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omeydz's Golf MK6 TSI - GTI/R20 Hybrid *DSG converted*

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Hello Everyone.

Bit overdue I know, but as some of you may know in January last year I gave my MK5 to my sister and moved to pastures new.. Namely a 2011 Golf MK6 1.4 TSI 122 Match in metallic reflex silver.

Been wanting an MK6 for ages and stockpiled all my mods before getting the car so as you will soon see, the car got modified pretty darn fast. Iv done 4 years graft in OEM VW retrofit scene before changing work so Im a dab hand at this sort of stuff.

Wanted a DSG but couldnt pass up the deal I got. Ex-motability car with FVWSH etc etc and 51k miles ( bit steep for a 3yr old car but I know there won't be cobwebs blocking it up haha!!)

Anyway car being a match spec came with full OPS, cruise, MFSW etc and all those goodies. It also had a factory fitted RNS510 with sharkfin which is a nice extra.

The mod list goes as follows:

Twin chrome exhaust tips
Custom flat bottom MFSW
K&N cold air intake
Ed35 gear shifter and handbrake grip
Custom LED and needle recolouring on highline clocks.
Screenwash low sensor
Highline BCM module
Rear OEM LED lights
Headlight washers
OEM LED bixenon lights
AFS autolevelling with curving lights
Colour MFD highline clocks
Highbeam assist
Ed35 Watkins Glen 18" alloys (summer) .. 17" Imola polished (winters)
Auto Folding wing mirrors
345mm R20 front brakes in gloss white. Dimple + grooved discs
GTD leathers with heat and elec lumbar
GTI front bumper kit
GTI side skirts
R20 rear + exhaust
Numberplate holders .:R racing Autohaus
PLA parallel self parking system
Lowering spring kit 30mm
Rear BBK 310mm
Front speaker upgrade kit
? Golf MK7 key upgrade

Pics to come shortly in time order :)

Hope you like!!! Cheers, Omar

Some nice mods there - looking forward to seeing the photos :happy2:

1 Week after getting the car... a wash and chrome tailpipes added

So it came with factory front fogs?


--- Quote from: doylebros on November 15, 2014, 11:04:34 am ---So it came with factory front fogs?

--- End quote ---

Yeah it did, sorry forgot to say thats a factory extra too. (works as fog lights (duh!) and cornering lights)


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