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Mk5 General Area / Re: Japanese Gen 5 on eBay - a newbie looking for advice
« Last post by Octoparrot on Today at 09:01:59 PM Started by Mk5gt1  »
Get some insurance quotes as I believe premiums can be a lot higher for imports.
Mk5 General Area / Intermittent throttle pedal issue
« Last post by Mk5. EWC on Today at 08:56:53 PM Started by Mk5. EWC  »
I changed the front and rear calipers the other day, bled the brakes and the clutch but since doing them I've had an issue with the pedal.

It may just be coincidence but never happened before.

It will come back after a few seconds and luckily hasn't done it at a junction yet.

Nothing from the pedal at all, not just a loss of power.

Any ideas?
Mk5 General Area / Re: Climate Control upgrade
« Last post by bobby_fodge on Today at 08:42:18 PM Started by Deeko01  »
Tons of info on this swap  if you use the search feature
Mk5 General Area / Re: Climate Control upgrade
« Last post by Deeko01 on Today at 08:10:17 PM Started by Deeko01  »
Was my hoping for plug and play a bit too optimistic perhaps?
Mk5 General Area / Re: Help upgrading headunit
« Last post by goku4ever on Today at 06:44:12 PM Started by Nothern_ED30  »
Have a look at the audio section under modifications. Plenty of info on these headunits.

They are made for VW in China and Russia. A lot of people buy them for the CarPlay feature and of course the price.

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Recommended gearbox oil 02Q
« Last post by colesey on Today at 03:25:25 PM Started by eb198  »
Stick with oem as it gives the smoothest shifts. I did try Millers NT gear oil however the change was slower and graunchy into second gear.
Mk5 General Area / Recommended gearbox oil 02Q
« Last post by eb198 on Today at 03:07:26 PM Started by eb198  »
Can anyone recommend gearbox oil other than VW offering for the 02Q transmission or is it best to stick with OEM?
Wanted / Re: MK5 Rear air vents/cupholder centre console
« Last post by eb198 on Today at 03:04:25 PM Started by eb198  »
Still looking if anyone has one separate from the centre console for sale
Mk5 General Area / Re: Help upgrading headunit
« Last post by absolute on Today at 02:17:58 PM Started by Nothern_ED30  »
Looks like a clone mate, so do some research on them before investing.

Also, often lots of chinese products sold "in the UK" on eBay is from Ali Express.

Check this out.

I have a VCDS cable in the North, where are you based? There's a section on this forum showing where people are too.
Mk5 General Area / Re: ED30 Advice
« Last post by absolute on Today at 02:04:41 PM Started by scooba  »
Price wise I have no real idea, but I've seen them mint start at £8,000 and upwards to £11,000.

Yours has a great specification with very low miles, so I would expect it to sell on an open market quite well.

Personally I wouldn't paint anything, as soon as you do it's completely noticeable.
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