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How to Guides / Troubleshooting / Re: How To: Mk5 Heated Seats Retrofit
« Last post by Gmac on Today at 01:20:08 PM Started by jason_rmh  »
I'll take so pics.. :happy2:

In the mean time... Without looking at the car (not able to atm), both seats have the large black plug, male, on them, and the only button on both seats are the circle with the four indents. They are manual for back and forward and tilt. But I believe they do have the electric lumbar.

The loom itself seems to be rhd as the female black plugs to go to under the seats work out for length, ie the shorter one on rhs has the resulting earth wires and cecm, at the correct length to go to the earthing point just down from the bonnet release handle and cecm respectively.

Once I get a chance I'll untrim the car again and take a pic of the loom and also have a look at the seats...

Cheers for the help so far lads!  It's not too cold yet so my rear is still toasty!   :happy2:

And I reckon it's a case of having extra un-needed wires like you say Jason
Mk5 General Area / Re: Rear view mirror upgrade - Need some help here!
« Last post by r5gtt on Today at 01:05:13 PM Started by Christiank  »
I thought I was bad wasting money  :laugh:
Performance Modifications / Re: Exhaust query
« Last post by jason_rmh on Today at 01:04:10 PM Started by killarag  »
The milltek's are 2.75" diameter which is just under 70mm. It might be ok depending on the outer diameter of the Remus pipe.

I think the cat pipe slide over the centre section pipe, so you might get away with a clamp and some exhaust paste?
Performance Modifications / Exhaust query
« Last post by killarag on Today at 12:53:52 PM Started by killarag  »

Just purchased a 3” Miltek Sportcat & DownPipe

I currently have a FSW (Remus) Non-res Catback Exhaust System on the car but it says it measures a 65mm tube diameter.

Is this likely to couple with the Downpipe or is anyone able link me to something that will allow it to couple with the downpipe?


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Mk5 General Area / Re: Upgraded engine mounts
« Last post by Dan_FR on Today at 11:49:42 AM Started by Bodyboarder81  »
034 mounts are £270 ish? The Powerflex inserts are £65 delivered from PSI Tuning. Sure you could find a standard engine mount for a lot less than £200?

You could sell the Revo engine mounts to cover either option anyway
Mk5 General Area / Re: Upgraded engine mounts
« Last post by Bodyboarder81 on Today at 11:28:50 AM Started by Bodyboarder81  »
But once I've bought the other engine mount and the powerflex add ons  I'm getting on for the price of the 034 mounts  :thinking:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Upgraded engine mounts
« Last post by Dan_FR on Today at 11:23:11 AM Started by Bodyboarder81  »
Get a different mount then if you decide to go for them. I had to buy a different upper engine mount to fit the inserts in mine. I found one from an Eos 2.0 TFSI that fitted my Leon perfectly
Mk5 General Area / Re: Upgraded engine mounts
« Last post by Bodyboarder81 on Today at 10:55:42 AM Started by Bodyboarder81  »
I'm getting myself completely confused with which way I'm going with this !

Spoke to Jkm and they suggested if it's a road going car and not going in track just put the standard ones back in .im very tempered to do this and leave the revo dog bone one on .

Also would like to buy the power flex inserts for them....... problem is powerflex only make one insert for the mounts I have !
Mk5 General Area / Re: Upgrading shocks
« Last post by Pudding on Today at 10:45:38 AM Started by Wardy42  »
Yep the MK5 B8 was dropped and now uses the MK6 part no.  It was part of my researching before I eventually settled on the VWR kit, and then the Ohlins.  I looked into MANY options but having had B8s in the past, I wanted something more forgiving over high speed impacts.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Upgrading shocks
« Last post by Shoduchi on Today at 10:37:06 AM Started by Wardy42  »
Regarding the mk5 vs mk6 B8s, I heard the part numbers are now the same for both, so there might not be a soft version and a stiff version now.

I'm not stating that as fact (forum chat is great for misinfo) but it's worth researching if you're aiming to get hold of one of the two specifically.

I have a friend who got B8 late 2016 or early this year and he told me that the part number is the same for both mk5 and mk6. :wink:

I went for the Koni Sport dampers and I can't complain with the ride comfort with H&R -30 mm. The B8 are a bit stiffer.
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