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Battery Regualtion fault after new Can Bus install

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Can anyone help ? I have fitted and coded a new CAN Bus for my RNS 510 , all working great but I keep getting the following fault -

                Address 61: Battery Regul.       Labels: 1K0-907-534.clb
Control Module Part Number: 7N0 907 534     HW: 1K0 907 951
  Component and/or Version: Batt.regelung H35 0614
           Software Coding: F0001876
            Work Shop Code: WSC 00000 000 00000
                      VCID: F1E289B89139
1 Fault Found:

02071 - Local Databus
            012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit
             Freeze Frame:
                    Fault Status: 01101100
                    Fault Priority: 2
                    Fault Frequency: 1
                    Reset counter: 21
                    Mileage: 77500 km
                    Time Indication: 0
                    Date: 2000.00.00
                    Time: 20:57:59

Thanks in advance

it might help if you list what your car is?
I doubt you would have the Battery regulation installed unless the car is fairly new

As a side note I would code the WS Number and Importer etc as this is often a cause of some issues.

Are you sure 61 isn't ticked??  Did you compare the new with the old coding?

Workshop number and importer number are currently 0's in your controller.  You should set them with numbers, copy them from another controller.

--- Quote ---When a brand new control module is installed, it may not have any previous WSC info stored, so the default setting of VCDS of 00000 may cause the control module to reject the coding. In these cases you should enter any non-zero number with the correct number of digits (such as 12345) in the WSC field on the Coding screen.
--- End quote ---

Can you post a screen shot of your installation list -


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