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Author Topic: Flashing PRNDS - flashes starts when gear selector button depressed  (Read 107 times)

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hi guys, ive got an on going issue with my mk5 dsg thats starting to annoy me now!

The car drives fine without issues, however when I push the button on the gear selector PRNDS starts to flash on the dash, when I select a gear it continues to flash until i put it back into park.

I've checked the micro switch under the stick but that seems fine and its not stuck.

VCDS shows the following errors straight after this problem occurs....

Address 01: Engine        Labels: 06F-907-115-AXX.clb
1 Fault Found:
005668 - MIL Request Signal Active (Check TCM for errors too!)
               P1624 - 008 -  - Intermittent

Address 02: Auto Trans        Labels: 02E-927-770.clb
1 Fault Found:
00194 - Ignition Key Removal Lock
            008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

Address 16: Steering wheel        Labels: 1K0-953-549-MY8.lbl
1 Fault Found:
00194 - Ignition Key Removal Lock
            009 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent

Ive read the measuring block 005 for the transmission, im not sure this is normal, but when I press the gear selector button I get Not OK under status key removal lock, is this normal?

This is before the button is depressed...

this when its pressed...

Sorry for the long winded post - hope it makes sense!