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Laser 6725 - Low Profile Spline Socket Bit Set


While rebuilding my entire rear axle, I nearly got caught short not having a all the spline sockets I needed - M18 for rear wheel bearing bolt, M6 for the ARB drop links & my existing M14 was a bit long for brake caliper carrier upper bolt.

A quick hunt online and I found the Laser 6725 set of low profile splines:

Ebay had them listed for £20, but a quick check on Amazon they were £16 and prime too - price has gone up to £17:

They are split between 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive, one piece construction keeps them slim, plus are impact type - not sure I would impact the 1/4 stuff

All my current Halfords advance Spline sockets are 1/2 drive and 2 piece construction making it too big to get in and around inner CV, M14 one makes the upper rear caliper carrier bolt tight to the upper control arm - this set the slim enough to get in around the CV and low profile to improve clearance.

Only negatives I found were: to me the M14 seems a bit light being 3/8 drive -at least for the carrier bolts, would have prefered this being 1/2 to allow me to lean on it properly - and a minor point of the foam holder gets grubby.
All in all its a great set, I would say they are great value at £20 - a bargain if you can get at £17


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