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Leather Cleaning Drill Brush

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(Note before I start I used this in combination with Dr. Leather Leather Cleaner)

You may be thinking to yourself why do I need this £12 brush just to clean leather? But if you're like me and enjoy your leather like how it came out of the factory and don't want to spend hours cleaning it (spent 4 hours cleaning a full leather interior before) then this is one of the biggest bang for buck tools you can get.

You can purchase it from  here's the direct link;

It can also be used for carpets and upholstery yet to try it for that, as I don't need to since I have rubber mats in my daily and don't eat in it.

The packaging isn't anything special it is what it is, you don't pay for excess.

Fitting it to the drill you'd be a numpty not to be able to fit it, 17mm spanner to tighten your chose attachment to the brush and then 10 seconds to put into the drill.

Now I know you're going to by saying that's all good but where's the evidence? We want proof! So here's some pictures of black interior before and after along with the steering wheel (I'll keep adding to the evidence when more cars come in).

Admittedly you'll think I'm nuts for thinking it's dirty, but I'm a part-time detailer so obviously I do. (Note - I spent 3 hours cleaning this by hand 3 months ago)

The inside of the seat is uncleaned the outside is here.

Left is before, right is after.

Forgot to get a picture of the before for the steering wheel but it was very shiny and this is after.

Plus Points;
It does the job fast and it does it well

Minus Points;
It's a little big to do the entire steering wheel or tight areas but you can manage.


For £12 I can certainly say it's going to get major use in my cleaning arsenal, and is definitely one of my musts for detailing now. Obviously there will be limits to how effective it is, but on the whole I could see many people getting use out of it even if they only need to use a few times.

Brilliant work matey

My war on shiny leather continues along with a new fight against alcantara/suede, obviously alcantara is hard to seen in a photo. Also attached is a picture of the cloth after cleaning a leather steering wheel and 1 recaro after 5,000 miles showing how dirty black/grey leather gets even if you clean it weekly as well as how deep this brush cleans.

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The darkest black and the accompanying grey and black on the cloth are actual dirt from the leather and wouldn’t be seen by normal eye

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Did you use white brush on leather? I guess white is the softest of the three?

I used a yellow one on my seats which did a good job but was maybe a bit harsh so I didn't go crazy with it.



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