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Ebay projectors!
on September 29, 2019, 11:21:19 AM
Anyone had any experience with them? Just got myself a set!

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Re: Sports cat blockage
Last Poster: Ash_89 in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 09:27:58 AM
It has baffled alot of people mate haha , even miltek were confused as to what it actually is
to be fair i really need to get a better scope cam in there for some bright clear pics / videos
it was holding back nearly 30 bhp before i fitted a new downpipe ( pre stage 2+ at r-tech ) so its gotta be pretty bad .

Re: Rough idle
Last Poster: J4k3 in Mk5 General Area on Today at 07:41:49 AM
Injectors. Common problem.  Mine needed replacing at 80K.  Always at idle on the lowest duty cycle.  Usually smoothes out at higher rail pressures as it overcomes the blockage/lazy pintle.

Exactly this, I’m experiencing a misfire on idle at the moment but disappears when run

Re: 130k anything to be concerned about?
Last Poster: Bigjimknickers in Mk5 General Area on Today at 06:48:53 AM
Mines on 180k. What engine code isit?
No idea, there is two at a garage near where I work so I was planning on popping in for a look, both 2006 & 130k 5 door reflex silver cars.

Re: Oil pressure sensor
Last Poster: titchy in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:23:07 PM
no need to drop the underneath probably easier

Re: Any thing I should do before stage 1 remap?
Last Poster: Ricky123 in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 07:34:44 PM
As mentioned above...

Latest revision PCV, DV, spark plugs (iridium preferably), oil pick up pipe, HPFP cam follower, oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter too as it’s probably never been changed.

full diagnostic scan to make sure nothing pops up.

Boost leak check

I’d also look at getting the intake valves decoked as it’s made a huge d

CAI v panel gains?
Last Poster: Bigjimknickers in Performance Modifications on Yesterday at 06:02:17 PM
Ok first off- yes I tried a search!
I just wondered if anyone had ever noted the gains in bhp for a stage 1 & a CAI v stage 1 & panel filter?
Talking about a mk5 gti 2.0 tfsi. :thinking:

VIS Motorsport HPFP internals
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 03:45:20 PM
Done and done! Finally!

That frigging fuel line clip took the piss but other than that quite easy.
Cam follower changed too but old one literally no marks on it at all, replaced last service about 5k miles ago.

Next up s3 intercooler and a service. She just hit 90k miles.

Edit: PS thanks @Pudding for the input

Re: New owner ...changing rear bumper suppliers
Last Poster: CJR300C in Cosmetic/Interior Modifications on Yesterday at 01:43:54 PM
Hello. Any updates on these bumpers and the fit?

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Re: My 07 BMP GTI
Last Poster: Pissat4motion in Members Rides on Yesterday at 01:06:52 AM
Little update:
No major changes. Running Serron wheels, sequential turn signals, and a Jetta grille. Also installed an 034Motorsport upper aluminum dogbone insert to go along with the aluminum lower insert already installed.

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Re: Going to Stage 1
Last Poster: Mat in Performance Modifications on December 14, 2019, 09:41:10 PM
I'd also advise taking your car to a German car specialist rather than VW garage.
I got great advice plus at least one of mechanics will probably have owned a GTI at some point

Re: Blacksmoke Remap for MK5 Golf TDi BKD 140
Last Poster: Mat in Performance Modifications on December 14, 2019, 09:36:30 PM
I've just had my centre silencer deleted on my edition 30. Was surprised at the difference it makes.

Re: Powerflex Engine and Trans Inserts
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on December 14, 2019, 09:04:05 PM
It's more of a pain having to replace the bolts every time, and they're not cheap!  I think I've got through 5 or 6 sets of bolts messing around with engine mounts over the years.  No wonder the M12 engine bracket threads threw the towel in.

Yeah I had a Quaife and still got lots of wheel spin.  I think a combination of a diff and MK6 XDS ABS unit is the way forward.  Th

Re: Help!!! Abs long conding
Last Poster: Usual Suspect in Mk5 General Area on December 14, 2019, 08:42:39 PM

I can get this for you

Drop me a PM

Many thanks

Re: P0016 error code
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on December 14, 2019, 08:34:46 PM
Mine had approx 2mm thick of swarf on it, which probably weakened the cam signal a bit. 

Yeah I would stick a new sensor in and do the chain gear personally, and also the sump pick up pipe.  It'll go on for many more years after doing those two jobs.

