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on February 26, 2019, 12:32:35 AM
Sorry for the down time.

The forum has been moved to my server  :evilgrin:.

You should notice that its running a little faster and the search is working. Please point out any bugs.

When I get a bit of time I think an upgrade is in order with image uploads.
Re: Ridiculous insurance
Last Poster: Dogma in Mk5 General Area on Today at 09:59:45 AM
673 on a mk6 GTD - I'm 34 with a clean license. Feel like I'm getting ripped off as in was paying less than 500 on my MK5 GTI!

Apparnelty it's because it's a newer car

Ouch that seems a lot  

Re: Anyone replaced their Headlamp Lense before??
Last Poster: Saintsteve in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 06:12:04 PM
Evening guys.
Has anyone tried replacing their headlamp lenses on the mk5 xenon lamps before?
As most of these now are getting old and starting to heat crack on the insides, there seems to be replacement

Re: What did you and your MKV do today?
Last Poster: MIJ_JAGGER in Mk5 General Area on Yesterday at 04:54:49 PM
Replaced alarm siren

Re: Super Pro bushes
Last Poster: Dave J in Wanted on Yesterday at 12:27:30 PM
Hi Dave,

I have the following Superpro bushes in new sealed bags that I don't think I will get round to using on my ED30;

SPF3349K - Upper control arm outer bush kit
SPF3353K - Rear lower control arm outer bush kit
SPF3352K - Lower toe control arm inner bush kit
SPF3348K - Upper control arm inner bush kit

This lot is currently over £2

Re: Strongflex bushes
Last Poster: colesey in Performance Modifications on September 13, 2019, 01:25:02 PM
I bought a brand new upgraded pump from VIS two years ago and must say that the service / support I received from Ovidiu was superb. That is often one of the advantages of dealing with a direct seller, they are personally invested in the success of the business.

Re: Stage 1 remap
Last Poster: colesey in Mk5 General Area on September 13, 2019, 01:17:09 PM
Rtech also offer a package of inlet / injector clean plus custom remap for £645, which gives a nice saving.

Knackered seal in the hpfp is pretty common and needs a new pump.

Re: break pad upgrade
Last Poster: lloydy88 in Mk5 General Area on September 13, 2019, 12:52:40 PM
@colesey pm’d mate!

Thanks again!  :happy2:

Re: torx size
Last Poster: titchy in Mk5 General Area on September 12, 2019, 09:05:35 PM
my mistake

Great experience
Last Poster: Gtcpaul1971 in R-Tech Zone on September 12, 2019, 08:54:28 PM
Had my old girl stage 1 remapped on Tuesday. The lads were first rate and a good set of lads. Sorted a few issues which was brilliant. The car went from 204bhp to 241bhp and feels like a different car. So much nicer and sweeter to drive. Big thumbs up. Would definately take another there! Thanks chaps  :happy2:

Re: GTi Towbar
Last Poster: Lewo in Mk5 General Area on September 12, 2019, 02:09:01 PM
I think they are different but can't confirm 100% I think they differ as the gti has bigger back box.
Id brought a second hand one myself but ended up getting a new westfalia one for the gti and there was a slight difference in shape but then again they were different makes.

Re: Intermittent Misfire/Rough Running
Last Poster: titchy in Mk5 General Area on September 12, 2019, 01:24:23 PM
Try some Forte injector cleaner you can get it It on E Bay its good stuf

Re: Creation motorsport dead set kit
Last Poster: terrier in Mk5 General Area on September 11, 2019, 10:54:06 PM
Anyone tried the above?
Looks a steal at £100 for full subframe kit

Also what does the subframe noise sound like and w

Re: TTE420 vs TTE480
Last Poster: OllieAKS in Performance Modifications on September 11, 2019, 05:25:09 PM
Go for the TTE420 if you don't have a built engine, they see up to 440bhp usually with the correct supporting hardware. The TTE480 will rarely see past 460bhp from experience.

Re: Edition 30 - Black - Manual - No.1994
Last Poster: OllieAKS in Members Rides on September 11, 2019, 05:16:19 PM
Top work! Looks real clean.  :drool:

Re: Newbie in North Devon
Last Poster: OllieAKS in Mk5 General Area on September 11, 2019, 05:14:15 PM
Definitely worth saving the extra pennies and getting it done right the first time.

