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Mk5 General Area / Re: revs climb on gear change cruise control doesnt work
« Last post by DeWet on Today at 03:40:14 AM Started by cossielee  »
I doubt it......hace you tried checking with vcds?

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Mk5 General Area / Re: Intank fuel pump
« Last post by Shoduchi on Today at 01:15:50 AM Started by DomBacon  »
The standard pump is enough for a stage 2+. Old pumps might need replacing but you can find lots of low mileage pumps on eBay for cheap prices.
Wanted / 3" Turbo back r32 style exhaust
« Last post by waqasr on Yesterday at 11:59:24 PM Started by waqasr  »
Im after a 3" full turbo back exhaust r32 style. On my old one I had the precat removed and backbox delete and liked the sound but could have been a little louder. So after a decat this time too but want to keep a resonator.
Mk5 General Area / Intank fuel pump
« Last post by DomBacon on Yesterday at 09:18:58 PM Started by DomBacon  »
In need of a new in tank fuel pump.
Currently stage 2 plus.
Is it worth uprating or keeping with the standard one?
Any difference between euros one or vw one expect the price difference?

Euros £156
VW £244

Mk5 General Area / Re: mk5 gti error code 01435 solutions?
« Last post by spwd on Yesterday at 08:08:36 PM Started by spwd  »

How do you find out if there’s a repair kit that’s compatible?
Mk5 General Area / Re: mk5 gti error code 01435 solutions?
« Last post by spwd on Yesterday at 08:03:55 PM Started by spwd  »
Cheers bud.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Steering rack on its way out?
« Last post by bobby_fodge on Yesterday at 07:44:40 PM Started by Ads22  »
I had a noise so fitted a recon gen 3 rack and loom and it didn't cure the noise. I sent the rack back but i still have the loom if you're interested. it was on the car for a few days.
Mk5 General Area / Re: Stage 2+ edition 30 VS mk7 golf R
« Last post by AJP on Yesterday at 07:00:57 PM Started by Pikey Motorsports  »
Mk7 R with APR badge and loud crackly exhaust in front of me today. It pulled, but not ridiculously. And I'm only on a baby k03 with a couple of tweaks. Although on wet roads that thing would have left me standing. Yep, still happy with my old mk5, still don't covet the mk7 R all that much.
Members Rides / Re: Candy White Golf GTI Ed. 30 - 7th track day at Estoril
« Last post by teo_parvu on Yesterday at 06:25:18 PM Started by Shoduchi  »
Superb car! Perfect color on those TD.  :happy2:
Members Rides / Re: White "Lion" Cupra - DSG converted track car
« Last post by teo_parvu on Yesterday at 06:23:45 PM Started by teo_parvu  »
Thanks guys!

I've unmounted the sunroof with the rails and I've bolted a carbon plate directly on the roof. I've waterproofed it windshield sealant.

I'll post some pictures from the brand new Transilvania Motor Ring as soon as I get them, last round of Romanian Time Attack Challenge, where i won my second championship, this time on Race+ class:

And a video from the training sessions. The track is superb, unfortunately the camera was out of focus. At least it feels fast:

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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