The posi-drive bit for the VVT adjuster is £15ish from VW, Tool number T40080.  I would urge you to get that o

Re: Golf gti mk5 - black
Last Poster: Shamm in Members Rides on December 14, 2019, 04:41:20 PM
The oil light after youve topped up oil is going to be the pick up pipe blocked get that check asap

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: bobby_fodge in Mk5 General Area on December 14, 2019, 02:50:28 PM
Two Michelin pilot sport 4 tyres on the front after discovering the inner edges of both front were worn down to the cord, yikes. There is far less road noise and the grip is fantastic. But comparing brand new to old isn't a fair comparison.

I had the alignment done on a Hunter a few months back so I'm a bit surprised the tyres looked so bad. Booked it in for Tuesday to h

Re: Where to get precat delete?
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on December 14, 2019, 02:05:53 PM
Rtech are nearby in Nuneaton however any competent mechanic could remove the downpipe and knock out the precat.

Re: Thermostat maybe?
Last Poster: andyiseddy02 in Mk5 General Area on December 14, 2019, 11:12:41 AM
Our car is a BWA engined manual, I was a bit miffed when I had the main 'stat changed only to learn that it had an inline one as well.
The not getting up to temp' started again a bit later and had to have the inline one changed as well. I wish they had said about it having two as it could have been changed when it was drained down.
Spot on after the second one was change

Re: Code reader
Last Poster: JR.303 in Mk5 General Area on December 14, 2019, 11:04:19 AM
Thanks for that.
Got a similar thing turning up Amazon prime tomorrow.

Last Poster: TechyTom in Mk5 General Area on December 14, 2019, 09:34:54 AM
Hi all,

I bought a 2005 mk5 gti AXX about a month ago, bought it from a chap who said the cam chain, cambelt, waterpump ect was changed recently. However after 20 days of owning the car the chain snapped and caused a lot of damage. anyway I replaced all the parts and the engines running as smooth as a whistle apart from the fact the EML and EPC light are on relating to


Breaking 07 Mk5 GTI 3dr Manual
Location: Haslemere
Collection Only

Breaking 07 Mk5 GTI 3dr Manual
BWA Engine 101k
3dr leather
All parts available
2005 Volkswagen Golf GTI MK5 5DR – Graphite Blue with Extras
Location: Smethwick, West Midlands
Collection Only

Sadly the time has come for me to move on from the GTI, I had this car for 3 years and used it as my daily to commute to work and back. Unfortunately constant stop/start traffic doesn’t do this car any justice as it should be ripping up the country back roads instead of constantly being stationary in city traffic! Alas my head told me to buy a smaller petrol engine car with Start/Stop to save on fuel costs hence the reason for the sale.

I purchased the car with 101k miles on the clock and in 3 years of ownership the car had just ticked over 123k (about 7k miles a year from my ownership) which is actually below average for a car of this age (assuming a car does 10k miles a year this should be on 140k by now).

No mechanical expenses were spared with a catalogue of invoices to prove and I always used Super Unleaded fuel in the car during my ownership.

The car comes with a few upgrades and subtle touches over standard that some of you eagle eyed enthusiasts may have noticed. Here’s a full run down on the car’s spec:

•   2.0 Turbo (AXX) with 123k on the clock.
•   6 Speed Manual Transmission
•   17x7 Genuine VW New Orleans Alloy Wheels (ET43) with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 on the front axle and Michelin Pilot Sport 4’s on the rear axle. All have plenty of life, front set fitted as recent as July 2019! All come in 225/45/17 Y tyres.
•   MK6 GTI Multifunction Steering Wheel with updated Steering Control Module fitted
•   MK7 GTI Golf Ball Style Shifter Knob
•   Updated 7N0 907 530 AM Canbus Gateway module coded and installed (No need to fear on Battery Drain when fitting the latest VW stereos such as RNS510 and RCD330).
•   Full Highline Cluster
•   Heated Leather Seats with Centre Armrest and Cubby
•   RCD300 Stereo with 10 speaker setup and 6 CD-Changer in the armrest
•   Climatic Air Conditioning
•   Full colour coded R32 (smooth) side skirts
•   Colour coded front splitter with gloss black accents in between.
•   Genuine R32 Rear Bumper colour coded with SRS-Tec GTI Exhaust Diffuser finished in gloss black (2 piece – meaning you have an option to go for R32 centre exhausts if you want!)
•   NQSBBK Porsche Boxster 4 Pot Front Brake calipers with Vagbremtechnic fitting kit and HEL steel brake lines. Recently fitted with Pagid road pads (installed in July 2019) so plenty of life. A rare and expensive mod!
•   New red TRW rear brake calipers, pads and discs installed in October 2019, like new with plenty of life.
•   Automatic Headlights, Wipers and Auto-Dimming Mirror
•   Factory Fitted Xenon Headlights with OSRAM D2S bulbs. Also comes with Auto-Levelling and Washers – needed for hassle free MOT compliance!
•   US Indicator DRL Enabled
•   Dynamic Wing Mirror LED Indicators
•   Power Folding Mirrors with Puddle Lights
•   Spare Wheel and Emergency Car Jack Kit
•   Audi R8 Oil Cap
•   Long MOT - Valid till 1st October 2020
•   Full Service Book Pack
•   Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 Oil will be included for free for top-ups
•   2x Keys

