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Ollie's 2012 Rising Blue 6 R

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Hi guys,

Been lurking on here a little while, usually spend my time over at VWROC. I'm Ollie, 22 and from Cardiff.

Thought I'd start a build thread for my 2012 Golf R. Currently lowered on BC coilovers, with H&R anti roll bars and power flex bushes. Also upgraded to EBC slotted discs and Yellowstuff pads all round.

The car is an ex VW demo with every option available, including the Recaro wing backs. This is actually my second Golf 6 R - unfortunately my first was written off in an accident.

Will update over the next few days when I get a bit more time :)

She's a beauty. Welcome to the forum.  :happy2:

Nice! My perfect 6R spec! Welcome mate  :happy2:

Great looking car that sits perfectly in my book Ollie, welcome  :happy2: :drinking:

Hope this one has a better life while with you :smiley:

Welcome along, will keep an eye out. Lovely looking R you have


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