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Hello Everyone, been on this forum a while but never posted anything so thought it was about time. :grin:

Have owned a few diesel mk5/6s and finally settled on the GTI as my new daily. Don't have much plans at the minute other than checking everything over and replacing some worn out parts before the salty scottish winter arrives.

Spec when I bought the car:
3 Door
Heated Seats

Current Spec

Heated Seats
Highline Clocks
RCD330 - with rear USB/steering wheel controls
Flip Badge Reversing Camera
Under Seat Storage Drawers
Door Puddle Lights

Genuine BBS CH028 Wheels
Genuine R32/Edition 30 Rear Lights
Edition 30 Rear Bumper
Genuine Shark Fin Aerial
Genuine Xenon Headlights

BC Racing BR Coilovers with Coilover Socks
Hardrace Adjustable Front Anti Roll Bar
S3 Aluminium Front Hubs
S3 Aluminium Front Wishbones
Powerflex Anti Lift Kit
Superpro Polybush Wishbones/Steering Rack
BC Racing Drop Links
S3 Lower Ball Joints
Refurbished Gen2 Steering Rack
VW Golf MK7 GTi Performance Pack Brake Calipers
Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads
Pagid Discs
Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid
HEL Braided Brake Lines
Vibra Technics Subframe Mount
Subframe Deadset Kit
R32 Rear Brake Calipers
EBC Yellowstuff Pads
Pagid Discs

Trackslag 3" Non Resonated Cat Back Exhaust
Direnza Cold Air Intake
Powerflex Engine/Gearbox Mount Inserts
Runnerflap Delete
R8 Coilpacks
More coming soon  :happy2:

Don't have any pictures of when I bought it but here's a few after using a headlight restoration kit to bring the headlights back to life and giving the full car a machine polish:

Nice colour, bodywork looks great. and would love a sunroof in ours.

Get some black trim restorer on the rear bumper , and some tyre slick and it will look even better


--- Quote from: jacksosi on July 04, 2023, 11:33:02 pm ---Nice colour, bodywork looks great. and would love a sunroof in ours.

Get some black trim restorer on the rear bumper , and some tyre slick and it will look even better

--- End quote ---

I was suprsied finding this one reasonably cheap with the bodywork in such good condition. Underside is pretty rust free aswell which is a bonus.

Definitely my favourite colour on a mk5 and this being my second one in graphite blue I really wanted one with a sunroof.

Ended up getting rid of the towbar and changing the bumper..  :wink:


After picking up the car it had a few issues and things that needed sorting out such as a misfire, rough idle, eml, blowing exhaust and some worn engine mounts so got to work on sorting all that out.

Replaced the following parts in an effort to fix some of the fault codes the car had when I picked it up:

Geabox and Engine mounts
Powerflex void inserts
Powerflex dogbone insert
Boost pipe seals
Dipstick pipe and o-ring
Inlet manifold gasket
Throttle body gasket
Valve cover gasket
R8 coil packs
Spark plugs
New cold air intake

Here's a picture mid way through cleaning the carbon build up on the valves

Sent the injectors off to R-Tech as I thought that could be the source of the misfire and after seeing the amount of carbon they deserved a clean. Injectors came back the next day with new baskets, seals and flowing much better. Such a fast easy service using R-Tech, would definitely recommend for anyone that needs their injectors serviced.

With the engine in bits thought it was the best time to take the sump off and check the pickup pipe and have a look to see if there was anything untowards floating around in the oil as I didn't get much information of any services carried out recently.

The pickup pipe had 1 or 2 small pieces of what felt like plastic which was mostly likely from the brittle gaskets on the valve cover, swapped this out for a new pipe and seal from VW and sealed the sump back up after giving it a good clean.

After changing all of the parts the car runs great now and no EML after around 2-3 thousand miles.  :jumping:

I opted for the Direnza intake as it was the cheapest one I could get at the time to replace the old one that had holes and the mount snapped off, might look at upgrading this one at some point if it turns out to be poor quality.

Current picture of what the engine bay looks like now

First interior mod I done was fitting the optional extra under seat storage trays, been looking for a little more space to keep things in the cabin so opted for these.

Here's the parts list if anyone's interested - the brackets are optional as I heard from a few people you that they work fine without them but I got them anyway as they weren't too expensive.

The drawers and frames were over £200 new from VW, I ended up finding a set from a breaker on eBay but they aren't easy to come by.

Part Number:
- 1K0 882 602J (Right)
- 1K0 882 601J (Left)

Glide frame
Part Number:
- 1K0 882 599B 9B9 (Left)
- 1K0 882 600B 9B9 (Right)

Fixings (per side)

4x Screws = N 906 986 06
1x Screw = N 909 998 01
1x Bracket = 1K0 881 548A (right) & 1K0 881 547A (left)
2x Pop Rivets 4x8 = N 900 978 02

Really simple install, here's a link to the guide I used:

Few pictures of them when I was fitting them and after insall:


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