Author Topic: PLEASE HELP MK5 GTI ** it's wrecking my head**  (Read 1397 times)

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PLEASE HELP MK5 GTI ** it's wrecking my head**
« on: June 29, 2019, 08:38:41 PM »
Hi people new to the group, from Australia, we just picked up a nice little mk5 gti 2.0t petrol, in Ireland as just moved over and will be moving to Lankanshire in a few weeks


Im a panel beater by trade so have worked on 1000s of cars and never had such a strange issue

Already started tidying it up, new r32 rear box, 2k cleared the foggy headlights, some s/h 17" original wheels as the 18" diamonds were pretty scabby then just machine polish, service etc

Need some help regarding the RH rear door.


I've searched about this issue but not found what my issue is

Its not locking, but as most probably just the mechanism (yet to pull it off it off look) but the door window motor does not work either ...

Here's the issue you probably thinking it's your's not... I removed the LH rear motor and plugged it in to the RH and it works an  VCDS sees it no problem and the lock works again too 🤔

So I ordered a replacement RHR motor the same code just plugged it in but VCDS is still saying 'no response from controller' yet plug the replacement motor into the other  side and it works??

Can't contact it to code it (although the exaxt same code anyway ) pulled everything apart, lock powers up with 12v both motors, loom is no issue, no loose  or damaged wires, moved loom around, constant power to the loom and plug end, checked all fuses

It's really got me stumped 🤔

Any ideas?  TIA