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How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: Issues with retro fitting cruise control
« Last post by r5gtt on Today at 12:43:15 AM Started by jhook661  »
I used a clone for mine and I'm sure you Jas helped and Retro Raz but can't remember et who as it was around  two years ago and it worked and still working
Random Chat / Re: Premium Watches to buy.
« Last post by gtipirelli on Yesterday at 10:56:52 PM Started by garrardrj  »
I managed to bag myself a stainless steel Rolex Daytona about 4 years ago at just over list price. A new version was launched about a year ago and the old version shot up 20% overnight for a nice used one

Unfortunately the wait for a new one is stretching to many years unless you are VERY well connected

Agree that stainless Rolex’s are the way to go
Testing and Forum Suggestion Box / Can't update build thread?
« Last post by Adam0604 on Yesterday at 09:42:09 PM Started by Adam0604  »
Everytime I try to update my build thread with a new reply it just says "Hmm .. we can't reach this page".

Same thing happens on IE and Google Chrome.

Is it just because my thread hasn't been updated within the last 90 days or something?
Mk5 General Area / Re: Tinted windows
« Last post by Assad on Yesterday at 09:23:53 PM Started by Assad  »
Think i am going to re tint mint, looks chavvy lol black on black..
Mk5 General Area / Re: Brake Setup
« Last post by RetroRaz on Yesterday at 09:15:00 PM Started by Gary  »
Oem discs with mintex m1144 pads are common setup.

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Mk7 General Area / Re: Rear Legroom - same for estate as hatchback?
« Last post by Frodo-anni on Yesterday at 08:59:42 PM Started by berg  »
Really pleased this has been asked and the above has been posted.

I'm struggle to consider ED30 replacements, with being 6ft 4" and now having family, will in time have another baby, so need to future proof.

Octavia seems to be the option that I personally keep coming back to because sadly the mk7 just doesn't give me the rear space or the boot space.

I thought that the mk7 estate had a slightly larger boot than hatch but it would only be minimal difference.
Mk5 General Area / Re: car not starting and no engine lights !!
« Last post by Rob1 on Yesterday at 08:52:06 PM Started by ds2601  »
Yeah thanks for the info
Mk5 General Area / Re: Low knocking noise - any suggestions?
« Last post by AndyTFSI on Yesterday at 08:48:56 PM Started by Gtcpaul1971  »
I to have this same noise on my edition 30 and its done it ever since I bought it. I've now covered 30K miles and the noise hasn't got any worse but it is a little annoying. I've had 2 different mechanics which I trust try the car and they have both said that its a common noise on cars with the 2.0 TFSI engine and manual gearbox, they both said not to be concerned. My clutch and DMF are due to be replaced in a few weeks so i'll be interested to see if it makes any difference to the noise. I was initially worried about it after reading the dreaded crank thrust bearing failure stories and thought it might be related.

I've noticed that the noise is louder when the outside temperature is lower, once the car has warmed up after a few miles the noise it much less obvious when pulling away.

Members Rides / Re: Joshy's Ed30 Build Thread
« Last post by MIJ_JAGGER on Yesterday at 08:48:54 PM Started by Joshy  »
Love the ultraleggeras
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