Give AKS Tuning a shout if you need these parts supplied for a good price.  :smiley:

number plate bulbs problem
Last Poster: Dave Y in How to Guides / Troubleshooting on September 11, 2019, 04:52:15 PM
one bulb has packed up i changed it but still no joy.How do i get at the holder.

Re: Carbon cleaning from intake (walnut blasting etc.)
Last Poster: ljc19630 in Mk5 General Area on September 11, 2019, 11:34:55 AM
what he said  :congrats: :congrats:

World mental health day 2019
Last Poster: Dave J in Random Chat on September 10, 2019, 11:04:04 PM
Hello all,

Heavy topic, but just wanted to highlight this if you haven't seen it on tv. I am posting up for my car buddy friend John who I lost in Feb 2016...  


There was never any indication or anything found leading to his action. We & his partner never knew or found any

Re: Cv joint
Last Poster: Rob1 in Mk5 General Area on September 10, 2019, 09:21:59 PM
Think I might’ve knackered mine since going stage 2 ( wheel hop)
Have a knocking/rotational click when monouvering / parking
Does it sound like cv failure or something else?

Just wondered what cv

Squeaky front suspension
Last Poster: Rybart in Technical Workshop on September 10, 2019, 08:26:50 PM
Hi all newby here 1st post. Had my mk5 gti for around 6 months about 6 weeks ago it developed a squeaking/creaky front suspension. Been in garage twice to diagnose 1st visit the ball joint, top mount and strut was replaced which solved the noise. But few weeks later it appeared again went back in and the spring was replaced which solved the noise. But the creaky squeak has come bac


Full set of 2005 standard GTI lights
Single Image
    Location: Thatcham
    Postage: £12.00
    Delivery or Collection

    Full set of standard GTI lights which I took off my 2005 car when it was 3.5 years old so they are in great condition.
    Single Image
      Location: North West
      Postage: £7.00
      Delivery Only

      Used this cable on my MK5 GTI and it worked flawlessly. I'm not really sure what cars it supports. It's registered in my name on the Ross Tech forums for support, but I can look to get that changed if you wanted to post on there with support from them.

      Good little tool for someone hopefully!
      Breaking 07 Mk5 GTI 3dr Manual
      Location: Haslemere
      Collection Only

      Breaking 07 Mk5 GTI 3dr Manual
      BWA Engine 101k
      3dr leather
      All parts available
      Free - Brand new air con condenser and drier unit (MK5)
      Single Image
        Location: Bath
        Collection Only

        Bought two weeks ago as I was going to fix my air con on my GTI, but have now sold the car instead and moved on from anything I could use it in.
        Includes the drier unit too. I haven't removed it from the packaging other than to inspect it - still has the air tight seals in place.


        Brand new pattern part, fits various VAG group models and engines:
        Fits Engines:
        1.4 FSI - Engine codes: BKG, BLN, BUD
        1.4 i 16Vi - Engine codes: BCA
        1.4 TSI - Engine codes: BLG, BMY, CAVD, CAXA
        1.6 FSI - Engine codes: BAG, BLF, BLP
        1.6 i 16V - Engine codes: BGU, BSE, BSF, CCRA, CCSA
        2.0 TFSi - Engine codes: AXX, BPY, BWA, BYD, CAWB, CBFA, CCTA
        2.5 FSI - Engine codes: BGQ, BTK, CBTA, CBUA
        3.2 i V6 - Engine codes: BJS, BUB, CBRA

        This is pickup only, but absolutely free.
        Can potentially meet in Cardiff centre by prior arrangement as I work there or possibly on route - M4, M32, A4174 etc
        RECARO sportster CS leather
        Single Image
          Location: Warwick
          Collection Only

          For sale i have a pair of RECARO sporster cs seats in leather. Great condition with only a couple of small marks on the plastic. No rips to the leather or bolster, these are a unique one of trim which was trimmed at the RECARO factory in germany, the colour is a near black bit officially classed as grey.
          Message me with any questions
          Ebay item number 223610645389 for images, priced higher on ebay due to robbing fees.

          Can anyine help with images cant get them to load via dropbox
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