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Lots of people moaning about the infotainment on the MK8 being absolute garbage.

I'm not a fan of the DSG gear shifter, looks like you're using a chicken nugget to select gears!

I hate the MK8.  It looks bland and generic, inside and out, imo of course  :smiley:  People say it looks better in the flesh, erm, no it doesn't.  If an object has to be justified by comments like that, always go with your first instincts.  It looks naff, just like BMW's new vomit inducing M3/M4 front grille.  Have they got an intern in the design department or something?  The Alfa Quattro fromaggi or what ever it's called is a classy, tasty looking mega saloon. BMW M division have strayed down a strange path.

However, mechanically, it's a big improvement over the MK7.  I'll have to see what tasty bits from it can fit the MK5  :laugh:

The press MK8 R CarWow have been using for their drag races makes me laugh though.  320hp, my arse  :grin:  Closer to 350-360.

Seen a couple of dyno vids from the mk8R and they were both much more than stock, dyno lottery maybe....


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