car has boost when I first start it up but the longer it's driven the flatter the power gets.
Mk5 General Area / Re: GTi Mk5 or Mk6 as a race car?
« Last post by neilw on Today at 12:40:46 PM Started by bricksnmortar  »
Is weight and fuel consumption also a consideration? Not sure which is heavier. The mk6 Ed35 uses the same engine as the mk5 edition30. Mk6 gti has the newer chain driven engine, which has had issues with the chain tensioners (resolved with updated parts)

The mk5 ed30 engine will easily go to close to 300bhp with a remap, its the same engine used it the s3 and mk6 R but with a different tune and smaller intercooler.

also some good info here

There are other people on here that race, so will probably be able to give you a better answer.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Air Con not all.
« Last post by neilw on Today at 12:29:25 PM Started by Chesto18  »
Compressors are readily available on eBay for less than £40 too, if you willing to take a punt on a used one
Mk5 General Area / Re: Air Con not all.
« Last post by mo on Today at 11:38:31 AM Started by Chesto18  »
Mine is intermitten. Has already been regassed so will replace the pressure switch before going down the compressor route.
Ordered one off Ebay for £10
Members Rides / Re: Candy White Golf GTI Ed. 30 - 6th track day at Estoril
« Last post by Shoduchi on Today at 11:20:47 AM Started by Shoduchi  »
Now I notice a quieter idle. It's just the injectors working, mostly. The cam chain and cam chain tensioner were also inspected and looked in good condition. The cam chain timing on VCDS is spot on. The engine has a bit more than 80k km/50k miles, at the moment
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