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Author Topic: New member with ed30!  (Read 11918 times)

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Re: New member with ed30!
« Reply #30 on: February 29, 2024, 07:36:27 pm »

Update 🤩👌🏼... Big brake kit is on... It's ap racing 5000r with btcc discs and btcc pads which are used on the race cars, it's absolutely insane and brakes I've tried and owned. So much better feel than the yellow pads with bre,bo calipers... Verkline arms are on and camber and toe setup is -3.5 front and -2.8 back... Has some nice over steer but predictable and very fun to drive... Suspension is sublime especially when you are able to take it to soft on the road and it's plush, when it's stiffer for track use the turn in and handling are fantastic...
Bought some wheels and tyres which I will try and fit this weekend : rota in 8.5 with et44 and 18inch with 245 40 18 ad09 tyres.
Snetterton is booked for the 17th of March.