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Front drivers side knock


Car has developed a knocking noise on the front drivers corner.
It’s only noticeable when going over speed bumps or sometime if taking a left turn at slow speeds.
When the car had its MOT it was noted that there was a misting of oil on the front shock absorber and I was advised it will be okay but will need replacement shortly so I’m guessing this is likely related.

I don’t have a clue about cars myself in terms of mechanical work hence why I’m here as I suspect I will likely need to replace the front shock(s) however I do plan to get this fully checked before I start ordering parts however I would like to prepare myself for the worst if I can.

So I’m looking for suggestions on what is the best replacement shock absorbers for a MK7 14 Reg GTI that retains the DCC facility which I have only just discovered my car has :)

Car is completely standard however open to a drop to take away the arch gap would be a plus if going through trouble or replacing shocks.

I'd check the antiroll bar drop links first before replacing the shocks, they can make a right racket with only minimal play in the ball joints.


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