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Author Topic: ***PLEASE READ*** - New Classifieds Rules  (Read 13629 times)

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***PLEASE READ*** - New Classifieds Rules
« on: February 08, 2014, 04:05:19 pm »
Hi all

As part of the forum changes we realise that the forum is very heavily used for it's classified section, probably the best on the net for Mk5 parts.

With that in mind, for the safety of all of our users we are imposing new rules to bring this forum in line with other forums.


As before, you will need 25 posts to list an item.

You will need 25 posts to reply to a For Sale thread.

Starting from 08/02/2014 all 'NEW' classified adverts will require the following:

  • Photo, with your username, the date and the item you are selling clearly in the picture on a piece of paper, etc. TRADERS EXEMPT
  • A price - No offers, no feelers are allowed. You are selling the item, you must list a price.
  • A location - Your town would be fine, eg Newbury.

Cars for sale will not require the photo with the username HOWEVER - They will still require pictures

Any threads not meeting these requirements will be removed.

Prohibited items

Replica/fake items such as, watches, clothing, copy VCDS cables etc are not allowed to be sold on the site and will be removed as soon as they are posted.

Only items being directly sold (and not via auction sites etc) should be listed in here, for other for sale links please use the 'Other For Sale Links' board.

Standard members are not allowed to multi sell in bulk, you will need to upgrade your account to a Traders Account.

If anyone has any concerns regarding any of the items listed for sale within this section please use the "report to a moderator" option within the thread.

Buyers - Please note any items listed within this section are not the responsibility of We would also strongly advise anyone looking to make a purchase from another member to use the same discretion they would when buying from a newspaper or magazine advertisement.

Traders - If your account is marked as a traders account your posts will be moved from the dedicated traders board only once approved by one of the team. If you only post on the site for the purposes of selling (i.e. you do not contribute to the community in other ways) then your listings will be removed. Also please remember this is a car forum and not ebay so only relevant items will be allowed. (The only exception to this is where you have a genuine one off personal item you which to sell).

Browsers - Please retain from posting non relevant stuff in other peoples for sale threads. Also if you have a comment on the price of an item don't post in the thread, the listing price is up to the OP, if you feel strongly about the price then PM the op and tell them.

We are happy to allow private individuals free use of the classifieds for buying and selling their parts. And as a return all we ask is that you follow these rules.

You are allowed to bump your thread if it falls of the end of the section page. Please do not repeatedly bump the same threads, this only serves to annoy readers.

Regarding Payment - the safest option is cash on collection. Where you are buying and selling over Paypal, we recommend ALWAYS paying via PayPal as a Goods or Service purchase.

We do not recommend paying with PayPal Gift

This leaves you completely powerless (both as a buyer and a seller) if something goes wrong. The fees are very small comparatively, around 3-4% of the money transferred. As a compromise we would suggest you negotiate who pays the fees of whether you split it between you.

We do not recommend paying via Bank Transfer

The forum admin team accept no responsibility or liability of any fraudulent transactions. Where possible we will assist in any legal investigation by providing IP address information to the authorities.

Thank you very much, any questions please PM one of us.

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