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VW Racing Adjustable Drop Links (VWR42G500)
VW Racing Adjustable Drop Links (VWR42G500)

An essential upgrade for lowered cars. The VWR Adjustable Drop Links are the highest quality links on the market, developed for our race cars to ensure clearance and accurate operation in the most demanding use.

Left/Right threaded ends make for easy length adjustment to eliminate preload and adjust the link length when changing between adjustment holes on the VWR Anti Roll Bar. Solid aerospace-quality rose joint ends replace the rubber bushing in the factory joint, so there is no compliance giving a direct connection to the anti roll bar. This can be felt through sharper turn in.

High Quality Materials and Construction
30mm adjustment
Aerospace quality rod-end bearings

The VWR Adjustable Drop Links are a very universal product as they are fully compatible with any suspension and any anti roll bar products, not just the VWR upgrades.

Added by Shoduchi, on 2016-12-23 12:19:32
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