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Ebay projectors!
on September 29, 2019, 11:21:19 AM
Anyone had any experience with them? Just got myself a set!

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Re: Evap line
Last Poster: Dunkdafunk in Mk5 General Area on Today at 01:22:53 PM
The vaccum is so strong on a 1/4 or 1/2 tank it causes the lpfp to struggle if left. However Full tank it works fine. No vaccum. No codes.

Recently done new lpfp. New fuel filter. New lpfp relay. New lpfp regulator. And adaptation test on vag com seem fine. This set-up has worked fine for the last 6 months. No large vaccum.

How does the tank introduce new ai

Re: Back to black restorer
Last Poster: imprezzaworks in Detailing on Today at 01:10:31 PM
Sonax trim gel. About £9 does a great job and the bottle lasts ages

heater noise/aircon
Last Poster: gazza in Mk5 General Area on Today at 11:58:50 AM
So turn up the heater and it sounds like the car is revving/loud hum - not too bothered as heater works - now aircon has jacked

Is this a regas issue or is condenser gubbed

any help appreciated - stay safe

Upolstery/Carpet cleaning formula for Bissell
Last Poster: LC5F in Detailing on Today at 10:58:40 AM
Just picked up a Bissell spotclean pro
I am looking forward to finally cleaning the Gti fabric upholstery and carpet - only had it 8 months!

Normally Bissell expect a cleaning formula to added to the water tank or I could use a sprayed cleaner and use warm water from the tank - what product and usage  recommendations do people have?

Re: scratch
Last Poster: titchy in Mk7 General Area on Today at 09:03:21 AM
The smart mob wont come out Covid so I got some Farecla G3 and Autoglym and polisher did it myself

looking for fuse diagrams as have lost owners manual
Last Poster: Joefiveash2020 in FAQ's on Today at 08:09:12 AM
Hi Guys

I am new to the GTI world but have owned 3 golfs in the past. have bought a 2008 mk5 gti and haven't got the owners manual.

I am looking for the fuse diagrams.

Any help would be much great.

cheers joe

2008 mk5 golf gti

Re: Ecp cambelt kit and water pump ok?
Last Poster: Pistol pete in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Today at 07:32:59 AM
Thanks everyone.. I'll look into the ina kit and dealer.  But gotta wait till dealers open and it's already a year and 10k over

Re: block 32 fuel trim
Last Poster: ROH ECHT in Mk5 General Area on Today at 05:09:51 AM
You can test the intake side of the N80 with a gauged vacuum pump or just replace the N80 because it is not expensive. But you should do your best to inspect for leaks all along the intake/boost, brake booster, and EVAP tubing and hoses.

If you choose to test the N80 with a vacuum pump, give it more than 15 inHg. It should not drop or bleed back to atmospheric pressure.

Re: race ch[ps
Last Poster: GVK in Mk7 General Area on Today at 01:37:33 AM
Plug in boxes want going into Room 101 along with carbon cleaning (Terraclean etc)  :fighting:

Re: S3 intercooler
Last Poster: Kebab Spider in Mk5 General Area on Today at 12:43:53 AM
Nice one lads, thanks for all your messages, I'll let you know how I get on.

@Pudding I've read your Racingline springs/shocks review a fair few times, nearly pulled the trigger on them but then saw you speak a bit less highly of them in another post. Looking to refresh the suspension and lowe

Re: Painted my grills - great results
Last Poster: Lewo in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 11:50:29 PM
Another job to do   :rolleye:
Cheers for tips.

Re: Most Comfortable Suspension Setup
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:19:38 PM
The ARBs make a big difference to stiffer setups as well.  As you know, I went from the Racingline kit to much stiffer coilovers and even they benefitted from the addition of ARBs.

Uprated suspension transforms the car from factory.  ARBs adds another cherry on top.  Adjustable dampers puts yet another cherry on top, plus a healthy sprinkling of 100s and 1000s.  Using al

Re: Can follower
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 10:04:31 PM
Get the kit from AKS Tuning, which includes the O ring and 3 x new bolts, which are stretch bolts and need to be replaced.

Re: Low Oil Pressure Issue Resolved
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:55:07 PM
Apart from very early GTIs which had a recall to replace a bolt/nut on the oil pump drive sprocket, failures of the oil pump / balance assembly are extremely rare.  What kills them is stupid 7500+rpm remaps.  VW set it to 6700ish rpm for a reason.  Over spinning the balancer assembly causes the bearings to seize up, which then sheers off the oil pump drive sprocket. And then people

Re: Edition 30 rear brakes - Part 2
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:26:40 PM
I bought a pair of new backing plates ages ago from VW, waiting until the rear wheel bearings wear out.....but they're stubbornly not wearing out  :grin:

Just do it properly.  Buy a pair of rear hub bolts from VW, take the bearings out, stick the new backing plates on, stick the new bolts in.  Done.  Cutting stuff is a proper hatchet harry job.

