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Members Rides / Re: R5GTT'S Donno know what im doing but it's gonna be good
« Last post by r5gtt on Today at 02:00:39 AM Started by r5gtt  »
Performance Modifications / Re: Brake Confusion!
« Last post by r5gtt on Today at 01:57:38 AM Started by Lucastheone92  »
Hi guys I'd like to ask a question re brakes as we're on the subject so not to post a new thread  :signLOL:
My leading pistons are the smaller ones at the top and was wondering if I was to swap the pipes and nipples over so that the bigger pistons are at the top and would there be any difference in braking?.

PFA thanks

Mk5 General Area / Re: Black windscreen wash cap
« Last post by MIJ_JAGGER on Today at 12:12:19 AM Started by Lewo  »
I did mine gun metal grey just to be different  :booty:
Mk5 General Area / Re: cam tensioner rattle in cabin
« Last post by Jay_bcfc on Yesterday at 11:47:23 PM Started by Jay_bcfc  »
What kind of price would you be looking at do this job at a inde garage?
Mk5 General Area / List of options that can be coded for mk5?
« Last post by spwd on Yesterday at 11:04:54 PM Started by spwd  »
Hi guys just wondering if there's a list of options/mods that can be coded in such as the door locking feature at 15 kph ?

Mk5 General Area / Re: Odometer change
« Last post by ady-gti on Yesterday at 10:51:09 PM Started by Tommihayes  »
There is this guide here: from another forum - sorry...

I've not used it so I can't verify it but it looks the part.
Car Parts / Re: JL Audio C5-653 3 way component speakers for sale
« Last post by Pete-r on Yesterday at 10:44:36 PM Started by Pete-r  »
No problem, totally understand. They aren't like regular speakers and the better the install pays off.
Members Rides / Re: Wills MK5
« Last post by WillB on Yesterday at 10:12:16 PM Started by WillB  »
Welcome  :smiley:

It looks a nice example.

Does need tidied up a bit but its to be expected with a 10 year old car

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Members Rides / Re: Wills MK5
« Last post by WillB on Yesterday at 10:11:22 PM Started by WillB  »
Very clean example, what's your plans for her?
Thanks! In the short term its to sort the front seats, get her colour coded make sure shes looking her best, before taking it to stage 2 be slow progress though as i need too save up for my holiday in june

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Very strange folding mirror problem
« Last post by SI-R32 on Yesterday at 10:11:12 PM Started by em2evol  »
Concentrate on drivers mirror for a moment, get it folded in on the switch, now disconnect the mirror plug from the door module so it remains folded, now using the switch get the passenger mirror to fold in, turn off ignition, plug driver side mirror back into door module should now both work  in tandem

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