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Is there a way to keep nice things?


I live in a good area of Edinburgh - good enough that car thieves have been targeting our area for months

So a couple of months ago, a house a few streets away had their near to £100k Mercedes GLS stollen.
The thieves used a keyless repeater to get into and start the car.. but they couldn't get the sliding gate to open.. so they just drove through it, flattening the wall and gate.

Fast forward to last night, my neighbour diagonally opposite got burgled. They broke in through the back door, circumventing 4 locks, just for a slightly older S3's keys, nothing else touched.
it must have had a full turbo back system with a distinctive exhaust tone - I was still awake I heard it driving off just after 1am.

This morning, plod were investigating door to door - the time was helpful. for them to wade through CCTV. But the upsot of this is now my idiot neighbours have put up a CCVT camera thinking their new $hitt 2wd crossover base model volvo    is going to be targeted!

Anyone else being plagued by car thieves and the madness this brings?

Not car thieves but just post Xmas we had tons of car break ins. A 1 man crime spree effectively, Mrs car got done as well as 5 just on our street and god knows how many in the area, we know they did 11 in one night at one point. I stayed up all night after this as I had a feeling he would come back, and he did at 3am that night! Police called and caught him, all calmed down by here now thankfully. It's pretty depressing thinking your things or house isn't safe.

I'm going to stick up a few cameras and a few more strategically placed motion sensors and a few cheap door/window alarms. Not much more you can do is there really.

Only positive I guess is modern thieves tend to go for the keyless stuff and stuff worth good money in Romania, I imagine my golf isn't worth the risk and harder to get into.

If only someone would steal my ED30  :grin:


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