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Sig pics sizes. and now forum names.

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Top Cat:

--- Quote from: RedRobin on December 22, 2012, 12:33:08 pm ---.
G'Mornin' TC!

Shouldn't this thread be either a Sticky and/or in the same area as the site guidelines etc?  :happy2:

I tried to find it the other day to check the exact 150 x 450 px advice on forum sigs and it had become buried in Random Chat.

--- End quote ---

It is a sticky, and gets read here in random chat. Non of our new members read ( it seems ) the forum guidelines in the new members section or indeed not many of our time served members read them in that section, probably because they only go in there to say hello.  :rolleye:

Sorry, TC - I reckon I missed it!  :ashamed:

But I have followed your guidelines  :happy2:

"Time served members" sounds rather like serving time as in 'Porridge' as an involuntary guest of HM Prison Services! I prefer to think of this forum as a 'Hotel California' (as in The Eagles song lyrics) where you can check out but can never leave! But where is the sex, drugs, n rock-n-roll Room Service?

First time I've ever attempted a signature or anything like this to be honest so I've not a clue if it's going to turn out right, if not I appologise and will try my best to rectify  :happy2:

Don't forget if you stray out of these guidelines, it's the guillotine for you!

Bump... just a gentle reminder about the signature picture sizes.  :happy2:


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