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Kalps MK7 GTI


Hey everyone

After almost 10 years of ownership I’ve had to let go of my beloved Mk5 GTI. With a little one almost here, the 3 doors just weren’t going to cut it!

But luckily the replacement is a Mk7 GTI…so can still have fun as a dad! :laugh:

Picked it up last Saturday. It’s a 67 plate facelift in white. Am extremely happy…although not had much change to play with it since the drive back from the garage!

Not planning any major mods currently. But maybe just a few small cosmetic additions/changes.

Actually already looking to get the rear inner sill plate (the one with a red line through it). Anyone on here done this and can recommend where to get it from?

From my post on detailing world where I’ve seen it:

Will get some photos up here when I get a chance

Also are there any other recommended Mk7 forums?


Lovely car mate! All the best with it


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