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Aircon issues 2007 GTi


I’ve tried to read up on the potential fox for the issue and there seem contrasting views or I’m misinterpreting things.
The aircon on the golf does not work, a leak on the condenser was diagnosed and has been replaced, vacuum test seemed ok but the fans will not rotate. I’m going to plug the car in on Saturday but wondered if a fault would show in VCDS or it could be a mechanical issue? I’m sure the pressure switch was changed a couple years back and neither fan spins. From what I understand the smaller one should spin when the aircon is activated in the car. Could it be a simple as a fuse? Another thread suggested F38 but this seems ok. Any guidance or things to do/ rule out would be appreciated.

This is just a punt but does the fan work at all on any fan speed? I had a corsa before which eventually only worked at full blast which was a fuse fault.

The fan works within the car, the cooling fans mounted to the radiator don’t spin when the Aircon activates or the pressure increases.
They do work on fan test through VCDS though so I’m a little puzzled

I’d hazard a guess it’s the compressor that’s fooked. I had a similar issue and if it’s mechanical it won’t show up on VCDS. I managed to get a brand new (on the car for 2 days) OEM Sanden compressor for £90. Fitted and issue resolved

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The aircon works just as it cools and the pressure rises the fans don’t kick in.


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