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What the hell is going on with the forum?

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The last two days now I log in in the morning, look at recent posts and they are drowned with spam from several different users? over 100 posts and its still going on!!!!!! What gives? What's changed that's allowing these vermin to slip through the net?

The worst part is i tried to open them and report them in the hope they would be deleted quickly and I get an error telling me I can only report one post every 20 seconds!?  :signLOL:

I'll come back in a week or so as this has wound me up already this morning  :signLOL:

Sorry mate I have been deleting them as quick as possible but there does seem a lit getting through the trap lately @dazza

 Indeed there is a lot, could their accounts be deleted or blocked?

My fault i will fix it later sorry guys.

No worries.

I was wondering where can we sub to the forum. I ask as I always use Tapatalk and I don’t really know the full forum that well.

I’ll keep my money then


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