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Sig pics sizes. and now forum names.

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Just realised mine's oversized! Am certain I set it to the correct size. Will fix.


EDIT: Topcat - your image is too big too!

I didn't know how to do it so i deleted mine

Right, the images can be scaled down so they don't interfere.

--- Code: ---[img width=450 height=95]URL link of file[/img]
--- End code ---

TC... i made mine smaller the other day for this exact reason. It ends up being a distraction to the thread.!  :happy2:

Top Cat:
Guys it is not a big problem, I would say don't go off the figures above in my first post because each puter seems to work it out differently. I would say a couple of inches as we look at it is enough, Obviously it is the height not the width that is a problem. MK5 GTIAN yours i would say is right on the limit.  :smiley:


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