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Mk5 General Area / Re: Rough running
« Last post by Lukegti on Today at 07:27:55 AM Started by Lukegti  »
Cheers guys  :happy2:

 Thanks I'll have to try throttle body and then find somewhere to realign it,

Didn't realise r tech did carbon cleaning, I'll have to book it in with them thanks. & I'll take a look at the vid. Thanks for the suggestions
Mk5 General Area / Re: Intake Manifold Runner Control P3138 fault
« Last post by jacobrownoly on Today at 12:30:14 AM Started by jacobrownoly  »
That fault code could be caused by the motor, the linkage or the actual runner flap assembly itself.... A new manifold MAY NOT fix the issue

Fit an RFD, bin off the motor.... job done and headache gone permanently....  :signLOL:

Sorry what's an RFD? Do you have a link to how I can get one/how it works? Cost? Etc thanks

The car seems to still be going really well so surly it can't be too serious
Mk5 General Area / Re: ap coilover leak
« Last post by Jayy26 on Today at 12:04:31 AM Started by Jayy26  »
Mk5 General Area / Can some one explain to me what's happening here with the air mass?
« Last post by sobbe on Yesterday at 11:11:41 PM Started by sobbe  »
I have made a measurement with obdeleven, where I have made measurements on rpm and air mass (g / air per minute)

As you can see on the first picture I have inserted, the air mass g/air per minute, rises to about 180 g/air per minute at 3400 rpm, but as you can see on picture 2 I have inserted , the air mass goes in minus when Rpm come over 3400 rpm. :confused:

Can some one explain to me what's happening here with the air mass?  :thinking:

Mk5 General Area / Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
« Last post by fish on Yesterday at 10:36:08 PM Started by ROH ECHT  »
Picked car up after having front drivers side wing painted again under warranty (20 months after it was done the first time under warranty!).  Spotted rust bubbles on the inner lip appearing again.  Queried why not replace the wing seeing as it has come back so soon? - response was if it comes back again they will put a new wing on! 

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How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Fuel cap not opening
« Last post by Gti_enthu on Yesterday at 10:36:06 PM Started by Gti_enthu  »
Hi. So my car is in the garage and the chap put it on the vcds and told me that there is a short to the ground for the fuel cap release button on the drivers door but he does not know how to fix it??  :thinking:

00332 - control circuit for tank flap
007 - short to ground.

There was also another code he doesn't know how to fix

000665 - boost pressure regulation
P0299-002 - control regulation not reached.

I have just paid the garage for other work on my car so don't want to take it else where but just seeing if it's easy fixes then I will do it myself at home.

Thanks in advance guys.

Mk5 General Area / Re: MK5 Xenon Help **URGENT**
« Last post by Mark_DF05 on Yesterday at 09:48:51 PM Started by Johnny_tro  »
Unfortunately not, sorry!
Mk5 General Area / Re: MK5 Xenon Help **URGENT**
« Last post by Johnny_tro on Yesterday at 09:30:14 PM Started by Johnny_tro  »
This is what I suspect don't have any parts left over do you?
Cars For Sale / Re: Grey 3 DR GTI - DSG - Good spec!
« Last post by Gazza747 on Yesterday at 09:25:23 PM Started by Vish8895  »
Does this have the bucket seats or standard leather seats?
Mk5 General Area / Re: Thinking of buying a MK5 GTI as my daily.
« Last post by Mark_DF05 on Yesterday at 09:23:06 PM Started by VWGTI5  »
I don't understand the idea that because you have a gti you have to be thrashing every time you get behind the wheel.

@VWGTI5 I do similar miles to you and put in between £50-60 per week.
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