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As some members are aware the forum got moved to @dazza server and Alex was paying for the upkeep of it but unfortunately Alex is going to  stop paying so either we find another server(if any one knows one or has one) or need voolenteer payment of £10 a month of members (the amount is £60 to keep it going)so the forum stays live or unfortunately the forum will dissappear
Please donate 🙏

Any suggestions are welcome.
The site is hosted on a low spec dedicated server (outdated now) we can probably find something cheaper as its only for the one site. But hosting is tricky without a recommendation as most cheap server are rubbish.
Also we could migrate the forum to a newer or different forum software.
We could slap banners everywhere  :rolleye:

I think ad banners are not such a stupid idea, but i have no idea how much revenue they would create.

I doubt you'll get people to pay, the problem being that FB is basically the 'go to' platform now, superseding forums.

Sad times, but I hope it can be saved.

Hope so Rich
But hopefully if all the active members put in a £1 a month will keep it going as the information on this forum is to good to be lost

Where do we pay and how much?


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