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Car Parts / Re: Dynamic smoked mirror indicators
« Last post by absolute on Today at 09:22:53 AM Started by v4rley  »
Cool :happy2:
Sat Nav and Car Audio / Re: rns510 v16 new maps
« Last post by absolute on Today at 09:16:22 AM Started by Andy  »
Anyone got an installation guide for updating?  :happy2:
Random Chat / Re: No more 3door Golf Rs...WTF?
« Last post by Dogma on Today at 09:15:01 AM Started by csrigo  »
The Corrado is an awesome car.

I have one tucked away for the winter.

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Random Chat / Re: No more 3door Golf Rs...WTF?
« Last post by absolute on Today at 09:14:16 AM Started by csrigo  »
I still miss my Bright Blue Metallic MK2. Stuck a 2.0L ABF in and the Happiche pop out windows. Rare  :jumping:
Random Chat / No more 3door Golf Rs...WTF?
« Last post by Dogma on Today at 09:12:12 AM Started by csrigo  »
You can always buy a two door two seater.

Like this -

Indeed and what a lovely sounding engine the r8 has.

Not that I could afford one.
Member Recommendations and Useful Links / Re: UsualSuspect - highline coding
« Last post by absolute on Yesterday at 07:26:47 PM Started by shoaybmakda  »
I would also like to recommend @Usual Suspect for his extensive knowledge, patience & helpful attitude.

What a true asset to this forum and community  :happy2:

Cheers pal!
Members Rides / Re: My Black 3 Door Manual ED30 No2297
« Last post by AJP on Yesterday at 04:33:40 PM Started by csrigo  »
I wouldn't get too hung up about the standard rear section of your exhaust. From learning lots about these TFSIs over the years it's pretty much solid consensus that the downpipe and cat is massively more of a bottleneck to flow than the rear section. Yes, in an ideal world you'd have a full system with shiny tailpipes or even the clever valved rear section of a BCS Powervalve, but in terms of raw tuning it's the downpipe that's crucial. If I had to guess, I'd say 90% of the restriction is the downpipe and cat. And I'd also take a punt and say that the rear section only becomes a genuine bottleneck in a big turbo situation, chasing big numbers.

Good shout from Shoduchi on the BBT anti-surge turbos! Dan Smith on here had one of their anti-surge k04s mapped by R-Tech - the graph is knocking about on here somewhere. Made great peak power as you'd expect, but the really impressive thing was the torque curve. It came in noticeably sooner than you'd see on a typical standard k04 - almost in k03 territory - then ramped up solidly without that telltale dip where a mapper is forced to tune around surge on a standard k04. I can imagine it was f***ing glorious to drive. Of course with a true hybrid built for peak power you would lose some of that ability to spool from lower revs.

So really it boils down to envisaging your end goal in terms of tuning. Do you need 400+ bhp & torque and all the associated costs with fuelling and wear? Or would a tweaked k04 allowing a balanced, reponsive power delivery be more your thing? It's good to remember that these hybrids like the TTE420/480 are indeed capable of big peak numbers, but there's a lot to be said for creating a build where there's headroom in the hardware and also where the power, brakes and suspension are sensibly balanced and cohesive.

Wanted / MK5 GTI open fog grille right hand
« Last post by gixerben on Yesterday at 12:37:39 PM Started by gixerben  »
After a genuine open fog grille for the right hand side (driver side) must be complete, genuine and in good condition. thanks
Mk5 General Area / Re: Locked injector - should I be worried?
« Last post by david25 on Yesterday at 08:53:59 AM Started by david25  »
Update, not had the problem again, however:

- Local indy is quoting £1000 for four injectors

- Got myself a Torque Pro Elm 327 bluetooth reader and right now the car is show no logged faults
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