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Author Topic: Bi-Xenons Retrofit from Halogens. HELP Needed  (Read 128 times)

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Bi-Xenons Retrofit from Halogens. HELP Needed
« on: January 04, 2022, 12:54:44 am »
I'm sure it has already been asked but I am asking for some help with anyone who has swapped out Halogens for Bi-Xenons as I am really struggling to find some clear answers online and at the moment haven't got all the info I need. I am trying to find out the following.

The best OEM brand / website to purchase the units from?

Where can I get some OEM ballasts?

I also want to check if it is as simple as, fitting the new units, using the kufatec adapter from I think it was 12 pin to 10 pin?

I have heard you need to run a extra wire from the adapter to something under the dash to make the high beams work, does that need to be done and would it need to be coded into vcds?

I know auto leveling isn't fully needed but if I was to fit it how would I do that?

Lastly what needs to be coded into vcds to make the lights work?

Would it be best to buy either second hand lights? New OEM or just new aftermarket which could be any brand. I have seen some sets for about 300 pounds. Would they be worth getting or not?

Really any help would be appreciated just so I can get my head around it.