Re: Driveshaft question??
Last Poster: Pudding in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 09:23:21 PM
As you're getting it for free anyway, just try it and see if it fits.

Re: Mk6 Golf R APR Stage 3 Area
Last Poster: Pudding in MK6 General Area on Yesterday at 08:45:15 PM
£7500  :grin:  APR need to get over themselves. 

That kit makes absolutely zero sense when a  £2300 TTE420 can make 90% of that hp, and with considerably less lag.  APR, ffs, absolute rip off merchants.

Re: itunes
Last Poster: Pudding in Random Chat on Yesterday at 08:35:32 PM

Re: URGENT oil pressure stop engine
Last Poster: suvaralexandru in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 08:30:54 PM
Hello! I have a golf 5 gti, AXX 2.0 tfsi and I have the following problem:
The old cylinder head was fissured, because of the oil pump and because of me, because I didn't stop the car on time. The oil pump is now clean and cancelled the balancers, it is stil in warranty. Now I have a new complete cylinder head and after all the pieces were put again together, it appears STOP O

Re: Blue smoke and rpm dropping
Last Poster: Pudding in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on Yesterday at 08:27:06 PM
Yeah those readings aren't too bad mate.  New engines see about 200psi, so yours isn't far off.  I suspect it's probably the turbo.  A new one is around £900 so not mega money.

Seriously though, start doing oil changes every 3000 miles with Mobil 1 0-40W and it'll look after your engine for life  :happy2:


MK5 R32 Rear Bumper foam insert, brand new
Location: East Sussex
Postage: £10.00
Delivery or Collection

Brand new never used. Not needed
Vw product code 1K6 807 251 A
Location: Berkshire
Collection Only

For sale is my 56 Plate  3 door VW Golf GTi  DSG with  Sunroof.  80k miles with FSH and very good condition. 
It is a 3 door blue with classic GTI cloth seats which are heated, climate air con, very rare sunroof, DSG with paddles which is smooth, I’ve added a parrot Bluetooth hand free kit which has Bluetooth music streaming. I’ve not modded the car in any way apart from the parrot hands free. Only covered 20k Miles in about 5 years as only used at weekends etc.
Overall I would say this car is great condition,  only negatives is wear on driver’s seat and a few ages related marks which sure would t cut out. Tyres are all matching Goodyear Eagle F1’s all 80+ tread.
It has 11 stamps in book, I have receipts work I have done but not stamped as book run out of spaces. I have folder full of receipts etc, and leather handbook.
Has the usual engine noise when it gets hot but not got any error codes on dash.
It has had both front wings replaced under warrantee (they had some sort of recall- please google this and don’t buy a car this age unless it’s been done)
I am only the second owner and am 53 years of age so I have never thrashed it.
Only selling as need a bigger car now as no access to a larger car –
Service history is:
 22/9/06   Delivery inspection   VW York
13/03/07   4269miles      VW York
07/3/08   11530miles      VW Chichester
14/4/09   18753miles      VW Chichester
15/4/10   25619miles      VW Chichester
8/3/11      32493miles      VW Chichester
17/3/12   39491miles      VW Chichester
12/9/12   43743miles      VW Chichester
13/3/13   46847miles      VW Chichester
6/3/14      53084miles      VW Chichester
13/4/15   59394miles      SSangyong main dealer Bransgrove £779.67
24/07/15   61315         Both front wings replace under warranty
11/04/16   65535miles      Cam belt + DSG + Service Howat Automotive Newbury £510
04/17      70k Miles       New Mot and Oil Service
03/19      75K Miles      Mot Service Local Garage
02/20      79K Miles      Replace Cam Follower  Vag Autoworks.
03/20      79K Miles      New Mot No Advisories

Not sure how to post pictures   
Location: AMERSHAM
Postage: £45.00
Delivery or Collection

Please read fully

I have for sale a Genuine vw Golf R32 front bumper complete with all grills , badges and washer jets .

The bumper had two small plastic welds please see the pictures and the n/s bracket was loose so this has been re attached . The repair was very minor and completed by a local body shop . The bumper has been put in primer ready to prep and paint .

Rare opportunity to get hold of a complete bumper .

There is a small bit missing from the side grill n/s can’t really see it as well as the back cover apart from that it’s good to go bought for a conversion but then a change of mind .

I would rather you come and collect this in person then there is less chance of this delicate grill getting damaged but will wrap the bumper if you want it posted will cost you around £45 again I take no responsibility if it gets damaged in transit any questions please ask there is no returns of this item I have been clear and honest as possible you are buying a used bumper which has had three repairs in total all minor but completed to a high standards any more pictures or questions welcome thanks .
Forge Twin Take
Location: London
Collection Only

Selling my Forge Twin Take

Great condition no leaks or splits

No heat shield included

Its still installed on my Edition 30 but will be removed and cleaned on sale

Collection or can be sent via courier at buyers cost

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