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Bought this of @vRSAlex shop at Xmas and when the weather picks up will get it fitted

I have the older version but think it’s a great addition! Getting to the gateway is a PITA, but once it’s in you can forget about it. I left a USB extension cable plugged into mine and routed it so I could plug in and update firmware when needed.

Had one in my. Gttdi and your right a.fiddle to plug in but a worth while mod..Good idea about the USB cable  :happy2:

Thanks for the order Andy.  :drinking:

Two fiddly ways to get to the gateway.  Easiest but more time consuming is to pop the wiper motor out and go through the plastic panel.  I like to go through the dash.  Pop out the storage flap then pull the plastic relay rail to the side.  Can just about get to the gateway but its all one handed pulling of plugs.

Accessing the GW from underneath is ny on impossible unless you have midget hands.

I didn't get on with the Polar FIS.  The highline display can't keep up with the boost and lambda refresh rate, so it just looks like a blurry mess.


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