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Posting pictures in for sale ads
on November 03, 2017, 07:50:48 AM
How can I post pictures in for sale ads?

Neither links from photobucket or Flickr work.
Re: Can any one help with which door wiring harness i need
Last Poster: shaunK in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:17:28 PM
I can maybe look it up in ETKA if you give me your VIN.

That would be great if you wouldn't mind


Re: Rear Door Not Locking
Last Poster: shaunK in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:16:45 PM
Make sure it's not a wire broken as it cost someone £150 unit plus fitting and in the end it was the wiring broken in the rubber grommet

Re: GTI V won't start, no lights on dashboard, issue with relay 460 (B1)?
Last Poster: BruceSun in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:05:45 PM
Thanks for your . help, but yes all fuses are ok in the front and they all get power!

Re: Boot Pop Kit
Last Poster: Octoparrot in Wanted on Yesterday at 09:26:09 PM
Needs coding with VCDS as well I think.

PCV Part numbers and the Eurojet PCV Fix
Last Poster: pandaman in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:00:08 PM
I want to update my PCV, I have on 05 plate GTI and after a fair bit of searching I think I’ve got the right parts and p/n. Can someone please confirm!

Revision R PCV      06F129101R
Rear breather tube   06F103215B
PCV Gasket      06F103483E
Rear tube Gasket   06F145757F

Also, while I was searching, the Eurojet PCV fix popped up quite a bit, what does it do

Last Poster: GTI DAZ in Wanted on Yesterday at 08:58:52 PM


Re: RTech - Disappointed that my enquiry was not answered
Last Poster: rich83 in R-Tech Zone on Yesterday at 07:57:02 PM
Give them a call.

Last Poster: Dannyboi#722 in Wanted on Yesterday at 04:44:42 PM
Wanted Edition 30 bcs sports cat or decat complete with downpipe cheers guys pm please?

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Re: Sold the Golf
Last Poster: mk1mad in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:53:46 PM
That was a good price for the golf, how many miles had it done?

Re: Changing lower control arm (Passenger Side)
Last Poster: acko2204 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 02:30:55 PM
I’ve had problems removing my front control arm front bush bolt, Offside was easy but nearside WOW it’s tight, I’ve managed to get it turned and out about 10mm but it’s still not budging any further!
My GTi is manual and plenty of room away from  gearbox!
Wondered if anyone else had same problem removing this bolt that’s all

Quite induction
Last Poster: Ant b in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 02:12:02 PM
Is there such thing as a quite induction kit for the gtis,
My ram air oversize is stupid loud I don’t mind the dump when you let of but it’s constantly sucking on acceleration.
Think is I like the look and I don’t really wanna go back to a cover as one I haven’t got one and two I’ve just spend money tarting the engine up.
My old 1.8t had a cone on and had a nice dump

Re: Fitting door lights
Last Poster: Ant b in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Yesterday at 02:03:24 PM
Got them both done now,I am thinking about changing my projector ones to led,as they don’t offer that much light really and the projector bit is proud and rubs on the door plastic

Re: White "Lion" Cupra
Last Poster: teo_parvu in Members Rides on Yesterday at 02:02:27 PM
Update: All the DSG conversion parts are here, the gearbox, engine starter, flywheel, LSD, driveshafts, wiring loom, gear selector:

[img width=786 height=589]http://i63.t

Re: DV relocation bits
Last Poster: r5gtt in Wanted on Yesterday at 01:46:34 PM
Yep that's how is goes  :signLOL:

Re: 2018 RNS510 maps
Last Poster: Andy in Sat Nav and Car Audio on Yesterday at 12:39:09 PM
took bout 40 min on dvd disc

Re: rich83 - Edition 30..... 6 Years
Last Poster: Panos13Gr in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:55:31 AM
Amazing build up!
So if I use the same brake set up with tt rs et 47 18 8.5 5x112 wheels instead of pescara et51 7.5, may I can clear them without spacers ?

Re: ChrisGT's Black 5 door GT TDI 170
Last Poster: Christiank in Members Rides on Yesterday at 11:44:19 AM
I have the B12 with eibach springs on my TDI.

All though my car was lowered from when I ordered it from VW back in the days, the B12 kit is alot better to drive with in my opinion :)
And I don't even upgraded the roll bars yet.

I know what you going through Chris :D - No time or money these days to stuff I want for the car.. Still need new front brakes

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 02:51:57 AM
Ordered a new HPFP and internal upgrade kit...time to rejuvenate because fuel pressure target has dropped to just 110 bar even though actual will exceed the target every time I pull data...plus new brake pads. New Golf R injectors to come shortly thereafter.

Re: Josh’s Pirelli edition
Last Poster: Shoduchi in Members Rides on Yesterday at 01:50:12 AM
The S2000 should be more handful and fun to drive than your Ed. 30. :driver:


Vw golf mk5 gti edition 30 stage2+ forsale Tornado red DSG
Location: Glasgow
Collection Only

Sadly the car has to go up forsale after nearly 3 years of loving it like a child haha.