Service History:

•   17/07/2006 – 11,914 Miles – VW/Audi Waltham Cross
•   30/07/2007 – 26,652 Miles – VW/Audi Waltham Cross
•   10/06/2009 – 51,622 Miles – VW/Audi Waltham Cross
•   05/04/2012 – 69,855 Miles – AA Motors Lanarkshire, Scotland
•   03/01/2014 – 79,040 Miles – VW Lookers Preston
•   02/10/2014 – 89,050 Miles – VW Carlton Car and Commercial
•   25/08/2015 – 94,320 Miles – VW Willenhall Coachcraft
•   15/04/2016 – 97,912 Miles – Deutsch Tech Service Centre
=== Under My Ownership ===
•   13/07/2016 – 100,744 Miles – Midland VW Cannock (Full Service)
•   11/04/2017 – 106,841 Miles – Midland VW Cannock (Full Service)
•   06/01/2018 – 111,114 Miles – Emperor Garage Performance (New Oil & Filter)
•   21/09/2018 – 115,621 Miles – Midland VW Cannock (Full Service)
•   10/07/2019 – 119,378 Miles – Emperor Garage Performance (New Oil & Filter)

Core Services:

•   Cambelt & Waterpump Change at 100,744 Miles
•   Cam Chain Tensioner Adjusted – 100,744 Miles
•   Oil Pickup Pipe Replacement – 100,744 Miles
•   Diverter Valve Replaced at 100,744 Miles
•   Clutch & DMF Change at 101,951 Miles
•   Gearbox Oil Change – 104,322 Miles
•   Bilstein OE Shocks & Springs Replacement All Round - 114,000 Miles
•   Camshaft Follower Changed – 115,621 Miles
•   Brake Fluid Change – 122,244 Miles

Bad Points:

•   There is corrosion under the boot badge handle (common fault on the earlier MK5’s). This can be repaired but whole GTI tailgates can be had for £80 or less if you wish to pursue this route.
•   There are some minor scratches and stone chips which are expected for a 14 year old car. No dents or major scuffs on the bodywork however.
•   Minor scuff on the front alloy wheels.
•   There is a small white mark on the rear leather seats, this could do with some black leather dye to patch it up properly.
•   There are some bolster wear on the front seats which is common for this car. It hasn’t ripped through however and still in one piece.
•   OEM Air Intake is missing the top plastic cover at the moment (On order, if bought early before I receive it this can be posted to the new owner at no cost)
•   Minor note, the Power Folding Mirrors switch is reversed (I probably got the LHD version by mistake) so when you put it in heating mode it actually folds the mirrors in and folding mirror mode is actually the mirror heater. Bit confusing at first but I got used to it overtime, the moving mirror joystick are fine however.

I am looking for around £3000 which I believe is a fair price considering the optional extras that is included with the car (I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a GTI with similar specs and appearance at this price level). I am not looking for Part Exchange as I already have a replacement car in place. If you want to test drive please bring your driving license and a copy of your insurance certificate to verify that you are legal to drive.

Any questions feel free to PM me for more information on the car.
REVO 2.0 TFSI Air Intake System
Location: Smethwick, West Midlands
Collection Only

For sale is a Revo 2.0 TFSI Air Intake System. Considered one of the best in its field the Revo 2.0 TFSI Air Intake System allows you to increase air flow into the 2.0 Turbo engine (EA113) thus making more power and torque, especially for vehicles that have been tuned or remapped. It does this without sacrificing air filtering performance thanks to its three layer foam filter head.

