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Author Topic: rvc camera installed  (Read 119 times)

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rvc camera installed
« on: June 03, 2021, 11:04:16 pm »
camera, loom from,id1647.html
The kit is the lowline version (without the moving lines - no extra controller).

- camera is vw oem 5K0827469AQ-ULM
- water drain hose was short, extended it to reach the boot edge.
- small internal triangular metal bit had to be cut off from inner boot door to fit the new badge.
- wiper motor has 3 legs, the middle one had to be sawn off to fit the new badge.
- loom was fine for length.
- loom earth cable run to inner boot earth (where rear heating window wiring earths too).
- loom reverse signal cable run to reverse light.
- camera video cable run to front of car via passenger (LHD car) side C pillar then down low on the side, then under glovebox to rns510.
- camera power cable run to front of car from drivers (LHD car) side.
- camera power needs fused 12v live power (power available when ignition key removed), so spliced power cable of OBD port (as its fused and 12v live) and got it from there.

RVC inner boot installed:

RVC on RNS510 reversing car:

RVC slow motion open action:
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