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Mk5 General Area / Re: GTi Mk5 or Mk6 as a race car?
« Last post by Shoduchi on Today at 01:22:40 PM Started by bricksnmortar  »
I'm guessing that the DSG improves the corner balance between the front wheels. The engine makes more weight on the right front wheel.
Mk5 General Area / Re: S3 Intercooler, alloy end tanks.
« Last post by Shoduchi on Today at 01:06:53 PM Started by pandaman  »
I've seen more than a couple of tuner saying that they have replaced the plastic ended IC for the alloy one with improved results on heat soak reduction. Personally I have no experience with testing both. :confused:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Audio Upgrade - 57 Plate GT TDI
« Last post by mcscoobs on Today at 11:59:01 AM Started by mcscoobs  »
Thanks all... anyone know if those components are any good? Or any recommendations for a decent set of components?
Car Parts / MK5 Golf Sunshades
« Last post by GTIEagles on Today at 10:23:54 AM Started by GTIEagles  »
MK5 Golf Sunshades
Location: Devon
Postage: £0.00
Delivery or Collection

In good working order, one blind has a slight tear which can easily be stitched up and the welds on the rear shades have come loose, easy to fix with a bit of glue but this can't be noticed at all once installed. Really practical and excellent for kids and security, has been a god send in this weather! Cost over £100 new. Selling for £50 including postage which is a bargain.
Mk5 General Area / Re: S3 Intercooler, alloy end tanks.
« Last post by Pudding on Today at 10:01:10 AM Started by pandaman  »
All alloy one is still available at £400+VAT.   The plastic one was £260+VAT when I bought mine.

Don't just blindly follow what's written on R-Tech's site.  Ask him why the ally end tank one is a must.  I bet the answer will be vague and non-factual.

The plastic one is no worse than the metal one, otherwise VAG wouldn't have fitted it to the S3/6R.  Both of these cars make well over 350hp with the plastic cooler.  There's a thread somewhere on the Vortex and some scientific measurements confirm the all ally one one is just a scene driven requirement.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Gearbox rebuild?
« Last post by Pudding on Today at 09:56:42 AM Started by trackep  »
What kind of noise?
Performance Modifications / Re: VWR Intake disappointing
« Last post by Pudding on Today at 09:22:42 AM Started by 99hagued  »
@JamesED30 I think they will, but it will take longer than we hoped.  Making false promises and not delivering is tantamount to professional suicide these days because of the huge choice we have.

@csrigo 10% is wildly off.  I reckon at full boost / rpm, the turbo is pulling in a lot of unmetered air past that weather seal, hence the wavy plots.  After you've reprofiled the MAF mounting, your trims will come down and it should pull a bit smoother to the redline - and hand you back that 8hp, plus a bit more!  I think there's a close up picture of what I did to my MAF housing in this thread, or my review thread.  Takes about 20 mins with a file.

@The Red Warrior Yep, that was their statement from the start.  If you can provide proof of purchase, they will exchange the old kit for the new one.  This will obviously mean buyers of used kits won't qualify.

Mk5 General Area / Re: Gearbox rebuild?
« Last post by neilw on Today at 09:14:27 AM Started by trackep  »
I'd get yours re-built, you know the history of it. You put in a secondhand one and it'll be a bit of an unknown.
Mk5 General Area / Gearbox rebuild?
« Last post by trackep on Today at 08:48:20 AM Started by trackep  »
Is it worth rebuilding my gearbox or just putting a secondhand one in. Just had a clutch/flywheel kit put in and it seems it's the box been making the noise not really the clutch. Cheers
MK7 Members Rides / 2018 Tungsten Silver GTi
« Last post by spimmers on Today at 08:37:13 AM Started by spimmers  »
Morning Guys,

Not been around for a looonnnggg while since selling the MK5 GTi back in 2014 after getting a new job with a company car, i used to really enjoy the banter and general help a lot of the people on here used to offer to folk less technically minded like myself and im looking forward to lurking around more often again...

To cut a long story short after a pretty big collision on the M61 a couple of months ago (Not my fault) my 2017 BMW 320d was written of and with the company i work for changing the rules on only being allowed to drive Diesels i thought, wouldn't it be amazing to get myself back into a GTi so here she is...

2018 Tungsten Silver Golf GTi Manual

Needless to say i'm absolutely over the moon with it, to say it only has around 30BHP over my old MK5 it seems a hell of a lot quicker or maybe i've just got used to diesels over the last 4 years.

One thing that is bugging me a little is a low RPM there is a very annoying rattling / resonating noise coming from somewhere behind the dash. i seem to remember when i was here back with the mk5 there seemed to be a few people having this issue and it was loose fixings somewhere deep behind the dash, is anyone else having / had this issue and how have you had any luck rectifying it? obviously its a 2 week old car i don't want to be taking the dash apart.

Anyway like i say i hope to be hanging around more often.

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