More information on this item and compatibility can be found on Revo's website - https://www.onlyrevo.com/product-details/air-filter-intake-kits/20-tfsi-air-intake-system

Grab a bargain from the Recommended Retail Price and unlock the potential of your GTI with this quality peformance item. Looking for £200 or nearest offer, PM me for details.


The item is used so there are some cosmetic marks, there is a gouge on the heat shield as shown in the picture but this does not affect the performance of the Air Intake itself, in fact when installed most likely this will be covered by intake pipe so generally you won't be able to see it in normal scenarios. Item comes with the silicone pipe, jubilee clips and bolts needed to install along with the Intake and Heat Shield.

Due to the size of the item this is Cash on Collection only, item is located in Smethwick, West Midlands which is just a 10 minute drive away from Junction 2, M5 Motorway.
MK5 GTI DSG 3DR Graphite Blue Pearl 2006
Location: Central London
Collection Only

MK5 GTI DSG 3DR Graphite Blue Pearl 2006 - Quick Sale Needed

Reason for sale

Entering into finance agreement on brand new car. This is down as a Part Ex and I'm seeing if I can find it a good home where it will be loved as I have cared for this car over and above normal by far and want this to go to a good home.

The deadline is the 6th of Dec, car to be part exchanged on the 7th.


Purchased with 40K on the clock around 4 years ago, the car now has just over 82K. In that time it has had countless services including regular DSG fluid changes and cam follower changes as well as cambelt and water pump. That's obviously on top of filters plugs and regular oil changes.

To my ownership the car had full VW history bar one service. In my ownership the car has only ever been serviced by Jabba Sport In Peterborough. They have thoroughly looked after the car and are the only people I would trust to touch it. Testament to this is I live in London and would travel to Peterborough just for this so a chunk of the mileage is just driving to get it serviced.

I serviced it regularly and after knowing it was in full health It received a stage 1 re-map. This has been impeccable and is a wonderfully smooth drive.

I also changed the aging exhaust about a year into ownership with a powervalve sports prestige system. Its great, looks near enough standard with a perfect fit. I was super keen to have as close to standard sound as possible and this was the perfect system for this. It genuinely sounds lovely. The sound is full and deep without droneing or tinny rattles and gives lovely dsg gear change bops.

Brakes have been regluarly cleaned, checked and replaced where needed with the addition of tarox stainless braided hoses all round.

Paint is in beautiful condition having only ever been hand washed in my ownership with regular waxing and clay bar treatments to keep the paint smooth and enhance the performance of the wax.

Injectors have been kept in good health with a carbon clean performed at around 70k.

Rear tyres are brand new michelin pilot sport 4 and fronts are bridgestone potenza S001. Reason for this is I used to use the potenzas and am mid way to transfering to michelin pilot sport 4's all round. The bridgestones are still good so was waiting to use them up before rotating backs to front and new michelins to back for a full set.

The car is always parked in a secure underground car park and kept under a custom fit car cover.

Same for the seats, they both have custom fit covers to suit the tartan seats perfectly.

I have all service receipts for all work carried out in my ownership and the receipts and history that came with the car.

It has flown through all MOTs with no advisories and will continue to do so if looked after. Next MOT due in Jan.

It also has the Highline computer and dash as well as climate control, electric folding mirrors with puddle lights. Auto dimming rear view mirror and all the feature the highline brings such as being able to open and close windows from the key fob.

I've spent so much more on this in care and maintenance I've lost track so i'm sure there's plenty ive forgotten.

Cosmetic point to mention.

The front bumper has been damaged by a scooter footpeg that clipped the car whilst it was stationary ( have car cam footage to proove ).

I've not repaired this for fear of something like this happening again so to be 100% mint it will need this repaired.

This is reflected in the price as i'm sure you will be able to appreciate, finding one looked after like this, of this spec at this price is very difficult.
Genuine R32 rear bumper Brand New !!
Location: Amersham
Postage: £45.00
Delivery or Collection

Up for sale is a Genuine R32 Rear bumper lower section complete with genuine diffuser and new reflectors. The bumper has never been painted and is in primer it has some storage scratches and marks and will need full prep ready foor paint i can conform there is no damage to the bumper or fixings.
Happy to wrap the item and post it out cost will be around £45 but its at your risk or you can arrange your own collection please drop me a text/call  07772480088 thanks
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