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Mk5 General Area / Re: Audio specialist - Leicester area?
« Last post by Gti_enthu on Today at 02:10:16 AM Started by shoaybmakda  »
@shoaybmakda have u got this sorted? I will have a chat with the person who does all my work see if he can have a look for u
Sat Nav and Car Audio / installed double din head unit
« Last post by ballcrusher on Today at 12:45:38 AM Started by ballcrusher  »
Just installed my new head unit Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD 7" double din at a bargain price 2nd hand and to my surprise the amount of functions its got has made the stock speakers sound really good lol but at some point im going to do a full speaker upgrade with a stealth sub box with a decent amp but not sure what component to go with but i noticed there are empty speaker vents in the middle of both doors so don't no if the last owner has taken them out but advice on what to replace the stock speakers👍 also looking for a pair of head rests as I'm putting 7" monitors in both of  them as got 2 sets of Kenwood LZ-701W - LCD 7"monitors that will get installed after Christmas

Mk5 General Area / Re: highline upgrade cluster question
« Last post by RetroRaz on Yesterday at 11:14:10 PM Started by antonis42  »
Yea it's possible. Forget main dealers. Go to someone like Eddie-NL, Kalu or Olsen-72 (alex)

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Mk7 General Area / Re: Rear Legroom - same for estate as hatchback?
« Last post by markrtw on Yesterday at 11:09:24 PM Started by berg  »
I had a similar dilemma as I'm 6'4" with 2 growing boys.  Both the golf and leon have the same wheelbase for both for the hatch and estate. So we got a 2014 octavia vrs as it has an extra 5 or 7 cm (I forget exactly)  wheelbase which  all translates as extra rear leg room.
Wanted / Re: Audi s3 boost pipe and dumpvalve housing
« Last post by _Dejan_ on Yesterday at 10:43:16 PM Started by harveym3  »
What parts from this LINK do you need?
I have:
23 - 1K0145762BM
20 - I must check part number
4 - I must check part number
6 - 1K0145770P
7 - 1K0145838G and 1K0145838S I think G is K04 S is K03

DV flange(17) Im already sold.
Go for it as I know you'll love it  :jumping:
Wanted / Re: Audi s3 boost pipe and dumpvalve housing
« Last post by harveym3 on Yesterday at 09:49:08 PM Started by harveym3  »
Ok just so I know where I am you have the pipe from the turbo ( the one in your pic ) I've got the intercooler to throttle body but I need the alloy bit the you bolt the dumpvalve into ?
Cosmetic/Interior Modifications / Re: Fitting door lights
« Last post by Ant b on Yesterday at 09:26:53 PM Started by Ant b  »
Awesome this made the choice even harder now :D

Have to decide before friday :thinking:, and really wanted to fit the diffuser before that to see the fitment - but I'll take your word for it, if you were planning doing this yourself and have seen it been done  :pomppomp:

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