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Hi everyone.

We want to hear from you. Please feel free to throw your suggestions up in this section.....,10.0.html

Remember... This is your forum.  :smiley:


Free Haribo.  :popcornsoda:

 :signLOL: I'll speak to the guys about that.

Come on, there must be things you like... Things you don't like.... Things you would like to see happen?



I remember SteveP was once thinking of a credit system. Do you remember what that was about?

TBH my bugbears are simply:

1. Slow forum - obv this has been improved since the server migration
2. necro-bumping - people posting in threads that are more than 12 months old with nothing new or special to add
3. post bumping - similar to above - one or two word posts to boost post count in order to be able to PM/buy/sell
4. Newbies asking why they can't do this/that/the other. Not sure if things are stated clearly at sign up. Maybe everyone under 10 posts needs a permanent banner reminder of the rules?

Agree with point 4 above, perhaps they should get the site guidelines on sign up - or have them right at the top of the forum rather than a child board under new member intro, as not all new members go To intro


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