I purchased this from ed30sam123 user on here in sept 2015.

I've spent a fortune on the car as you will see in my thread http://www.mk5golfgti.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,101264.0.html

Factory fitted extras
Privacy glass – tinted rear side and rear windows
Armrest with cup holder cover and rear air vents
RCD500 6 disc cd changer with 10 speakers
Lux Pack – Electric folding mirrors with puddle lights and mirror dip on reverse
Ipod preparation in armrest
Cruise control
Highline dash
MFSW – steering wheel buttons
RNS510 sat nav
Bluetooth with voice dialling.
Genuine Mk6 reverse camera integrated into rear badge
Audi S3 jacking points
Brushed aluminium ash tray cover
Puddle lights in door cards
Golf Mk6 Blue motion Engine Undertray

Other mods
Carbon dipped centre dash
Carbon effect wing mirror covers (kept the red ones aswell)
White LED interior lights
Custom built heat shields
Team heko wind deflectors
Polar FIS
Full Polybush Kit
H&R 28/24 ARB kit
cold air induction kit
oz ultraleggera 18inch alloys
S3 brake calipers front 345mm discs
Eibach 25mm springs
peron intercooler
rs4 fuel pressure valve
DV+ Diverter valve
Full miltek turboback sportscat
Autotech HPFP
Stage 2+ remap from rtech 363bhp 394ftlb

Full service history
Fully stamped
2 keys
86,119 milleage
Oil changes every 6 months
Cam follower recently changed
Fuel pick up pipe recently changed
Had the car painted and both front wings changed and painted
All receipts for all work has been kepted
New brake discs and pads fitted to rear at last service and front pads.
Last april fuel filter changed.
Mechatronics was replaced for brandnew one on 27/02/16 had no problems since and its nice and smooth
Dsg fluid and filter changed recently
Front fans also got changed last april and new condenser
Water pump and timing belt changed on 27/02/16

27/02/16 at slaters in nottingham mileage 76150
22/08/16 at automek performance mileage 78899
19/07/17 at automek performance mileage 83766

The last service on 19/07/17 had oil pick up pipe done, dsg fluid and filter,oil and filter change,spark plugs,front pads,rear discs and pads,pcv valve. most things that have been changed have just been for peace of mind.

The car really has had no expense spared on it and is running great no rattles or weird noises, it will be sad to see it go. would love it to go to another forum member to keep an eye on it haha
The folder of the receipts go on and on, I'm pretty sure another forum member before ed30sam123 had it also had it aswell so it has been in good hands before me,

Bad points... Tyres are legal but will need new tyres shortly, also need tracking done but i'm fussy, although was recently painted it does have a few stone chips on the front but what car doesn't but they aren't bad and you can only see them when polishing/waxing/washing up close.

Any info needed just ask.

£9199 No PX and no silly offers.


Polar FIS
Single Image
    Location: Denmark
    Postage: £10.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Polar FIS Box
    Complete with cables, manual and box
    Skyline inner ring modded lights
    Location: London
    Postage: £0.00
    Delivery Only

    Skyline inner ring modded lights painted standards lights

    *Reduced* 2007 "57" Edition 30 - Black - 5 door - DSG
    Location: London/Essex
    Collection Only

    2007 "57" Edition 30 (no. 1231)
    MOT Till August 2018 - No advisories
    85000 miles
    Full VW History till 2016
    Completely standard
    Oil changed every 6 months, and NGK sparkplugs otherwise no engine mods
    MFSW and Highline clocks
    XTRONS android headunit, still have original if required
    Good condition
    Family owned since 2012 - Has only been to VW for any work until Jan 2017 - all reciepts and stacks of paperwork and all stamped history in original books
    Changed DV few months ago for latest revision - Didnt need it but precautionary
    2 Keys
    Purchased originally from this forum in 2012

    Heated seats - AC working been charged several times over the years by VW -
    Quick sale

    + reciepts for all work carried out from VW - some major ones listed below

    September 2013 - Steering Rack and loom replaced by VW Loughton under recall
    March 2012 - 29533 miles - Cambelt change
    August 2015 - 64966 miles - Cambelt water pump change

    BCS Cat back Prestige system
    Single Image
      Location: Norwich
      Collection Only

      BCS 'Prestige' (larger diameter center silencer) Cat back system (non Powervalve)

      ***SOLD ***

      Taken off my MK5 GTi which is now sold (on for approx 7000 miles)

      Excellent condition - no dents or damage whatsoever

      Tail pipes perfect

      3 x Clamps included but no link pipe (to mate with standard downpipe)

      Outstanding quality system giving a nice deep sports tone without being intrusive

      Collection only Norwich area

      Please PM me for more details.

      Thank you.

      *see posts below for images*