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Mk5 General Area / Re: Do you use dealerships for getting stuff done?
« Last post by gtipirelli on Yesterday at 05:11:41 PM Started by dadjokes  »
I have used a VW dealer for every service and MOT since the car was new. I have nothing but good things to say about VW Kettering

I have not had any other work done on the car outside of routine services but would still go to Kettering

It is also very convenient Sam it is local and I can drop it in and take a courtesy car home
Mk5 General Area / Do you use dealerships for getting stuff done?
« Last post by dadjokes on Yesterday at 03:18:50 PM Started by dadjokes  »
Curious which of you go to VW to get mechanical work done, and/or services.

We all know FDSH can be a good thing for resale value, but also that dealerships are more expensive than independents, with no real guarantee of better quality work.

(I've just spent £800 at VW, so it got me thinking!)
Wanted / Re: Vag com near Brighton
« Last post by harveym3 on Yesterday at 02:38:44 PM Started by harveym3  »
Detailing / Re: Best Tyre Shine???
« Last post by Rossimac on Yesterday at 01:59:25 PM Started by jaylufc17  »
What degreaser do you lot use?
Mk5 General Area / How long does the Rev G DV last?
« Last post by Molesy on Yesterday at 01:30:16 PM Started by Molesy  »
Hey Guys,

My cars due a service in the next month and it got me thinking if I should get my DV checked. So how long/often do people recommend changing the DV? I've been on Rev G for a couple of years (about 2.5 maybe a little more) and approx 25000 miles and running Stage 1 for almost that entire mileage. At one stage I was thinking about fitting a GFB DV+ but since then hearing the issues that have been floating around I decided against. Interested to hear people thoughts.


Molesy  :happy2:
Mk5 General Area / Re: Help. Unable to do a wheel alignment due to seized bolt
« Last post by Raj2212 on Yesterday at 01:15:42 PM Started by Raj2212  »

All this drama for a little camber. Wanted the top wheel to be the same as the bottom wheel but can’t be done. Is there any other way around this ?

The readings

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MK6 General Area / Re: Disabling ESP not ABS, monitoring DSG temps
« Last post by bricksnmortar on Yesterday at 01:04:19 PM Started by bricksnmortar  »
So in theory its just as 'simple' as using an ODB gauge pulling a value from a location ID, I'll write to them now, thanks.
Have you ever disabled the ESP on any of your Golfs?
MK6 General Area / Re: Disabling ESP not ABS, monitoring DSG temps
« Last post by Shoduchi on Yesterday at 11:46:43 AM Started by bricksnmortar  »
I know Auto Polar is working on getting the DSG oil temps available on the PolarFIS Advanced PF04 module. Still waiting for the updated firmware with that feature. Not sure if a BT OBDII reader with an app can check the DSG module and check the oil temp measuring blocks channels. :thinking:
MK6 General Area / Disabling ESP not ABS, monitoring DSG temps
« Last post by bricksnmortar on Yesterday at 11:02:17 AM Started by bricksnmortar  »
Hi All,
I getting down to the details about building a Mk6 race car and I'm hoping for some input on two questions
First can you use VCDS to disable ESP but keep ABS? I see there is talk of removing a fuse but that kills both. On track I don't want the ESP to kill power when hopping over kerbs and I'd love to keep ABS especially in the wet.
Second is there something like a gauge you can plug into the ODB port to monitor DSG temps while you're driving? Am worried about temps and don't want to get a sudden limp mode situation on track if they start to get high.
thanks in advance
Mk5 General Area / Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
« Last post by alexmccabe on Yesterday at 10:32:44 AM Started by ROH ECHT  »
So, last night my clutch violently sh*t itself, rocked the engine so hard it popped the bonnet and sheared the oil-filler neck. Fun times. It's at the garage for quote, but I won't have it for at least a week because most people there are on holiday. Luckily, I only live 20km from work, so cycling in the rain is an option!
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